Daredevil Snaps From The Tallest Residential Building In The World

tallest-residential -bilding-08

26 years old Malaysian photographer and daredevil Keow Wee Loong (previously) is known for his affection of taking photos from tall buildings, preferably such that can’t be access by the public.

His latest endeavor involves two of the tallest buildings in Dubai, 101 flights of stairs and couraging 60 degrees centigrade during the climb. The photos are better than any drone can take. We asked  Wee Loong a few questions.

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Taylor Swift Does Right By Photographers, Amends Heavily Restrictive Photo Contract

About a month ago, the internet went flipped out when Jason Seldon called Taylor Swift out on her hypocritical and impossibly restrictive photo contract. This in turn spurred debates as more photographers and photo editors for the press began outing other similarly restrictiveness contracts from artists like the Foo Fighters.

Once National Press Photography Association lawyer (and the photography industry’s unsung hero) Mickey Osterreicher, got wind of the Swift story, he immediately went to work to remedy the situation. Osterreicher, along with a team of 13 other industry professionals went to the bargaining table against Ms. Swift. [Read more…]

New Bride Furious Over Blurry Photos From $60 Camera


No matter how cheap I am, I always bear in mind that sometimes you get what you pay for.  However, a recent bride doesn’t feel that way about a £40 (~$60 USD) camera she purchased to use on her honeymoon.

Kirsty Fuller, a bride from the UK, wanted to be able to have photos of her honeymoon to cherish for years to come.  With this in mind, she purchased an 18 megapixel Polaroid IE826 from Argos to take along with her to Brazil.  Upon loading the photos onto a computer at the end of the trip, she was ‘heartbroken’ to find that almost all of them were blurry very low quality.  But, it’s when she went to return the allegedly defective camera that the real fun began.

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Google + Photos To Officially Shutdown Starting August 1st

CaptureYou may recall the pandemonium that broke loose earlier this month when Google’s new photo service, Google Photos, shamefully tagged two black people as gorillas; However, that isn’t stopping Google from funneling new users into using the service. In a Google+ post made by the company, they informed the public they would be officially discontinuing their Google + Photos in hopes those users would migrate to the new Google Photos. [Read more…]

Australian Landscape Photographers Are About To Lose A Legendary Landmark

15848548412_cf9d5ffdce_kPhotographers love taking pictures of shipwrecks, washed ashore by the tides. The older and more barnacle crusted the ship carcass, the better. Photographers will sometimes travel great distance to snap photos of some of the more renowned sites and, as Australia photographers are discovering, will even assemble (in surprisingly large numbers) to photograph them. When it was made public that Sunshine Coast Council would be removing the remains of a the S.S Dicky, a ship that washed ashore some 122 years ago–local photographer,  Kate Wall, organized one last bruhaha. [Read more…]

Reclaim Australia Protests Shown From A “War Photographer” Perpespective


Photo by Dillon Mak

Sydney based street photographer, Dillon Mak, spent some time over the weekend documenting the Reclaim Australia protests and, wanting to create something in addition to the still images, the photographer also recorded video of the action. What sets Mak’s protest videos apart from all the others is the way he managed to capture it–by mounting a GoPro Hero 4 on top of his Canon 7D, Mak was able to record video with the GoPro while simultaneously shooting stills with the Canon. [Read more…]

Private Drones Delay Firefighters From Deploying Helicopters To Save Burning People


There is no doubt that drones have brought some otherwise inaccessible news, but with that aerial access comes the dangers of uncontrolled airspace.

Southern California is suffering from a pretty wide fire and airplanes and Helicopters have been deployed to fight the fire. Specifically, some of the worst incidents are happening around Cajon Pass where a house and several cars were burnt.

After being deployed the aircrafts were forced to land after 5 drones were sighted.

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Panasonic’s Newly-Announced Post Focus Feature Perhaps Not As Awesome As Hoped


Welp…  Proving once again how accurately I can predict the future, today Panasonic officially announced their focus-after-capture technology, called “Post Focus.”  While it looks like the quality of the final images will be significantly improved over the Lytro Illum since they will be composites of 4K video frames, I don’t see it being very useful.

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‘Lightroom Dashboard’ Browser App Helps Identify Your Photography Habits


Ever get curious about what your most-used camera settings actually are?  Ever wonder what focal length you rely on the most?

Lightroom Dashboard is a free online tool developed by Cheyne Wallace to provide an answer to all your burning Lightroom statistics questions by helping you “visualize your catalog data.”  Well, THAT rocks.  As Cheyne says, “I built this tool so I could better understand my photography habits and possibly justify to my self purchasing that new f/2.8 lens (as it turns out, I can’t).”  Well, maybe next time, brother…

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