Behind The Scenes: Underwater Fashion Shoot With Sharks

Sure, sharks are big and intimidating animals with even more intimidating teeth, but they really do get a bad rap. Their sheer size and streamlined figure make them more than photogenic. That’s partially why Australian photographer Jeremy Ferris was so motivated to do an underwater fashion shoot where the model shares the frame with a frenzy of sharks. Perhaps the most daunting part of the project was connecting with the right model and dive master who were not only comfortable working on the shoot, but also experienced enough to be a safety asset. [Read more…]

10 Years, 74 Prisons: Italian Photographer Documents Inmates’ Lives in the Toughest Conditions


For ten years, Italian photographer Valerio Bispuri traveled throughout South America, documenting life inside seventy-four of the roughest and most deplorable prisons. Filth, disease, and death was all around him. Wanting to convey the emptiness of color and hope felt within the walls, Bispuri shot his emotive collection in black and white.

“One day, some detainees prepared a siring of infected blood to inject me,” he says. Yet, despite threats to his health and life from inmates and conditions during his travels, when I asked if he had any regrets about the project, he readily replied, “No regrets. I would do absolutely everything as I’ve done!”  (WARNING:  Graphic images after the jump.)

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Clever Remake Of Classic 80’s Trading Card Garbage Pail Kids: Where Are They Now?

Photographer W. Brandon Voges (Bruton Stroube Studios) Concept Jake Houvenangle Retouching Jordan Guance (Bruton Stroube Studios) Producers Tony Biaggne, Matt Siemer and Sherry Tennil (Bruton Stroube Studios) Assistants Steve Eschner (Bruton Stroube Studios) Mandi Kohlmeier (Bruton Stroube Studios) Stacy Collier Hair/Makeup Julie Dietrich (Talent Plus) Priscilla Case (Talent Plus) Props/Wardrobe Cathy Rauch (Bruton Stroube Studios) Food/Barf Styling Cathy Chipley (Bruton Stroube Studios) Set Builder/Rigging Bill Stults (Bruton Stroube Studios)
Who doesn’t love a nostalgic walk down memory lane every once in a while? Especially when it involves such notorious childhood relics as the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. A product of the 80’s the trading cards were originally a cheeky response to the Cabbage Patch Kids that were wildly famous at the same time. The cards featured a gross, odd, or otherwise creepy character that came outfitted with a perfectly punny name. Bony Tony, Adam Bomb, JunkFood John, Spacey Stacey–these cards were so cool.

Anyone who remembers these gems, and certainly anyone who collected the originals, will be delighted to see what a very clever group of creators from St. Louis, Missouri have made. Their new set of cards feature some of those slimy characters from the original series and revists them 30 years later, just to see what they’ve been up to since 1985. [Read more…]

43 Years Later, Nick Ut Revisits the Scene of ‘Napalm Girl’

War is tragic, and no one who has not lived through it can begin to understand its horrors. Yet, perhaps that is one of the reasons I was so captivated by it as a child. I have always loved history, but I have always been specifically intrigued by military conflict. As a kid, the only books I read were history books. I would wore out the children’s history section in our local public library and proceeded to move on to the adult section. I would come home with a thick stack of history books, particularly those involving the World Wars and Vietnam, and there were occasions when my dad would start flipping through them and ban me from certain ones until I had reached a more mature age. I would pull them off the shelves and read them in the library anyhow.

Of all the images I saw and the stories I read, one of them that stuck with me is the image of Phan Thị Kim Phúc running naked and screaming down a Vietnamese road. It is the Pulitzer Prize-winning image the rest of the world had come to know as “Napalm Girl.”

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Bella Kotak Creates Beautiful Fairytale Scenes Full of Color and Emotion


Growing up in Kenya, photographer Bella Kotak developed a love of the warm and vibrant hues that surrounded her.  Now living in the UK, her longing for those same rich tones is evident in her work.  Her series entitled “In Bloom” is the beautiful embodiment of her fascination with a fanciful world, drawing the viewer into the mystical images full of life.

I was intrigued by the series and curious about the work that went into it.

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This Footage Will Make You Wish You Lived Near a Volcano

Source: Vimeo/Timestorm Films

Source: Vimeo/Timestorm Films

Every once in a while a volcano erupts and it is always a spectacular sight to see, but Martin Heck of Timestorm Films was able to create a video as magnificent as the eruption itself.

Volcano Calbuco, located in Southern Chile, erupted on April 22, 2015 for the first time in four decades and reminded us just how mind-blowingly gorgeous volcanoes can be.

Watch this 4K video and I bet you’ll be asking for a volcano-view room on your next vacation.

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Photographer Turns Friends into Their Favorite Foods


You know that feeling when you like some type of food so much that you start seeing it in people?

No? Me neither, but you might start after seeing this next series of photos.

In his latest project, ‘Cara-Comida’ (Face-Food), Brazilian photographer Junior Luz took food photography to another level as he turned his friends into their food of choice.

“I always looked at my friends and imagined their faces covered in food, so I decided to ask them what their favorite food is”, Junior told DIYP, and after a quick meeting with his team they worked out the logistics and began shooting.

The results are amusing, but bacon might scare you from now on.

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Overcoming Creative Dry Spells and where to find inspiration

One of the things I used to hate when perusing my path as a photographer is when I reached a point where I was uninspired to shoot, or I’d reach a point where I’d feel that my best work is behind me and there is nothing new I can do. These creative dry spells used to happen to me from time to time and I know it happens to everyone so I want to share what I personally do to overcome this feeling.

feature image inspiration

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Perfect Imperfections: Embracing And Empowering Positive Body Image [NSFW]


Sometimes an idea, a thought, a life changing moment is so complex it seems impossible to put into words… well this is exactly that. I sit here as if in front of a blank canvas, unsure how to truly explain everything.

For the last 9 months I have struggled with my postpartum body. Unlike with my first pregnancy, in which I bounced right back and in fact liked my body more, with my second pregnancy I barely recognize this new body I’m living with. My abs are separated from my pelvic bone to my sternum, I have an umbilical hernia in need of repair, and I’m currently in physical therapy due to back problems stemming from my abs being weak. I have stretch marks. I have sciatic nerve pain in my bottom. All this came out of left field after my perfect first pregnancy.

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Enrapturing Portraits Explore The Athelticism, Strength, And Form Of Dancers


Dancers are known for their gracefulness and poise, for the great stamina and strength. A study of the human form wouldn’t be complete without visiting the a dance studio. There’s a level of dedication and perseverance in great dancers that sparks an inner connection between the physical and the mental–a culmination of beings that only great photographers can capture.  [Read more…]