(kinda) Crowdsourcing Bullet Time Dancers

It is amazing what you can do with a little vision, even if you are pretty tied by budgetary constraints. Nate Powers and his team of students pushed their budget, and skills to the edge to create a low end (though high value) dancers bullet time shots. The challenges and work frame on this project were quite different from the ones described on a previous crowdfunded bullet time shoot, so I asked Nate to share a bit about the project.

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How To Organize A Mass Photoshoot (In Under 2 Weeks)

Hey guys,

Benjamin “Von Wong” Montreal Based photographer here to write a quick article on what it’s like to put together a Mass Photoshoot with two week deadline.

Les Artisans d'Azure - Ride to freedom

[udi: Ben is leaving for a super awesome photography collaboration trip funded via indiegogo, if you like stuff like this, go and check it out]

First off, what is a mass photoshoot? Well I consider it a photoshoot that involves more than 10 people. In this instance, I successfully organized a massive medieval photoshoot with over 40 models, in a medieval village over one hour thirty minutes away from the city. Despite rain and a forecast of -3 degrees we still had a 90% turn-out rate. Quite amazing for a photoshoot in which nobody was paid! [Read more...]

Shooting For Friends And Family

This is not a DIY kinda post, it is more related to my career as a photographer. If you here for the nuts and bolts, move along, nothing to see. If you are starting out as a photographer, I think this will be super relevant and valuable for you.

Having walked the path of “What’s that black button for?” to “Chin down, eyes to me” over the last three years, one of the things that I had to struggle with is how to handle friends and family who ask for discounts (some will ask for  a 100% discount :).

The next video by the awesome Jasmine Star pretty much sums up what I think is the best approach to handling this awkward situation.

Jasmine’s advice breaks into two parts, one that fits the “I’ll shoot anything that will stand in front of my lens” phase where you are benefited from sharpening your skills and spreading the word about your talent. And one that fits the phase where you move on to establishing a business where you need to be more aware of your time.

As Jasmine explains it may be hard, but it is best to have “the conversation”. To me this makes perfect sense in the way that you will probably not ask your carpenter friend for a free table.

How do you handle friends discounts? Share with us in the comments

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Use Open Source Software To Emulate Every Possible Lighting

One of the ways to understand how light works in photographs is to do basic exercises. We did one way by creating the portrait lighting cheat sheet that shows how positioning a single light effect a portrait, others have done similar stuff with an egg.

Photographer Pat David had another idea. Using a CC-BY 3D scan by Infinite Realities and an open source 3D modeling software called Blender 3D (Blender is darn near real rendering engine, it can even mimic shaped bokeh), he started to play with positioning various light sourced around the scanned head.

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