Wedding Photography Done Right: The Best Of 2014


It often seems like the general quality of wedding photography has dropped in recent years. I don’t know if it is because DSLR cameras have become so popular or because so many people who have just picked up their first DSLR consider themselves a “pro”. Maybe it is just due to the fact that so many photographers today, no matter their level, have a website or Facebook business page.

This isn’t a rant about the state of professional photography or a debate whether or not new photographers are ruining the industry. This is simply the reason why I now, more than ever, appreciate good wedding photographers.

That’s why I decided to share with you some of the best wedding photographs of 2014, selected by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

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Melancholic Conceptual Artwork In Decaying Buildings In Belgium


One of our UK favorite artists, Rebecca Litchfield, recently returned from a photography tour in Belgium. Why you may ask, because Belgium has some of the most amazing abandoned buildings in the word, and Rebecca has long relationship with old and decaying buildings. But while her previous big project – soviet ghosts – was focused on the buildings and their decay, this time she was accompanied by model Jen Brook and they produced some of the most melancholic and inspirational photos I’ve seen.

Armed with a full set of Elinchrom Quadras a Mamiya Leaf and an EL adapter (to make use of Elinchrom’s modifiers) Rebeca visited a few abandoned houses and churches and even a derelict spa. The results really show what a dedicated team of creatives can accomplish in a short amount of time if vision and preparation is there.

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Fantastical Photo Series Illustrates Dancers Gracefully Moving Through Clouds Of Powder

When one thinks of coffee creamer, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t amazing photography. Until now. When Jeffrey Vanhoutte and his advertising agency, Norvell Jefferson, was contacted by Friesland Campina Kievit to create photographs for an upcoming ad campaign, Vanhoutte took the powdered milk and beautifully incorporated it into his idea for the shoot.

In the series of photographs, Vanhoutte is able to freeze time as an ever-so-elegant dancer performs stunning movements amidst powdery explosions of creamer. Vanhoutte and his team used a studio full of lighting in conjunction with high speed cameras to film the entire process. [Read more...]

71 Year Old Street Art Photographer Martha Cooper Returns To Photographing What Made Her Famous


Martha Cooper photographing graffiti artists in Hawaii.

In 2013, Martha Cooper celebrated her 70th birthday in grand fashion. She had a shoot planned in Manhattan to photograph a massive street art mural. When she arrived to take the photos, she discovered the mural was actually a giant birthday card to her from two well known street artists, How and Nosm. The entire thing was a clever ploy to get her to her own surprise party. As word spread via social media about NYC’s latest graffiti installation, more and more people starting showing up to the party. Before long, there was a waiting line of well known writers, artists, photographers, and fans all waiting to have their photo taken with Cooper.

You see, though she’s a photographer of many things, Cooper has a reputation for being one of the best graffiti and street art photographers in the world. Getting her start as a photojournalist for the New York Post, after an intership with National Geographic, she was at the forefront of the graffiti revolution that painted New York City throughout the 1970′s and 80′s. She immereserd herself in the culture when it was still fresh and new, slowly building her reputation as the graffiti photographer. [Read more...]

Photographer Creates Tintype Portraits Of Miners Using Silver They Dug Themselves


Sean Hawkey is go-getter. The type of photographer so motivated by his convictions and interest, he doesn’t think twice about undertaking a new endeavor, a new adventure. Hawkey isn’t deterred by difficulty, he has the patience of a saint and those characteristics shine through in his photography. Hawkey has spent over a decade travelling among, photographing, and reporting on a number of different cultures; documenting human interest stories as a freelance journalist. Given the nature of his job, and all that it entails,  it’s a given the photographer has seen his fair share of adversity. Being a travelling photojournalist is no career for the faint of heart, but Hawkey need not trouble himself with such things. When the trials of his chosen occupation rear their ugly heads, Hawkey coolly answers back, is that all you got? [Read more...]

