B&H Go On a Photographic Journey with the Behemoth Canon 1200mm Lens

Source: B&H

Source: B&H

B&H has released a new, in-depth review of the legendary Canon EF 1200mm lens, and while you most likely won’t be able to afford the $180,000 price tag, it makes for a great read.

Todd Vorenkamp was lucky enough to take the beast of a lens out for several shoots and survived to share some of the advantage, disadvantages and random trivia about this rare lens.

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Olympus E-M5mkII Vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Image Stabilization Test


So, with HDSLRs becoming so affordable, some interesting options come up, like sub $2K rig that can really shoot decent video. Two very popular options are the GH4 from Panasonic and the OM-D E-M5II from Olympus, each with its their pros and cons. One notable feature of the E-M5mkII is its 5 Axis stabilization. And if you are shooting lots of hand held-on the move footage, this may be a deciding factor for you. The team at panophoto put the two cameras on a place and gave them a run.

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Rugby Superstar Celebrated by Ruining a $94,000 Lens


Getting an autograph from your favorite sportsman will easily become the highlight of the game for you, and if the autograph was given on the day of a memorable event it might even be worth some money.

The problem – most autographs aren’t worth $94,000, which is roughly the price of the lens ruined by Kenya’s rugby player Collins Injera.

Injera had planned to celebrate by signing the ball, but on the spur of the moment he headed over to the cameraman and gave the viewers at home an autograph as well.

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Watch This LED Panel Being Thrown, Punched, Ran Over And Continue To Work


I am not completely sure how to tag this video, but I am sure that it show at least one specific benefit of LED lights over any other type of light: Durability.

Filmmaker Nitsan Simantov took an Amaran AL-H160 for a spin and while the review does not cover CRI,  color temperature or brightness, it does prove one thing and proves it very well. The AL-160 is one tough light.

What starts as an innocent light stand drop, evolves into using the LED as a punch bag, oar, golf ball and Frisbee – the light survived them all, albeit the batteries do fall off on impact every now and then.

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This Is Where SmartPhones Stand: Phonography Light Painting


One of the main concerns of the photographic industry is the fact that smarthones are slowly biting into the more advanced camera markets. People who use to carry a camera everywhere are now using a smartphone as their go-to camera, simply because it is always in their pocket. The other market is the more advanced photographers, those who need the extra control that a “real” camera provides – long exposure is one such example, but the latest Huawei P8 is beating down on DSLRs in that regard as well.

Malaysian Photographer Keow Wee Loong took the smartphone for a Light Painting ride and was amazed at the results. Usually when you do light painting, you set a camera on a tripod and give it a good, long exposure. Those settings accumulate the bright light (i.e. the painting) while keeping the background dark. But Keow Wee Loong used the light painting feature of the Huawei P8 and was able to take stunning light painting photographs, how?

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Time Lapse Mining Automatically Creates Flawless Videos from Photos Found Online


Time lapse is possibly the best way to show change over time, be it the construction of a skyscraper or an otherwise unnoticeable change that occurs over a long period of time.

The problem with this popular technique is that it usually requires careful planning, a single photographer or a dedicated team and a decent amount of editing. However, a team of researchers from the University of Washington and Google seems to have overcome these difficulties.

The method used by the researchers takes advantage of the endless amount of photos found online, automatically detects popular subjects and edits them into seamless time lapse videos.

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Olympus Goes After DSLRs Where it Hurts Most in Its Mocumentary DSL-ARM Campaign


DSLR cameras have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages over their smaller rivals, but at the end of a long shooting day there’s one difference than lingers on – the weight.

The size and weight of a DSLR might feel right for those who shoot with long lenses or have big hands, but usually it’s just the price one has to pay to enjoy the benefits DSLRs have to offer.

With mirrorless cameras gaining popularity, the weight issue has become more important and an increasing number of photographers are deciding to compromise somewhat in certain parameters in exchange for a lightweight system.

Obviously Olympus won’t advertise the OM-D EM-5 Mark II’s shortcomings, but it created an entire (hilarious) mocumentary campaign around DSLR shooters suffering from the DSL-ARM syndrome, where the arm carrying the heavy camera becomes longer than the other arm.

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Panasonic G7 Officially Announced, Will Allow 8MP photo extraction From 4K footage

G7_8Panasonic has just announced its new mirrorless micro four thirds camera, formally known as the Lumix DMC-G7.

As expected, the camera features the DFD autofocus technology found in the successful GH4 and 4K video, with a new multi-process noise reduction system thrown into the mix.

Three new 4K photo functions have also been included and will allow the extraction of 8-megapixel still images.

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Fujifilm Announces X-T10 camera and 90mm f/2 Lens

IMG_495677Two exciting additions were announced earlier today in Fujifulm’s mirrorless X-series line-up.

The X-T10 is an enthusiast version of the flagship X-T1, and as such the cameras have quite a bit in common, including the sensor and processor.

Among the new features are the Zone and Wide Tracking modes that will make the most out of the 77-point focus system.

Joining the X-T10 is the 90mm f/2, with a fast aperture, weather sealing and a popular focal length equivalent of 137mm.

Both products will become available within two months and are can already be pre-ordered.

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