NASA High-Res Photos Organized Into A Huge Creative NASA Pack (First Of A Series)


If you are like me and just LOVE space images this is going to be some very sweet news. Creative Reid Southen  went through the tedious job of organizing the many photos NASA releases into a creative Pack.

This is a huge pack consisting of 2,400 high-res photos from the Expeditions 30-42 to the International Space Station. They are mostly sourced from Flickr.

Those 8 expeditions provide plenty of eye opening images that NASA distributes under the Creative Common License (and they are usually marked CC-by, which means that you can use the photo however you would like as long as you attribute them back to NASA, or or CC-by-nc which means that you can use it but not make money out of it ).

Reid makes no claims on originality and has simply organized the photos into a usable pack, which is totally OK under the CC-by license. He also included an attribution folder which will help you to verify that you are using the image correctly without infringing on NASAs copyrights:

Being Creative Commons though, the licenses will vary, so it’ll be up to you to abide by them. I’d include a text file for each photo with the link to the source to make attribution and getting license details easy

The package is ordered by topics:

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Vimeo Could be Rolling 4K streaming (in stealth….)


While 4K streaming has been available on YouTube for a while, Vimeo, the growing video hosting site loved by artists and filmmakers, has lacked this feature. Sure, perhaps 4K isn’t an Internet standard yet, and your grandmother might not give a witch’s teet about seeing every last pixel of the short film you created for your senior project, but there’s little doubt that 4K is the next step in online video distribution.

Filmmaker Philip Bloom recently made the discovery that Vimeo, while not officially supporting 4K streaming yet, seems to have enabled it for at least certain sectors of its users. Vimeo’s December 8th announcement rolling out 4K download support for Pro users and Video on Demand sellers was further clarified to say that 4K playback, while not yet available, would be enabled for those videos once the feature became available. However, Bloom, along with business partner James Miller, ran a few tests and, much to their dubious delight, found that their new uploads were already streaming in 4K. [Read more…]

Indian Government Blocks Vimeo And Weebly Due To ISIS Content


In what seems to be an absurd overreaction on behalf of the Indian government, local internet service providers have been ordered to block 32 sites, including the popular video sharing site and the “drag-and-drop” website builder and hosting service.

Weebly stated on their Facebook page that they have reached out to the Indian authorities regarding the ban, but that they do not have any additional information regarding this matter.

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Israeli Prime Minister’s Party to Pay Photographer $5000 Due to Copyright Infringement

A screen grab of Rachmani’s photo as it appeared in the television campaign

A screen grab of Rachmani’s photo as it appeared in the television campaign

Politicians write the rules, but that doesn’t mean they need to follow them, right? But it is also becoming more common for courts to rule in favor of the artist than it used to…

A Jerusalem court judge had ordered the Likud party, lead by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to pay 20,000 NIS (approx. $5,000) in compensation due to copyright infringement.

The photographer, Shmuel Rachmani, sued the Likud for $37,500 following its failure to credit two of his images which the Likud had used in a television campaign last year. [Read more…]

Hacker Uses Photographs To Hack German Defense Minister’s Fingerprints. Brings Attention To Security Failures


Jan Krissler, a 31- year old hacker, has discovered a serious security breach that could affect millions of people. Krissler, who works under the pseudonym “Starbug” claims he can recreate a fingerprint using a few images taken with a “standard photo camera”.

Krissler told his audience during a presentation in front of the Chaos Computer Club (the largest hacker organization in Europe) that he had successfully duplicated the fingerprints of German defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen. Krissler explained that he pulled the hack off using a close up shot of von der Leven’s thumb along with a few other shots of the defense minister taken from different angles. He says he confirmed the replicated thumbprints to be accurate using popular fingerprinting software, VeriFinger. [Read more…]

This Bioluminescent Forest Wonderland Is The Result Of A Projector And A Computer

Forests are magical places by definition; this is why so many of our childhood stories are situated in them. Bioluminescent Forest takes the magical and makes magical-er.

Using a computer and a powerful projector Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad were able to animate the forest into a vivid and fairy-like existence.

Some more photos, info and BTS after the jump

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We are Giving Away $600 In Photo Album Gift Certificates


UPDATE: This giveaway is now over and winner has been contacted. Huge thanks to MyPublisher for hosting this giveaway.

Sweet news, MyPublisher teamed up with DIYP to give TWO $300 gift certificates away for a personalized MyPublisher Photo Album!

When I was a kid looking at photos was a slightly different experience. We used to sit (usually in a small group) and turn pages in heavy-paged albums. When I say turn pages I mean actual pages, the ones you can smell and touch and (god forbid crease, if not careful). While the digital age made sharing photos easier, it also took something away. There is something uniquely special about sitting together with your closest friends and family and flipping through photo album pages reminiscing on your favorite memories.

So I do my part of sharing, uploading and instagraming, and I also make a yearly family album. This is the album that will stay here even if my triple backed up hard drive crashes. Photo albums do not require a computer to look at, and it seems that both my kids and my parents enjoy looking at these tangible images more than they do at the photos on our family Facebook group.

This is where MyPublisher comes into play with their gorgeous photo albums, the kind that feel good in your hand and will last for years to come! But unlike the photo albums of our childhood, the process is much simpler. You upload the photos and the design team at MyPublisher helps design a perfectly customized premium album for you!

Since there are so many great add-on’s and features to choose from, we are offering a $300 credit so you can create a detailed leather bound album. And we are giving away two of those.

P.S. You get extra entries for sharing.

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Goldstein Turns Down “Enormous Amount Of Money” For 17,500 Vivian Maier Negatives; Sells To Toronto Gallery Instead


Following the controversy that surfaced over the summer, one of the major Vivian Maier collectors has sold his entire inventory of Vivian Maier negatives to the Stephen Bulger Gallery, in Toronto. During a recent interview, Goldstein told Hyperallergic that he spoke with an Asian buyer who was interested in purchasing his collection of Maeir negatives “for an enormous amount” of money, but Goldstein turned the buyers away, opting instead to complete a transaction with the gallery. While the amount of money paid by the gallery for the negatives remains undisclosed, Goldstein called the gallery “it’s perfect home” in part because Goldstein had collaborated with them in the past for a show of Maier’s photographs.

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