Incredibly Detailed Portraits Of Handguns Aimed Right At The Camera


Two Canadian photographers, Peter Andrew and Derek Blais, have come up with a pretty awesome project. For their Point Blank Project, the two have been photographing a wide variety of handguns and turning them into really cool pieces of art after being inspired by the work of Robert Longo. All the shots are taken in similar style–on a clean white background, barrel pointing at the camera. But, what really makes the photos stand out is how detailed the images are. [Read more…]

These Are the Most Stunning Landscape Images from Google Earth


Sanlurfa Merkez, Turkey

Google Earth is an incredible program with many practical applications.  For instance, I use it frequently for creating custom files for my handheld GPS and for mapping upcoming outdoor excursions.  One of the most powerful features of Google Earth is its stunning satellite imagery which covers the four corners of the globe.  This means that, for those too lazy/broke to travel the globe in real life, you can take in the splendors of the earth right from your desktop.  And, since Google Earth Pro went free earlier this year, you can “capture” it all in stunning HD.

Earth View is boasts having “a collection of the most beautiful and striking landscapes found in Google Earth.”  These images comprise varied settings from deserts to oceans, from prairies to mountains…and pretty much everything in between.  All of the hard work of location scouting has been done for you, the photos have been captured, and all you have to do is simply revel in a whole lot of awesome.

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SPOOF project Shows How High Fashion Ads Would Look On ‘Regular’ Humans


Have you ever wondered how us, regular people would look in a High End fashion shoot or on the cover of Vogue? French stylist Nathalie Croquet and photographer Daniel Schweizer collaborated on SPOOF, a project to answer just this question.

Nathalie aims to poke some holes at our modern trained brains who look at fashion and advertising imagery as an aspiration of perfection. She posed in front of a camera styled and set up exactly as the models we are all used to see on magazines.

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Why Computer Generated Effects Seem So Cheap To Us?

As someone who covers a lot of photoshop action (no pun intended) it was quite interesting for me to see this talk about the equivalent of what photoshop is to stills on cinema. CG (Computer Generated) effects. Pixel peepers and sharped eyed viewers are fast to catch on #failed photoshop disasters, but all and all I think it is fair to say that we are satisfied with how photoshop plays a role in our industry.

CG effects are a complete opposite though. If you watched any big summer blockbuster, you probably have some complaints on how poorly the CG effects are. Heck, Star Wars VII has taken into practical effects because fans were so deeply disappointed with the amount of CG in the 1-3 prequel.

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Scrubbing Bubbles and a Career in Photography


I marvel at toilet bowl cleaner commercials, especially those Scrubbing Bubbles. Remember those? They take one of the worst household chores and try to make it seem fun. The commercial features thousands of little animated bubbles with scrubbing brushes for legs that “work hard so you don’t have to.” With each squirt of the product, you are sending thousands of these Bubble-Brush hybrids to work. While you watch a movie or go shopping or eat bonbons leisurely by the pool while your cabana boy, Sven, brings you fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them, this army of determined bubbles are busy scrubbing your toilet.

Now, I’ve used this product multiple times and never once did I see any brushes attached to the bubbles. Nor did I see eyes. Which, really, is a good thing, because I would have freaked if I did. And, having used it, I still had to get in there with a toilet brush and do some work on my own which makes me think the Scrubbing Bubbles are either liars or slackers.

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Why You Should Never ‘Hire’ a Photography Assistant For Free


There are countless discussions about working for free in the photo industry and many points both for and against the practice.  This is here is not a debate on the ethics of “hiring” someone for free or the dilemma of portfolio-building that most every newcomer faces.  This is about how bringing someone along on a shoot without pay can screw over your business.

While trolling Reddit, I stumbled across a post by a sincere photographer new to the game who was offering to work as a second shooter without pay.  At first, I was struck with admiration for someone who is so willing to “pay their dues.”  In today’s world of self-entitlement, it is refreshing to see humility like this.  However, my next thought overruled it:  “How dangerous could this be to me as a photography business owner?”

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See Nature Come Alive In This Incredible Time-Lapse Landscape Video


Time-lapse videos are a spectacle to behold and have been taking the photography world by storm the last several years.  Not to be outdone, Andrew Studer spent more than two years photographing the Pacific Northwest to create a mesmerizing video showing the sheer beauty of nature and its might.

Comprising an estimate 85,000 photos, Andrew says he spent “countless all nighters, camping trips, and spontaneous trips to the mountains” to produce the four and a half minutes of awesome.

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Spectacular Hi-Def Aerial Photos Take You On A Breathtaking Tour Of The World

iguaza falls


A group of photographers based out of Moscow, Russia have embarked on a fascinating project that’s taking them to some of the most beautiful locations earth has to offer. Amassing over 2000 images of 200 different locations on their website so far, the group has covered a lot of ground. With photos from the North Pole to Antarctica and just about everywhere in between–they’ve even traveled to the stratosphere.  [Read more…]

Dazzling Family Portraits Taken By Mother Of 10 Are Full Of Earth Tones & Dreamy Natural Light


That’s right, ten children: Clint, Calista, Damien, Theron, Adrian, Quentin, Camille, Octavia, Elliott, and Gabriel. Each of them endearingly adorable, dazzling, and photogenic in their own way. Their mother, Lisa Holloway, is a professional photographer in the Las Vegas area. She lives, however, in a rural part of northern Arizona–the perfect place to photograph her charming family. The dreamy earth tones and gorgeous natural light she finds there seems to lend themselves perfectly to the photographer’s style, all the while complementing the natural beauty of her children. [Read more…]