Want To Know More About Stop Motion Photography? This Free Online Course Can Help Get Your Started

Photo: Day 24 by Pascal

Photo: Day 24 by Pascal

If you ever wanted to try your hand at stop motion photography, or just learn more about it, here’s your chance. As part of their 12 Days Of Learning promotion, the online education resource, Lynda, is offering an entire course on stop motion photography free of charge–you click through here to view it. Taught by professional photographer Richard Harrington and produced by his visual communications company RhedPixel, the two hour course walks you through entire process of stop animation filmmaking from beginning to end. [Read more...]

The Quirky PrintSnap Instant Camera Let’s You Create Instant Prints On The Cheap

printsnapAs a camera, the PrintSnap may not be for everyone, but don’t let that stop you from checking out this awesome camera hack. The prototype of the instant camera featured in the quirky video below, was handcrafted by electronic tinkerer, Ch00f, who had an epiphany while waiting in line at the local Nordstroms. The quickness in which the receipt was printed using a thermal printer inspired him create a device that would further utilize the printing technology. After mulling over a couple initial ideas for a couple years, Ch00f finally set them aside and decided to create the PrintSnap.

Now, after just  three months of construction, a prototype is finished. Take a quick look at the funny spoof like video he’s created to show people his invention: [Read more...]

Flickr Issues Apology, Removes Creative Commons Photos From Marketplace; But Is It Too Little Too Late?

"Photographing the Photographer" Photo by: Thibault Martin-Lagardette

“Photographing the Photographer” Photo by: Thibault Martin-Lagardette

In an announcement made today on Flickr, their Vice President Bernardo Hernandez, has issued an official apology letter to it’s users after launching their Wall Art Marketplace program which allowed other Flickr users to purchase prints of photos in the Creative Commons photo pool, with all proceeds going to Flickr. Though Flickr was not actually doing anything illegal, many photographers were caught off guard by the move and most found it to be morally appalling. Hernandez’s letter starts out: [Read more...]

Daredevil takes a selfie against The Blue Fire Of Kawah Ijen Volcano


Malaysia based photographer and daredevil Keow Wee Loong is known for taking selfies in dangerous locations (just check his profile a few words back), but this one must have been the biggest adventure of them all.

Keow Wee Loong snuck his way into the pit of Kawah Gunung Ijen an active volcano in Indonesia to take a most daring selfie against a volcano shooting a blue flame.

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BPG Image File Format Looks Notably Better, But Can It Replace JPEG?

For so long we have accepted and integrated JPEGs into our digital lives, it’s almost hard to fathom that there could be a better alternative. A new, mysterious file format that not only creates smaller files, but one that makes better looking photos, too. Howerever, Fabrice Bellard has come up with a new format, the aptly titled Better Portable Graphics (or BPG), which does just that. BPG utilizes the new x265 video codec to create an image file which is equivalent to pulling a single frame out of a H.265 video clip.

bpg [Read more...]

Nikon Cautions Buyers As Multiple Fake Nikon D800E Cameras Surface On Online Auction Sites

Photo by: Peter Massas "Tool Kit"

Photo by: Peter Massas “Tool Kit”

Nikon has issued a press release that warns potential buyers of Nikon D800E’s to use caution when purchasing said cameras from online auction sites and classifieds. The major camera manufacturer says they have received a number of Nikon D800E’s in for repair only to find out they were actually D800′s disguised in a D800E case.

“We have confirmed that there are cases in which D800E digital SLR cameras were received for repair, only to find that the cameras were actually fraudulently modified D800 cameras whose covers had been replaced with D800E covers. It seems that these fraudulently modified products are in circulation via Internet auctions and the like.”

Seeing as how Nikon cannot be held responsible for honoring a warranty on such a device, they are urging shoppers to ensure they are actually getting what they’re paying for. In the press release, they offer this advice: [Read more...]

We are Giving Away $600 In Photo Album Gift Certificates


Sweet news, MyPublisher teamed up with DIYP to give TWO $300 gift certificates away for a personalized MyPublisher Photo Album!

When I was a kid looking at photos was a slightly different experience. We used to sit (usually in a small group) and turn pages in heavy-paged albums. When I say turn pages I mean actual pages, the ones you can smell and touch and (god forbid crease, if not careful). While the digital age made sharing photos easier, it also took something away. There is something uniquely special about sitting together with your closest friends and family and flipping through photo album pages reminiscing on your favorite memories.

So I do my part of sharing, uploading and instagraming, and I also make a yearly family album. This is the album that will stay here even if my triple backed up hard drive crashes. Photo albums do not require a computer to look at, and it seems that both my kids and my parents enjoy looking at these tangible images more than they do at the photos on our family Facebook group.

This is where MyPublisher comes into play with their gorgeous photo albums, the kind that feel good in your hand and will last for years to come! But unlike the photo albums of our childhood, the process is much simpler. You upload the photos and the design team at MyPublisher helps design a perfectly customized premium album for you!

Since there are so many great add-on’s and features to choose from, we are offering a $300 credit so you can create a detailed leather bound album. And we are giving away two of those.

P.S. You get extra entries for sharing.

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The (Drunken) Camera Store Guys Rate The Best And Worst Photography Trends Of 2014


As 2014 begins drawing to a close, it marks the official beginning of an onslaught of year end lists. If you only have the time (or patience) to sit through one of them, I hope you choose this silly 19-minute long clip from the guys at The Camera Store. Their refreshing departure from the traditional year end list is presented in video form, probably because they want us to enjoy their progression from sober to flat out wasted as they play a drinking game while delivering their top and bottom picks of 2014. They save the worst of lists until the very end, when they’re nice and hammered, so rest assured, you’re getting their unfiltered feelings about the gear. Hilarity is bound to ensue….

Take a look at the clip, below, and be sure to read on for a follow up… [Read more...]

Could Topaz Glow Be The Alternative For The Missing Oil Paint Effect In Photoshop Cc?

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-10 um 20.57.14

Topaz just announced a new product called “Glow”. I never was a big fan of the overuse of the oil-paint-filter in Photoshop and so I was quite happy when Photoshop CC2014 removed it altogether. My first thought was “Strike, now we just have to deal with HDR. The overuse of the oil-paint-filter is eventually over”.

I might was wrong. With this new plug in from Topaz, “Glow”, this fed could take on a new form…

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Photograph Sells For $6.5 Million, Sets New World Record; Has Some Asking How Much Are Photos Actually Worth?

for sale

Is a photo worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it?

There are a lot of brilliant photographers who haven’t been discovered or who otherwise struggle to sell a single image for what usually turns out to be less than a living wage. It isn’t that the photos are not good or usable, the market is just over saturated and it takes more (a lot more) than just taking a good photo to make a living doing it. There’s also the issue of the “weekend warriors” who are willing to drastically undercut the competition hoping they get a little publicity out of it. And that’s not to say they shouldn’t be getting their own, too, or even that their photos are not up to par, because a lot of times they are. It just makes it really discouraging for the folks who are out there trying to make a living at this and do not have a day job to fall back on.

And then a headline like this one appears in the news feed and for a fleeting moment we feel as though there’s hope. Maybe there is a market for fine art photography after all. And not just the average, hope-you-break-even kind of market that we’re accustomed to, but the kind of paradise where buyers are dishing out $6,500,000 for a single photograph. Could it really be true? Does that kind of utopia actually exist? Turns out, if you’re Pete Lik, utopia is reality. [Read more...]