This Remote Controlled BuggyCam Looks Like Even More Fun To Use Than A Drone


This is what you get when you put a BBC wildlife cameraman (Rob Drewett) and a buggy racer/design engineer (Andy Nancollis) together in the same workspace: a really sweet looking 4WD buggy that can pack your camera over all sorts of terrain at speeds of up to 40mph. Collectively called Motion Impossible, the two based the BuggyCam design on a race proven remote controlled vehicle, and as though that wasn’t cool enough, Drewett and Nancollis made it even better by developing their V-CON camera mount system to pair with a Freefly Movi M15 stabilizer ($11,995), which means you can use it to get professional quality photos and smooth video.

It also means it’s sturdy enough to carry professional grade photography and cinematography equipment. In fact, in the two clips below, you can see the guys using it to tote around a RED while shooting on location in a forest and also capturing some great footage of a peregrine in flight. [Read more...]

What I’ve Learned So Far: Seven; Gear Envy Sucks


Gear envy takes two major forms;

  1. “I can’t do what I want with this crummy gear.”
  2. “I can’t believe that guy/gal has such great equipment when their work sucks so bad.”

Actually envying someone by what their gear collection is – “I so wish I was him, I would be so awesome with that gear” – is more a sign of needing some professional help. Please see someone straight away.

So let’s look at number one first, the thought that you cannot shoot with your current crummy gear.

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It’s Anything But A Normal Lens


Right off the bat I have to clear up a misunderstanding some have to what a 50mm ‘standard’ lens actually is. Throughout my teaching career I’ve heard beginner photographers refer to them as prime lenses and, of course, they’re correct. However, as the conversations develop I’ve found that a good number also believe that only a 50mm is a prime lens. In actuality any non-zoom is a prime lens.

With that small but important point out the way let’s move on to why I think the prefix ‘standard’ can be a little misleading and undermine this focal length and the many advantages there are for using one.

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This Water Weight Bagel Is The Evolution Of Sand Bags

WaterWeight - Ultra portable water or sand bag which folds into

With the advance of photography we are seeing smarter lighting, smarter tripods and smarter light stands (to the extent of having them voice activated), but one thing I thought that could not be evolved is the sand bag. Guess I was wrong.

The folks from Inspired Photo Gear just came up with a nifty new invention simply called the WaterWeight, but to make the concept clearer I suggest calling it the Bagel Water Weight. There are two new things that the bag brings to the table (or on location) – when closed it is incredibly small – maybe about an iPhone 5c big and only 7 grams heavier (139g vs 132g). This means that you can pack two of those when going on a shoot and they don’t really take any space in the bag.

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Holiday Gift Buying Guide For The Photographer In Your Life

gift guide

Buying gifts for a photographer can be a real chore, especially if the gift giver isn’t necessarily camera savvy. That’s why we’re here to help make it easier for them (and you). Feel free to pass this link along to any loved one’s in your life who may be in the market for the perfect gift for the photographers in their lives. Or, treat yourself to one, or many, of the sweet gifts in the list below. You totally deserve it. [Read more...]

Watch As Zeiss Lenses Get Baked, Frozen, Dropped And Beaten For Durability Tests

When I go through my gear bag and I pick out a lens I get visions that flash through my head. What if it snags on the bag? What if I drop it as I put it onto the mount of the body? Will I pass out if it hits the ground?

I have always known Zeiss lenses to be built very well. I did not know what kind of testing they go through before they leave the factory. We get to watch examples of the tests a lens goes through in this video from the Carl Zeiss Group.

I will warn you that the first thing that happens… ok I can’t. Just watch the video, it’s a great look into what these lenses go through. Let’s just say that Zeiss feels confident enough to make the following statement: “A device that doesn’t work is like not having it all”.

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The Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals (Updated Regularly)

It’s that time of the year again: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving isn’t only a good time to eat some turkey though, you can also spend tens of thousands of dollars in completely overcrowded stores. If you are smart however, you save some money without getting run over in the target parking lot by shopping for some photography goodies online. We put together the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for you. The list will keep updating as deals are we roll. SECRET [Read more...]