Capture One Coupon Code Leaked Making It A Free Downland

Capture One by PhaseOne is one of the most glorified RAW processor software in the market. On just about every day, you can buy Capture One Pro for $299 or its little brother, Capture One Express for $99.

Capture One Coupon Code Leaked Making It A Free Downland

Redditor zeta3232 reports that buying Capture One Express 6 from this page and then using coupon code DCM2013 on checkout takes $99 off the purchase making it practically a free download.

This is quite an interesting thing, why would PhaseOne give its software away. Redittor Digital_Camera_World who work for Digital Camera magazine explains that the magazine signed a promotion deal with Phase One and buyers of the magazine (for waaaaaaay less than $99) would get a code for Capture One Express.

I just thought I could give some clarity to some of the questions I’ve seen in the comments about what Phase One is doing. This was a partnership we agreed to with Phase One, in which everyone who buys our current issue (print or digital) gets a code to download the full version 6 free of charge – compatible with both Mac or PC. You also get a free trial of version 7, which is time limited – but version 6 isn’t time limited.

We thought it was a pretty sweet deal, and one of the more creative offers a company has approached us with. Companies rarely give away something for free on such a grand scale. Think how much goodwill Adobe could win back if they gave away CS3, or something similar!

The webs, being what they are spread the code, and in a few minutes, the entire world knew about it, and downloaded the software like crazy. True, it is not the latest version, but still a pretty for deal for zero Dollars.

Capture One Coupon Code Leaked Making It A Free Downland

This is quite similar to a recent case where adobe made a change on its servers, and allowing CS2 users to remove the activation part, which of course also went through the webs and got everyone a free CS2 download.

[Capture One Express 6 download link via zeta3232]

  • Eyal

    Great! Thanks

  • Babar Asghar

    THANKS Guys for sharing it …

  • rockportrait

    I’m curious, as a Lightroom user. What exactly does Capture One bring to the party that Lightroom and Aperture don’t?

    • mik

      better quality processing

      • Björn Lubetzki

        Nothing! At least not the Express. The “Pro” should be pretty cool. the Express lacks in the important features. It doesn’t have (amongst other things): No tethering, No liveview, No local Adjustments!!, No skintone enhancer and most importantly NO spot removal tool!!!! Lightroom provides those things (except for the Liveview, not sure about that), for a bit more than half the price of the Pro version.

  • Manuel


  • Gerry

    I just followed all this but didn’t see a link for 6 express and when I looked at the the v6 it sayd this “Download the latest version of Capture One 6. To begin the download, enter your email address and location below. New users will receive an email with login details for The download includes both Capture One Pro, Express and DB. It is fully-functioning but time limited, and will expire after 60 days.”

    • John

      did this, but the link says “service unavailable.” perhaps it’s overloaded OR been pulled by phaseone?

  • Nikhi;l

    it works but in specific countries only
    Best RAW processing software till date must have

  • Shiv

    Its valid only for Capture One Express 6, once you install it says update ( COE7 ) available, but when you update the code sent wont work. So it works flawlessly for COE6.

    Have fun …

    Remember its just another tool, it wont make bad photos good 😉

  • Tyler

    Anyone know where you can download Capture One Express 6?

  • Jenny

    PhaseOne code: AMBLEW

    Save 60%: Additional 10% off on top of the 50%

    Valid July 2014.

  • Rick

    AMBROSE will net you 10% off currently