Convicts Share Powerful Advice With Younger Versions Of Themselves


How many times have you wished you could go back in time and advice a younger version of yourself to avoid doing something with hideous consequences? Photographer Trent Bell came to the realization of the power of choices we take when a friend of his got sentences to 36 years in prison. The fact that this friend was an educated professional, a husband, and a father of four children got Bell obsessed with the impact of bad choices. Not only of his friend but also his own.

This realization resulted in a of photo project that merged large-scale portraits of inmates in the Maine prison system with handwritten letters the convicts composed as though writing to their younger selves. [Read more...]

Photographer Goes Through Paralysis, His Mental Healing Was Photography


Photographer Kevin Young had one of the most intense experiences a person can have, he went out and was brought back with CPR.

SLR Lounge shares that On July 2011 Kevin was taking a swim near San Diego, and while doing a headfirst dive into the water he suddenly could not move anymore. It took him a while to realize that he became paralyzed for everything under his neck. By the time he was brought back to shore he was out.

In July of 2011, my parents received an alarming phone call from 3,000 miles away. The message was brief and to the point, “I am with your son. He broke his neck, drowned and is paralyzed from the neck down. I need to perform surgery in order to save his life.” On the day that celebrates our country’s fight for freedom, I found myself fighting for my life.#

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A Photoshoot at a Shipwreck: Part Two of Von Wong’s Epic Underwater Project

About a month back, we featured an immersive and exhilarating underwater project done by photographer Von Wong. For those that never looked into it, Von Wong was the man behind a photoshoot done completely underwater – and it wasn’t anything I’d ever seen before. Before his work caught my eye, no photographic work done near at a shipwreck was quite as captivating at all. And if you haven’t seen it by now, you’re about to.

Back when we first posted about it, we featured a video that Von Wong uploaded to accompany his work, detailing the introductory basics of what it took to execute a project like that. It’s a privilege for me to introduce his next part in the making of this project: the second part to his video series, giving you an in-depth look behind the scenes at exactly how this photoshoot was executed.

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Journalist Checks Beauty Concept By Having Herself Photoshopped In 40 Countries


Over the time, we’ve seen many here-is-a-picture-how-can-you-shop-it projects, but something sets Before & After apart. In this project, journalist Esther Honig took her unedited image and had it Photoshopped by 22 individuals so far.

Honing sent her image to about 40 retouch artists at varying levels from amateur to pro, and asked them to retouch her photo (seen right after the jump), with a simple single directive: “make me beautiful“. Contact came via several freelancing channels (most notably Fiverr) so work has been committed at rates between $5 and $30. This is pretty cheap for a pro retouch, but still the wide selection of skill and geographical locations  provides a window into the concept of beauty as it is perceived in various regions of the world.

Honig shares that: [Read more...]

How To Win Any Photography Trivia Face Off With A Simple Question


Have you ever sat down with a group of photographer and gotten into a trivia face off. You know those kinds of discussion where one would go “Oh yea? So what is the F-stop that comes after F/64?”* Or “So, what is hyperfocal distance?”** or “what’s the fastest sync speed on a D70?”***

Those can sometimes get quite frustrating. Especially if all participants are quite knowledgeable.

Before you learn how I lost that contest, see if you can identify what the following lenses have in common:

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2014 World Cup Calendar Is an Amazing Work Of Lighting, Photography & Compositing

Getting photograpger Tim Tadder and CGI master Mike Campau on the same project is probably as high-end as it gets. THe two recently collaborated on the production of the 2014 World Cup Calendar.

2014 World Cup Calendar Is an Amazing Work Of Lighting, Photography & Compositing

The project involved shooting 12 of the common moves done in football (soccer if you live in the USA) by gorgeous models.

Tim shares that “The challenge was to create dynamic images of the women in action but still have a high level of female sexuality. There was a balance between being true to the “move” but at the same time showing the best assets of the models[Read more...]

This 4K Time Lapse Will Make You Fall In Love With Nature All Over Again

When I first saw this 4K time lapse I thought it could not be real. I immediately turned up the volume and re-watched it on full screen (and was sorry that I did not have the ‘right’ big screen to watch it even bigger.

Made to be Seen is Joel Schat‘s demo reel but I would say that it is one of the most hypnotizing time lapse movies we’ve seen to date, (and we’ve seen a lot). Shot mostly in US national parks this footage is a collage of everything worth timelapsing, from sunsets and sunrises, though the aurora borealis, arches, moon rising, gazers and rainbows, hot air balloons and so much more.

Joel, does share his gear list as well as some behind the scenes footage (time-lapsed in its own rights) below. [Read more...]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Cinematography of Bruno Delbonnel


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is one of those films that I have a bi-polar appreciation for. Because of the decisions made by the studio to build momentum up to the last two films of the franchise, the sixth installment ended abruptly and anticlimactically. Along with that is a number of other criticisms I have with it, almost all of them relating to differences between it and its book counterpart, and I’m pretty sure they make the Half-Blood Prince my least favorite film in the Harry Potter series. But where this film polarizes me is in its cinematography, which is arguably the best ever done by the series altogether.

Out of all the films in the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the only one that was nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography; that fact isn’t a surprise at all, either. The cinematographer behind this film was Bruno Delbonnel, who’s also known for his work on Amelie, as well as the recent Coen Brothers’ film Inside Llewyn Davis. He may arguably be the most well-recognized cinematographer the Harry Potter series ever had.

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