A Nikon Symphony: Music Made With Nikon Gear

Click, click, bang, swoosh. Here is an unconventional use for gear – use it to make music.

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong along with composer Andrew Kesler and a small army of Nikonians used a small heap of Nikon gear found at Nikon Professional Services Canada to create some sweet music.

A Nikon Symphony: Music Made With Nikon Gear

The idea was to use each camera’s unique shutter sound along with some of the beeps and blips coming from other gear to compose a short clip. [Read more...]

July Is Projection Month On DIYP

Photography is light. Light hits the subject, travels through a lens and hits a sensor or a piece of film, creating an image. Everything else is just there to assist.

However, light can definitely go the reverse way, with the laws of physics enabling a complete reversed path. Light coming from somewhere near the sensor plate, going through a lens and arriving at a screen or a wall re-building an image.

D:\Users\udi\Documents\My Webs\DIYPhotography\kits\lighting\kits\flash projector\kickoff\projection-month

Come to think about it this is almost magical, yet this is how cinema came to be, and how some of our sweetest memories were created. [Read more...]

J.F. Kennedy Photographs By Jacques Lowe Restored From Contacts After Negatives Lost On 9/11

The entire negative archives of Jacques Lowe – JFK presidential photographer – were stored in a fireproof vault in a bank in the World Trade Center. Lowe’s photos span from Kennedy’s 1958 U.S. Senate re-election campaign through his early years in the White House

Those negatives were lost on 9/11. It was a trove of about 40,000 individual negatives.

Creating Camelot: The Kennedy Photography of Jacques Lowe

Luckily, Lowe stored about 1,500 contact sheets and prints in his NYC studio and D.C’s Newseum was able to restore about 70 of the photos. [Read more...]

Considering A Group Buying Deal? You Might As Well Be Working For Free

We are familiar with Groupon or other group purchase services from the buying side. Those services offer you a pretty cheap coupon to get an item, or a service for about half the price or sometime even less provided that enough buyers hope on the deal.

[If you have never bought a Smartphone case from them raise your hand. No hands? good, you know what group purchases are. let's continue..]

Considering A Group Buying Deal? You Might As Well Be Working For Free

But how do those deals looks from the service providers side? Specifically from a photographer’s point of view. Photographer JP Danko of blurMEDIA photography was recently approached by a group purchase service to offer a full session coupon  for $29. [Read more...]

It Only Took One Day To Hack Adobe Photoshop CC

One of the speculation on the move Adobe made to the creative cloud is that it was done to address piracy. This is not surprising considering that Photoshop is probably the most pirated software ever.

Adobe CC was only released yesterday. Yet, a quick search on any of the big “sharing” sites reveals a Photoshop CC torrent, at least for windows. I guess this is not as surprising as it may seem considering the licensing software used by the new CC applications. Each application is installed with an offline copy, and connects to the authorization server upon installation and then every 30 days.

It Only Took One Day To Hack Adobe Photoshop CC

It would be pretty interesting to see how/if Adobe fights this piracy.

FIY, DIYP is against piracy pretty strongly, it just pisses everybody off.

[via fstoppers] [Read more...]

Canon 10D Exploded (Engineerically) And Reassembled

Just how complex is a digital camera? Pretty complex. Engineering students Matthew Farrell, Michelle Pang, Michael Tom of Engineering 128 class from University of California give a pretty good answer to this question.

The team modeled a Canon 10D mounted with a 24-85mm lens, then did an exploded view on it and re-assembled it in a beautiful video. While the (4 years old) video does not say if they used any blue prints from Canon, the comments suggests that they did the entire modeling on their own. Pretty impressive for a 1XX class. (much impressive than exploding a banana anyways)

[UC Berkeley E128 Final Project – Canon 10D DSLR v2 via Android-the-Andrew] [Read more...]

Super Moon Is Coming June 23rd, Get Your Cameras Ready

Supermoon is an astronomical phenomena which occurs when the moon is at its closes orbital point (Perigee) to earth while being is a full moon phase in the same time. Since the moon is orbiting earth in an elliptical orbit, it seems a bit bigger when it is closer to earth.


How much bigger, not much, about 14% from its “smallest” orbital phase. While the difference is hardly noticeable to the naked eye, it makes a great excuse to bring those tele-lenses out and have a fun night photographing the moon. But it will also be 30% brighter which can help in making shorter exposure / lower ISO shots. [Read more...]