Nikon Rumored to Be Working on a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera



The Nikon 1 mirrorless system has the advantage of being a small camera with a huge X2.7 crop factor. While this is especially useful to some, there seem to be many Nikonists who will happily give up the crop factor in exchange for a full frame mirrorless camera and all the accompnying benefits.

Based on the latest rumor, the camera is on its way and is already being field tested. That being said, the expected lack of an electronic viewfinder could lead to another disappointment.

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“Detox Specialist” Says You Must Eat Fruits and Veggies or You Camera Will Cause Brain Tumors


“Warning for photographers!!”, a video about the radiation output of digital cameras and its potential damages, was posted by an Ontario-based vegan.

Its creator, known as Vegetable Police, claims he’s a certified detoxification specialist and that using your camera could be the reason behind poor eyesight, loss of hair, trouble smelling and many other health issues.

“Eventually we’re talking tumors in the brain”, he says, adding that you should “eat lots of fruits and veggies” to clear the electromagnetic toxin.

Needless to say, it didn’t take too long before his video was completely refuted.

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This DIY Chocolate Drone Will Give You an Appetite for Flying


Source: YouTube screenshot


The Phantom 3 might have a fancy built-in 4K camera and 3D Robotics’ Solo can orbit around you, but when you’re feeling a bit peckish at the end of a shoot these drones have nothing on the Chocolate Copter.

This airborne dessert is made of homemade chocolate and electronics available online, and flies surprisingly well. Just don’t fly it on a hot day.

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You Have An Established Company, Why Did You Turn To Kickstarter To Make Your Next Product?


Kickstarter has been great to the community, it allows those with a great idea and little money to bring fabulous products to the market. Yet, every once in a while we are seeing a company which is not new turning to kickstarter to get funded.

Every time we post such project, the first comments are why is this company going to kickstarter? They should have plenty of money in their pockets and they should not offload the risk of development to us.

We were intrigued by the same question and asked 5 companies this exact question. Here is their response:

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You Will Never Check Your Camera Gear Again After Seeing This Airport Baggage System


Every airport I’ve been to has signs advising travelers to remove all valuables from checked luggage. While most people do so worrying that airport staff will steal their expensive belongings, throw their bags around or lose them altogether, it turns out that humans are not the only danger to your prized possessions.

As the video below shows, some automatic baggage systems might also pose a serious threat to the chances of your cameras or lenses making it to their destination intact.

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Why Moving Away From A Camera Strap Can Make You A Better Photographer


All photographers know that composition and perspective are critical ingredients in producing images that stand out from the crowd. Camera manufactures even provide us with tilt screens to enable us to shoot from just about any perspective. But wait a minute…let’s think about the role of that innocuous item of gear that you’ve attached to your camera without even giving it a second thought and will probably remain there for the entire life of that camera – the camera strap.

Yes, it was free, and yes, it may sport the model of your latest purchase, but let’s just stop and think about what else it does. Let’s imagine for a second that you had to purchase it and think about it the pro’s and con’s, about its value, function and benefits in the way you chose a lens or other item of gear…based on what you want to achieve and your personal shooting style.

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The Canon 5D Mark IV Will Come in Two Versions; One Dedicated to Video


There have been plenty of specs and rumors going around lately regarding the Mark III’s successor. Just yesterday we went over some of the rumors and why some previously unlikely specs seem more logical after the release of the C300 Mark II and the XC10.

One of the rumors that have been floating around the web is that the Mark III replacement will not have 4K video, but rather that the high-end video capability will be included in a dedicated 5D-series camera.

New info reveals a bit of new specs, but mainly brings back another rumor about sensor size and organizes all the rumored specs.

If true, we will be seeing two new cameras in a few months time – the 5D Mark IV and 5D Mark IVc.

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Blackmagic’s New Micro Camera is the GoPro of Cinema Cameras


The newly announced Micro Cinema Camera seems to be following in the footsteps of the popular action cameras, with Blackmagic advertising it as a multi-purpose camera that can be taken almost anywhere (which makes sense considering yesterday’s leaked poster).

Touted as the world’s smallest digital film camera, the camera is advertized as a being perfect for drones, as a crash cam, mounted to a helmet or the side of a car or hidden on the set for reality TV.

Along with its compact size, it is the advanced camera features, interchangeable lenses, remote operation and monitoring, expandable connections and professional recording formats that make this a great camera for high-end products.

The ease of use, reasonable price and wide flexibility, however, mean this camera will not be used only in Hollywood.

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3D Robotics’ Smart Drone Uses Computers to Control Flight; Allows Artists to Focus on the Footage


Just days after industry leader DJI announced the 4K Phantom 3 drone, 3D Robotics presented its own advancements with the Solo – a ready-to-fly drone made specifically for the GoPro.

The ‘smart’ drone uses two computers in order to allow unique features and have the drone fly autonomously according to a predetermined path or pattern. This allows you to focus on operating the camera rather than have to worry about flying the drone.

The Solo will soon hit the stores and is expected to be available in 2,000 physical locations.

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