Weasel Gets The Ride Of His Lifetime While Clinging To The Back Of A Flying Woodpecker; Expert Says It’s Real

Photo by Martin Le-May

Photo by Martin Le-May

East London resident, Martin Le-May captured a once in a lifetime event while visiting Hornchurch Country Park with his wife in hopes that she would be able to see a green woodpecker for the first time. They were not disappointed. After hearing a distressed squawk, which was promptly followed by a quick green flash. He pointed the bird out to his wife as they both focused their binoculars on the bird, still unclear of all that they were in store for. [Read more...]

Yet Another Investigation Underway Of WPP Winning Photos; Claims Photo Was Not Taken In Charleroi Surface

Capture The saga of the World Press Photo competition just won’t quit. At about 3:30 PM EST time on March 3rd, photojournalist Bruno Stevens made an announcement on his private Facebook page claiming he has proof at least one of Giovanni Troilo’s winning photos was not taken in Charleroi, Belgium where the poignant documentary photo series was said to depict. Stevens took it upon himself to do some investigating into the matter. He claims to have spoke with one of the protagonists from the photo who told Stevens the photo was taken in Brussels, which is about 50km (30 miles) away from Charleroi. [Read more...]

Canon Shows Off with “Prestigious Accolade”. Actually It Is Rather Embarrassing

Canon says it took a right turn, but it definitely turned left

Canon says it took a right turn, but it definitely turned left

Canon USA proudly announced yesterday that its parent company, Canon Inc., was praised by Fortune magazine as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies in 2015.

The company didn’t make it to the top 50, but it ranked 7th in the Computers category. Apple, Ranked #1 in the overall list as well as in the Computers category, kept its spot for the eighth consecutive year.

What’s interesting though, and pretty hilarious, is that Canon completely misunderstood its ranking and advertised its lowest ranks as its strengths.

Also, Canon might want to look up the dictionary meaning of the word “prestigious”.

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Daredevil Climbs The Unfinished Skeleton Of The Tallest Building In China. ‘Aerial’ Photos Are Amazing


I am not even sure how to tag this one. 26 years old Daredevil Keow Wee Loong snuck into the yet-to-be-finished Ping An International Finance Centre in Shenzhen, China. When it is complete, it will be the tallest building in China, and second tallest in the world at 660 meters. For now it is “just” a 660 meters tallest under-construction site in China. If you are thinking of pulling a similar stunt, know that it is not easy (and may not be legal):

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Scientists Capture The First Ever Photo Of Light As A Particle And Wave


Photo: EPFL

The idea of light consisting of both waves and particles was proposed by Albert Einstein over 100 years ago. While the idea has since been accepted, experiments have only been able to display one of these aspects at a time, but never both simultaneously.

That has changed now that scientists at EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) have finally been able to capture the light’s wave-particle duality, in a scientifically exciting first-ever image.

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World Press Photo Says It Will Not Disqualify Questionable Winning Photos; NPPA Scorns The Decision


Philippe lives in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the town (Photo by Giovanni Troilo)

Philippe lives in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the town (Photo by Giovanni Troilo)

The 58th running of World Press Photo competition has been shrouded by controversy to say the least. Along with the announcement of the winning photos, which we reported on in early February, organizers of the event also made it clear that a whopping 20% of the total entries were disqualified due to excessive post processing.

As Lars Boering, WPP Managing Director said in an official statement: “Our contest rules clearly state that the content of the image should not be altered. This year’s jury was very disappointed to discover how careless some photographers had been in post-processing their files for the contest. ” He continued by adding that the WPP plans to the work with the international photojournalistic community in efforts to better understand the reasoning behind the heavy handed editing trend so they can help to establish a new set of standards and guidelines for the photojournalism industry as a whole. [Read more...]

Nikon Buys Medical Imaging Company Optos For $400 Million; Reduces Exposure To Camera Market


Last year we reported Nikon’s plan to invest almost $2 billion in mergers and acquisitions, mainly in the medical technology industry, in order to diversify its revenue sources and on Friday the company took a big step in following through with it.

In a deal valued at $400 million, which was described as “strategically important”, Nikon will take over a retinal imaging company called Optos.

The acquisition will strengthen the company’s presence in the medical segment and reduce its exposure to the declining digital cameras market.

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$500K High-Speed Trigger Project Funds. Pulls Back After A Year. Owner Is Taking Responsibility


This is an interesting story about how your best dream coming true can turn into your worst nightmare. TriggerTrap who makes mobile camera triggers did the impossible and raised over £290,386 in their Ada kickstarter campaign, this is not trivial at all considering that high speed photography is a bit of a niche. Now a year after funding they are cancelling the project. I think it is a great story about what Kickstarter really is, why it takes so long to deliver a good product and how you handle (or should handle) such a massive fail.

You would think that funding half a million dollars would make almost anything impossible, right? Turns out that even that much money may not be enough when you are making a high-ended-complex product.

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Cindy Crawford’s Photographer Threatens Lawsuit Over Fake Leaked Photo Of The Supermodel

Photo By Ian Smith

You may recall a couple weeks ago when a photograph of supermodel Cindy Crawford made it’s way around the internet. By modern beauty standards, especially those a model, the photo showed the 48 year old woman to have an unflattering midsection; however, much of the internet perceived the image in a positive light as it helped to break down those very same, and unfair, beauty standards women are held to. The photo was part of a shoot Crawford and photographer, John Russo were doing for the cover of Marie Claire (Mexico) in 2013, which ultimately turned out like this: [Read more...]

Photographer Projects A ‘Marry Me’ Slide During A Photoshoot. She Sees The LCD And Says Yes!

Proposing is stressful, isn’t it. I mean, forget about the yes/no answer. Just making a decent proposal could be a killer project of its own. Photographer Marvin Lewis has been taking a photo a year for him and his girlfriend Amanda Marie friendship universities. Each year a different photo (you can check the below), but for the eighth, anniversary he decided to pop the big one, and so invited Amanda into the usual studio session.

Little did she know that Marvin placed a Light Blaster mounted with a Marry Me slide  that she could not see until the photo was actually taken. (The Light Blaster only projects a slide when the camera clicks, when the strobe inside of it goes off).

Imagine her surprise when she walked up to the LCD to chimp at the photo, while Marvin kneeling behind her holding a ring.

I asked Marvin about this special day and this is what he told me:

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