How To: Create Dynamic Water Splash Images

If you’re looking for a fun photography project this weekend, great times can always be had with lights, camera, and a little water splashing around your studio.

Photographer Mark Richardson gives us a fairly simple tutorial for creating water splash images, particularly those involving a wine glass. Using AlienBees monolights with fast flash duration (not to be confused with high speed sync) and a wireless trigger for his camera, Mark was able to almost effortlessly freeze the liquid in mid air and then composite it with a frame of the empty glass for a final image.
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Natural Light Photography In a Parking Garage

natural light photography in a parking garage JPDanko blurmedia

This past weekend I had the extreme pleasure* of attending my daughter’s second (she and I agree last) dance recital.

In what can only be described as a three and a half hour long gong show featuring 56 acts – non stop – it was still an important accomplishment for her, so of course it was up to me to at least snap a few obligatory family photos.

It turned into to interesting lesson on natural light photography and photographing kids that I thought I’d share.
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Expertly Mask Objects and People in Photoshop Using Color Channels


Before delving into the mysterious world of photography, I started my visual arts career in graphic design and marketing, both freelance and on-staff.  One request I became accustomed to was extracting all kinds of objects and people from all kinds of backgrounds and surroundings.  Apart from “Make it look awesome,” this seemed to be people’s favorite.

There are many ways to mask and extract objects, and there’s really no “right” way to do it, so long as you find your method of choice effective.  However, Aaron Nace of Phlearn (yes, we do seem to love Aaron) gives us an excellent tutorial on making a perfect selection in Photoshop using color channels, magic wand be damned.

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A Primer on Histograms For Video


Histograms have become an invaluable tool when assessing exposure. Combined with the ability to pick at a photo you just took, they have replaced the use of a light meter for many photographers. This is true for video as well as stills.

Photographer and videographer Cédric Hauteville started a new web series and his first episode deals with  Histograms For Video.  He covers the obvious like what a histogram is and how to use it, but also some more advanced topics like the importance of looking at a histogram along with the photo, and how to use histograms to judge the white balance settings.

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Want To Amp Up Your Lighting Game? Learn How To Feather Your Soft Boxes, It’s Simple


All photographers want to be smarter when it comes to lighting. Some have a natural eye for what’s right, while others may have to work a little harder it, but no one gets better at it without practice. What better way to practice than one lighting lesson at a time? This quick and easy video tutorial b Jay P Morgan, teaches photographers all about feathering soft boxes: what it is and why you should know how to do it, plus great walk through of the process itself.
The idea behind feathering is fairly basic–you’re basically giving yourself a little more directional control of an otherwise big, soft light source. By turning the softbox upwards, for example, you could narrow the amount of light that falls into the composition. The technique works equally well in a studio environment or outdoors, so it’s an especially useful little trick to have in your tool bag.

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How To Create The Perfect Milk Splash Outdoor


I have been writing for DIYP for over a year now, and I can’t believe I haven’t written an article on how to create milk splash shots. It is, after all, one of my favorite things to do (and it is amazingly easy). So, here it is. This will be a two part article. In this article we will be doing it outdoors using only ambient light and reflectors and next week we will bring it indoors using strobes.

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Top 3 Landscape Photography Techniques To Learn

3 landscape photography styles to learn

Once you have acquired a core understanding of the importance of light and atmosphere in landscape photography (click here for our Top 3 Landscape Photography Tips), there are actually quite a few advanced landscape photography techniques to learn that can help you to progress from good landscape photography to great landscape photography.

In this article, I am going to share what I consider the top three landscape photography techniques to learn.

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Photographer pokes Photography Workshops by Teasing trivial Camera Lessons


With so many photography workshops around, I guess photographer Donald Giannatti felt there was a need to fill in the blanks for some beginners out there. Donald came up with a series of short tutorials on the basic skills needed from photographers such as How to open a camera bag (with a bonus about closing it too) and Lens Caps for Film Photography.

Donald hinted that many more tutorials will come on this series. (Hit the jump for teasers from his first three workshops)

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