Imagine Taking Photos With One Hand While Dangling Off The Face Of A Mountain With The Other

jimmychinAnd that’s just one of the difficulties professional photographer, Jimmy Chin tackles when he’s out on one of his typical adventures. Besides being a badass photographer, Chin is also an accomplished athlete and climber, so a little cliffhanging only adds to the fun. As much as Chin loves what he does, he says it can often be a struggle to integrate photography into climbing.

Recently, Chin and his wife, Chai Vasarhelyi, finished making a documentary which follows the photographer/filmmaker duo and and a small team of additional climbers as they make the trek up the formidable Mount Meru. The film, Meru, features some incredible photography and a thrilling story line, you can watch the trailer below. [Read more…]

Become a Better Filmmaker by Watching Bad Movies


It has been my experience in life that you learn the most from past mistakes, whether they be of your own doing or from someone else.  (Unfortunately, sometimes I have to make the same mistake several times before I finally catch on and move forward.)  The same goes in the creative world.  Being able to identify the bad can help us be able to more easily identify the good.

Darious Britt advocates just that in a recent video he shared on his YouTube channel.  As he says in the 5-minute clip, “If you’re a doctor, how can you get good at diagnosing sick patients if all you’ve ever evaluated are healthy patients?”  And he’s right.  Analyzing great movies (and I venture to postulate that there are very few that fall into this category) is also a good practice when learning and honing your own skills, but it’s much harder to see what is truly great in it until you can understand what is truly bad.

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Delightful Photo Series Captures All The Meals James Bond Is ‘Dying To Eat’

Dying-to-eat11Not too long along, we shared an interesting photo series which featured the last meals of death row inmates. It was an enthralling series which got the mind thinking about things it (most likely) would never wander to on it’s own. Now, the same photographer–Henry Hargreaves–has released a similar collection, this time with the photos focusing on the all the rich, delicious meals consumed by who other than James Bond. [Read more…]

Is 4K Video Even Worth It? These Test Results May Surprise You


A trending topic right now across the photography world is 4K video and the amazing quality that cameras such as the Sony A7s II and Panasonic GH4 can produce.  But, along with this, many people seem to be giving off the vibe that anything less than 4K is simply amateurish.  So, is 4K video all it’s cracked up to be, or is it just an over-hyped ploy?

The guys at LinusTechTips decided to take that question head-on, testing native 4K, 1080p, and “up-sampled” 4K video to see what the truth may be.  The results vary just a bit, but the conclusion of their experiment is not what I was expecting.

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Epic Timelapse Shows Nothing But Angles On The Milkyway


We love a good timelapse. And we love Milky Way time lapses even more. This timelapse shot in in one of the places with the lowest light pollution in the world- Wellington, NZ – has a very clear theme – yes you guessed it – the Milky Way.

After Dark shot by videographer Mark Gee (previously) features no less than 8 scenes showing the Milky Way including a day-to-night and night-to-day transitions, stars reflecting on car scene, a small campfire and a few more.

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19 Signs You Are Treating Your Photography as a Hobby and Not a Business


Often, the most difficult thing I see for individuals in our industry is making that scary leap from being an amateur photographer to a legitimate professional. When you do make that leap it is quite visible as your actions become very different than those who treat their business more casually. Below is a list of behaviors I have noticed over the years from those who treat their business more like a hobby.

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BTS: See How Photographer Created This Epic ‘Star Wars’ Engagement Shoot


A lot of people love Star Wars.  Granted, I’m not one of them, but I’m beginning to learn that my opinion doesn’t necessarily impact the choices of the rest of the world.  (Someday this will change…)  Daniel Grove is one of those who loves Star Wars.  Paying homage to his beloved science fiction genre, the Texas-based photographer teamed up with couple Angel and Kyson to create an engagement shoot of epic proportions.

In a galaxy not-so-far-far away, they brought the fight of the Galactic Empire to the Texan countryside.  With full Tatooine-esque (Tatooinian-esque?  Tatooineü-esque?) wardrobe and makeup, the couple fought for their mortal survival against Sith Lords to eventually win the day.  (I love how it looks like Kyson is “slip-thumbing” his laser gun…)

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Can You Tell How Many Photos Can Each of These Hold?


A few days ago I was talking to my buddy Jim Goldstein and we reminisced about all the old discs that we used to have. Some of those will not even hold a jpg from a 2 MP camera.

Assuming an raw image is 7-35MP nowadays, it is amazing that we used to carry tiny pieces of plastic with as little as 360KB in them.

You know what? I am going to make it easy for you and you only need to know the size of the disk, getting the actual number of photos that would fit in introduces way to many variables.

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Make Your Street Photography More Dynamic By Choosing What to Put In the Frame (and What to Leave Out)


Street photography is a very popular genre right now, but it is nothing new.  Award-winning photographer Joel Meyerowitz started his photography career in the early ’60s when photographers like Diane Arbus and Lee Friedlander were roaming the sidewalks of urban communities.

In a video by Phaidon Press, Joel shares some of the most fundamental elements of street photography.  “What you put in and what you leave out [of the frame] are what determines the meaning … of the photograph,” he explains.  With an artistic vision that goes beyond simply creating perfect “copies” of real life, he describes how even those elements outside the frame can impact what’s inside and how SLR cameras are at a significant disadvantage for street photography work.

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