ARRI Alexa Goes Head To Head With BMPC. Winner Is Obvious, But There Is Still A Valuable Lesson


How you would you rate a shoot-off between a  £3,000 Black Magic Cinema Camera and a  £150,000 ARRI Alexa? Actually, to make this a better budget vs. high end Cinematographer Olan Collardy included matching lenses in the price: A Samyang 50mm T1.5 for the BMPC and an Angenieux 24-290mm Optimo T2.8 Cine lens for the Alexa.

Fair play, right? £150,000 camera/lens combo vs. £3,000 lens combo. While results may not surprise you, Olan has a lesson he wants to share.

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GoPro Targeting VR Market with a Six-Camera Spherical Mount and Wireless Syncing

GoPro_VR_ArrayIn addition to its upcoming drone, GoPro has announced it is working on a dedicated spherical mount that will hold six of its Hero cameras and allow recording footage for virtual reality and augmented reality systems.

GoPro is also looking to simplify the working process and is developing software that will automatically sync videos from the camera to the cloud.

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Nikon Wants Your Money, Offers Up To $900 Instant Savings


It is this time of the year again and Nikon is the first one to push the SALE button. (Usually they are a day or two behind canon, but this year they were first).

Nikon’s model is one where if you buy a body you get a small rebate and for bundling a lens and a body, you receive a bigger rebate. If you are sitting on the fence for a new body, this is a great opportunity to ease that purchase.

Rebates range from as little as $80 for a D3200 + 18-55mm start lever kit ($446.95 instead of $526.95, roughly 17%) to as much as $900 for a D810 + 24-120mm behemoth kit ($3,696.95 instead of $4,596.95, a slightly bigger 20% discount). Some of the options let you get rebates for multiple lenses and speedlights.

Here are some of the more interesting options:

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$150 Stills Lens Compared to a $15,000 Cine Prime; Can You Tell the Difference?


Got any projects on hold until you get that dream lens? Convinced your current gear isn’t good enough for the task?

As can be seen in the lens test created by Freddie and the gang over at RocketJump Film School, you may be wasting your time – and money.

Don’t expect to see focus charts (not as they were intended to be used, anyway), as this real-world lens test isn’t about lab results, but rather about perception.

Obviously a $15,000 Zeiss lens will score better than a $150 Canon Nifty Fifty in the lab, but will you be able to notice the difference where it actually counts?

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Canon Rumored to Be Working on a Full Frame Astrophotography Camera

Nikon D810a. Will Canon respond with a 5D Mark IVa?

Nikon D810A. Will Canon respond with a 5D Mark IVa?

Not wanting to leave the astrophotography market to Nikon’s upcoming D810A, Canon is said to be working on its own dedicated full frame camera.

When the D810A was announced Nikon said it will start shipping in late May, so any day now, but its Canon competitor is expected to be released only in 2016.

Could we see a Canon 5D Mark IVa?

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The Miggo AGUA – a storm-proof, quick-draw camera bag


As some of your faithful followers may know, I like camera bags.  I also like to make them water-resistant.

My family and I do a lot of outdoor activities, from hiking and exploring to paddling and camping, often encountering less-than-ideal weather conditions. For those of us who like to take our cameras into extreme weather, we often worry about how the gear will fare…or we simply opt to leave it at home. On one whitewater trip last year, I drowned an SLR body and lens because it wasn’t properly sealed in the bottom of my kayak.

That is why I am excited about the new storm-proof quick-draw carrier from Miggo – the AGUA.

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GoPro Drone Finally Announced; Coming in 2016

GoDroneRumors have been talking about a GoPro drone for quite a while, and yesterday the company’s CEO Nick Woodman finally announced it is actually going to happen.

“Do you guys all want GoPro to make a quadcopter?” Woodman asked the audience at the Code Conference, replying “OK, GoPro is making a quadcopter. It’s official!”.

The device is expected to be launched in the first half of 2016, and is guaranteed to have have an impact on rivals’ sales.

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The Dragonfly Telescope Uses Ten Canon 400mm f/2.8 Lenses to Detect Faint Galaxies

Credit: University of Toronto/Yale University

Credit: University of Toronto/Yale University

While telescopes do a great job gathering light and obtaining images of ridiculously distant objects, even the largest and most advanced units are assumed to be unable to detect certain faint structures due scattered light which may be hiding them.

An awkward looking, multi-lens array was built to solve the problem – the Dragonfly Telephoto Array. Using ten of Canon’s finest 400mm lenses, the Dragonfly’s design significantly reduces scattered light and internal reflections within the optics, allowing ultra-low surface brightness astronomy at visible wavelengths.

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