Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Banner Leaked: It’s A Super16 RAW Drone Ready Camera


Usually companies try to keep their product launches secret. This may be a hard thing to do if you are putting a poster of your new product up on the wall of a major trade show, say like NAB 2015. This is just what Black Magic did, actually revealing the world with their upcoming camera: a Black magic Micro Cinema Camera, with 13 stops of DR, Super16, RAW, with features for use with drones as tweeted by Zak Forsman a few hours ago.

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Carry All Your Gear with This Insane DIY Photography Rig


A few months ago I came across a photographer who had a DSLR strapped to his chest, another taking stills and a GoPro mounted on his head capturing video. Never mind that most of his footage was likely not even worth watching, he seemed to have a pretty decent method of carrying all that gear.

Then came along this Japanese photographer to show us all how it’s done. Almost more gear than man, this walking pile of equipment uses a custom-made rig to lug three Nikon DSLRs, the same number of off-camera flashes, a smartphone and an assortment of compact and action cameras.

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Updated Zenit Helios 40-2 85mm f/1.5 Lens Announced

Zenit_HeliosRussian lens maker Zenit has announced a new version of the Helios 40-2 lens, last updated in 2013.

The lens is available in Canon mount with an adapter, Nikon (built-in mount), Pentax and Yashica screw-mounts, Praktica SLRs, Soviet Zenit SLRs and any other cameras using the M42 mount.

The lens is known as a copy of the Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75mm f/1.5, but costs just a fraction of the price.

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4k UltraHD Video Camera Showdown: a7S, GH4 and NX1 Compared

We recently did a quick poll here on the blog and if our audience is any indication shooting 4K video is not there yet. But early adopters (manufacturer and shooters alike) are starting to use 4K capable cameras and it is time to start comparing some of the consumer/prosumer models out there.

In this showdown Tony Northrup compares three models: Panasonic’s GH4Samsung’s NX1 and Sony’s a7S connected to an Atomos Shogun (to draw full 4K out). The team compared Dynamic range, focus tracking, high iso, impact on computer performance and more. (As a side note, price for 4K is quite difference as well: $1,500 for the GH4, $1,300 for the NX1 and $4,500 for the a7S and shotgun combined)

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DxO Mark Declares the Nikon D7200 the Best APS-C Camera Ever Tested


Nikon’s newly released flagship DX format DSLR has just been tested by the French measurements and ratings company, and it went straight to the top.

Other than being the overall top crop-sensor camera, the D7200’s incredible 14.6 stops of dynamic range place it 2nd among all cameras tested, just slightly behind the D810’s 14.8 stops.

Nikon continues to dominate the APS-C category with its DX DSLRs in the top 5 spots, with Samsung, Pentax (2) and Sony (2) making up the rest of the top-10 list.

Canon’s flagship APS-C camera, the 7D Mark II, is far behind in the 59th spot.

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The Pros and Cons of using Cheap China Brand Lights

Feature image cheap lights

My first ever off-camera flash was a Nikon sb-24 speedlight (1988), which I got. After a while I bought my first ever Nikon speedlight an sb-600 (it was around $250 back then). I was very happy with it until I wanted to get a studio strobe. There weren’t many choices to pick from here in the Philippines; its either you get one that cost around $300 per strobe or you can buy a “kit” with 3 off brand studio lights, light stands and softboxes for around $220. I got the latter.

(As a reference, a 400WS Broncolor Siros 400 which is one fine branded strobe – yet one of the cheaper branded strobes – will set you back $1000. A Cowboystudio 400WS strobe will only cost $150. A Square Perfect 400W/S strobe will only set you back a $100 or so. Those 3 are obviously not comparable strobe)

CHEAP doesn’t always mean bad, I have used these lights for more than 6 years now, and I want to share with you the pros and cons of using cheap off brand lights.

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In My Bag Lets You Search Gear By Photographers (Or Photographers By Gear)


We have said it time and again, the gear in your bag will not make you a better photographer. But admit it, it is always intriguing to peek in the toolbox of awesome photographers.

Online magazine In My Bag give you just this, the ability to look for photographers you like and peek in their bags.

The idea is to narrow down your interests and do a drill down to a photographer (or photographers) you like. You get a bit of information about them, their social media info, short philosophy and some of their best imagery and, for the real GAS inflicted photographers, peek at their bag.

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Canon Is All Over 4K; Announces Two Camcorders, a Monitor and a Proprietary Video Format


Earlier today Canon officially announced the XC10 – a compact, fixed-lens 4K video and digital stills camera, targeting aspiring filmmakers and enthusiasts. The camera is a first step towards upgrading to one of the high-end EOS Cinema cameras.

Alongside the XC10 Canon also revealed the professional EOS C300 Mark II cinema camera, with impressive 4K capabilities and a dynamic range of up to 15 stops.

Not stopping just camcorders, the company has also developed its own video format targeting 4K professional camcorders and unveiled a new 24-inch 4K reference display.

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More Drones: DJI Announces The Phantom 3 Drone


If I had to pick one topic that I get pitched about the most with regards to NAB, it will have to be DRONES. With a Capital D. And it does seem that they will be a hot topic during 2015.

One of the first birds to arrive is the new DJI Phantom 3 announced today from Chinese company DJI.

Unlike their GoPro line, this Drone from DJI comes with its own integrated camera. There are two versions to this new drone: The Professional version showing off golden stripes, which shoot up to 4K at 30 fps, and an Advanced version (silver striped) that shoots at 1920 x 1080 resolution at up to 60 fps.

The price tag of both will not make you drop, and range between $999 (advanced) to $1,259 (pro).

Features wise, it seems like this drone is a natural evolution from the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ with a similar 3 axis integrated gimbal.

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Rhino Motion Control System Is As Smooth As Their Sliders

A little while back we shared a review on the Rhino Slider – and if you don’t care to watch it (or the kick ass video that we shot with it), let me tell you the bottom line: We love it!

Now the Washington based company launches another crowdfunding campaign to add motion control to their slider. (This would be their sixth Kickstarter after the said Slider, a Rig, a stabilizer and some smaller campaigns, which pledged a total of almost half a mil together).

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