Photos Of Lights Powered By Fruits

Over the years, we shared quite a few ways to power your lights, but nothing we shared was as inspiring as this Back To Light series by Caleb Charland (interviewed here).

Photos Of Lights Powered By Fruits

Caleb Wires fruits and vegetables in a way similar to the classic electricity-from-potato weekend experiment, only he uses arrays of eatery and visually appealing light fixtures. He then takes a pictures of the power created.

Once the photo was taken, Caleb recycles the fruits by composting them or feeding them to the animals in the forests around his house. [Read more…]

Fix it in Photoshop?

Fix it in Photoshop?

During my talk for Lancaster Photographic Society recently, I was asked a question that I’m also going to answer here. I’m paraphrasing, but it went something along the lines of…

“Is getting the right exposure in camera really all that important? Can’t we just nudge it in Photoshop?”

Before I start, I want to clarify a definition here, and a difference between “right” and “technically correct”. It is perfectly possible to make an exposure that is “right”, but not “technically correct” when you shoot with your post processing in mind in order to maximise the capabilities of your camera’s sensor. [Read more…]

This 52,000MP Panorama Of Seattle Is An Artists Treasure Hunt

Gigapixel panoramas are getting more common now, yet, some have a bit of a twist on the usual amazing site-seeing extravaganza.

This 52,000MP Panorama Of Seattle Is An Artists Treasure Hunt

The team at Microsoft set out to show the stitching Kong-fu of Photosynth and created this ~20,000,000,000 pixel photo was made up from 2,368 individual photos taken with 600mm and 400mm canon lenses mounted on a Gigapan head.

In a similar way to the biggest where is waldo project we shared a while back, the team at Microsoft planted individual artists all throughout the image, making it a fun (yet challenging) find-the-artist-treasure-hunt. Unlike the where is waldo project, the artists were captured over the course of few weeks at six individual shootings. [Read more…]

What Happens When the Photographer Become the Client?

When I was still practicing law a lifetime or two ago, some of my colleagues and I used to say that the practice of law would be so much more enjoyable without the damn clients. Obviously this was just a form of letting off steam when dealing with a problem client– usually accompanied by copious amounts of bourbon. When I made the jump to photography ten years ago, It didn’t take long for me to learn that the same maxim held “true,” regardless of whether I was carrying a brief case or a camera bag. It appears that problem clients are everywhere.

Even in the mirror, if you’re not careful.

Let me explain.


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Close And Personal Photos From The Heart Of The Revolution In Kiev, Ukraine

2 Days In Kiev, Ukraine

Ukranian photographer Ilya Varlamov has been covering the uprising in Kiev, Ukraine over the last few weeks. He shared his experience along with an incredible series of photographs and allowed us to post them on the blog to increase the spread of the story. The post below describes two days in Kiev: January 22 and 23. Some of the photos may be hard to watch. Aside this post, Ilya has an ongoing coverage of the uprising on his livejournal account (some in Russian, some in English).

In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. This material describes events which took place in Kyev on January 22 and 23.

Sharing and distribution is appreciated. [Read more…]

How a 365 Project Crushed My Creativity

Mythical creatures are a part of every culture on Earth. From yetis, mermaids, satyrs, and centaurs, to fairies, nymphs, sirens, and krakens– all of them inhabit our literature and spur our imaginations. The Loch Ness Monster of the Scottish Highlands, the chupacabra of South America, and Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest have inspired pointless quests to prove their existence. Although I’m reasonably sure that vampires actually do walk the streets and back alleys of New Orleans, the rest shall remain a mystery.

There is one mythical creature, however, that I feel compelled to pursue. Although I don’t think I’ve ever crossed paths with someone who has actually completed a 365 Project, I’m told that such beings actually do roam among us.

The truth is out there.

In all seriousness, though, before I go any further I have to publicly applaud any photographer who has managed to complete what many consider to be the apex of all personal photography projects. If you are reading this and you are one of the precious few, please stand up and take a bow. I salute you.


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Attention Internet Scammers – Eff Off And Die

Nine Internet Scams, Internet Spams and Phone Scams that Could Affect your Photography Business

Please excuse the rant – but I am so sick and tired of constantly having to ward off internet scam artists, internet spam, phone scams and theft of my personal information – it’s time to have a serious conversation on how the internet needs some sort of fundamental kick in the a$$ that will stop this omnipresent onslaught of time sucking junk.

Oh – and I don’t just mean the guy working at the call center that phones me every day about improving my SEO – I’m also talking about the big corporations that buy my personal information and then send me “personalized” advertising about some random pair of shoes I clicked on months ago.

You can all eff off and die.

woman with computer internet scam internet spam

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Why Registering Your Copyright Matters

Copyright infringement is one of those problems that never seems to go away. It doesn’t seem to matter how well we educate our clients or the general public. Unfortunately, there will always be people–photographers included— who just don’t seem to get it. Clients think that purchasing a photo grants them eternal, all-encompassing rights to whatever they choose to do with our work, wherever they choose to do it. People have it in their heads that just because a photo shows up in a Google Images search, that this somehow makes it open season for use on their websites, newsletters, blogs, and Facebook posts

As photographers, we know that we need to protect our work from all of these varying degrees of infringement. Unfortunately, too many photographers don’t take the relatively easy steps to adequately protect themselves from the unauthorized use of their hard work.


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