Behind The Scenes: Black Light. In The Dark. In A Pool. Over Water

We are pretty used to Benjamin Von Wong pulling off really inspirational stuff. It seems that each project that he does raises the bar, and this one is no exception. Except that he raises the bar over water.

Behind The Scenes: Black Light. In The Dark. In A Pool. Over Water

If you’ve ever done a shoot in a pool, you know that it is not trivial to position a camera over water. Especially when it comes to a $6,000 D4. This is where creativity trumps limitations. Ben has a detailed post about each of the steps that was taken to build this wonderful Water Demons shoot.

Ben goes through the entire sequence of the shoot, not only giving us the actual goods from the shooting day, but starting way back at the concept stage. He talks location selection, sealing it off for lights, teaming up with Jacynthe Tremblay for makeup, and Manuelle Lessard for styling, suspending a D4 over water and focusing it. The works. [Read more...]

Photographer Finds Tattooed Girl By Sharing A Photo Of Her Back On Social Media

Photographer Finds Tattooed Girl By Sharing A Photo Of Her Back On Social Media

A few weeks back we shared Guy Prives‘s story where he took a picture of a beautiful tattooed girl on the beaches of Costa Rica, but could not sell the image because he lacked a model release.

Being a great photograph, Guy, took an interesting initiative to finding his model, affirming that at-least on our connected world everybody is no more that 6 degrees of separation from anyone else.

Guy harness the power of social media to try and track the girl, using that single image image of her back. Posting on social networks, blogs (even here on DIYP), Facebook and tattoo forums.

Good news! [Read more...]

Looking At 120 Playboy Centerfold Photographs At Once [NSFW]

Some when along 2003 photographer Jason Salavon created a rather interesting piece of art. He stacked all the centerfold images from each decade of playboy and created a super centerfold. While those super centerfolds lack any real nude, or even a clear human image, they are kinda hypnotizing as you can see from Salavon’s work below.

Looking At 120 Playboy Centerfold Photographs At Once

Photographer Pat David set out to recreate those images using ImageMagick a free image handling software. By stretching, rotating and layering the images David not only recreates the process made by Jason Salavon, but tries to add a few tricks of his own. The results are just as hypnotizing. Do you find it interesting, artsy? [Read more...]

Create Futuristic Photographs With Black Light And Office Markers

Benjamin Von Wong over at the VonWongBlog shared a creative tool that we immediately loved! Using Black Lights and a mystery fluid he was able to capture a futuristic-Tron-like self portrait.

Create Futuristic Photographs With Black Light And Office Markers

OK, it was not a mystery fluid, just office markers, and while painting office markers on your body may seem kinda dull, magic happens once you turn off the every-day-boring-florescent-lights and kick in the super-cool-magic-black-lights. Watch the video with Ben’s explanation after the jump. [Read more...]

Kite Aerial Photography 101

In this post I will show you how to build a quick and easy rig to get your camera flying (without any magic wands and jumping from nukem driven airplanes).

Kite Aerial Photography 101

Yes, welcome to another boring tutorial… wait I say boring loud? Is not, it is fun, relaxing and sometimes adrenalin twisted outdoor exercise – welcome to Kite Aerial Photography 101.

Lets get started [Read more...]

DIY Photography Wall Art from Baby Crib Springs

DIY Photography Wall Art from Baby Crib Springs

Are you looking for creative ways to decorate your walls and display numerous photos without making it look like your crazy great-aunt’s hallway? Now you can with this ingenious DIY project!

While I would love to take credit for this idea, it is really my wife’s brainchild. Apparently a desire to decorate the walls, the concept of saving money while using up junk in one’s basement to make the house look pretty, combined with time spent surfing the web will generate exceptionally creative ideas like this. (Yes, there are others who have done similar. However, that was only discovered after the original brainchild was birthed.) So, let’s get started, shall we? [Read more...]

AimishBoy In Wonder Land (Interview)

In the following post, Tomer Jacobson interviews AimishBoy (aka Nadav Bagim).

Every once in a while a photographer comes along and makes you drop your jaw. You stare flabbergasted at the screen and for long minutes try to understand how the hell did they accomplish this shot. How he had you stop and marvel a new thing after you think you’ve seen it all.

AimishBoy In Wonder Land (Interivew)

This is exactly what happened to me (Tomer Jacobson) when I saw the amazing pictures of AimishBoy for the first time. [Read more...]

Shooting In Public? This Is How Ben Did It!

Hey guys, this is Benjamin Von Wong, Montreal Based Photographer, and I wanted to take a couple minutes today of your time to give you guys a couple quick tips on how to control your sets when shooting in public!

Shooting In Public?

In my latest tour across Europe with fellow videographer Erwan Cloarec , we happened to be in the middle of a bunch of ruins with girls dressed in leather… and of course before we even began to shoot we were interrupted by busloads of tourists that came to check out what was happening. Before continuing on this blog post, I invite you guys to check out the BTS video!

[Udi: Ben recently started a blog, and if you like the stuff he’s been posting on DIYP, there is a pretty good chance you’ll get addicted to Ben’s fast pasted, tons of info style posts over there as well]

[Read more...]

So, Lets Talk Negotiating With Clients

I don’t usually shoot for the corporate market. I mainly shoot family portraits so I don’t negotiate a lot. There is a fixed price per session and that’s about it. Very simple. Sometimes, someone will ask for a discount, and I either give it or not.

But a few days ago I got a call from a corporation who wanted a set of head shots. We estimated the work at about 5-6 hours of shooting as folk will trickle in as time goes by. The other technical details are really not that crucial this discussion.

I got neck deep in negotiating. It was not a pleasant experience and I had just about every cliche thrown at me. I wanted to share their comments, my answers and what went through my mind as we were talking. Of course, this is totally me, so other, more corporation-savvy photographers may have dealt with this whole situation way better. Still I think there is a good deal of info, and even if you don’t like my answers if a good thing to know the comments so you can prepare your own answers.

We went a few time back and forward with mails, sending a brief, some questions and finally a quote. (I did some research and between that research and my estimation of the work, the quote was kinda in the middle range. Not too high, not too low) Then they asked to call to finalize the shoot. [Read more...]