Ditch Paper: Create and Sign Model Release Forms with Snapwire’s Free Mobile App


Model release forms are simply part of the photography industry, and while you may not be legally required to have one in all situations (depending on local laws), it never hurts to get a signed release from a subject.  However, toting around a bunch of unsigned release forms in the event that you might need them is a bit of a nuisance, and there have been times that I’ve forgotten a release form when I was actually required to get one.

Now (at least for iPhone users), the hassle of printed release forms can be a thing of the past.  Thanks to Releases by Snapwire, a mobile app that enables you to create and sign model and property release forms on the go, you will have no excuse for not having one.

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Jason Seldon’s Response To Taylor Swift’s Agent


After my public response to Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple, I didn’t quite expect the phenomenal reaction it received. I knew it was provocative, I knew it was going to be risky and could possibly harm my chances of getting access to other concerts in future. but it needed to be said – out loud. When I thought hard about the possible consequences, and restrictions on my access to future work, I asked myself “What point is there in going to work if I can’t be paid for it – yet everyone else gets to benefit from my labour?”. The answer?

There was nothing left to lose. When you’re faced with a choice of working for free to save a millionaire having to pay a reasonable fee, or not working at all. what would you do?

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Couple Has Wedding Video Stolen From Photographer’s Car

Whenever I’ve shot weddings, I’ve had nightmares about things going wrong, from malfunctioning equipment to missing important shots to losing the images I captured. However, for one couple and their wedding videographer, those nightmares became a reality.

Los Angeles couple Alejandra and Brian received a call from their videographer a day after their wedding stating that the memory cards containing the footage from their special day were stolen. According to KTLA5, the cards were with the photographer’s cameras and other gear inside his parked car when it was broken into sometime overnight.
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Microsoft Bent Backwards To Document The Windows 10 Wallpaper. Too Bad You’ll Only See It Once


With windows 10 release just around the corner, Microsoft made a huge celebration about its upcoming new default wallpaper.

The video below describes how the team created that photos and trust me no effort was spared. It has special glass made, haze, projection and camera mapping, and even special Lasers. The process actually is quite fascinating.

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10 Adobe CC Shortcut Cheat Sheets to Make Your Life Easier


Cheat sheets are wonderful, especially if you’re actually taking a test.  (I only speak from hearsay, of course…)  But, they can also be invaluable when trying to maintain a speedy workflow within an application.

With the recent release of the 2015 updated Adobe CC, it was only a matter of time until the keyboard shortcut cheat sheets started pouring in.  Thanks to Jamie Spencer of SetUpABlogToday who posted a whole slew of updated cheat sheets, there is no excuse for going the long way around Robin Hood’s barn again.

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Taylor Swift Responds to Photographer’s Open Letter


Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple, claiming artists shouldn’t be asked to work for free, gained tremendous attention and lead to a change in the company’s policy.

It wasn’t long before concert photographer Jason Sheldon sent the singer a letter of his own calling her a hypocrite for pretending to stand up for artists’ rights, while photographers working at her concerts are forced to sign an unfair contract that could lead to them working for free as well.

Swift’s UK spokesperson was quick to respond to Sheldon claiming that he misrepresented the contract.

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360-Degree 26-Gigapixel Image from Stanley Cup Finals Includes Social Media Interaction


Photographic technology keeps getting better and better while society keeps getting dumber and dumber.  But, perhaps we’ll hash out some of those specifics at a later date and time.

That being said, the new influx of giant gigapixel images is fascinating, whether it’s exploring nature or cities.  Now these images are being brought onto a more personal level, complete with the capabilities to tag yourself and friends in these massive images.  Blakeway Gigapixel, purveyors of giant, 360-degree panoramic photos, is pushing their new service of creating “exciting interactive social media engagements within a huge multi-gigapixel image,” and despite the blatant commercialization undertones, it’s still pretty cool.

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Photoshop CC 2015 Major Bug: Healing Brush Creates Salt Lines Pixel Artifacts

Adobe only just released Photoshop CC 2015 and it looks like they have what we used to call a show stopper when I was in the software industry. One of the changed Adobe made was to make the Healing Brush work faster, but it looks like that change has some crucial negative impact.

Luce from Luce Retouch recently uploaded a video showing that using the Healing Brush tool with Photoshop CC 2015 created an irritating salt-lines effect.

The affect got its name because it looks like someone left some water drops to dry on the image and it left a salty residue. (I wonder if that would be come saltgate…..)

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Google to Fight Revenge Porn; Will Remove Photos from Search

Revenge_PornGoogle hates messing around with its search engine, stating the company’s involvement should be limited to ensuring the relevance of the results, it usually removes search results only once legally forced to do so.

In an uncommon move, however, Google has taken initiative in this matter announcing that it will remove photos of ‘revenge porn’ victims from its search engine’s results.

“In the coming weeks we’ll put up a web form people can use to submit these requests to us,” said Amit Singhal, the senior vice president in charge of Google Search in the company’s blog.

What caused Google suddenly take responsibility for its search results and does this mean Google’s becoming more lenient towards photo take-down requests?

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