Cera Hensley Creates Fantasy Worlds On A 3 By 3 Feet Table

Cera Hensley, recreates fantasy worlds from everyday objects, and she does it all on a 3×3 feet table.

Cera photographs custom crafted landscapes, and completes them with miniature photos of models separately taken in front of a white backdrop. Playing with perspective and angles, the worlds are mischievous, annoying or surreal yet completely believable.

Cera Hensley Creates Fantasy Worlds On A 3 By 3 Feet Table

The process involves pre-visualizing the scene, building the landscape and posing the models to fit. Here are some more samples of her work along with some behind the scenes of their creations taken from two f her projects: Here Nor There and Mime Adventures. [Read more...]

A 50 Assistants Crazy Pyrotechnics Shoot

A while back at November I attended Salon De La Photo in Paris which was quite cool. Very different atmosphere from the big shows in Europe and Vegas.

Luckily, I was able to attend a mass shoot done by Benjamin von Wong. It was a fashion/fire kinda shoot where it was not really clear what’s going on while the shoot went on and today I finally got to see the final pictures.

A 50 Assistants Crazy Pyrotechnics Shoot

Ben is modest in his video and does not reveal all the details from that shoot. So This post is kinda a viewer report on what was going on at that time, and what I think as a participant that made this shoot a pretty happy and interesting experience for me. Any omissions, inaccuracies or right out lies are 100% my fault. [Read more...]

It’s Not This Shot – Sacrifice It

A lot has been said about the need to connect with your subject when you are shooting. Some suggest having a chat for a few minutes before starting to shoot, other suggest to throw away the first 50 photographs and treat them as a warm up.

Sometimes it is OK to sacrifice a frame just to get the next one.

It's Not This Shot - Sacrifice It

Here is an idea I use very often, especially with kids and family portraits. It does not suit all families, but I think it fills right for most, if not all, kids. [Read more...]

Using A Go Pro Array For Bullet Time Effect

Marc Donahue from Perma Grin Films has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Two of which are wonderfully demonstrated in the video below.

The first one is kinda new old trick where using an array of video cameras to create a bullet time effect. This one was shot entirely with GoPro Hero cameras mounted on (at least) two DIY rigs – a small rig that can be handheld (see 0:18) and a bigger rig that give a wider angle (see 0:50).

The other, more interesting thing for me was a technique Marc calls Lyric-Lapsing. It’s a mix between stop motion and time lapse on a talking head, and it is highly surreal (see the intro at 0:16 and the conclusion at 2:00).

[My GoPro Array | Vimeo] [Read more...]

The Beautiful Light Paintings Of Jason D. Page

Here at DIYP we are always for some awesome light painting. Jason D. Page definitely answers to this definition.

The Beautiful Light Painting Of Jason D. Page

Ina  short teaser for his upcoming documentary, Jason shows some great light painting photographs and behind the scenes of how they were made, along with his concept of Light painting:

Calling light painting a photographic technique, would be the same thing as calling painting a canvas technique or calling drawing a sketch pad technique. Light painting is its own art form“. The movie and some more awesome light paintings after the jump. [Read more...]

The Open Source Portrait – Equipment & Environment (Part 1)

As promised, I thought it might be fun/helpful to walk through a portrait shooting session from start to finish using only Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS). This is my personal workflow, and hopefully I can do the subject some justice.

When I set goals for a portrait shoot, I set them HIGH!
A Model Idiot.

I’m going to walk through the creation of a portrait of my friend Mairi that I did not too long ago. I had been wanting to shoot with Mairi for a while, and only recently got a chance to sit down and actually do it quickly. For reference, here is one of the final results that I’ll be walking through the process for: [Read more...]

Poll: Where Are You Positioned On The Amateur-Pro Sequence?

So, this question has been on my mind for a long time now. I would love to know where do you stand on the amateur vs. pro sequence.

There are many definitions both for being an amateur or for being a pro. Some have to do with gear, some with the amount of time allocated to photography and some with passion. What I think is that as time goes by this distinction is becoming less obvious. It is not one or another but rather a sequence that starts at one end and concludes on the other.

One of the ways to make this distinction is to see how much of one’s income is made of photography.

I will be doing more of these poll, because it helps me to learn about you and because it could be fun to learn who are the readers around you.

At least for now, you can also find this (and the next) polls on the bottom right hand side of the blog as this post will slowly go down and out the front page.

[Read more...]

What Happens When Mixing A Drill, Some Paint And High Speed Photography

The Black Hole series by Swiss Photographer Fabian Oefner is nothing but black.

Mixing in colors, a fast spinning drill and no less than 6 modified strobes, Fabian gives color splashes a new twist (pun intended).

black hole

The strobes used in this shoot are not your ordinary strobes, they are modified speedlights that can be dialed down till 1/40,000 of a second which is what Fabian needed to freeze the fast splashing color. [Read more...]