Why I’m Not Ditching My DSLR for a Sony A7R II

dslr versus sony a7r II full frame mirrorless camera

Before I even start this article, we need to add a disclaimer – if you love charts and graphs and full resolution comparisons, or if you have a visceral emotional attachment to your gear and/or need validation for your purchase decisions from the internet – you might want to move on to the next post.

However, if you are willing to have a rational discussion on why it might not be the best idea to ditch your current DSLR for a shiny new Sony A7R II, please continue reading!

The release of the Sony AR7 II has generated quite a bit of excitement in the photography community (to say the least).

And for good reason, looking at the specs, its a beast of a camera – everything you could possibly want.

However, in this article I am going to explain why I am not switching to a Sony A7R II (or a Fuji X-T1 either for that matter) any time soon.

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QuickRelease One Wants To Rid You Off The Chaos Of Competing Quick Release Plates Standards


If you use any gear that connects to a camera via a plate in your workflow (Tripod, Jib, Gimbal, SteadyCam, Slider, …) you will recognize this pain right away. Your Tripod may work with a Manfrotto square plate while your Jib works with an ArcaSwiss plate and your video head takes that weird Manfrotto Penta-plate. Getting the right plate for the right gear is a mess, and it means that you need to change plates on your camera every so-often.

There has been some good attempts at fixing this (The C-SLR M-Plate is one of the better ones that we have had the pleasure of testing), we have yet to see an accessory that is compatible with ALL plate systems.

Enter QuickRelease One from Edelkrone.

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Photographer Shares 9 Pieces of Gear He Wished He’d Never Purchased


Many people suffer from gear acquisition syndrome (GAS), regardless of occupation or hobbies.  It’s part of living in the materialistic Western World.  The problem with photographers is, however, that we often feel justified in our purchases because we’re “making money” with our new toys, rather than simply allowing them to collect dust in the garage.

But, how many of you GAS-sufferers actually put to good use every piece of gear you buy? Allen Murabayashi of PhotoShelter wrote a great piece where he fessed up to having made ridiculous purchases that were never put to proper use.

In his nine-item list, Allen included a variety of items, from lighting to lenses to card readers, that were purchased while he had GAS.  Some seem like no-brainers, while others surprised me a bit.

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One Photographer’s Perspective on Moving From Canon To Sony


The battle between was never that fierce and it seems that the action is not over yet. In the blue corner we have the heavy weight champions, Canon and Nikon with their old-yet-proven DSLR lines and on the red corner we have Fuji and Sony with their slick-and-fast mirrorless lines.

Moving from Canon to Nikon or vice versa is no longer “news” it seems that more photographers are moving from DSLRs to Mirrorless cameras.

Photographer Alex Koloskov (who is the face behind the successful Photigy site) just switched systems from Canon to Sony, and despite the fact that he is not using the latest model (he uses the older A7 and not the recently announced A7II) he still makes some valid point on making the move:

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Samsung Wants To Rid Of Hard Drives, Makes A 256-gigabit Flash


Up until not too long ago having a complete system made with SSDs was not really a practical option for the most photographers. I mean the highest capacity SSD was 2TB and it was a hefty sum of $800, give or take a byte.

But now, Samsung is in the process of manufacturing a huge 256-gigabit SSD (32GB) should enable significantly more storage on each SSD drive. Considering that 80Gigs of data were around $70 just a few years back on 2004, I think that it will not take a lot of time until SSDs will replace HDDs completely. I mean, price per HDD storage dropped from $0.5/Gig to $0.0317/Gig in the course of the last ten years (that is a 96% drop) so it would not be surprising to see these huge SSDs drop from $400/TB to $25/TB in a similar time frame or to $130/TB in the next two years.

Engaget reports that Samsung are upping their yield and planning to ship during 2015. This means that even this year we will see bigger SSD drives at cheaper prices.

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Rokinon Announces Xeen – An Affordable set of Cine Primes


Rokinon, just announced a new set of Cine Primes: 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm, all T/1.5. (or Samyang if you live outside of the US, or Bower or Walimex depending on your location).

This is an interesting move on Rokinon’s part. up until now they were known for their very good dollar-to-value sub $500 lenses (in either their stills or cine versions, and now they are stepping their prices up to the $2,495.00 a piece level. Quite a jump.

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Easily Back Up Your Memory Cards To External Drives With This OTG Cable Hack


When you shoot multiple cards, usually the workflow is to unload them once you get back to home base. This is usually enough, but if you want to be absolutely on the safe side (or just want to empty your cards) you have two common solutions: use a laptop to transfer the files or use something like the $219 WD My Passport Wireless hard drive that comes with an SD slot.

Reader Sasha Stojkovich just sent in this clever tip that enables a backup from practically any card to practically any portable hard-drive. The secret sauce? An OTG card reader with a USB hub built in.

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Epson Wants you To Print Again, Makes Printers That Last 2 Years Per Ink


If you are one of the few who are still printing pictures, you know that one of the most annoying things about actually printing is dealing with ink. I don’t just mean the outrageous ink prices, it also has to do with how you can’t print when one of the color cartridges ends. If you did not stock up with a spare cartridge of that specific color, it’s a trip to inkland.

Epson wants to change all that and to help you print more, by removing the biggest obstacle home printers have: INK. Their new EcoTank series is promised to go for 2 years on a single dose of ink. And when that runs out, a new set of ink bottles will set you back a mere $59.

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Nikon’s 24-70mm Gets VR, Their 24mm Gets f/1.8 And A 200-500mm Is Coming


Nikon are sliding into the summer with a strong start, announcing three new lenses which will make any Nikonian happy (and any Nikonian significant other angry). Nikon’s lens collection is expanding with a full frame 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR Lens, a 24mm f/1.8G ED Lens and an AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR Lens, all should hit the stores by September but can already be pre-ordered.

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