Canon Mug Giveaway Winners

DSC_9437 (by udijw)A week ago we were proud to announce a giveaway for a Canon lens mug from we have our winners.

The winner of the most original use for a canon lens 70-200 f/4 thermos is sieversma who suggested to use a canon lens to “tenderize meat”. Ouch.

The randomly selected winners of the 24-70 mug are twitters #54 – @jamesenloe and #18 – @matt_holdridge

Some other cool uses for the lens were:

  • DeathProctorbreak the glass inside, load it with 80mm mortar rounds and use it
    as a cannon
  • iamunique127If
    I had a Canon lens I’d call a friend with a Canon to come and take a
    picture of all my wonderful Nikon gear
  • noroom2 Canon Cocktail: Long Lenses Give Greater Alcohol Amounts

Winners were contacted.