Canon Set To Integrate Imaging Devices With The Connect Station CS100. Introduces 5 PowerShots


Aiming to make sharing, storing and viewing photos and videos easier than ever, Canon have released the Connect Station CS100, a storage device that is capable of connecting to multiple compatible imaging devices.

The CS100 will allow users to download photos and videos using the built-in WiFi and NFC capabilities or via the SD and CF slots. Compatible cameras can also be connected via a USB port.

Not focusing all its attention on the Connect Station, Canon has also released five new cameras from the popular SX and ELPH series.

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Polaroid Launches Socialmatic, Revolutionizes Selfies

polaroid-socialmatic-01Polaroid has long been iconized by their photos — the cheesy, white-framed, instant images that printed out and developed right before your eyes. It was pure witchcraft to me as a child… Your grandparents had an entire collection of them, the local sporting goods store had a wall covered with them, and they’ve been falling out of scrapbooks for decades. Even in recent years, the nostalgia of the instant photo has made a resurgence in the design and art community, and every hipster is now using them to document every benign moment of their lives*. Heck, the inspiration for Instagram was an obvious and shameless ripoff of the vintage Polaroid look*.

*Statistics vary.

Yes, Polaroid had it really going on in the days of film and the emergence of the casual photographer. And they were invaluable to studio photographers before the days of chimping. However, much to the chagrin of an uncle of mine you banked heavily on them in the stock market, as the world progressed into the twenty-first century and the move towards digital really took off, Polaroid failed to innovate fast enough and nearly collapsed due to their lack of foresight. Yet, despite being the late bloomer in the digital photography world, Polaroid is still here today, which is why we are proud to announce the release of the Polaroid Socialmatic — quite possibly the next big thing for snap-happy consumers who like to over-share their lives!

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Is Canon Planning On Blocking Magic Lantern ?

A photo of the new firmware version posted by 'skrull' on the Magic Lantern forums

A photo of the new firmware version posted by ‘skrull’ on the Magic Lantern forums

A Canon 5D Mark III owner reported on the Magic Lantern forums that he is unable to install the popular software on his new camera, which he purchased several weeks ago.

According to the owner, his camera is running firmware version 1.3.3, which does not appear on Canon’s website and is not supported by Magic Lantern. It is also worth mentioning that the user states he was unable to downgrade the firmware to an earlier version that is supported by the third-party software.

Assuming this is true, is it simply an updated firmware version that hasn’t made its way to Canon’s support website and the Magic Lantern team, or is Canon aiming to cripple your camera?

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Is Nikon Repeating Canon’s Mistake Or Does It Have An Ace Up Its Sleeve?

I Am Late

August 23, 2007 was a day no Canon executive would like to remember. That was the day Nikon announced its new DX format flagship, the D300.

Saying that the D300 was the Canon 40D’s new competitor would be a wild overstatement as they weren’t really competing. Nikon’s new camera slapped the 40D into a whole different time zone!

Nikon further strengthened its hold on the semi-professional market two years later with the release of the D300s. At this point Nikon had completely dominated the mid-range market.

It was only in September 2009 that Canon had caught up and announced a true competitor worthy of challenging the undisputed mid-range king.

There is no doubt that Nikon greatly benefited from Canon’s failure to respond to the D300/s. Why, then, would Nikon now repeat Canon’s mistake?

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Canon Rumored to Dominate the Megapixel War Once Again. Nikon and Sony to be left behind?


Photography newcomers may not be aware, but until 2012 a fierce war took place. A war that lead to the demise of many loved cameras and the birth of many more advanced models – the megapixel war (or the ultrapixel war).

Temporarily put to rest with the release of Nikon’s record-smashing 36MP D800, it seems that the ultrapixel war will soon be making an impressive comeback.

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Good News For Canon 70D Owners – It Just Got Magic Lantern Booted

Over at Magic Lantern forum we saw a happy announcement today. According to nikfreak, the Popular 70D just got “Boot Disk Enabled“. A boot disk for a DSLR is kind of similar to providing an autoexec.bat to a dos system via an external system. It enables a user (or a developer) to instruct the camera to run a dedicated set of commands.

This of course marks a big step for porting Magic Lantern over to the Canon 70D, which is in the market for over a year.

The announcement came yesterday, with an image to show…


Enabling Magic lantern on the sub $1.000 Canon 70D is quite interesting. Aside from the low cost this camera boasts a 22MP sensor and a Dual Pixel CMOS AF which provides smooth focusing in live view and video modes which may be an awesome feature for videographers.

It would be interesting to follow up on this….

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Why You Only Need One Lens To Make World Class Images


I’ve been a professional photographer for 6 years and like most photographers I have invested in a number of high quality lenses (check my kit over at InMyBag), but have recently concluded that this has been a waste of money.

It’s not that these are not great lenses, but I truly prefer to use a single lens.

At first, I used other lenses and always changed lenses during the shoot. Once I started using my 50 mm prime lens, I slowly started using the others less and less, until now I shoot everything with that ones.

I’ve hesitated from selling my other lenses because they can occasionally be useful for some jobs, but what 50 mm gives to me, it’s totally great. I feel comfortable with it, and now I know it so well, that I really do use it constantly.

So, here’s why I think that you only need one lens to make world class images:

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Video Showing How Light Travels In a Digital Camera

Even with digital images existing for over 40 years, the process of light becoming an image inside a box still somewhat magical. This movie takes the Nokia Lumia 1020 and breaks down how light transverses the lens, shutter, hitting the sensor, goes into the imaging processor and finally arriving at the LCD. Some of the early stages if entry also show the different lens elements and the images stabilization mechanism.

While the process of smartphone-photography is not 100% similar to the process on a DSLR, it gives a pretty good idea on the light path while keeping it magical.

[Behind the lens of a 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 via popphoto]

P.S. If you are a Lumia fan, you can see 50 of them in action here.