The Secret To Correct Exposure With Any DSLR Camera – Revealed for the First Time

the secret to correct exposure

Are you just starting out with photography?  Have you ever wondered why that expensive, brand new, professional grade DSLR in your hands is betraying you and not giving you perfectly exposed photos – every time?

Read this article and you can learn the secret to correct exposure with any DSLR camera – revealed for the very first time – right here on the internet.

(Warning – the truth about getting correct exposures from your DSLR camera may shock some readers – discretion is advised.)

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Eliminating Fill Flash Hard Shadows – A Controlled Test


Defining the problem: While shooting a portrait outdoors, I usually add a fill flash to eliminate any “racoon eyes” and dark shadows on the face. The fill flash is set set at 1.7 stops under exposed for a light touch. My setup is a Nikon D600 with Nikon SB700 flash (mounted on the camera’s hotshoe) using TTL metering at -1.7 EV. In the example the lighting on the face is good (soft & directional) but you can see a hard shadow on the right side of the subject.

We have options…

There are a few options available, and in this test case I wanted to compare them

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5 Things You’ll Need at a Photography Convention


I’m getting ready to go to Nashville later this month for Imaging USA. I actually just got back from a trip and figure that if I put off unpacking my suitcase long enough, I will already be packed for Nashville. I am nothing if not a problem solver.

Now, I’ve attended my fair share of conventions, so when my friend, Brian, shared a link to an article entitled, “5 Must Have Items When Attending Photography Workshops,” I got real excited to see if the items in my suitcase made the list.

Not one of them did.

And it shocked me. It was as though the article rubbed it’s socked feet against the carpet and touched my shoulder. Shocked. For the article states the following five items are must haves: a camera, lens, business cards, a notebook and a portable charger.

Please, not even.

Come…take my hand and let me guide you through the murky waters of packing for a photography convention. You can take the aforementioned items, but what you’ll really need are the following:

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Magnificent Milky Way Photography Made Easy(ish).


Have you ever found yourself lifting your jaw off the keyboard, completely stunned by an out-of-this-world photo of the Milky Way?

This is one of those subjects were you can either get an “Eh” shot that will accumulate a few likes on social media websites, or you can create a potentially viral piece of art that will make E.T. wish he had stayed on Earth simply to enjoy the view.

More often than not, the difference seems to boil down to planning and hard work rather than equipment. This is not to say that equipment isn’t important, but we’ve already seen what a pro can do with even the cheapest gear.

A new and exceedingly comprehensive tutorial called “How To Shoot Truly Contagious Milky Way Pictures” will significantly help with your planning and cut back on wasted nights outdoors.

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Turn Any Portrait Into A Snowy-Wintery Photo Using These Free Snowflake Pre-Keyed Images


Here in Germany, the winter finally arrived and my Facebook timeline has turned white (or sometimes a little bit bluish because “wrong white balance”…).

I took my Camera and high power LED light to create some snow textures with shallow depth of field for composites. We are giving away those pre-keyed snowflakes for you to turn any portraits of yours to a snowy-stormy photo.

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