Adobe Camera Raw 8.8 Now Available

Adobe ACR 8_8

Adobe has released ACR 8.8 as a final release for both Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC users.

For Lightroom users and those using older versions of Photoshop, the company has released DNG Converter 8.8.

Other than a few minor bug fixes, ACR 8.8 added support for ten new cameras including the Canon EOS Rebel T6I (750D) and Rebel T6s (760D), Nikon D5500 and Olympus OM-D E-M5 II.

It also adds profile support for a list of lenses in Canon, Nikon F, Sony Alpha, Sony E, Pentax, Sigma, Leica, MFT, DJI and Yuneec mounts.

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Five Audio Options for Your Home or Office Studio

Photo: screen grab from YouTube video

Photo: screen grab from YouTube video

Being photographers we are accustomed to pay attention to composition, lighting, depth of field, colors, focal length and many other factors that comprise the final frame.

Photographers entering the world of video have the advantage of already mastering all these aspects, but one of the most important aspects in video gets ignored way too often – audio.

Audio recording is not something that automatically comes to mind for a stills photographer, in many cases leading to sloppy sound that ruins the video, but luckily Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens is here to help.

Watch the video for five options for recording audio in your home studio. Jay explains the advantages, disadvantages and price of these solutions, ranging from free to $1,000.

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Xiaomi Yi Action Camera First Reviews and How It Compares to the GoPro


We recently reported the announcement of Xiaomi’s $64 new action camera, and we’re now bringing you the first hands-on reviews and GoPro comparisons.

Two Chinese reviews, one by pcpop comparing the Yi Action Camera to the flagship GoPro 4 Black and the cheap SJ4000, and another by Geekpark comparing it to the GoPro 3 and 4 Black editions, reveal new details regarding the highly anticipated new kid on the block.

Other than sharing new specs and features, the reviews include video, contrast and low-light shooting comparisons.

One of the concerns with such a cheap camera is that cheap often comes at a cost. Does the low price indicate low quality?

Overall the camera seems to give a rather impressive bang for the buck, but will it work in crowded spaces?


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The Battle of the Nifty Fifty: Canon’s 50mm1.8 vs. Yongnuo 50mm1.8

So, a while back Chinese flash maker Yongnuo stepped into the optics realm and started making a 50mm 1.8 (aka the Nifty Fifty, aka fantastic plastic, aka, your second lens).

The Nifty fifty was never an expensive lens, the Canon version is about $115, but if you are super frugal you may be tempted to check the $60 cheaper Yongnuo lens. Photographers Tony & Chelsea took the lens for a spin comparing it with the twice as expensive Canon version.

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Sony 4K Eagle-Cam Used to Capture a Record-Breaking Wildlife Awareness Campaign


Source: YouTube/Freedom Conservation

Conservation movement Freedom Conservation successfully set a new world record for the highest recorded bird flight from a man-made structure, with the help of an Imperial Eagle called Darshan.

The flight, starting at the roof of the Burj Khalifa, was documented by attaching a Sony 4K Action Cam to the eagle.

Hoping to raise awareness of the plight of threatened wildlife, the group’s eagles have flown from several iconic landmarks in the past such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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Use Nikon’s Lens Simulator to Pick Your Next Lens (Non-Nikon Shooters Too!)


People often know they need a longer lens but don’t know just how long is long enough, or need a wider lens but have no idea if the extra 2mm on the wide end of the 14-24mm are worth $550 more than the 16-35mm.

Nikon’s lens simulator is a great resource for anyone debating which focal length they need or how various focal lengths compare to each other.

The simulator starts at 14mm and zooms all the way in to 800mm for FX format lenses and 10mm to 300mm for DX lenses, showing the resulting angle of view at any given time.

Camera wise you can select between FX (full frame), DX (APS-C) and CX (mirrorless) format models, going back about 6 years and up until Nikon’s newest models.

This simulator can be just as helpful for Canon, Sony, Olympus and any other brand users. All you have to do is take into account the slightly different crop factor.

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Canon 5D Mark IV Rumored to boast 28MP and 4K video. Release Date Depends on the Success of the 5Ds/R

Canon 5D Mark IV Rumor

According to the latest set of rumors from Northlight Images the 5D Mark IV will only be released once the 5DS/R is “shipping in reasonable numbers”, but either way it will not be before the fall of 2015.

A rumor from the Far East claims that the 5D Mark IV is due in August or September and will pack a 28 megapixel sensor, offer up to 9fps and pack 4K video.

The 5D Mark III replacement will also include a ‘significant’ advance in Canon’s flash control capabilities, as will the 1D X Mark II. These advanced capabilities will include adapters, controllers and firmware updates for certain models which will also be able to enjoy the new functionality.

There’s no word at the moment regarding built-in WiFi and GPS.

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5 Wedding Photos You Can’t Take With A 24-70 (Also, Why the 24-70 is a Crap Lens Choice)

bridal fashion, blurmedia, toronto wedding photographer, jp danko Last week, Scott Kelby unleashed the wrath of the interwebs by daring to suggest that beginner lenses take beginner photos. A lot of the vitriol seemed to be coming from photographers who were married to their $2000 24-70 f/2.8 lenses.  (I guess its like telling someone they have an ugly spouse). While Scott was very diplomatic about it, I am going to go out on a limb here and say it straight out: the 24-70 is a crap lens choice. And here’s why…
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