A Guide to Plagiarism and Theft in Photography


In 2013 my most popular article (by some distance) was the story of how my most successful image was plagiarised in a rather unusual way; a photographer had recreated the image from scratch. It seemed to me to be a bit of a grey area and I was unsure where I stood legally. The photographer hadn’t stolen my image and wasn’t selling his recreation, but he had stolen my idea and that is intellectual property theft. The problem was resolved rather quickly and painlessly in the end but in that regard, I was one of the lucky ones. It did, however, prompt me to write a comprehensive guide on the subject after I could only find very segmented information spread over several websites. I wanted the relevant information all in one place in an ordered fashion and as that wasn’t possible, I decided to create it myself.

This guide is in 3 major parts; prevention, detection and reaction. Firstly, how to prevent or deter plagiarism or theft of your images. Secondly, how to detect and identify any images or ideas that have been stolen – the internet is vast and finding your images where you hadn’t put them is a daunting task. Finally, the various ways in which you can react if you find one or more of your images or ideas have been stolen.

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Three Easy Tips For Recording Way Better Audio

three easy tips for recording way better audio

As I have been filming more and more video I have been really struggling with ways to improve the audio quality of my footage.

It seemed that no matter what I did, or what gear I was using, I always ended up with a massive amount of noise in my audio.

This led to more and more expensive gear purchases – without much benefit.  But, as with most things in photography that seem easy but aren’t – the problem was largely with my technique – not my gear.

Fortunately, I recently had the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of musicians for an afternoon and got some really killer tips for recording better audio.

So to help you avoid the same mistakes that I have been making, here are three easy tips for recording way better audio with your video.

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Turn On the High Beams: Add head lights to a vehicle in Photoshop

If there’s one thing that all of us have encountered at one point or another it is going through the frames from a shoot and realizing that we forgot something important or could have done things a little differently.

When I first read the title of this video my mind automatically went in a completely different direction (my mind has a mind of its own, don’t judge me). In this tutorial, Photoshop guru and rocker of the man bun Aaron Nace gives us step-by-step instructions for bringing on the “high beams” of a vehicle after the image has already been taken.

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Step by step guide for Composite Product Photography


feature image composite

Usually, I prefer to get stuff in camera (even if it means light painting my subject). But sometimes Lighting or space limitations will make getting the picture in-camera hard or simply not worth the effort. When such situation strikes go for a composite. If you only have little gear, this technique will also help you get a more professional look in your images.

To demonstrate this point, I used my girlfriends Macbook air and my Fuji Xe-2.

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3 Highly Effective Methods To Do Street Photography Ninja Style

One of the biggest obstacles in street photography is the fear of capturing strangers. I mean, it makes sense. You are taking photos of people without asking them for their permission first. Although it is completely legal in a lot of countries, it still takes guts to pull it off.

Jack Canfield once said: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” It’s so true, because once you overcome your fear, a whole new world opens up for you. Incredible Moments and subjects that would’ve never ended up in your portfolio before.


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Create Demon Black Eyes in Photoshop


We all love the dark demon eyes looking back at us from a picture or movie. It just tells you that that model you’re looking at will devour your soul, damning it to hell for all eternity.

And here’s how you can turn your models into soul-hunting demons and have them look cool at the same time. It’s a subtle trick but it will give great impact to your image.

If you are lucky to have a good concept you’ll probably make sure you have some black sclera lenses for your model to put in. But if you don’t have them there’s an easy way to get the effect in photoshop as well.

In the video below I’ll walk you through the steps to create such dark eyes.

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Retouching Essentials: Are You Having Color Issues When Dodging & Burning? This Might Be The Reason


Many of the tools inside of Photoshop use various color models and techniques to alter color. If you are not familiar with them you might be creating a lot of trouble for yourself.

A lot of retouching tutorials online will teach you to use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with -100 saturation to remove the color information from an image (this should eliminate color distractions when Dodging and burning). If you are following this advice, then you are working with Lightness in the HSL color model, which is very different from how our eyes perceive color…

Here is a quick example why it is a bad idea:

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