It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…No, It’s Superman Riding A Drone Over London!

supermanThis is one I’ll definitely be filing under the “Why didn’t I think of that?!” category…A U.K. based photographer and professional image retoucher by the name of Barry Craig, had the ingenious idea to attach a plastic Superman toy to his Phantom 3 drone and take it for a fly-about over London’s Victoria Park.

Oh, gosh, it’s hard not to love.

Check out the footage below–or on Barry Craig’s Instagram–while I make a quick run to Toys ‘R Us to pick me up some new action heroes.

(In related news, I wonder if having a super hero attached to your drone will make it less likely to be blasted out of the sky by shotgun wielding vigilantes…) [Read more…]

Fail: Cameraman Crashes Segway; Knocks The World’s Fastest Man To The Ground

He may be the world’s fastest man, but he’s no match for a segway riding photographer. After winning the 200 meter dash at the World Athletics Championships, Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt was taking a celebratory barefooted stroll down the sidelines as he waved to the throng of cheering fans in the arena stands–it was a pretty standard series of events for the champion sprinter.

That is until this cameraman loses control of his segway and topples into an unsuspecting Bolt. It appears the cameraman was too distracted grabbing video footage to notice he was about to run into some railing. The photographer was bucked off the segway as it rolled into the back of Bolt’s legs, sending both men to ground. [Read more…]

Instagram Unsquares, Will Allow Portrait and Landscape Photos – Kicks Off With #Starwars Exlusive

There has been an awakening… #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

A video posted by Star Wars (@starwars) on

For a long time now, Instagram signature look was a square photo with a filter applied. But users are not happy about this restriction. In fact Instagram reports that about 20% of their uploads have crop lines to allow an upload of a horizontal or a vertical photo.

So starting today, Instagram will allow uploading, embedding and filtering of horizontal and vertical photos.

This is somewhat problematic for Instagram as they are trading away one of their biggest distinctions with ease of use. So the press release kinda juggle between wanting to keep it square and wanting to allow more formats:

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Canon Announces EF 35mm F1.4L II with Improved Optics and Chromatic Aberration Control


Canon has just announced the upcoming release of the EF 35mm F1.4L II USM, an upgraded version of the wide-angle, L-series prime lens.  Boasting features such as 14 optical elements and an improved water-resistant housing, the lens is also the first in the world to implement Canon’s new Blue Spectrum Refractive technology, significantly reducing chromatic aberrations in-camera.

“The new Canon-developed BR optical element offers characteristics that significantly refract blue light,” states Canon’s press release, “which lies within the short-wavelength range, to achieve impressive levels of chromatic aberration correction for outstanding imaging performance.”  The BR technology essentially takes light from the blue wavelength spectrum, which has proven difficult to properly refract, works to better refract the light to a single focal point.

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THinnerBeauty Photoshops Plus-Sized Celebrities Trying To Shame Them To Lose Weight

UPDATE: The article title has been corrected and an explanatory paragraph was added, thanks for everyone who pointed are eyes into it.


We have shared how Photoshop is used once and again to thin out already gorgeous looking models and to hide any hint of cellulite. (we’ve also seen the opposite, but I digress).

What I have yet to see is Photoshopping people to look like a thinner version of themselves without being asked in an effort to encourage them to lose weight. Facebook group ThInner Beauty (a pun on The Inner Beauty), does just that. They photoshop famous people to “… show how much more beautiful people could be if they made the difficult, lifelong commitment to a regimen of personal fitness

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Olympus Announces E-M10 II with Faster Shooting, Better Stabilization, and Improved Viewfinder


Olympus, who 13 years ago produced what I viewed as mediocre digital cameras at best, has been impressing the photography world with many of their cameras in recent years.  From the Pen to the OM-D, they have really stepped up their game to be a real contender in the professional sector.  Now, they’ve upped the ante yet again…

Olympus just announced the OM-D E-M10 II, an update of its previous version, bringing with it a whole list of tremendous functions.

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Google Wants To Begin Integrating Your Food Photography Into Google Maps

15823736135_acd48cbd27_kLast week we reported on new laws in Germany which could make photographing your meal from certain dining establishments a breech of the chef’s copyright. It was a story that led to an interesting conversation about just what should and shouldn’t be copyrighted. Most of you agreed that food should be eaten, not protected by copyright law–and, it looks like Google might agree. [Read more…]

An ‘Open Letter’ to Landscape Photographers: It’s Time for an Etiquette Check


Have you ever noticed that when you go to a Costco gas station, the rows of vehicles can be so orderly with everyone nicely lined up with a general polite and cordial demeanor. But once those friendly drivers park their fueled cars in the lot and trek inside the Costco store, all matters of civility, politeness and order disappears the moment you approach one of the food sample stands. Shoppers jockey their carts for position to seize that small pizza sample, blocking the little ones from taking cups of trail mix, and snatching that last mini-cup of yogurt like it’s the last one cup of yogurt for all of mankind. [Read more…]

The Cold Hard Truth When It Comes To Dealing With Problem Clients

A major part of being a working photographer is spent managing your business and tending to your client’s questions, concerns, feedback, etc…For the most part, this aspect of professional photography isn’t the worst thing in the world, but there always seems to come a point when you find yourself working with a problem client that is too demanding, too irrational, or too cheap to even make doing the job worth it. [Read more…]

Tips To Make Your Next On Location Shoot Go Smoother And Yield You Better Photos


I know, I know, the title of the video says it’s about industrial portraits. It is about that, indeed; however, a lot of the tips and advice J. P. Morgan shares in the seven minute long clip can be applied to a lot of different kinds of photoshoots–especially those where you’re shooting on location.

Outside of discussing his lighting setup and other solid advice to make sure you’re capturing interesting, well-lit portraits, Morgan spends a good amount of time talking about the actual process of the photoshoot, too. For example, he stresses how important it is to be mindful of your client’s time, then Morgan shares with you a few tips on how to go about doing just that. [Read more…]