Saving Eliza – The story of a successful fundraising project to save a life

About 8 month ago, we shared an interview with Benjamin VonWong about his work in this video:

It’s the story of Eliza O’Neill, turned 5 years old a few days ago (Happy Birthday, Eliza!).
She was diagnosed one year ago with a rare terminal genetic disease, called Sanfilippo Syndrome-Type A. Her parents were told that they would have to watch her daughter fade away before their eyes.

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Planet Labs Is Putting 4kg Cameras In Orbit All Around Earth


Although the access to satellite imagery has never been as broadly available as today, it is still not without its issues. The pictures are often very old because shooting a satellite up to (near) space with a rocket is just crazy expensive. In fact, according to Will Marshall, building a satellite can cost up to $85o,000,000 (yup, this is a 7 zeros figure) and weigh over 3 tons in avarage. Planet Labs however aims to revolutionize satellite images by building cheaper, smaller (think Red Epic size) and lighter (4kg) devices that are capable of updating pictures daily. Will Marshall, co-founder of Planet Labs recently gave a TED- Talk.

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[Rumor] Sony To Release Game Changing Sensor Technology With An New APC Sensor

Sony Alpha Rumors shared a juicy tidbit this morning when they announced Sony may be developing a new sensor Sony has dubbed the Active Pixel Color Sampling Sensor (APCS). Sony Alpha Rumors gave the rumor a SR4 rating, meaning the rumor came from trusted sources and will most likely be confirmed. It is expected Sony will make an announcement regarding the APCS in 2015, and as promising as the leaked spec sheets makes the sensor tech look, it might be worth the wait.

The spec sheet, below, which Sony Alpha Rumors found on CNBeta, doesn’t reveal any fine details, but it does offer some insightful statistics:

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Much Anticipated Instagram Update Offers Users Ability To Edit Captions After Posting


New edit feature and People tab added to Instagram

One of the top most requested updates asked from Instagram users is the ability to go back and edit captions after their photo had been posted. This simple fix would allow them to correct typos, add additional information, or change the caption altogether. Seems like an obvious enough option to include in an app, especially one with a user base as wide as Instagram’s. Thankfully, in an update that is being rolled out today, the pipe dream of being able to edit captions is finally becoming a reality.

The update also introduces a new People tab on the Explore page which has been designed to make it easier to find new accounts to follow. In an email from an Instagram represenative, it was shared that 40% of Instagram users visit the Explore page on a daily basis, making it an excellent resource to discover and be discovered.  [Read more...]

Shared a Night-Time Photo Of The Eiffel Tower? You Are Breaking The Law


One of the most iconic places to visit in France (and in Paris in particular) is the Eiffel tower. And while anyone is free to take its photos by day or night, sharing a photo of the light-show that the tower is engulfed in is pretty much infringing on the copyright of the show.

torrentfreak aims a spot light on this weird copyright situation by explaining that some architecture and some landmarks are copyrighted.

Actually, the Eiffel tower official website states this pretty clearly:

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Parachute Wraps Around Gopro, Skydiver Calmly Untangles It And Moves On


A lot has been said about the dangers of skydiving with a camera attached to one’s helmet. The bonus of awesome footage comes with the risk of having a weird pong camera mount sticking out of your helmet. And while most of the time the camera will provide some sweet memories there are occasions where it can put you in a life threatening situation.

There is not much info about the footage below. But it clearly shows the dangers of using a GoPro Helmet Mount while skydiving. One of the divers had his bridle tangled in another diver’s GoPro camera (bridle is part of the parachute extraction mechanism).

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Astronauts Aboard The ISS Immerse A GoPro Into A Floating Sphere Of Water

nasa-goproThis is proof that astronauts are just the best. The team aboard the International Space Station decided to kill some time by releasing a large ball of water into the spacecraft and sticking a GoPro inside it. Because they are in space, the surface tension of the water caused it to take on a spherical shape, allowing enough room for the action camera to fit inside as it floated around in the cabin. There’s also some really cool footage of the astronauts attempting to handle the sphere. Their reaction to the experience is almost as fun to watch as the GoPro water ball itself.

As further proof that astraunts rule, NASA even filmed the entire thing in 3D for our ultimate viewing pleasure (so long as you have the appropriate 3D eyewear to make it work). But, even if you don’t have 3D glasses, the 2D version is pretty rad, too. Take a look at the awesome footage, below. It certainly puts a whole new perspective on underwater photography. [Read more...]

3D Printed Images Offer The Blind An Opportunity To Experience Photography


The Touchable Memories project, which is being spearheaded by 3D printer manufacturer, Pirate 3D, is bringing photography into the lives of individuals who have either lost their eyesight or were born blind. Using the Buccaneer 3D printer, Pirate 3D are able to print dimensional photographs from the participants past, giving them a tangible way to revisit their memories.

You can watch a heartwarming video on the project (below) to witness the first time the participants were able to experience a 3D printed photograph, including the story of one man who was once again able to work as a director of photography on a film for the first time since losing his eyesight over eight years ago. [Read more...]

Watch: A GoPro Gets SLo-Mo Scorched In Flames During A Failed Rocket Test


Copenhagen Suborbitals is the kind of project we like. They are a non-profit, DIY-driven, Arduino-powered project “working towards launching a human being into space, and bringing him safely back to earth“. This is interesting because most projects I know of only care about the getting to space part, and leave the safety back bit.

One of the development phases involves building a rocket engine. It would be a simple task, it is not rocket science after all…

Wait, it is rocket science. This is why every step is tested again and again to insure it is working. On August 20th, the team did a static test for their HEAT2X Engine (one that does not try to lift a rocket into air) and luckily had a GoPro 3 camera strategically placed right under the engine. The footage show an inferno on earth in 240 FPS.

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Is This Grizzly Bear Making A Bid For Wildlife Photographer Of The Year?

Photo by Jim Lawrence

Photo by Jim Lawrence

I’m still trying to decide if this would be a dream come true or a hair raising experience (or both?), but one thing is for certain it’s definitely a once in a lifetime moment. I caught up with Canadian based photographer Jim Lawrence, who was in the right place at the right time when this curious grizzly bear decided to have a closer look at the photographers Nikon D800. [Read more...]