Create Demon Black Eyes in Photoshop


We all love the dark demon eyes looking back at us from a picture or movie. It just tells you that that model you’re looking at will devour your soul, damning it to hell for all eternity.

And here’s how you can turn your models into soul-hunting demons and have them look cool at the same time. It’s a subtle trick but it will give great impact to your image.

If you are lucky to have a good concept you’ll probably make sure you have some black sclera lenses for your model to put in. But if you don’t have them there’s an easy way to get the effect in photoshop as well.

In the video below I’ll walk you through the steps to create such dark eyes.

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Retouching Essentials: Are You Having Color Issues When Dodging & Burning? This Might Be The Reason


Many of the tools inside of Photoshop use various color models and techniques to alter color. If you are not familiar with them you might be creating a lot of trouble for yourself.

A lot of retouching tutorials online will teach you to use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with -100 saturation to remove the color information from an image (this should eliminate color distractions when Dodging and burning). If you are following this advice, then you are working with Lightness in the HSL color model, which is very different from how our eyes perceive color…

Here is a quick example why it is a bad idea:

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Recreating The Aurora Borealis With A Piece Of Fabric


So, what if you have to create an Aurora Borealis right the middle of anywhere but the North Pole? Usually it means that you’re done (unless you actually go to the north pole). But Joey Shanks really needed some Borealis for his movie production – SPECTRUM.

What he did was quite clever, he used pieces of colored fabric and pieces of lit fabric dancing in the wind as a base and then he composed them into the final movie.

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Top 3 Landscape Photography Tips

top 3 landscape photography tips

When I first started with photography, landscape photography was my primary interest.

But, no matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out why my landscape photos didn’t look nearly as amazing as I wanted them to look.

As it turns out, there are three really simple landscape photography tips to learn that will drastically transform your landscape photography – and the best part is they have nothing to do with camera gear, settings or location.

Continue reading for my top 3 landscape photography tips.

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Elena Shumilova A.K.A Photographer Mom Shares Her Techniques For Photographing Kids


Russian Photographer and mom Elena Shumilova became kinda famous when photos of her kids and family went viral in early 2014.  In total her photos were views over 60,000,000 times (and I guess they were viewed outside her profile some 60 million more).

Something about her photography struck a chord with almost everyone, photographers, mothers, father, young and old. I guess the innocence and feeling of childhood that projected from her photos were just irresistible.

Elena shared some great advice on photographing kids with the crew at Smugmug and agreed to share them with DIYP readers.

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Skin-Retouching Techniques: Compared


In general, there are four “famous” skin-retouching techniques on the photography and retouching market to achieve a smooth skin:

  • Gaussian blur (for me not a skin-retouching technique, but I see it a lot)
  • Inverted high-pass
  • Frequency Separation
  • Dodge & Burn

(Yes, there are more, but these are the “biggest” ones “inside” Photoshop)

This article will compare these skin-retouching techniques to show the pros and cons for each of them. However, this article will not show you how to do them, but what the “good and bad” sides are about these techniques – they might be not “black or white” but can be both (like grey-shades).

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