Preparing for Desert Photography Travel

Preparing for Desert Photography Travel

One environment that I never tire of photographing is the deserts of the southwest United States. While the desert may look drab and gray during daylight hours during the golden and blue hour the desert transforms into a colorful and often surreal landscape. Mix in a little bad weather and you can capture some amazing landscape photos. Since the desert is an extreme environment I prepare for my shoots there with more scrutiny. Over the years my approach to desert photography preparations have bled into my general landscape photo shoot prep.

Here are 10 tips to prepare for your next adventure in the desert including 4 very important steps to ensure your safety: [Read more...]

Create An Impact Safe Bouncy Camera Using Sugru

A while back I bought my daughter a Vtech Kidizoom, trying to hook her up on photography. Looking back at the experience, I can say that she is doing pretty well.

On the bright side, she enjoys taking pictures and does a darn fine job too. Of course, being able to come down to daddy’s studio with flashes set up does not hurt her fun one bit.

On the “dark” side, the image quality sucks! We thought we could handle it and that the grainy look would be “fun” and “Lomo”y, but even she is a bit annoyed with the noise of the photographs when viewed large.

I came across this video that shows how you can impact-proof a camera using moldable plastic called Sugru. It’s kinda like plasticine, only it hardens as rubber, and can take quite an impact. Not sure why they used an ancient Sony Cybershot for the video, but even that old camera will get better results than your standard “kids” cam.

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How To Bake A Nikon Cake

A few weeks ago the blog has taken a small detour to the baking realm with camera shaped cookies. I thought that cookies were not big enough in some cases so here we go with a guide to bake a Nikon cake.

How To Bake A Nikon Cake

I must say that making this Nikon cake was not trivial, but it was not as hard as I expected and seems like everyone with a bit of baking skills can pull this off.

Please note the cake is of an un-named model (D4, maybe?). Names will be happily accepted in the comments. [Read more...]

Crowdsourcing Bullet Time

Eeeeveryboy loves Bullet Time. Bullet Time is that magical moment in a movie when everything freezes and the camera makes a circle or a semi circle around an object. I guess it is called bullet time cuz the camera moves at the speed of a bullet.

By now, you probably know that this effect is achieved with a battery of stills camera that will set you back a small house. To achieve Bullet Time, the photographers (or Bullet time specialist) places cameras in a circle and use both a green screen and clever triggering software.

The big number of cameras are used to maintain smooth motion as the point of view moves from one camera to another.

The Triggering mechanism is used to trigger the camera one after the other in very close succession, so it would seem like time is still flowing while the POV changes.

And the green screens is used to eliminate any interference and gain control over the set.

Or….. You could crowd source it all. [Read more...]

Kids Science: How to Build A Huge iPhone Display On The Cheap

I love my iPhone, but I always felt that the 3.5 inch screen was a bit to small. Luckily, Instructabes user iamaledgend came up with a clever way to project the iPhone screen onto a wall.

Kids Science: How to Build A Huge iPhone Display On The Cheap

It takes very little to make this happen. All you need is a box of Nikes, some spare Lego parts for mounting and fixing the iPhone and a cheapo magnifiying glass as the projectors’ lens. [Read more...]

The Complete Guide To Shooting The Moon On A Budget

The Complete Guide To Shooting The Moon

It’s amazing how many people never look up. The skies can be many things to a photographer – a backdrop, a light source, a diffuser. Sometimes just a nice source of teal for your orange foreground. When you decide to use the skies for your subject, especially the night skies, the very first thing you are going to notice is the moon.

There are some very beautiful objects in the night sky, and the thrill of using the camera to see what your eyes can’t see is enormously rewarding. The trouble is that the stars, planets and nebulae that fill the night sky are very dim and very, very far away.

If, like me, you want to get great looking photos of the night sky, but can’t afford the gear required to capture some of the deep sky objects, you’re left with night landscapes, and the moon. So here’s some tips for shooting the moon. [Read more...]

How To Recreate The Aurora With Paper And LEDs

How To recreate The Aurora With Paper And LEDs

I always wanted to shoot the Aurora (Northern Lights) . It has been a long-time subject on my to-shoot list. Sadly, as time went by, I realized that I would either have to wait till I am older and have fewer commitments and can take the travel or forgo that project all together.

I regained hope when photographer Bhaskar Dutta sent in a tutorial on how to recreate the Aurora using nothing more than paper and some LEDS. [Read more...]

Best Costume Ever – A Fully Functional Nikon Camera

Best Costume Ever - A Fully Functional Nikon CameraUPDATE: Tyler has posted a complete how to on instructables if you want to go and make your own camera costume.

Photographer Tyler Card was just nominated and instantly won the most unbelievable Halloween costume for this year. (We started and closed the contest with this submission by Adam Barr – Tyler’s roomemate. Don’t think anyone can top this. Not even a band of Paparazzi) It is a fully functional Nikon Camera (The long awaited D800 maybe?). And by saying fully functional I actually mean fully functional. It has everything you would expect from a digital SLR costume like a fake real lens and a fake real shutter button. Miraculously enough it also has a fake real LCD display on the back and a Paul C Buff remote trigger (let me guess, Tyler hates on-camera flash :)

This costume takes great photographs, my only concern for Tyler would be that he will not do anything but stand there and shot the entire party. (

You can see the camera in action after the jump. [Read more...]