iOS 9 Code reveals Apple is Working On Bringing Flash, 1080p and 240fps Slo-Mo to Future iPhones

Source: Twitter/Hamza Sood

Source: Twitter/Hamza Sood

Rumors have been stating that the iPhone 7’s camera might offer DSLR-like performance, and they gained momentum a couple of months ago when Apple purchased LinX, an Israeli camera-tech company focusing on computational imaging.

While we have yet to have seen any solid evidence that DSLR owners will soon be able to stop lugging their cameras around, code found in the developer’s Beta version of iOS 9 reveals that quite a lot of work has been focused on improving the device’s front-facing camera.

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Weather Sealed Lens With a Fly Inside


I’ve been blogging about testing and taking apart camera equipment for almost a decade. has many thousand lenses these days, and they all get used frequently. When you have lots of lenses and they get used frequently, stuff gets inside them.

Usually the stuff that gets inside is dust. Our repair techs open up and clean dust out of more than 100 lenses a week. Not because the dust matters a bit in a photograph; it doesn’t. But because people still seem to think it does. People also, for reasons I can’t understand, seem to think that weather sealed lenses are less likely to get dust in them than non-weather sealed lenses. I’m not sure why they think this, but they do.

Sometimes the stuff that gets inside them is interesting and we get to blog about it. We found a spider, complete with web, inside a lens once and yesterday we got to add a new item to our ‘found inside lenses’ collection; a nice, fat, fly. And not just a fly inside a lens, but one way down deep inside a weather sealed lens. So deep that it took 4 hours of work to get it out.

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Tried and Tested: GoPro Cameras are Baby-Proof


GoPro takes great pride in the durability of its cameras, which enables them to go to places where no camera has gone before.

When in the standard housing the GoPro is waterproof to 40 meters (131’) and while I don’t know of any official numbers, the camera is also incredibly shockproof.

We’ve seen it fall from insane heights, with or without a protective housing, and somehow survive.

Granted, though, most users aren’t all that into extreme sports and jumping out of space, so here’s a more ‘real-life’ durability test: a baby trying to eat a GoPro.

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This Keyboard Will Help You Utilize EVERY SINGLE shortcut


Here is a quick quiz for you? how do you trigger the Photoshop Liquify filter? (CTRL+SHIFT+X) and Premiere’s go to previous marker? (CTRL+SHIFT+M), and the rest of the million shortcuts for the  apps you use? You could, of course apply some keyboard stickers for a specific app, but if you wanted all the shortcodes for all the apps, you need something like a keyboard that changes its keys. something like the Sonder keyboard.

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Sony A7R II: 42.4MP, Full Frame 4K and 5-axis Stabilization for $3,200


Ever since Sony announced the A7II we were waiting for the rest of the A7 line to get their updates. And today Sony announced the next camera to get an update, the Sony A7R II.

While the A7R was no small gun, it looks like the A7RII is bringing the technology up to date from the 2013 version.

The camera features a full frame BSI CMOS sensor @ 42.4 MP, and like the A7II features a 5 Axis image stabilization, and 4K video at 30FPS.  Another advancement are phase detection elements on the sensor to cater for faster and better autofocus (and just like its predecessor, the camera will work with other brands lenses).

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Leica’s Q Camera Announced; Boasts the World’s Highest-Resolution Electronic Viewfinder


The first image and specs leaked last week, we covered the dedicated app earlier today and now the camera itself has finally been announced.

The fixed-lens camera features a specially designed 24MP CMOS sensor, reaches a maximum ISO of 50,000 and posses a 3.68MP electronic viewfinder.

As you’d expect when it comes to anything with Leica’s red dot on it, the camera doesn’t come cheap.

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Leica Camera Rifle Prototype Expected to Sell For Up To $400,000 in Auction

Photo: WestLicht Photographica Auction

Photo: WestLicht Photographica Auctioneica

Described as “one of the rarest and most unusual Leitz accessories”, a New York Leica gun rifle prototype will be auctioned by WestLicht with bids beginning at € 150,000 (~$170,000).

The Kit, including a camera and lenses, dates back to as early as 1939 and is expected to sell for for $370,000-$400,000.

The auction will take place later this month so hurry up and get your money ready.

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Tric for iPhone: New Device Will Allow You to Use Speedlights with Your Smartphone

The iPhone wow-ed us all when it first came on the scene in 2007, and over the years we have seen how photographers, both amateur and professional, have used it to create some pretty stunning images. Even as far back as 2010 the guy at FStoppers amazed us with their iPhone fashion shoot using a 3gs. But, there has always been the limitation of not being able to pair off-camera strobe lighting with the little device.

Those days are over, thanks to Tric, a new wireless flash trigger for the iPhone system.

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Fresco Dispatch Aims to Crowdsource Photojournalism

Photo: Courtesy of Fresco

Photo: Courtesy of Fresco

After an alarmingly high number of news outlets have fired their photographers in recent years, and some have trained their reporters to use the iPhone’s camera, a new effort to crowdsource photojournalism threatens to deliver another blow to the industry.

Fresco News is an app that offers ‘bite-sized’ news in the form of photos and videos captured by ‘real people’, somewhat similar to CNN’s iReport, but an upcoming update will allow its members to get sent on paid assignments for newsrooms across the U.S.

There are obvious advantages in harnessing the power of the masses and their smartphone cameras, but how long before news outlets opt for ‘good enough’ and prefer to pay $700/month for unlimited access to iPhone photos instead of dispatching professional photographers?

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