This Is Where Nat Geo Hacks Their Cameras To Do More


National Geographic is known for capturing unbelievable photographs. For some of their stories they have cameras diving into the deep oceans, hand on trees, or left behind for weeks to capture a rare mating in a desolated jungle.

While Nat Geo also uses stock Nikon Cameras, they do modify them sometimes in what could only be dubbed the heavens of camera hackery labs. The lab, led by Kenji Yamaguchi – Nat Geo Chief Maker, converts cameras, lenses and strobes for specific needs. Nat Geo’s Proof did a full story and video on Kenji, giving a glimpse into the wonderful world of Nat Geo’s camera hackery.

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Brain Scan Shows How 14 People Would Like To be Photoshopped To Perfection


How would like to be photoshopped given the opportunity to give your face what your heart desires. Note that your heart and your head do not always desire the same thing.

This is exactly the question that photographer and psychologist  Scott Chasserot was out to find out by combining Photography, Photoshop and Brain Scans. He dubbed the project Original Ideal.

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Want a Natural Density Filter – Best Buy Has them On Stock


If we had a breaking news section, this would probably be breaking news. Best Buy just introduced a new family of filters - “Natural Density Filters“. You can get them right here.

So, this is obviously a typo (confused with Neutral Density Filters) and thing will resume to normal as soon as the Department Of Web Sites Categories gets their hands on this and makes a fix. (Hopefully, they will not have to throw all their stock of Natural Density Filters and replace them with Neutral Density Filters as throwing away so much stock can be quite expensive.

/end irony

[Natural Density Filters | Best Buy. Thanks for the tip Simon]

P.S. If Best Buy says that they don’t carry this kind of filter, just point them to this screen grab.

At What Point Does A Nude Photo Become Pornographic? Controversy At MOCA Jacksonville


There is a controversy brewing in Jacksonville, Florida as some local authorities and citizens are not just speaking, but crying out over a new photography exhibit by photographer, Angela Strassheim. The collection features a nude photograph of a pregnant woman stretched across a couch–not unlike some of the paintings that also grace the walls in The Museum of Modern Art. However, Strassheim’s photo caught the attention of City Council President Clay Yarborough, who emailed Mayor Alvin Brown, asking for the Mayor to withdraw a $230,000 grant the museum is set to receive from The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville. Yarborough has insisted the photograph was pornographic, “and works against our efforts to promote a family-friendly Jacksonville and downtown.”

You can see a copy of the photo in question here (All you see is the women’s breasts, but, head’s up your boss might still be deemed NSFW) before you make any decisions for yourself, but if you’re like much of the art and photography world, you’ll probably find the claims to be a bit nonsensical. Fortunately, supporters of the photograph, as well as MOCA officials, have publicly defended the work and it’s right to hang in the museum and, at least for the moment, the photograph will remain in the exhibit. [Read more...]

You Don’t Need A Selfie Stick To Take A Selfie In Space

Living on the ISS has it perks (like putting a Gopro in a Bubble, or capturing amazing timelapses), but one of the more underestimates benefits the lack of need for Selfie Sticks. You see, when the gravity is not pulling the camera down you can just place it in space, it has nowhere to fall to.

If you don’t believe me check this footage from ISS test pilot Oleg Artemyev.

The lesson of the day is that even Cosmonauts chimp.

P.S. Next step: hovering VALs

Real Talk With Mike Monteiro: How To Get Paid For Your Work Even When Your Clients Are Total Jerks

mike monteiroThis video is one of the most entertaining presentations on how to deal with non-paying and problem clients. Creative Morning guest host, Mike Monteiro, is able to take a sensitive topic and inject some humor into it with his witty sense of humor. You’ll not only get a few laughs out of the discussion, but you’ll also take in some very important advice on how to deal with the inevitable problem client. Regardless of whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur who books the occasional paying gig, you have to know what to do to protect yourself from non-paying and slow-paying clients.

Monteiro and his lawyer, Gabe Levine, cover a plethora of talking points in the nearly 40 minute talk. While the gist of the entire presentation could be summarized by saying “GET A CONTRACT”, it’s well worth the time to watch the entire clip. Remember, knowledge is power and there is a lot to be gained from the video. [Read more...]

Saving Eliza – The story of a successful fundraising project to save a life

About 8 month ago, we shared an interview with Benjamin VonWong about his work in this video:

It’s the story of Eliza O’Neill, turned 5 years old a few days ago (Happy Birthday, Eliza!).
She was diagnosed one year ago with a rare terminal genetic disease, called Sanfilippo Syndrome-Type A. Her parents were told that they would have to watch her daughter fade away before their eyes.

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Planet Labs Is Putting 4kg Cameras In Orbit All Around Earth


Although the access to satellite imagery has never been as broadly available as today, it is still not without its issues. The pictures are often very old because shooting a satellite up to (near) space with a rocket is just crazy expensive. In fact, according to Will Marshall, building a satellite can cost up to $85o,000,000 (yup, this is a 7 zeros figure) and weigh over 3 tons in avarage. Planet Labs however aims to revolutionize satellite images by building cheaper, smaller (think Red Epic size) and lighter (4kg) devices that are capable of updating pictures daily. Will Marshall, co-founder of Planet Labs recently gave a TED- Talk.

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[Rumor] Sony To Release Game Changing Sensor Technology With An New APC Sensor

Sony Alpha Rumors shared a juicy tidbit this morning when they announced Sony may be developing a new sensor Sony has dubbed the Active Pixel Color Sampling Sensor (APCS). Sony Alpha Rumors gave the rumor a SR4 rating, meaning the rumor came from trusted sources and will most likely be confirmed. It is expected Sony will make an announcement regarding the APCS in 2015, and as promising as the leaked spec sheets makes the sensor tech look, it might be worth the wait.

The spec sheet, below, which Sony Alpha Rumors found on CNBeta, doesn’t reveal any fine details, but it does offer some insightful statistics:

Sony-IMX189AEG_s_zpsb6dcd606 [Read more...]

Much Anticipated Instagram Update Offers Users Ability To Edit Captions After Posting


New edit feature and People tab added to Instagram

One of the top most requested updates asked from Instagram users is the ability to go back and edit captions after their photo had been posted. This simple fix would allow them to correct typos, add additional information, or change the caption altogether. Seems like an obvious enough option to include in an app, especially one with a user base as wide as Instagram’s. Thankfully, in an update that is being rolled out today, the pipe dream of being able to edit captions is finally becoming a reality.

The update also introduces a new People tab on the Explore page which has been designed to make it easier to find new accounts to follow. In an email from an Instagram represenative, it was shared that 40% of Instagram users visit the Explore page on a daily basis, making it an excellent resource to discover and be discovered.  [Read more...]