Website Responds To Infringement Claim By Paying 15kg of One-Penny Coins

Website Responds To Infringement Claim By Paying 50kg of One-Penny Coins

UPDATE: apparently some one at The Kernel noticed the buzz the video was generating. So it is now set to private, which means it is not viewable anymore.

With videos being so common, we’ve seen our share of how papers who infringe copyrights handle the situation. If the paper is smart they will (grant a bit but) accept an invoice and be done with it.

If they are extremely deaf or have no understanding of how the nets work nowadays, they will make a video ranting about the photographer, then change 60 pounds into 15 kilos worth of pennies and go and hand them to the photographer.

As wild as this may sound this is how The Kernel handled infringing Charles Arthur’s photograph. [Read more...]

How To Manage Folders Inside A Lightroom Catalog

If you are managing your photographs within a single Lightroom catalog, the fine guys are SLR Lounge have a sweet tip for file management from their new Lightroom 4 Workshop Collection DVD Series.

How To Manage Folders Inside A Lightroom Catalog

For a wedding photography studio like Lin and Jirsa, we like to keep multiple Catalogs in Lightroom because of the large volume of photos that we process every time we shoot.

Each wedding that we shoot can have thousands of images, so multiple Catalogs are a must for our workflow to remain at peak efficiency since Lightroom 4 will slow down with large catalog sizes. But for many photographers who shoot far less than we do, one Catalog or one Catalog per year, may just be enough to hold all your photos.

Now if you do use a single Lightroom Catalog workflow system and you have a folder with a lot of photos, we can show you how to break out those images into smaller shoots within their own respective folders inside of the same Lightroom Catalog. [Read more...]

Everything Looks Cool Photographed Under An Electron Microscope


The folks at FEI are making electron microscopes. If you thought that the D800 was pricy and/or bulky try a Scanning Electron Microscopes. Even a small one weighs over 850 kilos and has a p[referred door width on its installation requirements.

But, the images they produce are amazing. Every sample, dead or alive provides incredible images taken at the nanometer level with magnification as strong as X12,000. This is your chance to see a Gecko’s foot as you’ve never seen it before. We wrote the magnification next to each picture. (The tomato leaf in the title was magnified only by 453). [Read more...]

How to Shoot the Moon – in Honor of Neil Armstrong

Submissions for our How I Took It contest are starting to roll in and today I would like to share an interesting submission that has to do with blue moons astronauts and, of course, photography. Photographer Jason Carlton made a basic tutorial about shooting the moon. You’d be surprised at how little gear you need to photograph spectacular moon images. Tonight is a full moon. Go give it a try!

082812 Honor Neil Armstrong r2 [Read more...]

Behind The Scenes: Black Light. In The Dark. In A Pool. Over Water

We are pretty used to Benjamin Von Wong pulling off really inspirational stuff. It seems that each project that he does raises the bar, and this one is no exception. Except that he raises the bar over water.

Behind The Scenes: Black Light. In The Dark. In A Pool. Over Water

If you’ve ever done a shoot in a pool, you know that it is not trivial to position a camera over water. Especially when it comes to a $6,000 D4. This is where creativity trumps limitations. Ben has a detailed post about each of the steps that was taken to build this wonderful Water Demons shoot.

Ben goes through the entire sequence of the shoot, not only giving us the actual goods from the shooting day, but starting way back at the concept stage. He talks location selection, sealing it off for lights, teaming up with Jacynthe Tremblay for makeup, and Manuelle Lessard for styling, suspending a D4 over water and focusing it. The works. [Read more...]

Photographer Finds Tattooed Girl By Sharing A Photo Of Her Back On Social Media

Photographer Finds Tattooed Girl By Sharing A Photo Of Her Back On Social Media

A few weeks back we shared Guy Prives‘s story where he took a picture of a beautiful tattooed girl on the beaches of Costa Rica, but could not sell the image because he lacked a model release.

Being a great photograph, Guy, took an interesting initiative to finding his model, affirming that at-least on our connected world everybody is no more that 6 degrees of separation from anyone else.

Guy harness the power of social media to try and track the girl, using that single image image of her back. Posting on social networks, blogs (even here on DIYP), Facebook and tattoo forums.

Good news! [Read more...]

Looking At 120 Playboy Centerfold Photographs At Once [NSFW]

Some when along 2003 photographer Jason Salavon created a rather interesting piece of art. He stacked all the centerfold images from each decade of playboy and created a super centerfold. While those super centerfolds lack any real nude, or even a clear human image, they are kinda hypnotizing as you can see from Salavon’s work below.

Looking At 120 Playboy Centerfold Photographs At Once

Photographer Pat David set out to recreate those images using ImageMagick a free image handling software. By stretching, rotating and layering the images David not only recreates the process made by Jason Salavon, but tries to add a few tricks of his own. The results are just as hypnotizing. Do you find it interesting, artsy? [Read more...]