Shoot Sculpture People Made With Starch And Sub-Woofer

Shoot Scalpture People Made With Starch And Sub-WooferTurns out that mixing water and starch creates a mixture that interacts with sound in an interesting way.

Photographer Chris Tomkins send this video along with some instructions on producing the mixture and getting onto a tray over a sub woofer.

For some reason , the images taken while the basses are thundering resemble little people. This is true for lots of similar experiments. interesting.

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The Gelatin Photo Project

More GelatineAfter doing a similar multiplicity project with water, Vik J. shows us how to use Jello and water to create amazing repeating patterns and light painting.

If you’re looking at a hot and humid weekend forecast, try this instead of going to the mall.

Stuck for something to do on a rainy day? Find yourself a piece of glass, some gelatine and water. I never realized that these simple things could provide so much fun! [Read more...]

Give A Bulb The Hot & Cold Treatment For Interesting Burning Bulb Shots

Give A Bulb The Hot & Cold Treatment For Interesting Burning Bulb ShotsWay, waaaaaay back we had a tutorial about how to shot a burning bulb. IT was actually one of the first posts on DIYP to hit Digg (that was pretty big back in the days).

Till this day, it remains one of the most read posts on the blog and is a personal favorite. This is why I was happy to discover two bulb related tips from Flickr user Steve O that make those awesome images even more awesome.

The first tip is about how to make a small crack in the bulb. That crack allows air to get in and burn the filament while keeping some of the smoke inside the bulb’s glass.

The second tip is about creating a small hole to extend the time it takes the filament to burn. Both tips with their photos after the jump. [Read more...]

Nothing Is More Fun Than Throwing Stuff Through A Water Wall But…

Lemon RipNothing is more fun than throwing stuff through a water wall but photographing them.

A wall of water is a fascinating thing by itself. It can get even more amazing if you throw stuff through it.

In this tutorial, Jack Long will explain how he built the water wall and how he uses it to take spectacular photographs.

There is a slight use of power tools so the regular disclaimer applies, don’t do anything stupid, and get assistance if you don’t feel comfy around heavy machinery that spins fast. We also have a non-regular disclaimer about using water and electricity, make sure you take the necessary precautions with the splashes and all. [Read more...]

Spatial-Temporal Shift Of Pictures

Spatial-Temporal Shift Of PicturesA picture is an interesting subject if you look at it through the eyes of Doc Brown. It captures a single moment in time and spreads it over space.

But what if you could do it the other way around? Capture a single instance of space and spread it over time?

Well, this is just what Vimeo user lastfuture set out to try. There are no coding hints but I find the experience very interesting.

I was sitting in a train traveling through The Netherlands recently when for some odd reason I decided I had to take a video of the landscape passing by. I had no real use for it but decided to try and make something of it. I remembered slit-scan photography, a method where a slit is moved across the picture plane essentially taking a temporal image, where different times of the scene are captured on different parts of the film. [Read more...]

Why I Did Not Bring A Camera To The Most Important Event In My Life

MikMik, tmp NameFirst, meet MikMik (tmp name), the newest addition to our family. She joined us tonight at 2:38 AM at a staggering weight of 2 kilos and 250 grams. She’s a beauty, isn’t she?

She’s a fighter. We know that after this past week. And to make a long story short, we knew that she would be born today.

Knowing when you are going to give birth is an amazing thing. I think that is a good reason that god/our biology do not let us in on that date in advance. It is just too much stress.

But, knowing when you are going to go in labor (it’s interesting that they chose that word right?) gives you time to prepare.

So, just like any other loving male, I did my best to help prepare for the event (which may have been noticeable on the blog this past week). I helped pack a bag, prepare clothing, fix the room and so on.

I also had lots of time to think about the photography gear I am going to bring into that room. Hit the jump to see my list. [Read more...]

You Can’t Break A Window Without Making Some Glass

You Can't Break A Window Without Making Some GlassWasn’t really sure how to tag this one as far as site categories go. Ended up going in to inspiration.

It is a short flick by J. P. Morgan explaining on how to make Breakaway Glass. Breakaway glass is the glass used when you see things break in a movie, like a person going through a show window or that oh-so-common whine bottle on the head shot.

Turns out it takes very little to produce breakaway glass. The film and recipe after the jump. [Read more...]

Photographing Stars At Night Video Tutorial

If you had fun reading our Guide To Star Trails Photography and want to complement it with a guide for shooting non-moving stars, check out this video tutorial by Ben Canales.

The video covers anything you need to go out and start shooting stars, with the rule of 600 as your thumb rule for keeping them static. This rule says that if you divide 600 by your focal length you get the number of seconds you can leave your shutter open without turning the stars into trails.

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Weekend Project: Magical Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic 3Continuing with our tradition of weekend projects, here is another quick one. The nice thing about this project is that little bit of camera magic it has, so it si great to do with kids as they will absolutely go crazy after it.

If that was not good enough, this project also uses that Circular Polarizer filter that you bought a while back and never actually got to use. Here is your chance to take out of that filter case and give it a good use.

Plastic Fantastic

This is how you do it courtesy of Jon Gibbons: [Read more...]