Photographer Sues EliteDaily Over Unauthorised Use Of Photos

menzel1EliteDaily, one of the top 1000 most visited websites in the world, is being sued by photographer Peter Menzel. On April 15, 2014, the viral content website ran an article titled, “See The Incredible Differences In The Daily Food Intake Of People Around The World (Photos)”. The article was centered around Peter Menzel and his wife Faith D’Aluisio. The pair of photographers had previously published a book of their work titled: What I Eat: Around the world in 80 Diets. EliteDaily allegedly took over two dozen photos from the project and used them in their article without permission. In at least one instance, going so far as to remove a copyright notice from the one of the images. [Read more…]

FBI Terrorism Trial Reveals Rare Photos of Osama Bin Laden’s Afghan Hideout

Photo: U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York

Photo: U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York

The photos were released by the U.S. Department of Justice to be used as evidence in the terrorism conspiracy trial against bin Laden’s lieutenant Khald al-Fawwaz, taking place in Manhattan.

The set of photos, captured by Palestinian journalist Abdel Barri Atwan, shows bin Laden in his Tora Bora lair in Afghanistan, to which he fled after the 9/11 attacks.

Despite being a free man back then, bin Laden was already hiding in fear that the US had him targeted.

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Nike Files to Dismiss Air Jordan Logo Copyright Lawsuit


A lawsuit filed against Nike back in January claimed the Jumpman logo was infringing on the copyright of one of Jacobus Rentmeester’s images of MJ.

The company responded on Monday filing a motion to dismiss the lawsuit immediately, stating the photographer’s complaint “presents exactly the sort of meritless case that motions to dismiss are intended to address”.

Nike claims that its photo, on which the logo silhouette is based, and Rentmeester’s photo are not “virtually identical” as the law requires.

Another motion has been filed asking that the company be exempt from having to reveal details regarding the Jordan brand business.

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Researchers Use Slow Motion to Study Hummingbird Flight; Will Improve Drone Stability


Drones have evolved from hobbyist toys to professional tools as the FAA partnered with CNN to establish a drone usage protocol for journalists and started issuing exemptions allowing commercial use.

In order for these tools to succeed in the fields above, let alone search and rescue missions, commercial delivery and monitor livestock farms, they need to be more reliable and able to operate in less-than-ideal weather.

Australian and American researchers took a high-speed camera and set out to find out how ruby-throated hummingbirds cope in turbulent winds.

The study could lead to drones getting ‘tails’.

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Students Help To Restore Fire Damaged Photos For Parents Grieving The Loss Of 3 Children & Grandmother

After a house fire swept through an Ohio home on December 26th, Ricky and Traci Harris were faced with the devastating loss of their three young boys and Ricky Harris’ mother. The boys, Kenyon, Broderick, and Braylon were sleeping over at their grandmother’s home so the 60 year old woman, Terry Harris, wouldn’t have to spend the night alone. At 4 am in the morning, the fire broke out, consuming the house. Along with the lives the tragic fire claimed, much of the house and personal belongings were also left destroyed. [Read more…]

Candidate for Prime Minister Sued Due to Alleged Copyright Infringement

Source: Yechial Yanai

Source: Yanai Yechial

Yanai Yechiel was commissioned to photograph a politician running in the Israeli Labor Party primaries. Since it was a small campaign, there was a very limited budget and the photo was to be used only for the internal elections, he accepted the PR company’s request and did the job for a modest price.

You can imagine his surprise, and anger, when 18 months later he discovered the photo was being used as one of the main images in the nationwide campaign for the politician who is currently leading the polls for the general elections and may be Israel’s next Prime Minister.

The developments in this case emphasize the importance of having a written contract, clearly covering all your bases.

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Handy Website Lets You Check Amazon Prices Around The World For Better Deals On Photo Gear


Okay, you technically can search for the price of any Amazon product, not just photo gear. So, should you feel compelled to see if you can find better price on toilet paper by having it shipped to you from a foreign country, I suppose you are free to do so, but we’re just going to stick to the fun stuff for now, you know, like cameras and lenses.

I noticed a post on Facebook recently by a UK based photographer who was able to save £75 on a Sony A6000. Had he purchased the camera from it would have cost him £449. After he did a little investigating, he discovered he could purchase the same camera for £374 by ordering it from and taking advantage of Amazon’s free shipping. Depending on what product you’re looking at and where you are located in the world, you could find savings well into the hundred’s of dollars using the same method of researching all of the different Amazon sites.

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Texas Bill Threatens To Criminalize Photographers; Must Stay 25 Feet Away From Police


Texas representative Jason Villalba introduced a bill that will restrict the public’s right to record police activity, and turn photographing or recording the men (and women) in blue into a class B misdemeanor. The 25 feet limit jumps to 100 feet for armed photographers.

Villalba claims the sole purpose of the bill is to protect officers in the field, but free speech advocates are enraged.

Certain exceptions are made, allowing very specific media types to photograph police from any distance.

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NASA Captures Massive Solar Flare; May Amplify Northern Lights



NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) captured photos and video of the first super-powerful solar flare of 2015.

The X-class solar flare was directed at Earth, and while the Earth’s atmosphere protects us from the harmful radiation, it caused a strong radio blackout. More importantly for us photographers, though, such massive radiation bursts may lead to spectacular displays of the Northern Lights.

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Movie Depicts The Battle Of Keeping Photography Legal In Afghanistan & Why Some Worry It Won’t Last

frame-by-frame2SXSW season is one of my favorite times of the year. Ten days packed full of all the things I love. Film week has always been of particular interest to me, and just because I won’t be able to physically make it to any of this year’s festivities, doesn’t mean I’m not keeping tabs on what I’m missing out on. As I suspected, there’s quite a few awesome things I’m sad not to be experiencing first hand. One of them is a documentary film called, Frame By Frame, that’s making it’s premier at the festival on March 14th.

FRAME BY FRAME is a feature-length documentary that follows four Afghan photojournalists navigating a young and dangerous media landscape. Through cinema verité, powerful photojournalism, and never-before-seen archival footage shot in secret during the Taliban, the film reveals a struggle in overcoming the odds to capture the truth.

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