Recently-Unearthed Photo Is the First Confirmed Image of van Gogh in Adulthood


Photography is probably one of the greatest tools for preserving history.  While present generations stand at a perilous place with all of our memories sitting on hard drives and SD cards, we are thankful for those who had to take the time to develop each shot into a physical medium.  Writings and paintings can only provide so much accurate detail and are often skewed by the perspectives of their creators, but photographs seem to preserve another level of historic accuracy.

Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist painter best known for The Starry Night, his insane preoccupation with selfies, and chopping off bits of ears long before Mike Tyson made it popular, has often been portrayed as a dark and brooding cloud in art history.  Yet, we have never seen a photograph of his face in adulthood…until now.

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Canon Files Patent, Could Be Entering Drone Wars


Drones.  Some love ’em; some hate ’em.  We simply report on them.

According to reports circulating around the web, Canon may be the next big player to announce its contendership in the great drone race based a patent filed with Japanese Patent Office.  While details are very limited at this time, Canon has apparently filed a patent for some form of drone-related technology, making them the first of the major camera companies to take such a step.

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‘You been told’ – Angry man confronts drone pilots on beach

Imagine this:  Two guys on a beach, sipping margaritas and baring their souls to each other.  After a while, they decide to spend some time flying their drones around, leaving smoke trails in the sky.  We aren’t certain what all these guys may have been doing prior to testing out their drones, but Kevin Henderson was kind enough to upload a video of the confrontation for the rest of us to play armchair expert.

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Applying Photoshop’s Dehaze On a Haze-Free Image Yields Spectacular Results


The latest release of Adobe CC has brought with it a number of exciting updates to the world’s most popular image editing and creative publishing suite.  Among those updates is the new “dehaze” feature in both Lightroom and Photoshop Camera Raw.  While various techniques have perviously existed to accomplish the same thing, now users have a simplified and intuitive process for eliminating that annoying haze and breathing more life into their photos.

Though it is almost as interesting to see what applying dehaze on an (almost) haze free photo will do. Reddit user Mefaso shared his experiment and I have to admit that it is quite awesome if not over done.

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Photographer Incites Outrage Over Nude Photos Inside Forbidden City

While China typically seems content with simply taking our souls in exchange for feeding our rampant materialism with affordable products, they seem to have picked up a little American prudishness along the way.  Chinese photographer Wang Dong (stop snickering, thou perverts) has sparked a considerable deal of outrage after posting nude photos of models taken inside the Forbidden City.

The images, which surfaced on the Interwebs in May, depict bare-chested and fully naked models posing throughout the palace museum. One model is even pictured riding a stone dragon that is part of the architecture.  (Creativity…what will they think of next?). The 2 corresponding tumblr posts [NSFW] received over 3,100 notes and reblogs.

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Adobe Slaps Creative Professionals In the Face – Launches Re-Branded Microstock Content Leach

Adobe-Stock Fail

Back when Adobe acquired Fotolia I think most creative professionals were really excited to see what Adobe had in mind for the stock industry.

I mean, a player as big as Adobe had the power to totally re-imagine the sale of stock photography, video and illustration for the benefit of their corporate bottom line and their loyal customer base (after all, creative professionals are the reason Adobe exists in the first place).

But, with todays update to Adobe Creative Cloud, instead we get Adobe Stock – in my opinion, nothing more than a re-branded microstock blood sucking content leach and a slap in the face to creative professionals everywhere.

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Thieves Steal Nearly $600k in Gear From Photography Equipment Rental LensProToGo


As long as humans are humans, humans will act like humans.  Pretty redundant, but no less profound.  That was made clear to LensProToGo employees who arrived at work yesterday to find a smashed window and discover that they had been robbed.  Descending like vultures in the night, the thieves helped themselves to nearly $600k-worth of photography gear, presumably to support their out-of-control World of Warcraft addictions.

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Photographer Arrested On Charges of Filming 16-Year-Old Girl in Dressing Room

Judging groups of people based on a small sampling is never advisable. I mean, heck, imagine if people looked at me and simply assumed all American were self-righteous jerks? What a world that would be… But, there are always a few who give cause for others to regard the group with suspicion. This time, it’s photographers in the hot seat.

Last month, a photographer is Jacksonville Beach, FL was arrested on charges of video voyeurism after he allegedly hid a digital camera in the dressing room of his studio…and filmed a 16-year-old girl dressing and undressing.
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