Can’t Afford To Crash Cars? How About Scaling It Down

Here is a resolution I hope each one of you will get to employ one day. Freddie Wong and Brandon Lasstsch were asked to shoot a car chase for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Alas, they did not have the money, cars or closed roads to shot it in.

The ingenious idea was to scale it down and use RC cars to shot the entire thing. RC cars meant no real danger, no need to close down a district, really fast shot reset and having a way smaller production in general. It can still be Epic though. Heck, they even had a police heli for the car to jump over! Hit the jump for the BTS

Inspired by the The French Connection, Freddie and Brandon set up a lot of the elements from the great car chases in movie using miniature fruit stands, crates and trash cans to run into.

If you edit the soundtrack just right and put in the right effects, it looks very close to the real thing.

[The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever]