Gorgeous Aerial Drone Photos That Would Be Totally Illegal Today

Clouds swirl through the pillars of Sagrat Cor Church, high on a hill above Barcelona.

Clouds swirl through the pillars of Sagrat Cor Church, high on a hill above Barcelona.


Drones are more popular than ever and have become rather mainstream as a photography tool, hobby or gadget.

Their popularity however led to restrictive laws and regulations due to privacy concerns, commercial rights and plain and simple dumb operating practices (a drunk pilot flying over the White House comes to mind…).

“Between the introduction of drone technology, and today’s laws limiting or banning their use, there was a glorious period when you could fly a camera almost anywhere”, says Amos Chapple, a Kiwi travel photographer who took these photos.

Below are some of Amos’ stunning photos that could land you a hefty fine or even jail time, should you attempt to take them today.

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An Open Letter to People Who Write Open Letters


Sometimes we get stuck in the mire of our own making. Thank goodness we can find a pump around to dredge us out of the muck.

Last week an open letter dispute erupted on social media. That could be said of just about any week on social media, but this time it was about a photographer and a band who wanted to use a photograph.

I found myself intrigued but after reading both letters I felt more confused and chagrined at the situation than angry. It was a minor tempest in a teapot… one of those very small kids teapots because, let’s face it, not too many people even care about such things as this.

The photographer fired off a note after being contacted by the band for the free use of an image in a book they were doing.

Enter fireworks.

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Quick DIY Tips To Boost Your Props And Set Building Game While Working On A Budget

Okay, we know you’ve been hungry for some DIY projects, and while this clip is geared towards the video crowd, there’s still a lot of useful ideas that can be incorporated into a still photography project, too. The guys over at Film Riot came up with these DIY props and set decorations for their short film, U.F.Oh Yeah. Staying true to form, they delivered with a great clip to show you how to replicate some of their prop hacks.

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Stop Working For Free: Pat Pope’s Final Word on His Open Letter to Garbage


Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Pat Pope and I’m addicted to reading negative comments and abuse hurled at me on the internet. For the sake of my own sanity, this is me going cold turkey.

Last week I made the mistake of writing one of those Open Letters you hear about. I wrote it in response to a request from Garbage’s management company that they’d like my permission to use a photo that I took and I own in a book they intend to publish and sell for money. But they’d like to not pay me. Since it went out on the internet it’s caused a huge debate, and within that debate I’ve been called a “whiney weener”, a “shitty douchebag”, and an “egomaniac”, and I’ve been encouraged to “watch your back” because “we will find you”. I found it quite hard to read those comments, not least because I’m English and I’m not sure what two of them actually mean.  For the sake of balance, I’ve also been described as an “internet warrior” and someone who is “standing up for the little guy”, so it wasn’t all terrifying, some of it was just a bit mad. But I need to get back to my life now, so I’m turning it all off. This is my final and only comment on the whole debacle, and I just want to use it to clear up some misconceptions.

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Photographer Uses Hundreds Of Film Negatives To Create A Single Work

Like all great art, it all starts with an idea. Then comes the task of turning that idea into a tangible piece of art. For Thomas Kellner, that means research. A lot of research. Starting with finding the perfect building then working out all the details. Things like determining the time of day in which the lighting is perfect and which perspective best illustrates the story, the idea. He starts by drawing a sketch of the composition he’s envisioning. Next, he begins the story-boarding process, mapping out each and every movement his camera will make on his tripod. There’s no room for error. [Read more…]

Photographer Finds Underwater Camera After Three Months in the Ocean


One of the great things about scuba diving is that you never know what you’re going to see.

Depending on where you dive you might suddenly find yourself face-to-face with a whale, a shark, a turtle or, as John Ng of Scuba Monster recently found out, a Panasonic GH4 in a Nauticam underwater housing.

Much to John’s surprise the camera had survived and thanks to the owner registering his serial number the camera is now on its way home.

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Photographer Spends Four Months Each Year Capturing Awesome Shots of Siberia’s Lake Baikal


Lake Baikal, located in Southern Siberia, is the largest, deepest, oldest and among the clearest lakes in the world.

Judging by Alexey Trofimov’s photos it is also one of the most attractive.

Every winter when the lake freezes, the crystal clear water forms spectacular slabs of turquoise ice, making the UNESCO World Heritage Site all the more special.

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Adorable Photos of Squirrels in a Backyard Studio

mishroom whisper

Geert Weggen, a Swedish photographer and carpenter, built an outdoor studio near his kitchen window. Using a bit of food to lure the squirrels, the studio allows him to capture these cute photos from the comfort of his own home.

Thanks to the various props and sets he created, Geert’s squirrels can be seen whispering to mushrooms, putting on the kettle and getting some work done in the garden.

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