Avoidable Photographic Errors

Gratuitous header image.

Gratuitous header image.

Rule number one: there are no rules. A ‘mistake’ may not necessarily be a mistake if it helps convey the message or story or feeling intended by the photographer. I can easily think of multiple examples that go against every scenario described below. That said, for the most part, I’ve found these ‘mistakes’ to hold true. And if you want to achieve something very specific, then you either won’t be reading this article in the first place, or you’ll know when to bend the rules. The general viewing public probably has some preformed opinions of what is right/good, but these are born out of as much ignorance as conditioning by companies trying to sell more software or lenses or something else. There are rational reasons why these opinions may not necessarily be right in the context of fulfilling creative intention.

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A Surf Photographer’s Personal Crusade Against The Mundane

burkardWorking as surf photographer that specializes in shooting some of the most frigid and icy waters on the planet is a mentally and physically demanding career. It’t the kind where you’re putting your life on the line on a regular basis and while it might be difficult and dangerous at times, it’s also incredibly alluring to those who accept it. That’s because, to see something all the way through to these sorts of extremes, you really, really have to love it–and love can make the soul do crazy things.

Take for example, Chris Burkard. A photographer who once dreamed of a thrilling life travelling to warm, tropical paradises to photograph the surf. That is until he caught a taste for the adrenaline brought about by paddling into the wicked, freezing waters of Iceland. Pushing himself to the brink of hypothermia, becoming disoriented in overhead surf, getting lost on a wave as a light snowfall suddenly turned into a full on blizzard–these are the kinds of things Burkard lives for. [Read more…]

These Awesome Legography Photos Are Delightful In Every Possible Way


There’s a saying among photographers, advice really, that one should always shoot what they love. After getting his start photographing extreme sports, French photographer Samsofy Pardugato decided to pay a little more attention to another of his hobbies–model making. Samsofy has combined his love of photography and legos, by creating a vast collection of “microcosms” in all kinds of environments. [Read more…]

Tough message if you wanna Make it in the Industry

Photo by: Michelle Fennel

Photo by: Michelle Fennel

When you are just starting out as a creative it can be pretty stressful and one of the main causes for that stress can be the shortage of money. Retoucher Pratik Naik of Solstice Retouch had a tough but very true message for ones looking to make it as full time creatives.

Being a full time creative is a mixing between passion and occupation. And mixing the two may not be easy when you start. Especially in the monetary sense. And Pratik gives the only real true definition of making it: “…success in this industry is being able to support yourself by creating. Everything after that is up for discussion

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Elephant Captures the World’s First ‘Elphie'; Who Owns it?


Just when you think you’ve seen every possible form of selfie comes along an elephant and shows that you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Christian LeBlanc was feeding elephants in Thailand and when he ran out of food, the gentle giant took his GoPro instead. Luckily, the elephant aimed the camera at himself and his guest rather than trying to eat it as well.

This photo awakens a copyright dispute instigated by a monkey whose selfies went viral.

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How To Stop A Gear Snob From Bullying You

As a photography enthusiast, chances are you’ve run into someone like this guy. The guy who likes to brag about all his expensive equipment while belittling everyone else’s choice in gear. The guy who genuinely thinks having an expensive camera makes him a better photographer than anyone else in the room (and he’s almost always embarrassingly wrong about this).

If you’ve ever heard about this special kind of photographer, or seen one live in action, you’ll really appreciate this clip from the television show, Veep. When an especially obnoxious man, played by Timothy Simons, confronts an event photographer, questioning him as to why he’s shooting with a Canon 5D instead of a 1D, the annoyed event photographer quickly turns the passive aggressive insults back onto the offender.

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Vincent Laforet Shoots London Nighttime Photos from 6000 feet (Plus BTS Footage)

As part of his AIR project, which aims to show the world is connected by creating outstanding nighttime aerial photos; Vincent Laforet recently shot some incredible photos of London from a helicopter.

The project began with a set of photos above New York city that went viral, and has since covered several more cities around the world.

Other than London and Barcelona, which were both photographed earlier this month, Laforet will be spending the next few days capturing the scenic night views of Berlin, Paris and Venice.

A behind-the-scenes video of the Los Angeles shoot, as well as a video detailing Laforet’s workflow, have been released and can be seen below.

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How Richard Prince Sells Other People’s Instagram Photos for $100,000


If you were to take a screen shot of someone’s Instagram account and try selling it, two things would happen. The first is that you’d be told you’re violating the copyright of the photographer whose photo you’re selling, and secondly you’d be laughed at. Extensively.

It turns out, though, that if you’re famous enough you can take such a screen shot and not only bypass copyright but also make a fortune doing so.

The secret: slap some text on it.

Richard Prince has been using this method and some of his “artwork” is said to have been sold for $100,000.

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Just shot my first wedding, here’s what I learned


Editor’s note: Oliver Ruffus used the r/photography Reddit sub as a resource for purchasing gear as well as getting tips for shooting his first wedding. To show his gratitude, he decided to give back by talking about his first experience with a wedding so that first-timers know what to be aware of. Oliver was kind enough to allow us to share his post on DIYP as well, as his way of passing it on and helping others.

As Oliver stated, some of this info might be redundant with other sources but hopefully something new will catch someone’s eye.

I shot a wedding yesterday. Here is the gear I used:

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So Over The “Overly-Retouched” Argument


Ah, “photography”, you loosely defined word that everyone seems to have their own definition of. It’s amazing how polarizing you can be, isn’t it?

And one of your most polarizing aspects seems to be exactly how much retouching is considered reasonable. Purists claim no retouching of any kind is allowed (then they usually reference Ansel Adams, which is quite ironic considering the amount of dodging and burning he brought to the field), while others gladly accept Photoshop as a regular part of their photography tool-belt.

In general though, there’s a viewpoint around the photography community, that too much Photoshop is a bad thing. That it destroys photography as we know it, and those who retouch an absurd amount should be banned or beheaded or at least mildly reprimanded (depending on which Facebook group you happen to be in). But before we all start gathering our pitchforks, can we maybe examine this concept of over-retouching for just a second?

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