Shooting Kim Coates: How To Balance Crew, Cast And Client Needs In A Corporate World

Earlier this summer, Cinescapes Collective was hired by Tourism Saskatoon to produce a video series featuring some of Saskatoon’s local and international talents as they talk about why they love Saskatoon so much. One of the people we featured in the series was Kim Coates, star of the show, “Son’s of Anarchy”. We felt his was the perfect advocate for the city. For the short film, we wanted to not only talk about why he loves Saskatoon but also find out about his journey as an actor. What we want to do with this post is give you insight into how the project went down and also talk about what we learned through the process of working with talent. Our three main topics include:

  1. Working with Talent
  2. Balancing Client, Cast and Crew Needs
  3. Production Breakdown

Coming into this project we were excited for the opportunity to work with Kim Coates. The diversity of his body of work intrigued us and really played a role in the direction we wanted to take the project.

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Seung-Hwan Oh Develops Film With Fungi, Results Are Delicious


Developing film is an art form that is slowly fading away. As time goes by, less labs are available for developing film, and as DIGITAL is slowly taking over the last bit image capturing, film rolls are becoming more rare. And while producing art from film and paper was not always as accurate as working with calibrated monitors and printers, I miss those days of mild imperfections.

I guess artist and photographer Seung Hwan Oh felt similarly. But his concept of imperfection involved introducing fungi into the film before exposing it in camera. Of course the fungi liked the film and so it ate it a bit. The result shared in a project called Impermanence is something a bit weird, something between portraiture and abstract.

Haily Grenet who describers the work on Seung Hwan Oh’s portfolio explains the concept:

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Photostealers, Please Take My Images Or Why It Sucks To Fight Copyright Infringements From Overseas


This is a sad story about image thievery (again), and why I think it is so common on the internet. It is coming from a personal perspective, but I think there is much to be learned from it about how easy stealing images is nowadays and how (despite the law is on our side) it is sometimes very hard to fight. Being a photo stealing story, it  obviously starts with one of my images being “borrowed”. I was considering my options. Each and every article on the web says talk to a lawyer, so I did.  He basically said: You can’t do anything and you will never see any money.
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Lightroom’s “Match Total Exposure” Feature Saves Time And Incorrectly Exposed Photos

Ever accidentally forget to turn off bracketing and ended up with a bunch of incorrectly exposed images only to spend too much time in post trying to fix them individually? As Matt Kloskowski explains in the video tutorial below, the “Match Total Exposure” feature in Lightroom could be just the trick you are looking for. The feature is also useful when you’re trying to sort out the best bracketed images to be used for HDR photos. [Read more...]

The Ride of your life – Centrifuge Brain Project

Humans mount themselves on gigantic robots and enjoy to be centrifuged. That‘s what happens in amusement parks. ­Machines with the power of tanks and the voices of demonic entertainers offer 5 minutes of anti gravity therapy. An innocent attempt to escape from reality, driven by 10.000 horse­power.

Based on his childhood fascination for the strange atmosphere of amusement parks Till Nowak created the fictional documentary­ „The Centrifuge Brain Project“. He collected footage and used digital animation to create a series of non-existing thrill rides. It is a film about the search for happyness and our sometimes mislead ways trying to find it.

When I first saw “The centrifuge brain project”, I was kind of confused. Is this real?
Next thing was excitement – and I had to watch it over and over again.

After a few years, now I finally had the chance for a little talk with Till Nowak, the Mastermind behind “The Centrifuge Brain Project“.

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How To Find Inspiration And Take Interesting Photos In Boring Locations

how to

Regardless of where you live, chances are there’s some really incredible places to take photos nearby. The problem is, after looking at and photographing the same thing over and over again, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to see the beauty in it anymore. As a photographer, having the ability to find inspiration in the most boring, redundant, or even cliched locations is invaluable.

It’s frustrating, but, fortunately not all is lost. In the video below, Mike Brown invites us into his own backyard, a place he’s photographed a 1000 different ways already, to show us a few methods he uses to get the creative juices flowing when our eyes can’t see beyond routine. [Read more...]

New Interactive Video Uses 9 Nikon D750′s To Let You Pick The Perspective


Finally, a less annoying use of annotations on Youtube! The creators of the video below, produced by Nikon Asia, put those annoying pop up annotations to work as a way to make the video an interesting piece of interactive  media. Featuring the dance crew, Morning Of Owl, the clip is a five minute long break dance session that was filmed using 9 different Nikon D750′s.

What sets this video apart from other multi-camera videos is that viewers can switch between all nine of the different camera perspectives at their own free will, simply by clicking on one of the camera icon annotations that appear throughout the clip. Upon clicking a new camera, the YouTube loader will automatically switch the perspective at the same time stamp where you left off.

It’s similar to a choose your own adventure story, only this one uses cameras, which of course makes it better. [Read more...]

These Creatives Bought A Sony FS7 And Made The Most Clever Unboxing Video We’ve Ever Seen



Okay, I love getting new gear in the mail just as much as the next guy, but I’ve always been a little confused by unboxing videos. I’m not really sure why watching a stranger open a piece of mail is entertaining. Until now. When the team from over at 12FPS, a creative agency based in California, purchased a new Sony FS7 camera, they put their talent to work to create this three minute long “unboxing” video that is sure to bring a smile to your face. (Even if it isn’t you who is getting to open up the $8,000 video camera capable of capturing 4k at 60fps on it’s Super 35mm sensor.)

Now, to be fair, the video is more of a test footage clip than a true unboxing, but when an entire team of creatives get together to make an unboxing video, you almost have to expect a departure from the norm. [Read more...]

From Above: What It’s Like To Be An Astronaut Photographer With Don Petit


For a lot of us, travelling to space and taking photographs sounds like a dream job. For Don Pettit, it’s just another day at the office. In fact, part of his official NASA training included working with a number of professional photographers and trainers. Of course, being an astronaut photographer isn’t just taking beautiful photos from outer space. Pettit said in an interview with SmugMug, there’s actually a lot of engineering photography to be done, which Pettit says is actually quite uninteresting to the public.

“We have to take macro images of pins in an electrical connector or a bit of grunge in a hydraulic quick-disconnect fitting or little patterns that might develop on the surface of one of the windows. These things need to be documented so the images can be downlinked for engineers on the ground to assess what’s happening to the systems on space station. We get training specifically on doing these engineering images, which, for the most part, are not really interesting to the public.

Photography on the space station is more than just taking a bunch of pretty pictures. We take pictures of Earth and the surroundings of earth, and these pictures represent a scientific data set recorded now for over 14 years. About 1.2 million pictures were taken as of July 2012.”

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