Tattoos & Photo Editors: My Conversation with Stella Kramer

I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a long time. But not just any tattoo. I’ve been wanting the perfect tattoo. A killer design from an amazing artist that showcases my love for my family and my passion for photography. As is the case when trying to come up with the perfect anything, however, it takes time. Or maybe I’m just stalling? In either case, it was while scouring Google Images recently for ideas and inspiration that I stumbled across the blog of Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor and consultant Stella Kramer.


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Photo Story: You Are Not Alone

When we share photo stories, we usually focus on the lighting, the gear or some other aspect of the technical process. Today we would like to share Jen Brook‘s Photograph and her story that is more about the emotions that go into a photo.

On the tenth day in October 2012, one year ago today, a child put a rope around her fifteen year old neck…

Photo Story: You Are Not Alone

This is Amanda Todd. This is her story… [Read more...]

Internet Marketing For Photographers – Your Virtual Personality

It’s pretty obvious that internet marketing is critically important to a photography business.

When I started my business, the argument was: Do you need a website?  At the time, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that a website would become only a small part of an overall photography business internet marketing strategy.

But, when was the last time that you checked your virtual personality?

In this article, I am going to review what I find when I search my own name and my business name – with at least one curveball thrown in.Live Nude Girls by JP Danko blurMEDIA Toronto Commercial Photographer

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This Photo A Month Selfie Project Goes All The Way To Birth

This Photo A Month Selfie Project Goes All The Way To Birth

We have seen quite a few a-photo-a-day or a-photo-a-week projects. We usually love them as they are a great way to keep inspiration coming.

We never saw a photo a month project spanning exactly nine months. Buenos Aires based photographer Sophie Starzenski accepted an advice from a friend to take on this nine-months project. She took a selfie for nine month, hiding her face and upper body, and showing the progress of her pregnancy. The project is dubbed Proyecto Pyokko.

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Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40′s Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

London based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is known for taking high speed photography to the extreme. (And for poking at a $12K Profoto setup with a $500 Einstein).

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

Jaroslav’s latest endeavor involves nostalgia, naked girls and some incredibly well executed high speed photographs of milk.

The project aims at creating a pin up calendar inspired by the popular pinup calendars of the 40′s and 50′s. Only instead of clothing, the models are wearing milk. Milk frozen with high speed strobes. [Read more...]

Standing in Front of More Interesting Stuff…And Other Good Advice

One of my favorite photography quotes comes from long-time National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson. “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” Like so many pieces of Life’s really great advice on topics big and small, it is both ridiculously simple and deeply profound at the same time. It’s the simplicity, though, that really resonates with me. I was discussing this with my students the other day when they pointed out to me that much of my advice to them is just as basic, simple, and straight-to-the-point.


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Inspiration & Risk: Do You Know Why You Wake Up In The Morning?

Inspiration & Risk: do You know Why You Wake Up In The Morning?

Readers of DIYP probably know Benjamin Von Wong. It is that crazy guy who creates inspirational art (or sets models on fire, or submerges them underwater).

I think it is not a know fact that Ben has only been shooting professionally for about 18 months. And actually quit his first job as an event photographer to peruse a career in engineering.

But then Ben quit his engineering life, and without a safety net jumped into the (cold, crowded) pool of making his job (and his life) 100% photography. Always seizing opportunities and never letting anything escape (even if the personal price was high).

The video below from Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite pokes at bit at Ben’s brain. I am sharing this because I think Ben’s finishing words are strong and inspirational: [Read more...]

Science As Never Seen Before – Fabian Oefner Talks Photography

Fabian Oefner: Psychedelic science

Photography is a rare thing in the way it intersects between science and art. Swiss photographer / scientist Fabian Oefner captures exactly that intersection.

Using high speed photography, precise triggering and understanding of light Fabian photographs the wonders that happen when mixing fluids with magnets, powder with speakers and paint with centrifuges.

In his TED talk, Fabian explains his inspiration, his process and performs a few live demos of his Psychedelic science. [Read more...]

How to Be a Great Photo Assistant

I think I entered a photographer’s rite of passage a while back when I started receiving inquiries from new photographers wanting a job as either my assistant or my intern. It was a flattering and surreal experience for me, particularly in light of the fact that I can name several photographers for whom I’d do just about anything for a chance to assist, even if just for a day.


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