Transcendent Photos Of Two Siberian Huskies Playing On A Frozen Lake

Let these sublime photos, taken by Fox Grom, serve as a testament as to why we should all get out and shoot during blue hour more often. Residing in Kirovsk (Murmansk Oblast, Russia), Grom took his Siberian Huskies out to a nearby lake. Though still safely frozen solid, the lake melted down marginally to produce a thin layer of water that blanketed the icy surface–just enough to give the appearance the dogs were walking on water.

Moreover, the soothing azure tones  of the sky blend perfectly into the cold, blue lake and layer of fog that rests atop the surface. Consequently, the photos have an almost ethereal appearance. The dogs seem to be slightly curious about their new playground, but are clearly in their element as they frolic and play together on the frozen horizon. [Read more…]

Complete Lighting Walk-through & Behind The Scenes Footage Of A Fitness Photoshoot

bts4We’re only rarely treated to such thorough walk-throughs and behind the scenes footage as the one pro photographer, Alexis Cuarezma has posted over on his blog, which details an entire photoshoot he recently wrapped up with IFBB Bikini Pro Athlete Ashley Pfaff.

Over the course of the photoshoot, Cuarezma and his crew would be shooting outside in under the bright Las Vegas sun, in addition to shooting in a dark gym. The photographer had about 6 different looks planned and since the fitness model was flying to Florida that same evening, the team had a limited amount of time to get everything done. Needless to say, there would need to be a fair amount of organization to keep everything moving on schedule. [Read more…]

Sandi Ford Captures the Smiles of Sleepy Newborns


When Sandi Ford began photographing newborn babies she noticed that they would occasionally let out a huge grin. Having learned to recognize the little signs that an “infectious and heart melting” is on its way, she now knows when to be ready with the camera to capture the prized moment.

Sandi says some babies are more smiley than others, and while some people pass these grins off as “just a bit of wind”, she can tell that’s not always the case.

I won’t say this wonderful series will make you want to run out and get a baby (though it might), but it will definitely make you miss the days when you could just lay back, relax and not worry about a thing other than passing wind.

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Candid Interviews With 24 Master Photographers Including Steve McCurry & David Allan Harvey

The nice team over at Vogue Italia curated a YouTube playlist of interviews with 24 of their favorite past photographers. The interviews range in length from anywhere between 1:30 miuntes to over 35 minutes long. Most, however, have about a ten minute run time. Not all, but most of the videos are in English.

I haven’t watched all the videos yet, but the ones that I have spent time with were really good. There’s a lot of technical and inspirational soundbites in the videos, which is always a treat. Here’s a quick selection of videos for your convenience. If you have a little time to burn, you can scroll down to the end of this page and indulge in the entire playlist. [Read more…]

Photoshop Masters Fumble Around Version 1.0


When I think of names such as Matt Kloskowski and Jared Platt I think of Photoshop gurus who will be able to walk me through anything the software has to offer, in their sleep.

While that might be true for the latest versions of Adobe software, watch what happens when Photoshop hall of famers and educators are asked to use Photoshop 1.0. Not even Photoshop CS 1, just 1.

Other than giving you a deeper sense of appreciation for just how awesome software is these days, this video will give you a few good laughs.

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That Moment Rockstars Realize They’re Jamming on Giant Slugs


Have you ever noticed how rockstars seem to pull the weirdest faces while soloing? Still images make them look even worse.

Glasgow-based blogger Michael M. used photoshop to replace the musicians’ instruments with giant slugs and those faces suddenly make perfect sense.

This humorous series was just meant to be a fleeting, transitory wee laugh”, Michael told DIYP, but it gained serious momentum and got featured all over the web.

It’s just really lovely to see people embracing the idea of these horrible big slugs on their favourite rock legends and it making some sort of weird sense”.

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Still NYC is a Fun Experiment in Flowing Motion


Rather than uploading a set of still photos from his recent visit to New York City, Ynon Lan decided to try something a little different.

Basically he created a short video where each themed segment consists of individual photos captured in different locations, with different backgrounds and changing subjects.

While not groundbreaking, it’s a fun video to watch and one of the more interesting “photo albums” I’ve seen lately. The guys over at Vimeo agree where the video received 50k views in less than a week and was selected as a “Staff Pick”.

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Discover The Beauty Of Hairless Cats In This Striking Portrait Collection Of Sphynxes

For Alicia Rius, photographing animals comes naturally. Her portfolio is brimming with gorgeous fine art photos, in which you’ll find an assortment of four-legged subjects ranging from horses to hairless cats. Rius was born in a small town in northeast Catalonia. She would earn a bachelor’s in Advertising and a master’s in International Marketing, before eventually taking a job as a project manager for an ad agency in Amsterdam. Not that the work at the ad agency was dull, but it left Rius wanting something more. [Read more…]

Santa Monica’s Mountain Lions Caught on Camera


Mountain lions, also known as pumas or cougars, are one of the largest and most powerful predators in the United States. Despite that, they are reclusive and tend to stay away from people, making it very difficult to photograph them.

A National Parks Service biologist was able to track a deer carcass thanks to the GPS coordinates from one of the mountain lions’ tracking collars, and hike to the location during the day to setup a remote camera while the animals were away. Come night time, the lions returned to the carcass and were surprised to see an unknown flashing contraption that had mysteriously shown up.

While this is not the first time mountain lions were captured by a remote camera, the animals captured in these images might account for up to a third of the entire Santa Monica Mountains population.

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Ten Beliefs That Suck the Life out of Photographers


What if I told you it was not the industry, the bad economy, where you live, what camera you shoot with, how many lights you have or how small your Facebook following is that is holding you back. None of those are truly capable of stopping you, they are only challenges for you to meet.

The same challenges everyone who creates art or starts a business has to meet and beat.

The things that are truly holding you back are your own beliefs. Belief that it IS one of those reasons above. Believing that it is a geography thing that keeps you from excelling, or what gear you use or how many lights you take with you is more damaging than any REAL challenge you will ever have to meet.

Because they have no substance, these limiting beliefs can grow to fit any size needed to keep you from moving forward.

If it was simply a wall in front of you, there would be many different ways to move on. Scale it, go around it, blow it up… all sorts of ways to get it done.

But if the wall is a creation inside your mind, there is no way around it, it will grow higher than any ladder you have and it becomes impervious to any and all attempts to blow it up. It does this insidiousness because we want it to. We control its size and power.

So lets look at ten beliefs and maybe offer a suggestion on how they may be more in our heads than in our reality.

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