[NSFW] Obscuro Is An Hauntingly Beautiful Nude Series Taken In A Dark Pool


Some photos can only be made once a complicated array of elements come together. Such is Obscuro by Steve Richard (previously).

Obscuro is a series of photos of nude dancers and models shot while wrapped in delicate fabrics. Oh yea, it is also shot in a top down view underwater.

Steve Richard has been taking photos for this series for over 15 years and the technical nature of those photos yields quite a few challenges:

(The photos and video after the jump contains artistic nude)

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Man Asks Photoshoppers to Place the Eiffel Tower Under His Finger; Gets Trolled Big Time


It is said that 7 million people visit the Eiffel Tower each year, and as with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, many of them take forced perspective photos pretending to be holding, pushing or otherwise interacting with it.

One tourist, who tried taking such a photo and was quite a ways off, recently posted his attempt on 4chan’s Graphic Design forum and innocently asked for someone to photoshop the Eiffel Tower so it appears under his finger.

Awakening the forum’s trolls, the poster received tens if not hundreds of edited photos; none quite as he had expected.

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Fitness Trainer Photoshops Herself In An Awesome Response Video To Her Critics

No one is immune to cyber bullies, especially when it comes to body shaming. Not even fitness trainers–just ask Cassey Ho. Ho, who runs a fitness blog called, Blogilates, regularly receives unwarranted negative comments and remarks shaming the trainer on her physical appearance. In response to the criticizing, Ho put together an impressive video clip that shows the beautiful trainer Photoshop her body in “live view” to match the beauty standards of the hypercritical internet. [Read more…]

Excuse Me? Why, Yes, My Camera DOES Take Great Pictures. Thank You For Noticing That


“Excuse me?

Why, yes, my camera DOES take great pictures. Thank you for noticing that. You have a keen eye and a very good sense about these things-not everyone does. Well done!

But can I share something with you? I mean no disrespect to my camera but…it didn’t used to take great pictures. I mean, not at all.

I bought it because I’d heard how good these nicer cameras were, so I was expecting great things from mine, but when I got home and opened the box, it didn’t do anything. Nothing at all. For what I paid, I expected it to jump out of the box and work with people to get great expressions and select locations and create natural posing and compose images filled with warmth and beauty and light, but nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch. What a loser it was.

It simply refused to do anything. It just lay there, motionless, like me after my 5th margarita.

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18 Jaw Dropping Photos That Celebrate The Natural Beauty Of Breastfeeding Mothers

DSC_6727 copyBreastfeeding in public is always a hot topic of debate and a photographer from Illinois is looking to shed more positive light on the subject. Ivette Ivens has become a breastfeeding advocate of sorts, having breastfed her own two children, the bond it helped to develop between mother and child inspired the photographer to undertake a beautiful photography project in which Ivens photographs women breastfeeding their children, usually in nature, to help signify just how natural of an activity breastfeeding actually is. [Read more…]

If You Want To Make Things Hard, Combine 4 Mirrors, Ground Fog And A Light Blaster To Create An Image


There are these moments I have, lying in bed, closing my eyes and there it is: that idea that won’t let me sleep. Most of the time the idea get stranger and stranger as time goes by, because instead of being asleep, which is what I probably should do, I get inspired.

So I wake up and there it is: The telephone call, asking if you want to buy four mirrors. A few moments later I am standing with my first cup of coffee in my kitchen to realize what just happened:

  • I decided to build a ground fog machine
  • I just bought four giant mirrors
  • There should be some strange light, probably Light Blasting some structures somewhere…

I didn’t sleep very well the next night either, because I started testing my DIY-ground-fogger.

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Fascinating Behind The Scenes Look At The Work Of A Forensic Photographer

There’s a science to forensic photography that goes much deeper than comprehending how to operate a camera. As Nick Marsh explains in the enthralling short documentary, The Forensic Photographer, these professionals must understand and use light in ways which are so technical it’s almost mind bending.

In order to capture shots of barely visible fingerprints, blood stains, or, say marks on a wall that have been painted over to cover up a crime, forensic photographers need to go beyond the typical powers of studio lighting. [Read more…]

Ted Forbes on the ‘Should I Work for Free?’ Question


The “should I work for free?” question is one of the more controversial topics in photography these days and is right up there with the “Canon vs. Nikon” and “prime vs. zoom” debates.

Ted Forbes, the man behind The Art of Photography YouTube Channel addresses the question that comes up at some point in every photographer’s career in this 8-minute video.

Right off the Forbes says he “hates the idea” and doesn’t work for free, and then goes on to give an in-depth explanation as to why he is so opposed to it and why you should be too.

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