How To Take a Selfie With the Milky Way

amazing stunning milky way photos astrophotograpy milkyway selfie

If you always wanted your very own selfie in front of the Milky Way – its actually not that hard to do!

Here’s what you need:

  • DSLR camera with good high ISO performance.
  • Fast, sharp wide angle lens.
  • Tripod.
  • Remote shutter release.
  • A wide open really dark location.
  • Lightroom or Photoshop for post-processing.

Continue reading and I’ll tell you how I took these Milky Way selfies step by step.

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7 Tips For Taking Breathtaking Travel Portraits


If you think about taking your camera with you to your holiday, this article gives you a insight about how to get some breathtaking travel portraits. All what I am writing about are tips and tricks from my own experience, travelling the world with my camera. From preparations, equipment to talking with a stranger this post covers all basics what you need to get out and enjoy making your own travel portraits.

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How Credit Card Scam Targeting Wedding Photographers Work and How To Protect Yourself


Businesses beware! There’s a scam targeting wedding photographers

It appears that there’s a credit card scam targeting wedding photographers making its way round the Internet. Over the past several months, I’ve been contacted by a number of unimaginably eager clients-to-be requesting to reserve my wedding photography services. These messages share several common elements:

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Jeff Cable Discusses 15 Things You Should Be Thinking About Every Time You Take a Photo


There’s a lot that goes into making a great photo and when you’re out there shooting, you probably have a million ideas and thoughts racing through your head. Of course, thinking and asking yourself questions about what it is you’re trying to shoot along the way is great way to improve your work, but are you asking yourself the right questions? In this hour long seminar hosted by Jeff Cable, he discusses 15 different things you should be asking yourself before you take the shot. I know, I know an hour is a long time to spend on one YouTube video, but Cable is a pretty amusing instructor and he has a lot of solid photography knowledge he’s willing to share.

In the clip, Cable discusses everything from which shooting modes you should be using, how to decide which lens is best, how you can determine what the best composition is, and more. The video title says 15 things, but the whole clip is loaded with advice that go above and beyond the core principles from his syllabus.  [Read more…]

How To Make the World’s Best Lighting Modifier for $5


Lighting modifiers can have a huge impact on specialized shots.  With the right ones, light becomes putty in your hand, easily molded by the skill of the potter.  (Yeah, I jumble up my euphemisms frequently.)

YouTuber Theoria Apophasis believes in the the power of light modifiers, but he believes even more in ingenuity.  The “Angry Photographer” shared one of his favorite homemade mods to get creative lighting that adds drama to his images.  This is one of the best lighting mods and can be easily created with craft store supplies for $5.

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How To Use the Invisible Split Screen Effect To Add Drama To Your Films


Timing is a huge component of successful filmmaking.  So is framing.  And director David Fincher has a good handle on both.

There are a variety of reasons to use invisible split-screen composites in filmmaking, from honing the timing of shots to multiplying your actors on small-budget projects.  When properly applied, this technique can be used as a tool to craft a dynamically powerful scene and is a trick that Fincher admits to implementing countless times throughout each of his films.

In this tutorial, Ben Gill gives us a breakdown of the technique, how masters like Fincher apply it, and how you can create it yourself.

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My Photography Workflow With Smugmug, WordPress & The Creative Cloud



The first thing I want to say is that this blog has taken nearly a year to put together. Not through a lack of will power but mostly as I thought it fair to write a viewpoint after extensively using the set up giving me more time to fine tune the system.

This is long blog, I would suggest getting the coffee ready now before starting !! Also… I guess I should be upfront about my relationships with SmugMug & Adobe – I am part of the Community Pro team in the UK and have done a talk for SmugMug at the photography show and do use the affiliate program. However, I all genuineness, I do love the products that these companies provide and this blog is only about how I use them.

The workflow is built around 3 key elements , or 3 keyneeds. I want my images where I need them, looking good at all times and safe. The Creative Cloud (Photoshop & Lightroom), SmugMug & WordPress combination seems to this for me overall and most of the time. It is designed to be a multi-use Photography Workflow. While it is not the only way I work and it is not the most simple, it does work and is the safest workflow. Sometimes, just using Adobe Bridge & Photoshop then Dropbox or posting a DVD of images can work too! If your’e new to SmugMug – this is the place to get your questions sorted or put them at the bottom of this blog and I shall try to get to them as and when I see them, or any questions for that matter. We will also not go into how to edit photos or how to move or process images though LR or PS in great detail. Feel free to check out my retouching blogs for them

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Getting Hired: 10 Tips from National Geographic, The Cut, Sports Illustrated & More


What are photo editors really looking for from professional photographers? And how can you make connections with potential clients and land gigs? In The Inspiration Handbook: 50 Tips from 50 Photography Trailblazers, get advice from Brad Smith, Elizabeth Krist, Emily Shornick, Brinson Banks, James Bellorini, Alexandre Buisse, Kate Osba, Lindsay Adler, Elizabeth Weinberg, and Jodi Cobb who share their best tips to getting hired.

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How to Photograph the International Space Station. Every. Single. Time.


Photograph of an ISS transit using Triggertrap Mobile taken by Aaron Harris

Photographing the International Space Station is no easy feat. It takes skill, a fair amount of planning, and a whole lot of patience. After years of planning, Aaron Harris has managed to perfect his method for capturing the ISS in transit. Aaron uses his Canon 7D with a Sigma 150-500mm, and of course his Triggertrap kit, to capture his stunning images. We got in touch with Aaron to find out how he captures his impressive ISS photos.

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