Colorado law makes police harassment of photographers illegal

I know that we have been reporting many anti photography laws lately. It’s a drag. But sometimes, the law makers surprise us and actually work towards making the world a better place for photographers..

This new Colorado law is called “Stop Police Interference Cop Incident Recordings”. The summary of the proposed bill stated:

“The bill creates a private right of action against a peace officer’s employing law enforcement agency if a person records an incident involving a peace officer and a peace officer destroys the recording or seizes the recording without receiving consent or obtaining a warrant or if the peace officer intentionally interferes with the recording or retaliates against the person making the recording. The person who recorded the peace officer incident is entitled to actual damages, a civil penalty of $15,000, and attorney fees and costs.”

We are happy to announce to our police-stalking shutterbugs that House Bill 15-1290 was signed into law by Colorado governor Hickenlooper (gotta love a man of power with that name) on May 20th.

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Google Announces 3D Virtual Reality Rig, Says They Will Share Plans

“What will they think of next,” was a phrase I used to hear my grandmother say. While civilization is still busy committing the oldest of sins in the newest of ways, Google has teamed up with GoPro to bring a truly new revolution to the world of virtual reality (in case real reality was just too boring for you).

Yesterday, at Google’s I/O event, they unveiled a collaborative project called JUMP. The JUMP camera rig pairs the ever-popular GoPro camera (or, rather, 16 of the bloody things) with Google’s JUMP assembler, a high-powered video processing platform, to create 360-degree, 3D stereoscopic video that can be viewed on your smartphone using Google Cardboard. Basically, you can “look around” the video in the same way that you would look around your real world (just with a cardboard box pressed to your face).

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Getting Married at New York’s City Hall? Joe McNally Will Take Your Portrait for Free


Some couples get married at City Hall to save money; others do it to keep things simple.

Either way, regardless of the reason, couples getting married at New York’s City Hall during the first week of June are in for a pleasant surprise.

Renowned photographer and Nikon ambassador Joe McNally will be waiting with his team outside the City Clerk’s office on June 4th and 5th in Nikon’s custom designed 20’ Wedding Truck Studio to take newlywed portraits – for free.

The portraits will be taken as part of Nikon’s “I AM Generation Image” campaign, using Nikon’s D750 DSLR and a selection of their lenses and speedlights.

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New 58mm Petzval lens touts bokeh control, classic shininess

Lomography made a big splash when they released a 21st-century version of the famed Petzval lens last year. Now, 175 years after it was first invented by Joseph Petzval, Lomography is planning to launch a 58mm version of the lens with a built-in bokeh control ring. This ring, according to Lomography, will allow you to “determine the strength of the swirly bokeh in your photos” with its seven different levels of swirliness. The new lens goes for $450. For those too cheap to spring for the new lens, we assume an ample amount of peyote will achieve the same result.

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Richard Prince Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine; $90,000 Prints offered for $90

Source: SuicideGirls

Source: SuicideGirls

Richard Prince has been in the headlines lately after being accused, once again, of stealing other peoples’ work and selling it as his own.

Prince’s latest controversial “art” is basically a series of screenshots of various Instagram photos, along with the uploader’s name and some of the comments. In order for the work to be considered his own, Prince added a comment to the original photo – and voila! The magic of appropriation in its most embarrassing moment.

The so-called ‘face’ of the story has been blue-haired Doe Deere, but while she has stated she will not “go after him”, another party involved in this disgraceful incident has decided to take action, and in the most appropriate way.

One of the ripped-off photos belongs to SuicideGirls, and its founder Missy announced yesterday that they’re fighting back by selling prints of Prince’s appropriated work for just 0.1% of his selling price.

I guess you could call it re-appropriation.

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Mystery Drone Drops Money on Michigan Crowd

Source: Mlive

Source: Mlive

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’.

Try telling that to the kids who were shaking bills out of trees yesterday after a mysterious drone operator dropped one Dollar bills on a crowd attending an event at Great Rapid’s Rosa Parks Circle.

According to reports the drone dropped between $50-100 in total, all in one Dollar bills, but people were running to collect the cash as if it was, well… raining money.

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Police Capture Fugitive Turned Model by Setting Up a Fake Photoshoot

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

So many things can go wrong when you’re working on a set, especially when there are more people involved; the make-up artist can call in sick, your assistant might oversleep and there’s a risk the stylist might get lost on the way to your studio, just to name a few.

I’ve heard of all these, and many other last-minute problems happening more than once, but what I’ve never encountered was a model who got arrested on his arrival to the studio.

Luckily the scout who hired the model was an undercover British police officer and the company, WOU Photography, was actually operated by the Wanted Offenders Unit – WOU (did you see what they did there?)

Ben Fiberesima modeled for tops brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford while he was a fugitive in Australia, though his next outfit won’t be as glamorous.

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