What’s An Officer To Do? BBC Photographer Arrested While Operating Drone Mid-Flight; Police Land Drone Themselves

Photo by Vicki Burton

Photo by Vicki Burton

A veteran photojournalist who works for several different news agencies in British Columbia, including the BBC, was arrested for “disturbing the peace” while taking aerial photographs of a burning building. The photographer, Eddie Mitchell, maintains that he was operating the drone legally. Mitchell says not only does he currently hold a Civil Aviation Authority license for drone operation, but he also had permission from the land owner where he was filming. [Read more...]

New Line Of Reflective Clothing Determined To Battle Paparazzi Flash Photography


The paparazzi can be a pain in the butt if you’re a celebrity, assuming you didn’t call them on yourself, but a line of concept clothing is threatening to fight back.

The brainchild of Chris Holmes, who you might have seen DJing for Sir Paul McCartney, the Anti-Paparazzi Collection consists of clothes designed to bounce back the paparazzo’s flash and overexpose the photos. The flash-back is attained thanks to the reflective threads of which the clothes are made.

Even if launched, the clothes won’t render Roman Abramovich’s anti-paparazzi laser useless.

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Underwear Ad Banned Due To Concerns About ITG Encouraging Anorexia

You’re probably wondering what ITG is and why it would be reason to ban an ad. I myself was unaware of this term until recently, but turns out it can have quite an impact on the usability of your fashion photos.

Also, why does the ASA care about ITG and will the AAAA start paying attention to it as well?

So everybody, today we’re going to talk about the inner thigh gap (ITG).

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The Ansel Adams Act Goes To Congress; Details Clear Laws Protecting 1st Amendment Rights Of Photographers

ansel adams actIn the United States, the work of photographers and photojournalists is protected under the 1st Amendment which states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. And, in a perfect world, the constitutional rights granted by the amendment would never be violated. But, perfect the world is not and it seems like photographers are being unjustly accosted on a regular basis.

Think of all the news stories you’ve read that pretty much read the same: a photographer from Any City, USA was arrested, threatened with arrest, threatened with seizure of equipment, or otherwise harassed for exercising their First Amendment right of taking photos in a public place. A quick search on DIYP alone using the “Photography Is Not A Crime” keyword yields you a dizzying amount of such stories. Not to mention the motions made by the Federal Government, which restrict and sometimes prohibit photography in National Parks.

I’m willing to admit that not every single case of harassment towards a photographer is unjust. In reality, there’s always that one jackass who ruins it for everyone, but a good number of these types of cases violate the rights of photographers and, quite frankly, we’re fed up.

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Arizona Real Estate Photographer Is First To Be Approved By FAA To Use Drones For Aerial Photography

14539721843_74f0d502dd_kThough you’ve probably already seen your fair share of drone captured real estate photos, up until today, those images were taken illegally according to the policy currently in effect by the FAA. Presently, the FAA restricts nearly all commercial usage of drones. In order to legally operate a drone for commercial purposes, one must first request an exemption from the FAA’s rules. To date, the FAA has issued a mere 14 exceptions from a total of 214 requests.

Douglas Trudeau, a real estate photographer from Tuscon, Arizona, is now the proud new recipient of an exemption, making him the first (and only) real estate photographer on the exempt list.  [Read more...]

NASA Reshoots Iconic Image 20 Years Later. Releases Hubble’s Largest Image Ever of Andromeda.

New view of the Pillars of Creation — visible

NASA, ESA/Hubble and the Hubble Heritage Team

Twenty years ago NASA released an image which blew minds all over the world. Still regarded as one of the most popular space images to have been beamed to Earth, Pillars of Creation has recently been re-captured using Hubble’s latest imaging technology.

Astronomers and astrophotographers are over the moon about another incredible image captured by NASA/European Space Agency’s Hubble Space Telescope. The 1.5 billion pixel image, the largest ever released by Hubble, shows over 100 million stars.

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An Sói Will Stop At Nothing To Get The Bride And Groom To Smile


We all know that getting a bride and groom comfortable and relaxed for a shoot is not an easy task. The better you connect you better the photos are. And while each photographer have their tricks for making the session a pleasant one, Vietnamese photographer An Sói (who goes by the page Nguyễn Đình An) stops at nothing to get the giggles and smiles.

At the age of 24, it seems that the young photographer cares more about how his subjects feel that about how he looks. He is known for moon walking, rolling, jumping and yet somehow being able to focus and take a sharp photo.

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Facebook Users Bombard Cancer-Struck 16 Year Old With Dog Photos. Restore Faith in Humanity.


Too often we hear stories about the internet being used to bully, scam harass or humiliate. This time I am delighted to share with you a wonderful example of the pure awesomeness that can be achieved on the web.

Anthony Lyons is a 16 year old kid from Phoenix Arizona, and sadly Anthony has been fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia since he was diagnosed back in July. After going to be checked due to back pain, he is currently going in and out of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital undergoing chemotherapy.

In order to keep Anthony’s spirits up, he started getting visits by therapy dogs. These visits definitely got the job done, but they were happening only twice or so a week, while Anthony spends a week at a time at the hospital.

Now this is where things get amazing.

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NASA High-Res Photos Organized Into A Huge Creative NASA Pack (First Of A Series)


If you are like me and just LOVE space images this is going to be some very sweet news. Creative Reid Southen  went through the tedious job of organizing the many photos NASA releases into a creative Pack.

This is a huge pack consisting of 2,400 high-res photos from the Expeditions 30-42 to the International Space Station. They are mostly sourced from Flickr.

Those 8 expeditions provide plenty of eye opening images that NASA distributes under the Creative Common License (and they are usually marked CC-by, which means that you can use the photo however you would like as long as you attribute them back to NASA, or or CC-by-nc which means that you can use it but not make money out of it ).

Reid makes no claims on originality and has simply organized the photos into a usable pack, which is totally OK under the CC-by license. He also included an attribution folder which will help you to verify that you are using the image correctly without infringing on NASAs copyrights:

Being Creative Commons though, the licenses will vary, so it’ll be up to you to abide by them. I’d include a text file for each photo with the link to the source to make attribution and getting license details easy

The package is ordered by topics:

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Vimeo Could be Rolling 4K streaming (in stealth….)


While 4K streaming has been available on YouTube for a while, Vimeo, the growing video hosting site loved by artists and filmmakers, has lacked this feature. Sure, perhaps 4K isn’t an Internet standard yet, and your grandmother might not give a witch’s teet about seeing every last pixel of the short film you created for your senior project, but there’s little doubt that 4K is the next step in online video distribution.

Filmmaker Philip Bloom recently made the discovery that Vimeo, while not officially supporting 4K streaming yet, seems to have enabled it for at least certain sectors of its users. Vimeo’s December 8th announcement rolling out 4K download support for Pro users and Video on Demand sellers was further clarified to say that 4K playback, while not yet available, would be enabled for those videos once the feature became available. However, Bloom, along with business partner James Miller, ran a few tests and, much to their dubious delight, found that their new uploads were already streaming in 4K. [Read more...]