40 Movies About Photography–How Many On The List Have You Seen?


This past July, Adam Sherwin posted a list of 40 movies about photography that “every photographer should watch” over at Resource Magazine. When I first saw the list, I had already seen quite a few of the films mentioned, but it also led me to discover a slew of other photography related movies I hadn’t heard of before. Since then I’ve been working my way through the curation. While I probably won’t watch all of the films (honestly, they don’t all look interesting to me, as I’m sure they won’t all look interesting to you, too), I have seen a little over half of the titles so far, including those I had previously watched.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite (and not so favorite) films from the list, but be sure to head over to the original post and check it out in entirety. There might be some gems listed for you to discover, as well. [Read more...]

Photographer Recreates Famous Paintings As Food Art In This Fun Photography Project

Salvador Dali's "Persistence of Memory" 1931

Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” 1931

Food photography is every much an art as food styling is and Russian-based artist, Tatiana Shkondina, is a master at both. In one of her recent projects, Shkondina tasked herself with recreating some of art history’s greatest hits using nothing more the contents of a refrigerator and her trusty camera. She also enlisted the help of fellow photographer, Alexander Tivanov, to pitch in with post production and her assistant, Dmitry Malutin, was also around to provide some helping hands. After looking through some of the creations, it appears the trio makes quite a team.

Not surprisingly, Shkondina has quite an impressive photography and food styling resume with a client roster that sparkles with names like Good Housekeeping, ABC Taste, Men’s Health, Tupperware, and a host of other major international companies. But, we don’t need to see a resume to understand Shkondina’s talent. Her portfolio speaks for itself.

To make the awesome images, Shkondina first comes up with the idea, typically starting with a highly recognizable painting, so she can begin sketching out her visions. She goes over a variety of combinations and possibilities while sketching, so she knows exactly what kind of foods she’ll need to reproduce the texture and colors she wants to present in the finished photographs. She then digs into her bag of food photography skills to capture the works of art. She says, depending on the complexity of the image, post production can sometimes take a few days to complete. For example, in a rendition of Andy Warhol’s “Dollar Sign“, Tivanov had to “paint in” some of the effects around the dollar signs. [Read more...]

Oblivion: The Cinematography of Claudio Miranda


Out of the top ten highest-grossing films of 2014, nine were either sequels or reboots for franchises already long-established – the remaining film was Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. With the current film industry an unarguable golden age for comic book adaptations, it’s become customary for most studios to play it safe and rely on audience familiarity to sell their productions. And it’s unfortunate – original stories like Edge of Tomorrow end up suffering in sales as a result while at the same time gaining critical acclaim (Edge of Tomorrow was even retitled Live Die Repeat around the time of its home video release in an attempt to re-market the film).

Given the criticisms warranted towards Interstellar (Oh man, that dialogue…), it was still refreshing to see a new, original, and all-around good science fiction film become a box-office blockbuster in the middle of Oscar season. For directors not as well-known as Nolan, making a film like that is a particular risk when taking sales into account; back in 2013, Director Joseph Kosinski took that exact risk with the release of his second film. After his debut with Tron: Legacy, Kosinski brought the cinematographer Claudio Miranda on board once more for a story he’d been working on since 2005. The result was a film released eight years later, titled Oblivion.

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Dutch Photographer Shows The Athletic Side Of Pole Dancing In Original Photo Series “Pole Fitness”



It’s pretty safe to assume when someone hears mention of “pole dancing” their mind automatically starts thinking of dark, smokey strip clubs. There’s some fairly negative connotations, and for the most part, the stigma attached to the term is not necessarily a prudent one. However, a Dutch photographer by the name of Bart Erkamp is on a mission to show the other side of pole dancing.

You see, pole dancing isn’t just something found in sketchy clubs on the outskirts of town, it’s also a the basis of a rapidly growing fitness movement. In fact, gyms all around the globe are beginning to offer pole dancing classes as a legitimate way to get fit–no sultriness required. There’s classes for men, women, children–people from all walks of life are invited to get in on the fun. There’s also a world championship and governing body, the International Pole Sports Federation, that is trying their darnedest to make pole dancing an Olympic sport. [Read more...]