Patent Law Fails Again: Amateur Photographer Sued For Holding Online Photo Competitions

6082519875_83a9edfd36_b‘The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has agreed to take on the case of Ruth Taylor, an photographer who runs the website Taylor is being sued by the owners of for running photography competitions on her own website. Garfum claims to hold the patents (US Patent No. 8,209,618) on online photo competitions.

Before she found out about the EFF, she spent several months attempting to fight the legal case on her, but exhausted all her financial resources. At that point, Talyor had become even more infuriated at the idea that someone could hold a patent on online photo competitions that she decided she didn’t want to pay Garfum any money, even if the amount she was being sued for was reduced to $500.  On principle alone, Taylor refused to settle. “It seemed like a scam…How could you have a patent on a contest?’ I’m not a lawyer, but it’s not logical.” Taylor said. [Read more...]

Japan Has Spoken: Canon Dominates, Sony Dethrones Olympus And Nikon Stutter


Market research and analysis firm BCN announced the annual BCN Awards 2015.

Winners are determined based on sales volume, calculated from data gathered from thousands of sellers throughout Japan.

Canon seems to be doing better than ever, while Nikon is just barely holding its ground.

Sony gets its first taste of victory (and a painful failure) and SanDisk maintains its top spot.

A bit of digging reveals why names like Think Tank, Lowepro and Manfrotto won’t make the list.

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New Flat Lenses Technology Could Offer Smaller Lenses with Zero Chromatic Aberration


A new technology dubbed “achromatic metasurface” from Harvard’s SEAS aims at making Chromatic Aberration (CA), a thing of the past. Moreover, they are planning to do it with a flat lens design.

A flat lens prototype was introduced back in 2012, but it could only work with one wavelength creating significant Chromatic Aberration

The lenses we know are curved, making the acting like a prism and breaking different wavelength in different angles, creating an effect called Chromatic Aberration. Most lens companies have technologies to overcome this problem by either including several glass elements in the glass or by using different types of glass (like ED glass for Nikon).

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Canon and Panasonic’s Sponsorship of The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Could Cost As Much As $126 Million; Potentially Earning $10 Billion


Canon and the Tokyo Olympic Games organizers have announced on Tuesday that the Japanese camera manufacturer will be the official still camera and desktop reprographic hardware provider for the event.

While the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Yahoo Sports reveals the price of being an Olympic sponsor.

Sponsors will be divided into three groups, with just one company selected in each category:

  • “Gold Sponsor” – bidding is said to begin at 15 billion Yen ($126M*). This is $26M higher than the estimated price Coca Cola paid for the 2012 London Games.
  • “Official Sponsor” – the reserve for this group set at 6 billion Yen ($50M)
  • “Official Supporter” – between 1 to 3 billion Yen ($8.4-25.2M)

Canon however will most likely pay a significantly lower amount as it has partnered with the Japanese Olympic Committee to be a domestic sponsor, rather than a worldwide sponsor of the International Olympic Committee.

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Thief Returns Memory Card Containing First And Last Photos Of Deceased Infant


Photo by Jlhopgood

In early Februray, North Carolina photographer, Faith Massey, heartfeltly photographed the first and last moments of a local couple’s infant, who sadly passed just moments after his birth. The photoshoot was part of the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep project, which offers grieving parents a photoshoot with their sick newborns. Outside of a couple cell phone photos snapped by the baby’s parents, Massey’s images were the only photos documenting the last precious moments of the child’s life. Imagine, then, the pain experienced by the parents and Massey when the photographer’s camera equipment was stolen from her car along with the memory card that housed the only copies of the newborn while the car was parked in Massey’s own driveway. [Read more...]

NSA Uses Hidden Software In Hard Drives for International Cyber-Espionage


Earlier today it was revealed by Kaspersky, a leading software security group, that the NSA has been using leading brand hard drives to spy on targets worldwide. In fact, they have been doing so since 2001.

While you most likely use a hard drive manufactured by one of the companies involved, chances are that you haven’t been a victim. Not that you’ve got any way of knowing…

Infected computers were found in over 30 countries, including Iran, Russia, Pakistan and China.

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Canon Set To Take Over Video Surveillance Industry With A $2.8 Billion Purchase


Eager to strengthen its market share in the growing industry, the Japanese giant has made an offer to buy all shares of Swedish network video surveillance leader, Axis. Should the deal go through, it will be Canon’s biggest purchase to date.

This move is a natural step forward after Canon purchased Milestone Systems, a company providing video management software in the network video surveillance business, in June 2014.

Canon is not the only well known camera manufacturer to enter the field of video surveillance, with several dominant brands also looking to diversify their income streams.

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Justin Bieber’s Defense For Running Over A Paparazzo: “He Refused To Move”, And I Don’t Blame Him


The singer’s lawyers have requested to dismiss a civil lawsuit filed by paparazzo Walter Lee who claims he was hit by Bieber’s Ferarri back in 2013, arguing it was Lee’s fault.

A video of the incident leaves some doubt as to the paparazzo’s claims and will kind of make you hate anyone holding a camera.

Meanwhile, Bieber tried avoiding a visit to the courthouse in another paparazzi-related lawsuit, claiming it would be too expensive for him to show up.

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Planning A Trip To The Museum? Not With That Selfie Stick You’re Not

Photo By Ton Schulten

Photo By Ton Schulten

When it comes to selfie sticks, there seem to be two kinds of people: those who love them and those who despise them. Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but seeing as how you’re here on a photography website, I’m willing put my money on you not being too fond of them. And, if I’m right, then we’re both in luck. Museums across the United States are beginning to enforce a selfie stick ban that prohibits visitors from using the obnoxious arm extenders within the museum’s walls.

As much as I’m convinced museums want to admit they’re enforcing the ban to “respect artistry” (thanks Kanye) and the actual artists whose work is being exhibited, most museums are taking the politically correct route and citing the inherent safety concerns of carefree tourists recklessly parading around priceless art exhibits with an 3-foot long stick protruding from their persons. Fair enough, I suppose, but it doesn’t make it any less painful to report that many museums and galleries actually promote the taking of selfies (sans selfie stick, of course), especially if you’re a celebrity like Katy Perry or Beyonce and Jay-Z. [Read more...]

A Hacker Discovered A Way To Delete Every One Of Your Facebook Photo Albums Using Four Lines Of Code

There are millions of photos are posted to Facebook every hour and a large part of the people posting the images don’t even think twice about just how secure the social media giant is going to keep to their images once they are uploaded. That’s exactly why the bug discovered by white hat hacker, Laxman Muthiyah, should serve as a reminder to us all not to take internet security for granted, even when dealing with huge corporations such as Facebook.

Muthivah, released his findings on his blog, and posted a video to YouTube (below) showing exactly how he was able to permanently delete any photo album on Facebook, including my photo albums, your photo albums, even Mark Zuckerberg’s photo albums. And he was able to do this startlingly easy using just four lines of code. [Read more...]