So Over The “Overly-Retouched” Argument


Ah, “photography”, you loosely defined word that everyone seems to have their own definition of. It’s amazing how polarizing you can be, isn’t it?

And one of your most polarizing aspects seems to be exactly how much retouching is considered reasonable. Purists claim no retouching of any kind is allowed (then they usually reference Ansel Adams, which is quite ironic considering the amount of dodging and burning he brought to the field), while others gladly accept Photoshop as a regular part of their photography tool-belt.

In general though, there’s a viewpoint around the photography community, that too much Photoshop is a bad thing. That it destroys photography as we know it, and those who retouch an absurd amount should be banned or beheaded or at least mildly reprimanded (depending on which Facebook group you happen to be in). But before we all start gathering our pitchforks, can we maybe examine this concept of over-retouching for just a second?

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I Wrestled With Death Twice To Live For Photography


This is the story of how I wrestled with death twice to live for photography. Before I wrote this article, I told a couple of people about it since it means so much to me. Although some didn’t understand how I could talk so openly about this topic, I decided that it’s my duty to generate awareness and help others even if it means that I’m revealing my biggest struggle in front of the world.

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Dear Canon and Nikon, I Have Some Suggestions


Dear Canon and Nikon,

Last November, a spacecraft which had traveled 6.4 billion miles over ten years successfully landed on a comet. A COMET. This means we can now do ANYTHING, which is why I am writing you today with a list of suggestions, nay, improvements that I hope you will consider implementing in future DSLR’s.

None of the suggestions are as daunting as landing on a comet, I assure you. Let’s get the idea machine started!

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Why You Should Get a Degree in Photography; and Why You Shouldn’t


Back in the day things were very clear; if you wanted to become a photographer, you’d get a degree in the field. As in many other professions, a formal education was required in order to gain experience, learn the technical aspects and obtain official certification.

Nowadays you’ll have a hard time finding an employer or client who cares if or where you got your “proper” education, you no longer need to be a semi-engineer to take your photos or a chemist to develop them, and some level of experience can easily be gained since everybody has a camera now (even dogs).

You’d think all that would lead to a clear cut answer when it comes to people asking if they should get a degree in photography. However, as Ted Forbes explains in the video below, things aren’t so black or white.

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Humorous Photos Of Dogs In Timeout Wearing The Dreaded Collar Of Shame


Dogs can be very expressive when it comes to displaying what they’re really feeling. Just ask anyone who has spent any time around an under the weather pup who has had the inconvenience of wearing an Elizabethan collar–also frequently referred to as one of those ridiculous looking plastic cones designed to keep your pet from licking it’s wounds or scratching it’s ears. Judging by the looks on some of these poor dog’s faces, they probably feel every bit every bit as embarrassed and peeved about having to wear one as we think they would.

In Timeout, the latest photo series from Ty Foster, the talented animal photographer looks to give these dogs an audience–letting us humans know exactly how much the “cone of shame” has become the bane of existence to canines everywhere. Some win our hearts with a sad, pathetic, or downright goofy look, while other dogs come at you with a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding me kind of expression. And, much to the dismay of the all subject’s, it’s hard not be entertained by their misfortune… [Read more…]

Photos from the Largest Tribal Gathering in the World (NSFW-ish)


One of the best aspects of travelling overseas is encountering new cultures, with traditional tribes being popular choices. If this is your cup of tea, you will love the fact that once a year a bunch of them get together and a unique opportunity presents itself.

Fabien Astre travelled to Papua New Guinea to attend the annual Goroka show, the largest tribal gathering and display of tribal rituals.

The weekend long event consists of over one hundred tribes of the Papua New Guinea highlands showing off their music, dancing and culture and has been going on since 1957.

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Humorous Infographic Shows How Digital Photography Changed the Way We Take Photos


Back in the days of film you would think twice, at least, before snapping a photo. You’d then wait patiently (or impatiently) until you used the entire spool to have it developed.

The digital photography revolutionized our entire photo-taking process, from the thought invested prior to clicking, to how many of the photos we actually bother to develop (or edit) to what we do with the photos later on.

This infographic by Truth Facts is a humorous, though kinda true, presentation how photography today compares to film photography.

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All Your Favorite Shows Cuts 160 Movies Together With A Centralized Storyline

Here is where dedication and rain-man-like memory of movies will get you.

The team at Ornana Films created this wonderful animation where a kid is faced with a reality where the shows that he likes becoming a reality. (at least that’s what we think is happening). The crazy twist – some of the animations are replaced with short cuts from 160 movies. (With no list available though, the movies just screams for a guess the movies game).

The movie brilliantly, and seamlessly shifts from Danny Madden’s animation to short film clips that are almost too fast to comprehend.

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The 20 most Influential Street Photographers According to Readers


My name is Spyros Papaspyropoulos and I am one of the co-founders of, a complete and free online street photography resource. I was asked by Udi the chief editor of to share with you the results of a little project we did a month and a bit ago. A project that resulted in the first ever crowdsourced list of the 20 most influential Street Photographers.

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Epic Behind The Scenes Footage On Making This Enchantingly Detailed Photo

into the gloaming
Sometimes it’s impossible to realize the amount of work and energy that goes into making a single photograph. You can look at one of Alexia Sinclair’s images and recognize that it was no small production, but until you watch the behind the scenes documentary on the making of her latest photo series, Into The Gloaming, it’s really quite difficult to grasp the lengths Sinclair goes to.

Not only does she build the set from scratch, for this particular photo, she even gathers wild ivy and flowers to photograph and print onto the fabric in which she personally sews the model’s dress from. [Read more…]