Wedding Photographer Risks Life to Get The Perfect Shot

Some people have no sense.  Or too much courage.  Or something.  A video posted by the Singapore Reckless Drivers Community (apparently it’s a real problem over there) shows a photographer hanging his body halfway out a car window while going down the highway.  According to SRDC, the guy is a wedding photographer and was attempting to get the perfect shot of the wedding party in the vehicle next to him.

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A Portrait Shot 30M Under Toxic Water With A Stuffed Cormorant

VonWong's Underwater Fisherman in collaboration with Ballentines

VonWong’s Underwater Fisherman in collaboration with Ballentines

What if a big company approached you with the following suggestion, how would you react?

We love what you do and want to support you as part of our Stay True campaign. Is there anything you’d like to do that you’ve never done before?

when Ballantines approached Benjamin Von Wong with such a suggestion, he reacted by upping his underwater shooting game. He wanted to “recreate the iconic scene of a young Chinese cormorant fisherman hard at work on a bamboo raft – shot 30 meters underwater in a cenote just above a toxic layer of hydrogen sulphide“.

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See What Adobe’s Dehaze Feature Does To a Photo of a Blizzard


Adobe’s new dehaze feature has created some buzz around the Interwebs and yielded some interesting results for photographers.  In another layer to this suspenseful saga, photographer Bimal Ramdoyal shared some of his own results with the new tool.

Taking a photo from a blizzard, Bimal upped the dehaze slider to +90 in Photoshop to see what it would do to the snow swirling through the air, and the dramatic results are quite impressive.

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Regarding the Photographing of Plus-Size Clients


I read a couple statements today by photographers who will not show plus-size clients in their portfolio because they don’t want to attract plus-size clients. And I have to give my two cents on this, because well, it’s what I do.

As photographers, we meet people where they are. We photograph skin with all its beautiful shades; we photograph people in love; we photograph those beginning their journey in life, and those, like the elderly couple with all their glorious wrinkles, who are just finishing it.

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High School Student Gets Famous Peruvian Actor to Star In His Film


Kids these days often leave me scratching my head.  However, in what I would describe as making my entire scholastic career look like an extended daycare session, 17-year-old Alex Fischman created La Vieja Quinta.

Fischman, a student at Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Lima, Peru, created the short film for a high school project. It is an impressive film for someone of any age, let alone a high schooler, and is unlike any other I’ve seen produced from students in a similar age bracket. With elements of humor and a look at human connection, it carries with it a deep sense of emotion.

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From the Cold War: The Evolution of the Modern Digital Camera


The history of the digital camera is much older than most would expect.  With roots going way back into the dark days of the Cold War, a fascinating series of innovations have led to the creation of technology we take for granted in our everyday lives.

For instance, did you know that the first cell phone photo was shared in 1997 or that the first digital camera prototype was developed as far back at 1975 or that the basic plans that launched the CCD sensor were developed in under one hour in 1969?

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Wandering About Lapland’s Milky Way and Northern Lights


Tiina Törmänen, a Finnish landscape photographer, has travelled the vast wilderness of Arctic Lapland creating an awe-inspiring series of self portraits.

Titled “Wanderer”, the series is Tiina’s attempt to show how tiny we humans are in this world we live in and the universe around it.

The isolated frozen landscapes and the stunning skies, showing the magnificent northern lights and Milky Way, fulfill her goal in the most beautiful way.

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Watch As An Old, Damaged Photo Is Masterfully Brought To Life


Colorizing monochrome photographs is nothing new.  In fact, photographers were hand-coloring photos as far back as the 1800s.  But, one of my gripes has always been how artificial and “flat” the images always looked.  Even with Photoshop, many people seem content to just slap a single color over an area and call their work done, but color in the real world is not so simple.

Retoucher Joaquin Villaverde released an excellent video of a digital restoration and coloring of an old, damaged photograph in which he restored the image to its former glory and then brought it to life with meticulous color, yielding a beautiful end result.

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Epic Star Wars Pre Wedding Shoot Done With Action Figures

SW-AdrianAdelineTitle-1Photographer Mezame Shashin-ka from Singapore loves shooting action figures and also loves shooting themed pre-weddings. So how could he say no to this opportunity of shooting a pre-wedding session based on Star Wars. The couple saw one of Mezame’s previous themed shoots and approached him with the idea.

Being a collector of action figures, Mezame came up with the idea of shooting the couple and some of the action figures and combining them in post. Results are epic.

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Before ISIS: Hot Air Balloons Over Syria

Copyright Liberty Movie Ballooning

Copyright Liberty Movie Ballooning

Entering Syria these days as a foreigner poses a serious risk and is hardly a recommended travel destination.

With over 300,000 estimated casualties since the Syrian Civil War began in 2011, along with millions of others displaced, fleeing the country or left without sufficient food and drinking water, the war is the first and only thing that comes to mind these days when one thinks about Syria.

Back in April 2007, however, things were quite different. Foreigners were welcome in the country and hot air balloon teams were invited from all over the world to decorate the Syrian skies as part of the mayor of Homs’ birthday celebrations.

German balloon operator and photographer Michael Spar shared with us the photos from his once-in-a-lifetime trip to Syria, when instead of fighter jets and aerial strikes there were hot air balloons and aerial photos.

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