Six Photography Technologies That Were Sci Fi 10 Years Ago

Six Photography Technologies That Were Si Fi 10 Years AgoIn one of the last scenes of one of Schwarzenegger’s best films, The Running Man, the evil producer makes a real time video swap between the face of a stunt double and the face of the (future) Governor of California.The technology is called Digital Matte Tracking or somthing.

They want it to look as if Schwarzenegger was killed. In 1987 it was thought impossible. I think it still it.

Here are some of the video and photography editing stuff that were invented since then. Evenly impossible and evenly impressive. [Read more...]

Use A Cheapo Inflatable Wheel To Create Wonderful Camera Tossing Pictures

cyclotronWe all love a good camera toss. Yes we do. What we don’t love is broken cameras. On the floor crushed to smithereens.

You can avoid the crush in several ways. My favorite being an hydraulic system pistons with two shock absorbing cushions on each direction. Of course that system is not invented yet, and even if it was, it would probably cost a small fortune. You know hydraulic pistons are sooooo expensive.

Lucky flickr user Robert Couse came up with a cheaper alternative. I, of course, strongly recommends against using it, unless you have an old canon lying around ;)

Enter Gaffers tape, cardboard and an inflatable device. The image is self explanatory. [Read more...]

Taking Multiplicity Photographs

M&M BubbleIn this Tutorial Steve McDermott is going to show you how to take Multiplicity photographs.

Not really sure this is the right name for them, but I like it as it explains exactly what this technique does.

The setup is very simple. It uses the same principle as the computer screen project – transparent objects break light.

As simple as is is, it can give you amazing results. Definitely a fun weekend project. [Read more...]

Nothing Can Stand In Your Way, Not Even Gravity

Water defies gravitySometimes it seems that everything is against us. Nothing is working. It’s as if the rules of the universe themselves were built to set us back. Well, not for Andy Price.

If the image above looks weird, it is because Andy found the perfect way to defy gravity.

With a little fairy dust, a Whiskey bottle and some tubing, Andy DIYed his gravity defying device. Oh, yea, did we say this was not a composite?

Andy Explains: [Read more...]

How To Catch a Lightning Every Single Frame

How To Catch a Lighting Every Single FrameLighting photography is not trivial. You have to wait in the rain, all drenched, setting one long exposure after the other, with the hope that one of open shutter intervals will catch a lighting strike. Well, there is an easier way.

Andras Schaeffer and Viktor Takacs came up with a clever way to capture lighting.

It does take a bit of electronics know how, and a bit of code (all available from Victor’s site), but the result is a very intelligent lighting capturer. Think Ghost Busters and that pedal-box thingy. [Read more...]

Shooting The Wettest Band You’ll Ever See

Shooting The Wettest Band You'll Ever SeePhotographer Benjamin Von Wong sent over a couple of vids showing how he shot Triggered Response, A rock band from Montreal.

To go with the rocky band, Ben and Eva Jinn Productions got them completely drenched and splashed. All while keeping both photography gear and band gear safe.

The video is divided into two parts: a behind the scenes which explains the thought and execution of the shoot itself and a quick Photoshop composite primer that explains how the images were combined. vids after the jump. [Read more...]

Convert Old 8mm Film to Video Using an HDSLR

Convert Old 8mm Film to Video Using an HDSLRIf you’ve been around long enough to know what 8mm films are, good chances you have some family footage somewhere in the attic.

James Miller, Designer and Photographer based in the UK came up with a clever way of converting 8mm footage to “modern” video using a full frame Canon 5D mark II, an old projector, some LEDs, and a broken lens.

The video how-to on Vimeo shows highlights of the build process and the description provides more detailed info.

The real smarts here is projecting the movie directly onto the sensor without a mediating screen (or a bedsheet if you’re a regular reader :)

[via petapixel via planet 5D] [Read more...]

Poll: What Are Your Goals For 2011?

Poll: What Are Your Goals For 2011?2011 definitely has a foot in the door. How’s it treating you? Nicely? I hope so.

[This is not going to be a how to shoot this or that post, but rather a challenging post for you that I hope will help you push yourself more this year as a photographer pro or amateur. (If you just want the how to stuff, feel free to skip this one, some great stuff coming on the next post).]

A while back I spoke about how important it is to have a plan in place if you want to  meet your goals. Of course, It helps to have a goal that you want to meet if you are in the plans making business. And often a goal is the first part of any plan. [picture courtesy Zeke Kamm] [Read more...]

Weekend Project: Family Go Fish (With Your Family Pictures)

Go FishIs it cold and rainy where you are? I mean really cold and rainy. The kind that you don’t wanna go out of the house. Here is a project that is both fun to make and play with.

It is a family flavored go fish. If you have small kids they will love you for it, and for the great family time you are going to have playing with it.

My little one had the Chicken Pox last week. She’s all good now, but that was a week with almost all productivity coming to a halt, as taking care of a small kid who any wants to itch is a full time job. We did spend a considerable amount of time playing go fish. It is a card game with the goal of making four-of-a-kind-set. (The original game is played with a deck of poker playing cards, but they come with any subject imaginable).

Then My oh-so-clever daughter asked for a family go fish. Who am I to say no to a Chicken Pox stricken kid with a puppy eyes. [Read more...]

Strip Light Cheat Sheet Card

Strip Light Cheat Sheet CardThe idea behind this cheat sheet is simple – it features three settings of strip light.

Those should help you pre-visualize the use of strip lights as part of your lighting setup.

I began working with strip lights not that long ago and I really love them. having a light source that is hard on one axis and soft on the other is a very interesting tool to work with. Not so easy to pre-visualize though, hence the card. [Read more...]