This 40 Second Timelapse Of A Sunset Behind Mt. Torghatten Took 3 Years To Make


norway sunsetPatience doesn’t always come naturally to some of us, but as photographers it’s definitely a characteristic we should all possess. Take timelapse artist, Harald Warholm, for example. Had he not been determined and patient as a the year is long, we might never have been treated to the timelapse he just completed–3 long years after he started. Though The Sun In The Hole of Mt. Torghatten is only 45 seconds long (that’s short compared to most timelapse videos we share here) watching it, you begin to understand just why it took so long to complete. [Read more...]

How To Become A Pro Photographer In Four Steps

With the rise of digital cameras it is becoming increasingly easy to become a photographer. It is not enough to own the gear for the job anymore and you need to bring something extra to the plate.

With this in mind we shared a tongue in cheek post a while back demonstrating how you can become a wedding photographer in ten easy steps. It looks like satire facebook page Being Satan did us one over and is now sharing an easier way to become a pro in only four steps.


Have you had a job taken by a pro photographer like that?

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Revisiting Shinichi Maruyama’s “Nude”; 10,000 Photos Of Nude Dancers Composited Into One


A well made photograph never gets boring to look at. As proven by the images that make up Shinichi Maruyama’s Nude series, which features gorgeous photographs of nude dancers. The photographs, however, are not your average studio shot and that beautiful display of the dancers motion wasn’t captured using long exposure techniques as you might suspect. Rather, Maruyama photographed the dancers using frame rates near 2,000 frames per second. In total, each individual image you see is actually made up of about 10,000 frames that were composited together during post production. [Read more...]

Dancers Painted Metallic Silver Compose This Innovative Nude Portrait Collection [NSFW]


CYBELEA project that has been many, many years in the making for photographer, Guido Argentini, has come to blossom as his latest book, Argentum. The project was sparked in 1995 when Argentini made his very first photograph of a silver coated model while working on establishing new and unique ways to create studio portraits. Since then, Argentini has been masterfully assembling a collection of images that feature his innovative take on nude photography. Argentum is 100 of of the photographers favorite images from the collection.

Working with dancers, gymnasts, and aerialists to serve as the models for Argentum, Argentini painted his muses in metallic silver paint and photographed them in front of a white background. The results are incredible as you’ll witness below.  [Read more...]

How Reading Comics Will Improve Your Photography


In June 1938 ‘action comics’ were published and Superman was introduced to the world. Not only was the character of Superman was born that day, but also comics as we know it. Today, 76 years later, comics is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Over the years comics became less cartoonish and more realistic, to the degree where today many refer to it as “graphic novel” rather than “comics”. Comic artists are great story tellers and by inspecting their art we can extrapolate and get inspiration for our own art. As an art form, comic books have a lot to teach us about photography.

Before we start, it is important for me to explain that I didn’t focus on a specific character or series, I tried to find examples from all around the comic universe, both male and female characters, well known and anonymous characters, DC and Marvel, old and new. With the main premise that Photographers can benefit from comics in a similar way that comics artist have benefited from photography.

Let’s start with something we all relate to comics, the superheroes!

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Meet Carlos Naval: The 9 Year Old Prodigy Recently Crowned Wildlife Photographer Of The Year


Stinger In The Sun; photo by Carlos Perez Naval

A nine year old boy from Spain took the top honors in the youth division of the 2014 Natural History Museum and BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, which celebrated it’s 50th anniversary this year.  Carlos Perez Naval, stole the show when his exceptional photo, “Stinger In The Sun” not only earned the young photographer a 1st place finish in the 10 and under division, but also garnered him the prestigious title of Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, for which he handily edged out photographers nearly twice his age. [Read more...]

Photographer And 7 Skaterboarders Take Over Helsinki Airport For Once In A Lifetime Photoshoot

For Arto Saari, the world of professional skateboarding feels a lot like home. Saari, an accomplished skateboarder, has a deep history in the sport and one which is decorated by numerous world championships. As a young star, Saari worked hard throughout his youth to establish himself as one of skating’s biggest stars and now his passion for skating has encouraged the athlete to branch out and enjoy the sport from an all new perspective as a photographer. [Read more...]