Spectacular Hi-Def Aerial Photos Take You On A Breathtaking Tour Of The World

iguaza falls


A group of photographers based out of Moscow, Russia have embarked on a fascinating project that’s taking them to some of the most beautiful locations earth has to offer. Amassing over 2000 images of 200 different locations on their website so far, the group has covered a lot of ground. With photos from the North Pole to Antarctica and just about everywhere in between–they’ve even traveled to the stratosphere.  [Read more…]

Dazzling Family Portraits Taken By Mother Of 10 Are Full Of Earth Tones & Dreamy Natural Light


That’s right, ten children: Clint, Calista, Damien, Theron, Adrian, Quentin, Camille, Octavia, Elliott, and Gabriel. Each of them endearingly adorable, dazzling, and photogenic in their own way. Their mother, Lisa Holloway, is a professional photographer in the Las Vegas area. She lives, however, in a rural part of northern Arizona–the perfect place to photograph her charming family. The dreamy earth tones and gorgeous natural light she finds there seems to lend themselves perfectly to the photographer’s style, all the while complementing the natural beauty of her children. [Read more…]

See How Photographer Created This Underwater Picture Without Photoshop


Photoshop has become such a standard part of advertising photography that we don’t even blink anymore when we see it.  So it takes us a little by surprise when we find an incredible image that was actually shot entirely in-camera.

The creative genius of  Christian Seel shone through on the cover of Philip Preston’s new book, Immersed: The Definitive Guide to Sous Vide Cooking.  Not wanting to rely on cheap tricks, Christian and his team devised a surprising way of capturing the dynamic image in-camera:  by literally putting Phillip’s head into a sous vide cooker.

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Photographer Gets Wild Chipmunks to Play Star Wars


Photographing pets can be challenging, and photographing wildlife from a distance can be a tedious and time-consuming process.  But, what happens when you want a wild animal to play Star Wars with your action figure collection?  Photographer and Lego master Chris McVeigh was determined to show us.

Armed with a camera, action figures, and a whole lot of nuts (we’re assuming it took balls, too), Chris forged a kinship with a harmonious collective of chipmunks living in his parent’s backyard.  Taking advantage of their depressed socioeconomic status, he was able to lure them into being performers in his own take on the classic saga…without having to composite any images.

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Let The Ethereal Macro Photography Of Joni Niemelä Transport You To Another World

joni-niemela12   Like many, Joni Niemelä got his start in photography simply to preserve memories for his future self to enjoy. But, that was about 10 years ago and, as we all know, things can change a lot in that amount of time. In fact, after only about three years into his foray with photography, the Finnish photographer had his interest piqued by the art of macro photography. Since then, what started as a simple way to record one’s life, has turned into a full blown career and has earned the photographer clients such as Adobe, Zenith, Pentax, UPS and Lowepro. [Read more…]

You Don’t Need To Buy A New Camera To Be A Better Photographer

simon-cadeLet’s face it, with how rapidly camera manufacturers are improving digital technology and releasing new and improved cameras, it’s hard not to get caught up in gear acquisition syndrome. At some point, you may have even caught yourself saying, “If I just had (fill in any piece of equipment here), my photography would be so much better.” I’ll be the first to admit the thought has ran through my mind at least a couple times. That’s exactly why this poignant video from filmmaker, Simon Cade, hits home so much.

If you were to take a look inside Cade’s gear bag, you’d find the same CanonT3i and Canon Elph 300 that he’s been using since the beginning of 2013. Yet, despite shooting with older and (what could be considered) entry-level gear, upgrading to a new DSLR isn’t even on Cade’s radar. And, the logic he uses to battle the nagging desire to spend tons of money on new gear and gadgets seems to be pretty flawless.

“My theory is that the people who don’t prioritise equipment & technical things end up being successful enough that they shoot on high end gear just because they can. It’s definitely not the equipment itself that makes them great / successful.” [Read more…]

Photographer Answers the Question, ‘What Would Chairs Look Like As People?’


Many of us have often pondered the great question, “What would chairs look like if they were people?”  Okay, so perhaps not, but I appreciate those who think outside the box (with the exception of a classmate in high school whose way of thinking stood as a stumbling block in my mathematics career).

However, it was during a disappointing shoot that award-winning photographer Horia Manolache was inspired to ponder that very question.  What resulted was an intriguing and somewhat comical portrait series.

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Crowd Sourced Photo Project Delivers Window Views From Around The World

A window covering manufacturer, Somfy, just released an interesting crowd sourced photo project aptly titled, “A View From Here“. For the project, they tasked 27 photographers from around the globe with a rather simple set of instruction: take two photographs of the view from your window, (one in the morning and one in the evening) and tell us what you see and how it makes you feel. 

Abu Dhabi, United Emirates

day night [Read more…]

Photographer Responds to Claims That He Is Exploiting the Homeless


Photographer Aaron Draper describes his Underexposed project as a means by which to “enable people to gain a more humane view of the homeless.”  However, some others have described it as predatory and exploitative, sharply criticizing Draper for choosing to focus his camera on less fortunate members of society.

In a written response to the critics, Aaron challenges their assertions and shares what his vision is for the future of the project.

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Beautiful Portraits Of Redheaded Models Are Bursting With Summer’s Vibrance & Inspiration


Maja Topčagić has an eye for the beautiful and she knows how to  masterfully capture it in her vibrant portraiture work. Just take a moment to peruse through her photography and you’ll be instantly drawn–the Bosnia based photographer clearly has a knack for photographing people. The portraits of redheads are especially captivating with all those faces full of freckles, delicately adorned with flowers. [Read more…]