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There is a thread on r/photography noting that posts were taken down from DIYP, FStoppers and Petapixel. The thread tells that a letter was sent to Petapixel (which PP shared) asking them to take a post down.  Here at DIYP we got a similar letter.

I can assume that Josh (who is the author of the article) and Fstoppers got similar letters. I mean, why send a letter to only one of the places where certain info is published, right?

The main concern or anger can we the fact that the post was taken down and that DIY info should be with the masses, I mean, no one that has the time (and probably not the money) to make a product would buy it, right? That’s what I think too. This brings us to the issue of…

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US Marshal Appears To Attack Pedestrian Photographer; Knocks Phone From Hands, Smashes It With Foot

These types of clips are popping up so frequently these days, it’s almost not even shocking to see anymore. But, this video posted yesterday on YouTube shows a heavily armed US Marshal charge a woman who was photographing a group of officers. The Marshal grabbed the phone out of her hand, then proceeded to kick and smash the phone as it hit the ground. The entire group of law enforcement officials appear to have then walked away from the startled woman.

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Photographer Calls For Selfie Stick Free Weddings, Gets Massive Approval, Has To Take The Post Down


Many photographers don’t appreciate the fact that wedding guests use their camera and smartphone to take photos during a wedding. This is mostly because those many times interfere with the work of the photographer.

The post below surfaced on facebook and was massively shared gaining around 4,000 shares and 5,500 likes in the course of three days:

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Sony Semiconductor’s New Site Hints Next Olympus and Nikon D5400 Cameras


As we have it today many camera makers are using sensors from Sony Semiconductor. Canon is using them, so is Nikon, Olympus and many of the medium format digital cameras:  phase one, Pentax and Hasselblad.  So looking into Sony’s sensor plans gives a pretty good understanding of what the camera makers have in store.

So it is just super kind of Sony to make a new site with their current sensor offerings. Of course some of the sensors are ones that we are familiar of, like the 36MP full frame sensor.

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Authorities Halt the Ban on Commercial Portraits Following a Photographer’s Lawsuit


Back in February we reported that Josephine Havlak, a commercial photographer from St. Louis, sued the village of Twin Oaks over its decision to ban commercial photography in the local park.

Following her lawsuit, the village’s board of trustees has decided to refrain from enforcing the ban for at least 45 days, while the village negotiates with Havlak’s attorney.

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Cannes Film Festival Cracking Down on “Grotesque” Red-Carpet Selfies


Just as hunters like to document their trophy kills, many celebrities take every opportunity to capture their own success. The selfie has become an increasingly popular method of doing so and allows easily sharing the experience with their fans, but not everybody approves of this kind of photography.

The prestigious film festival’s artistic director, Thierry Frémaux, introduced the new photography limitation while announcing the lineup of movies for the upcoming event.

The official reason is that the ceremony is slowed down when “people stop every two metres to take a picture of themselves, with themselves”, but it sounds like Frémaux’s personal opinion about the selfie played a major role in the decision.

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Huntress Receives Death Threats After a Photo of Her Smiling Next to a Dead Giraffe Goes Viral


‘Trophy hunters’ get a kick out of killing the largest and rarest animals they can find, and no trophy kill is complete until the hunter gets the traditional photo next to the dead animal.

Unsurprisingly this behavior, and proudly sharing the photo of the event, leads to ongoing protesting, name calling and furious responses by those opposed to this kind of “sport”.

Every once in a while a specific photo goes viral and sparks a heated debate between hunting fans and wildlife/animal welfare advocates. This time it was a photo of the former winner of the “Extreme Huntress” show, Rebecca Francis, after comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted a photo of the huntress with the African gentle giant.

One of the reasons the photo went viral was Francis’ unusual pose with the kill – she lay on the ground smiling alongside the giraffe.

The photo has since been retweeted over 23,000 times and made headlines worldwide, but the huntress claims she killed him in order to “honor his life”.

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Homeowner Shoots Invading Drone Out of the Sky


When Larry Breaux heard a drone flying over his California house he decided to grab his shotgun and shoot it out of the sky.

He failed to get a shot off at first and the drone tried to get away, but Breaux following it around the house and hit it with a single shot.

Claiming the drone was sent over his property in a deliberate act of harassment, suspicions have been raised that this might be a brilliant attempt to draw attention to Breaux’s failing Kickstarter campaign.

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More Than 50 Rare Photographs Of Marilyn Monroe Unveiled; To Be Publicly Displayed In July

A collection of over 50 photographs of iconic model and actress, Marilyn Monroe, were previewed during a press conference in Wroclaw, Poland. The images were taken by photographer, Milton Greene (1922-1985). Greene, a notable fashion photographer, was a close friend to Monroe throughout her career. At one point, she moved in with the photographer and his family, giving him and his camera backstage access to the actresses personal life.

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Engineers Invented A Batteryless Digital Camera That Can Power Itself Forever Using Excess Light

self powered camera

A fully functioning prototype that produces it’s own electricity.


Let’s face it, batteries in general are a real drag. They’re easy to forget, add weight to an already heavy gear bag, and they have the habit of running out of juice just when we need them the most. Luckily, a team of engineers from Columbia University have discovered a way to eliminate the need for them to power a digital camera. In a report released by the team, which is led by Shree K. Nayar, the engineers have found a way to harvest energy via an image sensor and excess light. [Read more…]