Private Drones Delay Firefighters From Deploying Helicopters To Save Burning People


There is no doubt that drones have brought some otherwise inaccessible news, but with that aerial access comes the dangers of uncontrolled airspace.

Southern California is suffering from a pretty wide fire and airplanes and Helicopters have been deployed to fight the fire. Specifically, some of the worst incidents are happening around Cajon Pass where a house and several cars were burnt.

After being deployed the aircrafts were forced to land after 5 drones were sighted.

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Panasonic’s Newly-Announced Post Focus Feature Perhaps Not As Awesome As Hoped


Welp…  Proving once again how accurately I can predict the future, today Panasonic officially announced their focus-after-capture technology, called “Post Focus.”  While it looks like the quality of the final images will be significantly improved over the Lytro Illum since they will be composites of 4K video frames, I don’t see it being very useful.

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‘Lightroom Dashboard’ Browser App Helps Identify Your Photography Habits


Ever get curious about what your most-used camera settings actually are?  Ever wonder what focal length you rely on the most?

Lightroom Dashboard is a free online tool developed by Cheyne Wallace to provide an answer to all your burning Lightroom statistics questions by helping you “visualize your catalog data.”  Well, THAT rocks.  As Cheyne says, “I built this tool so I could better understand my photography habits and possibly justify to my self purchasing that new f/2.8 lens (as it turns out, I can’t).”  Well, maybe next time, brother…

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Panasonic Reportedly Building Focus-After-Capture Feature Into Upcoming Cameras


We’ve seen previous unveilings of post-focusing cameras, such as the Lytro Illum, which allow the user to change the focus of the image after it’s already captured.  And, a year ago, Sony even jumped on the bandwagon by acquiring their own patent for similar technology.

Now, according to reports, all Panasonic 4K-compatible cameras released in the next year will have built-in focus adjustment capabilities.  Booyah.

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Nasa Shares First Photo of Pluto Taken With A Camera Named Ralph


If you are a space fan, this is your day. NASA just released the first surface image of Pluto.

The photo is the closest photo of Pluto ever taken at about 7,800 miles. This is quite amazing, especially compared to the roughly 3 billion (3,000,000,000) miles New Horizons had to travel to get there.

Another interesting fact is that we did not see the photo as soon as it was taken. It took the transmission about 4.5 hours to get to earth.

This could also be the most expensive photo taken at roughly $700 million to build, equip and fly the probe.

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Is Nikon Hiding D800 Recall As ‘Free Maintenance’ Initiative?


In today’s world, everyone likes to dress up words and make them sound more appealing to themselves and the masses.  Political correctness is rampant, and we have to be so careful anymore about what we say so as to not offend the sensibilities of others or cast something in a negative light.

Yesterday, various Nikon D800 owners received emails informing them of a free “Nikon Maintenance Service Initiative.”  It’s not clear yet whether Nikon is simply being generous, testing equipment for potential persistent issues, or if this is another name for a recall.

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Mother ‘Horrified’ After Studio Photoshops Daughter’s Birthmark


Retouching of images has become a widely-debated topic in recent years, especially in the context of advertising.  But even traditional family photographers run into this issue at times.  Some clients want to be made to look like supermodels, others prefer a more accurate representation, and sometimes photographers are left wondering which case a particular shoot may fall into.

Lauren Holsten took her 18-month-old daughter, Lexi, to get her portrait taken by a local studio in the UK.  Nothing out of the ordinary about that.  However, when Lauren went to pick up the photos from the studio, she was “horrified” to see that they had digitally removed her daughter’s birthmark from her face.

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