Learn From Leica & Get Some Of The Best Bits For A Few Dollars

If you’ve ever wanted to own an iconic Leica camera, but couldn’t afford to, here’s how to get the some of the best bits for a few dollars. Learn the Leica look, think differently about composition, retro pimp your iPhone and learn how to get the Leica look in your smart phones and cameras photos.

If that wasn’t enough, this article contains 2 x Leica style iPhone preset filters and several FREE Adobe Lightroom presets, as well as a generous helping of the expertise you’ve come to expect from Lightism.

Revealed: Best camera in the world

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Photographs Of Little People Show An Alternate World Hidden In The Streets

London based artist, Slinkachu, uses model humans and everyday objects to create and photographs alternate happenings that may have been in your everyday-normal street.

Photographs Of Little People Show An Alternate World Hidden In The Streets

In his project titled Little People, Slinkachu creates tiny installations of small people and leaves them on the street (as his clever tag line goes – Abandoning little people since 2006).

While the installations are an art by themselves, the photos of those installations are an important part of the art.

Each project is accompanied by a set of images (usually 3 ) showing the world (1) as seen by a fellow little person, (2) as seen by us humans, and (3) something in between. Here are the ones that go with the title image: [Read more...]

New UK Act May Allow Free Commercial Usage Of Orphan Works Including Photographs

Here is a fact that you should know by now. Images on the net are not up for grabs, even if you don’t know who they belong to.

New UK Act May Allow Free Usage Of Orphan Works

This means for example that if a newspaper found a photograph online, it has to located its copyright owner (sometimes it’s easy, if it was found on a Flickr gallery, but sometimes it’s harder, it was on that newsletter-you-subscribed-to-when-they-offered-free-Cheetos). Nevertheless, no one could have used your work if they could not obtain permission from you.

Last night, a new act in the UK, called the “Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill” receives Royal Assent which basically means that it is on its way to becoming a law.

Basically that act changed the UK copyright laws to allow commercial use of orphan works including photographs. [Read more...]

Complete Camera Gear Set DIY Painted With Desert Mirage Lizard Military Grade Paint

Photographer Alexy Joffre Frangieh usually does high end time lapse movies. But as much as we love time lapses, this is not why we are featuring Alexy on the blog today.

Having his gear catch heat during long time lapses, Alexy went ahead and applied a military grade compound called Desert Mirage Lizard. His short and sweet description of the job says: “hand airbushing, fine masking ,no dismounting”.

Complete Camera Gear Set DIY Painted With Desert Mirage Lizard

Which to me is quite outstanding, as painting a camera and even more so a lens without dissembling it can cause serious damage to the glass + the paint job is so good, it almost seems as Nikon decided to go united-colors-of-Pentax themselves.

The colored set includes A Nikon D4 and the following lenses: 14-24mm, 28-70mm, 80-200mm & 400mm all f/2.8 and an SB 900

DIYP asked Alexy why he did the paint job and he had three reasons: [Read more...]

Devin Graham Speaks About Fighting For Your Passion

Devin Graham who some of you may know as Devin Supertramp from his youtube channel is one of those things that could never exist before the internet.

What does he do? He makes videos. Awesome, wonderful, inspiring, breathtaking videos. Devin is one of those things (sorry for calling you a thing, Devin) that could have never existed before the nets and social media rose.

Devin Graham Speaks About Fighting For Your Passion

A huge amount of effort goes into each of his videos and it shows. A few years back he could have done those very same videos, but no one will may have noticed. But as the way with the nets, Devin’s effort slowly paid off with over 269,258 youtube subscribers contributing a staggering 20 million or so views.

Kinda like those internet meme‘s or the study by ISPWP which shows how much works goes into photography which is not partying with models, Devin breaks down the effort of what it takes to release an awesome video after awesome video. [Read more...]

Breathtaking Time Lapse Showing How Beautiful The Aurora Borealis Is

Photographer Ole C. Salomonsen create a yearly time lapse compilation of the Aurora Borealis.

Breath Taking Time Lapse Showing How Beautiful The Aurora Borealis Is

So far his clips are amazing and Polar Spirits from this year is no different.

Here is how Ole describes his project:

In the film I have tried to show the slower majestic dancing lights,
as well as the more faster, dramatic and abstract shows, and finally the auroras in combination with city lights and urban elements.

The video is shot using stills and assembled together for best
possible resolution and dynamic range. In this video however, for the first time, I have also chosen to include some real-time video footage. This is to better show how furiously fast and beautiful the polar spirits can dance! The two sequences which are shot in real-time (in the middle of the video) could never have been recreated using still photos, regardless what camera you are using

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What Inspires Me? A Short About Inspiration, Inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson

What Inspires me” is a short film inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive Moment interview given to Cornell Capa in 1973.

Director Eli Sinkus of 522 productions created a new interpretation on the words of the iconic interview.

What Inspires Me? A Short About Inspiration, Inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Watching and listening to the original DVD is an amazing experience. Almost every second sentence feels like a cosmic truth and resonates very well.

This new short takes the words of part of the movie and pours a new meaning into them while describing a story of a young boy falling in love with a young girl through a camera. [Read more...]