Olympus Gave Out Free Cameras As Part Of April Fool’s Joke; No, Really There Were Free Cameras…

olympus-april-foolsI got to hand it to Olympus on this one, this was a pretty good April Fools Day joke, even if they weren’t actually joking. Facebook fans of Olympus UK saw several posts made by the camera maker on April 1st, announcing they would be giving away three free cameras . All you had to do was show up to Picadilly Circus in London and look for Santa Claus and his elves. If you were one of the first three people to show up, sit on Santa’s knee and shout, “OM-D it’s Christmas!”, you would walk away with a free camera.

The first of the series of Facebook calls to action posted by Olympus just shared some simple (albeit silly instructions that had most people questioning it’s truthfulness. [Read more…]

Arkansas Governor Vetoes Bill Threatening to Criminalize Photographers Worldwide



We recently reported Senate Bill 79 which intended to protect people from unauthorized commercial use without the person’s written consent, but in reality threatened to end street photography and criminalize photographers worldwide.

The huge outcry regarding the proposed law worked and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has just announced that he had vetoed the bill.

Bill supporters may attempt to override the veto, but the National Press Photographers Association states this is a clear win for photographers’ rights.

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Blast From The Past: Retaking an Image With Film

Ever Photographed any kids? You know that the first thing that happens after you click the shutter is them running over and asking if they can see the photo.

Of course this “show me the photo” pavlovian effect is a completely new behavior. Only a few years ago we shot on rolls of film, and had to wait hours (if not days) between the time the shutter was clicked till the time we could actually see the photo. (and forget blink detection…..).

What happens when we cross our need for immediate gratification with the fact that some of us still shoot film? College Humor tried to find out with a short film that “crosses the beams” between that girl who always wants to see the photo and the fact that the camera is use is a film camera.

+ you know…. Zombies.

[That Annoying “Take Another Photo!” Girl via reddit]

The Library of Congress Purchases 500 Rare Civil War Photos; Many Available Online


Photograph shows a street view Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois draped in mourning on the day of his funeral. A horse stands near a wooden plank from the street to the sidewalk. Credit: Robin Stanford collection/Courtesy of Library of Congress.

The unique addition was acquired from an 87-year-old Texas collector, Robin Stanford, who has been gathering civil war-era photos since the 1970s.

“They’re just tremendously significant,” said Bob Zeller, president of the Center for Civil War Photography, adding that “these are not post-war . . . or after Union occupation. These are actual scenes of slavery in America”.

The photos include Lincoln’s Springfield home covered in mourning cloth after his assassination, the first generation of African Americans born into freedom and a Confederate flag flying from a flagpole in Fort Sumter.

There are also images of life before the war, with one of the more noteworthy photos depicting South Carolina slaves worshiping in a plantation church. This may be the only prewar photo of its kind, according to the Washington Post.

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AP Photographer’s Afghan Killer Sentenced To 20 Years in Prison


Former Afghan police unit commander Naqibullah, who received a death sentence following the murder of Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus and wounding AP correspondent Kathy Gannon, will not be executed after all.

Afghanistan’s Supreme Court overturned the Primary Court’s decision from last July and decided to sentence Naqibullah to 20 years in prison instead.

According to AP lawyer, Zahid Safi, that is the maximum jail sentence in the country.

Niedringhaus and Gannon were in the country covering the presidential elections of 2014 when they were attacked.

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Arkansas Wants Every Person in Your Photos To Sign a Model Release. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.

Every. Single. One.

Every. Single. One.

The next case in a seemingly never ending list of bills aimed at limiting photographers’ rights is SB-79 which was passed by the Arkansas Senate on Tuesday.

The bill aims to “Enact the Personal Rights Protection Act: and to Protect the Property Rights of an Individual to the Use of the Individual’s Name, Voice, Signature, and Likeness”, and according to the American Society of Media Photographers it “expands the individual’s Right of Publicity to an unprecedented extreme”.

The bill would require explicit written consent for photographers or videographers to include an individual’s likeness in a photograph that is used for practically any purpose within the state of Arkansas. Several Fair Use exemptions have been made, but they’re far from being ideal.

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‘Police Buffer Zone’ Bill Attacked By Law Enforcement Groups and Legal Experts


The bill proposing to ban recording police within 25-feet of them faced strong opposition from concerned citizens and civil right activists, and was said to be changed to 15-feet after its author received death threats.

What might be the bill’s death strike has now come from legal experts as well as the very same people the bill claims to be assisting.

Refusing to get out of the headlines, Jason Villalba is now spearheading another controversial bill.

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