21 Rare Rolleiflex Prototypes Now for Sale on eBay


Leica’s Lisse store in the Netherlands has put 21 rare Rolleiflex cameras up for sale on eBay and every single one of them is a prototype.

The set consists of cameras from the following series: SLX, SL 66 X, SL 66 E, 6001, 6002, 6003, 6006 and 6008.

While the manufacturer might shut down soon, its heritage makes these prototypes worth big bucks.

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Thought You Can Use Amazon’s Unlimited Storage Plan for Your Business? Think Again


Amazon announced a couple of new Cloud Drive storage plans yesterday, with one of them offering unlimited storage space for photos priced at just $12 a year.

Considering that other cloud services charge up to eight times more for just 1TB, Amazon’s plan seems like it could become a hit among photographers.

On the other hand, a keen reader called Bob pointed out an interesting section in the Terms of Use that might keep photographers away.

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Comparing Eight 200mm Lenses Yields Interesting Results


If you are an action, wedding, portraiture or a nature photographer you probably have (or want) a 200mm lens, either at fixed focal length or one that can zoom all the way to that spot.

It should also not surprise you that not all 200mm lenses are born equal. While weight, compatibility, stabilization and price may all play a factor, sometimes it all comes down to optics. Roger Cicala and Aaron Closz of Lensrentals compared 8 (yea, eight) different lenses at 200 and shares the results, optically speaking.

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Canon Exploring a 50MP EOS-1 Camera


Canon Rumors has been told that the company is looking into incorporating its new 50.6MP sensor, or a variation of it, into an EOS-1 style body.

While there’s no certainty at this point that such a camera will ever be produced, the move would allow users to enjoy the ergonomics, stronger battery and other advantages of the larger body.

Either way, should the camera materialize, it won’t happen until after the EOS-1D X Mark II is announced.

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Thanks to Xiaomi, the GoPro Hero5 Should be Amazing


Xiaomi recently announced the $64 Yi Action Camera and based on the first reviews, GoPro has plenty of reasons to be worried.

The Yi closed several of the gaps between the GoPro and the cheaper action cameras, and now poses a serious threat to the dominance of the Hero4. GoPro however won’t give up without a fight and hopes to further distance itself from the newest rival with the release of the Hero5.

The original release date was estimated to be sometime around September, but rumor has it that the date will be pushed back. Either way, GoPro will have to respond to the Chinese by the end of 2015.

So what features and improvements are in stock for GoPro fans? 4k and 8k video recording and improved battery life, to name a couple.

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Phase One Releases Capture One 8.2; Available for Download


The RAW converter now enables you to separately tone shadows, highlights and midtones via the improved 3-Way Color Balance tool.

The software’s extensive adjustment tools will benefit from an updated processing engine and the entire workflow is said to be faster and more stable.

Other new features include Dynamic Locations, high-res previews for 4k and 5k monitors and improved graphics.

The 8.2 update is free if you have a Capture One Pro 8 license, and available for a 30-day trial if you don’t.

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Instagram Releases Layout, an App Dedicated to Creating Collages


Several third-party apps have been built in recent years in order to accommodate Instagrammers’ growing desire for grid collages and other forms of combined photos.

Hoping to offer its users an advanced yet simple solution, while eliminating the competition, Instagram decided to launch Layout as a standalone app.

The main advantage of the app seems to be that it presents you with several configurations based on the photos you selected from your camera roll, rather than having you choose a grid beforehand.

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I Know Nikon Needs to Boost Sales but This Seems a Bit Much


A few weeks ago I mentioned Nikon’s latest financial results and its efforts to increase sales and diversify its revenue stream, but the latest product release appears to be somewhat of a desperate move.

No, Nikon didn’t announce the rumored 50MP camera or anything actually useful. The company’s latest release is a stainless steel hot shoe cover, with a big fat price tag for such a little, useless accessory.

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