How I Built The Set For The Holy Mary Photograph


I met Viviane many years ago when we were added to a project together as photographer and stylist by a designer friend. The project never launched but we always kept in touch to see what each was doing. So at some point after we few years we both said: “Why don’t we ever shoot???” This started a 30 min brainstorm through facebook chat. We both wanted something very stylized. She suggested something like a “holy mary”? Then I came in and suggest something darky holy mary. And the idea was born. “The Holy Sinister Mary”.

…on the edge of your seat? Onwards…

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4 Questions Amateur Photographers Need to Stop Asking – And What They SHOULD Ask Instead


“Love your photos! What kind of camera do you have?”

“… …”

Look, I get it. I’ve been there. Being an amateur photographer is tough for a lot of reasons, but a large one is having to humbly ask questions you desperately wish you didn’t have to say out loud. At some point in our lives, every professional has started out as an amateur. We’ve all been on the other side of the coin, secretly trying to make sense of all the photo technical jargon while still trying to appear like a coherent adult that deserves to own a camera.

Photographers are irritated by this question because when someone asks this, they are essentially reducing their entire profession to what they are currently holding in their hand. It happens a lot, and the insult is literally always on accident, but that doesn’t mean hearing it gets any easier. But while my blood boils every time I get asked this, I just have to tell myself to chill the eff out. It’s my fault for being annoyed, not yours. I know you don’t mean to be insulting; you just want to learn. You’re simply trying to figure out a little more about the process, and asking about the camera is your go-to step one. And that’s what everyone does! Hell I did the same thing as a newbie – upon observing the fact that my point-and-shoot just wasn’t achieving the same effect as a pro, the question out of my mouth to any photographer that would listen was, “What kind of camera do you have?” I was naive and stupid and I didn’t know any better.

But now I do know better. It’s not that it’s a stupid question, it’s just that it’s not the best question, and sometimes rewording things just a bit can get you a much more useful answer. It’s not that pros are mean or anything, they’re just human beings, and human beings respond differently to different questions. So in the spirit of helping new photographers get the information they’re actually after (while at the same time avoiding pissing off every established photographer they ever hope to learn from one day), lets lay down a few ground rules.

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Photographing Portraits, Lifestyle, And Counterfeit Fashion With A $9 Budget Per Shoot

quentin shih 1

A lot of photographers dream of shooting high fashion and all the expensive couture that comes along with it. Unfortunately, unless you’re shooting specifically for a brand, that kind of budget just isn’t a reality for many photographers. Or is it?

Living in China, the leading manufacturer of shanzhai (i.e. imitation/pirated goods), photographer, Quentin Shih, wanted to undertake a project that would explore the everyday life of the individuals living in the small, poor towns at the forefront of the shanzhai industry. Thus, he started the “$9 Fashion For Photography” series. A collection of portraits for which he budgeted a measly 9 bucks to accessorize the models for each shoot.

“I want to create some humor using fake luxury goods, and the vivid color of these goods is also what interested me, but the fake stuff is not the whole topic I want to explore—young people, life, portraits are what I’m looking for in this project.”

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Time Sliced Shows Day To Night Transition From All Over The World In One Photograph


What if you could snap a full day to night transition with a click of a camera rather than just a split of a second? You can, of course, do this with a time lapse. But I am talking a single photo.

Photographer Richard Silver did just this with his “Time Sliced” project. The photographs in this project show iconic buildings and each photo in this project is made from 36 photos taken at intervals and spliced together to make a full day to night transition.

I was wondering how Richard left the camera for a full day at one location and he told DIYP that

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Why Light Trumps Location in Photography

why light trumps location in photography jp danko, blurmedia, toronto commercial photographer

One of my favorite locations for photography sessions is the beach in front of our family cottage.  Its a location that I use quite often for everything from family photos to commercial photography gigs.

The reason that it makes such a great photography location is because (besides being accessible) it has a little of everything: interesting texture, rugged wilderness, water and waves, ice and snow, sunshine, moody rain and fog, unobstructed star fields and everything in between.

But even with a great location, light trumps location in photography every time – and sometimes you have to break the rules!

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5 Photographers Chat ‘Working For Free’


‘Working for free’ is a charged topic for creatives and for photographers specifically. One side of the discussion claims that getting your name out there, getting exposure and creating contacts and networking is worth working for free, while the other side says that no work should be unpaid and that ‘working for free’ is essentially the industry’s way of ripping photographers of their well deserved compensation, while devaluing the entire market for everyone.

It is interesting to see the take on this questions from some of the world’s high-profiles and now-successful photographers. Of course, they were not always high-profile and  successful so they can share a view going from their early trying-to-get-out-there days all the way to their current state.

InMyBag magazine asked 5 photographers what they thought about working for free: Jasmine StarTim WallaceDon GiannattiDavid Talley and Simon Bolz:

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How Women’s Beauty Standards Have Changed Through The Eras: 3,000 Years In 180 Seconds

 Over the last few years we have seen the industry going against too skinny, too Photoshopped and just plain too western beauty standards. For me it is always amazing to that the beauty standards that we hold as glorious today are actually pretty short  lived.

The team at Buzzfeed produced a 3 minutes video going all the way from ancient Egypt till nowadays showing how beauty standards have changed. It was not alway about being thin. Actually during the renaissance skinny meant starving and the general concept of beauty was pretty full.

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Interview With Franey Miller: How The 19 Year Old Photographer Broke Into The New York City Fashion Scene

0E6A7454copyWhen graduating high school, most teenagers have absolutely no idea what they want to do with their lives. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I always kind of found it unfortunate that, right out of high school, people are expected to declare a major and settle into the same job for the rest of their lives. Before you can legally buy a beer in the United States, you are asked to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Those standards always seemed a little off to me. Then someone like Franey Miller comes along. Someone who thwarts the system, giving hope to all the dreamers out there.

Indeed an exception to the rule, Miller knew exactly what she wanted out of life before she even made it out of the 12th grade. For Miller, there was nothing else that could possibly entertain her more than being a photographer. After picking up a camera for the first time as an eight year old, Miller was hooked. Before she could drive a car, she was booking gigs. Photographing models after school and on weekends, Miller knew her future was in fashion photography.

“…there was a point where I decided I would never ever quit photography. What else would I do?…”

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Handmade Severed Thumb USB Drive Doubles As A Creative Photography Portfolio

As a professional photographer, it can be hard to make yourself stand out from other photographers, even if your work is really good. There’s just so many photographers out there, it’s easy to fall through the cracks. Sending out a portfolio or album of your work to potential clients just doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s exactly why pro photographer, Justin Poulsen, is making sure he “sticks out like a sore thumb”.

Working with Canadian creative agency, Rethink, Poulsen hand crafted a collection of  USB “thumb drives” which cleverly combines his knack for building his own props and his talents as a photographer. Using Body Double casting silicone, Poulsen made a mold of his thumb. He then poured in flesh toned silicone into the mold and embedded a 2GB flash drive into the “thumb”. [Read more…]