Project Tassel: Helping Out One Portrait At A Time

Project Tassel feature

I live in the Philippines. Not everyone here can afford going to school, let alone having a decent graduation portrait. Last month a friend contacted me and told me she was looking for a photographer for her project – free graduation pictures to the less fortunate.

When I heard about this Project I immediately contacted a photographer friend, Jay De Guzman, and my girlfriend, Jubcy Sebastian to also help out with the project.

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Photographer Tased and Arrested After Flying a Drone in Hawaiian National Park


Travis Sanders visited the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on Saturday night with his wife and daughter in order to see the rising lava lake at Halema’uma’u Crater, but never imagined that he’d turn into the main attraction.

At some point Sanders decided to use a drone to capture the spectacle and the crowds, later claiming he was unaware his actions were against the law, but things turned ugly when a park ranger approached and demanded that he brings it down.

Accounts of what happened after the ranger asked to see Sanders’ ID greatly differ. The photographer stated he was simply trying to avoid a confrontational ranger, while park officials said the “very unruly” suspect fled the scene and was stopped in order to protect the hundreds of people at the scene and prevent him from falling down the edge of the 500-foot deep caldera.

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We are Giving Away 2 Cloud Spot Pro Plans: The Perfect Wedding Photography Platform

Update: The giveaway has ended please see info below.


If you are in the event photography business you know that proofing, client interaction and delivering and managing the photos can take a huge portion of your time. It is not a surprise that we keep seeing solutions come into this market. The latest of which is Cloud Spot, a new service co-created by SLR Lounge.

The service is similar to others in some features and differentiate in others. Similarly to Pass, Pixieset, Wix or Photoshelter you can create galleries, upload images, order prints, mark favorites and so on…

We are giving away 2 Cloud Spot pro 1-year plans to 2 lucky winners, just punch in your name and email below for a chance to win!

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New Bird-inspired Design May Help Drones With Collision Recovery


If you’ve been following the drones vs. things saga here on the blog, you know that drones are almost losing the fight when they stumble into things (or mad chimps). A new technology developed in Stanford university aims at changing this and allowing drones to keep flying even after they collide with a solid object (Or Kangaroo).

The general form factor that drones are built with today, are stiff and cannot sustain mid-air impact. They rely on collision avoidance at best, flying at high altitude as a failsafe or having no collision control at worst.

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Photojournalist Pushed To Ground; Reuters Reporter Detained During Night Of Unrest In Baltimore

giordanno 1

Photojournalist, J.M. Giordano, during an encounter with the Baltimore Police Department

Saturday night, huge crowds of protesters converged on the streets of Baltimore to protest the death of Freddie Gray, a black male who sustained life ending injuries during an arrest made by the Baltimore City Police Department on April 12th. Like many similar protests that have taken place in recent months, the protest began as a peaceful assembly before pockets of violence began breaking out.

During one particular standoff, in which protesters were reportedly throwing rocks at the riot gear clad officers, the police announced the assembly was no longer peaceful and ordered the protesters to leave the area. According to the Baltimore Sun, the police made an announcement that went “something like, ‘This is no longer a legal assembly. This is no longer a peaceful protest,'” just before they backed off, creating a wider distance between the officers and the protesters. [Read more…]

About Patents, Design Patents and DIY Mockups


There is a thread on r/photography noting that posts were taken down from DIYP, FStoppers and Petapixel. The thread tells that a letter was sent to Petapixel (which PP shared) asking them to take a post down.  Here at DIYP we got a similar letter.

I can assume that Josh (who is the author of the article) and Fstoppers got similar letters. I mean, why send a letter to only one of the places where certain info is published, right?

The main concern or anger can we the fact that the post was taken down and that DIY info should be with the masses, I mean, no one that has the time (and probably not the money) to make a product would buy it, right? That’s what I think too. This brings us to the issue of…

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US Marshal Appears To Attack Pedestrian Photographer; Knocks Phone From Hands, Smashes It With Foot

These types of clips are popping up so frequently these days, it’s almost not even shocking to see anymore. But, this video posted yesterday on YouTube shows a heavily armed US Marshal charge a woman who was photographing a group of officers. The Marshal grabbed the phone out of her hand, then proceeded to kick and smash the phone as it hit the ground. The entire group of law enforcement officials appear to have then walked away from the startled woman.

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Photographer Calls For Selfie Stick Free Weddings, Gets Massive Approval, Has To Take The Post Down


Many photographers don’t appreciate the fact that wedding guests use their camera and smartphone to take photos during a wedding. This is mostly because those many times interfere with the work of the photographer.

The post below surfaced on facebook and was massively shared gaining around 4,000 shares and 5,500 likes in the course of three days:

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Sony Semiconductor’s New Site Hints Next Olympus and Nikon D5400 Cameras


As we have it today many camera makers are using sensors from Sony Semiconductor. Canon is using them, so is Nikon, Olympus and many of the medium format digital cameras:  phase one, Pentax and Hasselblad.  So looking into Sony’s sensor plans gives a pretty good understanding of what the camera makers have in store.

So it is just super kind of Sony to make a new site with their current sensor offerings. Of course some of the sensors are ones that we are familiar of, like the 36MP full frame sensor.

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