Roeselien Raimond Captures Delightful Photos Of Red Foxes Playing In The Wild

Roeselien Raimond, a Dutch photographer and artist, has an eye for wildlife photography of all sorts and her series of fox photos is pretty hard not to fall in love with. When her previous occupation of art therapist inspired her to focus more on her creative side, she shifted gears and became a professional web designer. During that time, she had an interest and practiced her hobby with a DSLR and a macro lens she picked up. However, in 2009, Raimond won a Canon 7D in a competition and quickly purchased a Canon 300mm F4.0 to accompany it. She was hooked. Since then her work has been featured in multiple publications and her fan base is growing larger by the day. [Read more...]

Pixel Peeper Let’s You Preview Photos Taken With Various Cameras, Lenses, And Exposure Settings Before You Buy


If you’re in the market for a new camera or DSLR and are not familiar with Pixel Peeper, you may want to check out what the gear-centric website has to offer. Pixel Peeper essentially let’s users choose from a large selection of cameras and lenses, then allows users to further narrow down their search (should they choose to) by entering very specific exposure settings information. The website then serves as a search engine of sorts and returns back sample images whose EXIF data matches the user requested settings.

For an example of how it works, the screenshot at the top of the article is of a search for photos taken with a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 50mm f1.4. The search is limited to exposures taken at an aperture between 1.4 and 5.6 and an ISO of 6400 or greater. In live version of the Pixel Peeper query, the thumbnail results show up under the search query, clicking them links you through to Flickr to inspect the full size image. The advanced search could be very useful if you’re looking to see how a camera performs at a high ISO, for example, or if you want to see the quality of a specific lens’ bokeh.  [Read more...]

Love Them Or Hate Them, These Ultraviolet Macros Will Change The Way You See Arthropods


Ogre-face spider (Deinopis sp.) Just when we thought that the ogre-face couldn’t get any scarier, the eyes lit up under ultraviolet with an eerie blue.

Whether creepy-crawlies make you run for your camera or run for the hills, these photos will not leave you indifferent.

Be it a beetle, a spider or a scorpion, Nicky Bay has pointed an ultraviolet light at it – and a lens.

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Want to Be A Professional Photographer? Here are 8 Photos To Learn This Year

8 photos to learn how to be a professional photographer

Everyone is a professional photographer these days right?

Well, if you want to add some legitimacy to that claim, there are a handful of specific photo styles that are really the foundation of a professional photographer’s tool kit.

These may not all fit your personal style, but the technical proficiency needed to capture these photos are relevant to all photographers.

So if this is the year that you want to make the jump to pro photographer, here are 8 photos to learn this year.

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Photographer’s First Trash The Dress Shoot Goes Insanely Viral After Groom-To-Be Bails Days Before The Wedding

It was just five days before the wedding when Shelby Swink’s fiancé decided to call it off and crush her plans and dreams.

The next couple days were a blur of calling guests, canceling services, and figuring out our living arrangements“, say Swink, but that did not prevent the 23 year old from Memphis from making lemonade out of the lemons she was given.

Photographer Elizabeth Hoard suggested that they have a trash the dress shoot on the scheduled wedding day, and as the other options were to sit alone at home or have a pity party, Swink agreed to go along with the idea.

With the support of her friends and family, who trashed their outfits as well, Swink and Hoard went ahead with the new plan. But what was not planned was the enormous hype this photo shoot generated.

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Inspiring Short Film Takes You Inside The Mind Of Director Turned Photographer Jakob de Boer

deBoer1Jakob de Boer grew up to follow in the footsteps of his parent’s. They, who both worked in the film and television industry, encouraged the young de Boer to nurture and pursue his creative side, a move that would lead him to studying film at NYU and ultimately becoming a director and producer himself. Though he had spent many years studying composition, storytelling, and other aspects of filmmaking that go hand in hand with photography, it wasn’t until a few years ago, oddly, that de Boer took an interest to photography.

“Walk softly, but speak loudly with your art.” - Jakob de Boer

Dive into Freeman House Productions beautifully made and inspirational mini documentary with de Boer as he eloquently expands on his journey to becoming a professional photographer and shares some invaluable insight for those aspiring to to do the same.  [Read more...]

Posing Tips For Newborn Portraiture From Award Winning Photographer Stephanie Cotta


Stephanie Cotta, the sought after newborn photographer behind the popular Ultimate Guide To Newborn Photography, Posing & Retouching course over on RGG, has just released a segment from said course that offers aspiring newborn photographers the opportunity to learn one of Cotta’s favorite poses. The “Side Stretch Hands Together” is typically the very first pose Cotta begins with, so it’s a perfect starting point for those looking to learn some new infant poses, too.

Aside from teaching the pose, Cotta also delivers some pretty good tips throughout the clip. For example, she briefly talks about different props, saying she prefers to use the same blanket to lay the newborn on during the shoot because it results in a matching and cohesive collection of photographs for the parents to hang on the wall. [Read more...]

Join Pro Photographer Lara Jade On A Cheap Camera Challenge Fashion Shoot Edition

In the latest Cheap Camera Challenge on DRTV, Kai called on the celebrated fashion photographer, Lara Jade to conduct a fashion shoot in the streets of Hong Kong. Though Jade was given a professional model and a couture wardrobe to photograph, the camera Kai had her work with takes the term “toy camera” to an all new low as far as quality is concerned. However, being the creative she is, Jade brings in a heap of little accessories to shoot through including a drinking glass stolen from the hotel and a cheap plastic beaded bracelet she picked up from a street vendor during the shoot. [Read more...]

Photographing Photos of Paris

photographing photos of paris, jp danko, toronto commercial photographer, stock photography

I recently had a short stay in Paris.  I knew that there would not be much time for photography, but I was determined to make the most out of the opportunity (I think I slept for about 8 hours over 3 days).

I photograph people, so I had planned to recruit other tourists to fill in as models – but with the volume of relentless touts swarming all of the famous landmarks, convincing a stranger to sign a model release was a bit of a challenge.

I was also trying to think of ways to photograph the famous landmarks of Paris in a way that was at least a little different from the millions of times they had all been photographed before.

The idea I came up with was to use my Rolleiflex vintage film medium format camera’s projection viewfinder to photograph photos of Paris.

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