Trade Show Booths From Smaller Shows

Last week I attended the Salon De La Photo in Paris. After attending PMA@CES earlier this year it was interesting to see how booths of big companies in a local show compare to similar booths in international shows. (Generally, they are smaller copies of their big brothers :)

Here is the interesting thing, speaking with a few vendors on the floor who attended both Photokina in Germany and the Salon in Paris there seemed to be a conceseus that the salon while being smaller, and French only was way more engaged and crowded.

Trade Show Booths From Smaller Shows

I can see a few factors contributing to that feeling. Maybe it is because the Salon is exhibiting on a smaller floor, so it feels more crowded. Maybe it is because the salon has fewer vendors to share the audience, so each vendor gets more attention. Regardless of the reasons, the show felt pretty busy.

A few weeks back PetaPixel share images of booths from Photokina, I thought it would be fun to compare (Photokina as a snap on lower right of the first photo) [Read more...]

Enhancing Detail and Dynamic Range in Lightroom 4

In this Lightroom 4 tutorial, we will be showing you how to enhance the detail and expand the dynamic range of a single raw image using the Lightroom 4 Preset System and techniques that we teach on the Lightroom 4 A to Z DVD.

Enhancing Detail and Dynamic Range in Lightroom 4

As always, for those that may not have the LR4 Preset System, we will show you each step of the process as we walk through this Lightroom 4 edit.

The goal and vision is to create an image with enhanced detail, contrast, and dynamic range without crossing over into the “overdone HDR” territory. [Read more...]

A Time-Lapse Of America With No People

A Time-Lapse Of America With No People

Would it be weird if we lived in a world without people? Ross Ching is exploring this questions exactly in a series of time-lapses called The Empty America.

The series is made out of time lapse movies taken in major cities in the us, with people magically removed from them.

So far movies have been taken in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City and Washington D.C. [Read more...]

A Creative Time Lapse Showing The Cityscape Of Chicago

I really like how time lapse movies are evolving as equipment is becoming more accessible and allows more cinematographers to express their vision. Cityscape Chicago by Eric Hines is one of those examples with some very creative camera moves taken of the city of Chicago.

A Creative Time Lapse Showing The Cityscape Of Chicago

The movie is made from over 30,000 individual images shot with the Canon 5DmkIII and took over four months to complete.

In the three days that it is playing it was watched over 102,000 times, So sit back, change the view to HD on full screen and enjoy. [Read more...]

Do We Really Understand Online Marketing?

As photographers we try to market ourselves really hard with one of the growing venues is online marketing. We use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram and a bunch of other social media hocus focus with the hope that our services, product or message will reach the audience that we seek.

But do we really understand how online marketing works? Adobe TV jsut put out a funny short which tries to distinguish the buzz from the fact. Hint, there doesn’t see to be a lot of the latter.

[via Don GIannatti] [Read more...]

How to Create a Colour Saturated Moon Photo

Colour Saturated Full Moon

Why does the picture of the Moon above have those funky colours? You can’t see them with your eyes, or through the telescope like that, right?

Actually the colours are real – they’ve just been artificially boosted; amplified during processing. The colours themselves represent the various types of iron and mineral deposits on the Moon. The blue hues reveal titanium rich areas while orange and purple colors show regions relatively poor in titanium and iron.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to process your lunar images to bring out those colours. I’ll talk a little about the equipment and capture, but most of the article will focus on the image processing.

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Can’t Afford To Crash Cars? How About Scaling It Down

Here is a resolution I hope each one of you will get to employ one day. Freddie Wong and Brandon Lasstsch were asked to shoot a car chase for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Alas, they did not have the money, cars or closed roads to shot it in.

The ingenious idea was to scale it down and use RC cars to shot the entire thing. RC cars meant no real danger, no need to close down a district, really fast shot reset and having a way smaller production in general. It can still be Epic though. Heck, they even had a police heli for the car to jump over! Hit the jump for the BTS

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