Nikon’s New 500mm and 600mm Lenses Weigh Significantly less, Cost More and Focus Closer

new500_600_NikonMore specs and photos have leaked and the official release seems imminent. Adding on to the previously reported specs, we now know the weight, price and minimum focusing distance for Nikon’s beasty lenses.

The good news is that both lens enjoy a 20-25% decrease in weight and can now focus 10% closer.

The bad news is that you will pay an extra 15-20% for the pleasure of owning one of these lenses.

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How Rosco Makes Their Famous Swatchbooks


If you are using hotshoe strobe, you are probably familiar with the Rosco Swatchbook. At roughly 7 US Dollars this wonderful swatch book let you gel your strobe to any possible color. If you are lucky, you can get one from your local cine or photography store, but even if not, it is still a good purchase. (Way, way back, giving it away for free almost collapsed Rosco samples plan when thousands of photographers asked for a free sample. They solved this huge demand with the Strobist Gel Pack, which got an update about a year ago).

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Olympus Goes Head to Head vs. Sony with Olympus Air – Smartphone Camera With SLR Quality and Features


Finally, after being envious of the Japanese market for several months, what is perhaps one of the best innovations in mobile phone photography has arrived in the US.

The Olympus Air is a powerful, interchangeable-lens camera that is controlled by your smartphone.  It is a standalone camera that should not be confused with simple adapters for your smartphone’s existing camera.  The Air itself, which just looks like an extension of the lens, boasts “SLR quality” images from its 16MP sensor and is compatible with all micro 4/3 lenses.

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More Specs on Nikon’s 500mm and 600mm VR Upgrades and a Pimped DX Standard Zoom Lens

Nikon_UpgradesFollowing up on our previous post with initial information about the expected upgrade of Nikon’s 500mm and 600mm f/4 VR lenses, another source reveals more information on these rumored lenses.

Making sure there’s something for those on tighter budgets as well, there are also specs for a 16-80mm f/2.8-4 DX lens. It is said to be replacing the 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6, but with all its fancy new features I doubt the price will be anywhere near its predecessor.

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See the Nikon COOLPIX P900’s 86x Zoom Lens Take On the Moon


When the Nikon COOLPIX P900 was released earlier this year, it brought with is a number of convenient and exciting features, including built-in WiFi, GPS…and a lens the equivalent of 24-2000mm.  No, that is not a typo.  The 83x optical zoom lens can really reach out and touch.

YouTube user Naturbeobachtungen von Lothar Lenz decided to put the lens to the test and shoot for the moon. Literally.  (Kinda.)

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‘Refuge’ is the First Narrative Film Ever to Be Exclusively Lit by Moonlight; Recorded with Sony’s a7S


The Sony a7S is well known for the quality of its groundbreaking high-ISO video, with an endless amount of test videos posted online.

Back in September of last year one video rose above the rest when Carbon Studios released a short film lit entirely by moonlight, aptly named ‘Moonlight’.

Blown away by the video, a director by the name of Sam Shapson said he “felt compelled to apply what they’d accomplished to narrative”, and the result is the first narrative film ever to be exclusively lit by moonlight. Of course this film was also recorded with the a7S.

Unlike ‘Moonlight’, however, which was mostly recorded using ISO 12,800 and just two scenes used settings of up to 32,000, ‘Refuge’ was shot at ISO 51,200.

The resulting video is, unsurprisingly, far from perfect, but the camera’s low light capabilities are absolutely incredible.

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Canon 5Ds Teardown

All photographs Roger Cicala,, 2015

All photographs Roger Cicala,, 2015

When first got the first Canon 5Ds and 5D sr cameras in stock, Aaron and I immediately started screaming that we wanted to take one apart. It turns out we received enough 5Ds cameras to let us have a day with one to do just that. Of course, we don’t expect to find out anything amazing and revealing. We expect it will look pretty much like the Canon 5DIII and 7DII on the inside. But hey, you never know. Plus we’ll be repairing these soon enough, so we might as well find our way around now.

If you want to do some comparisons yourself, you can compare this to our Canon 5D III teardown and Canon 7D II teardown. Or if you’d rather follow along from home with your own 5Ds go grab your screwdrivers and let’s get started!

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