Canon May Be Making Customers Pay for Its Own Design Flaws


Last week, it was revealed that the Canon 1D X and 1D C had some manufacturing issues involving autofocusing in subfreezing temperatures. Apparently now, Canon Rumors has been given documents from an internal source with information that may have just brought a darker side of the camera making giant.

Going off from what Canon Rumors has, it seems that Canon is charging customers for out-of-warranty repairs of lenses with the known issues. And I’d say we’re nitpicking since it is for out-of-warranty cameras, and any issue can arise by then that can be indistinguishable from a manufacturer defect; but when you’re charging $250-450 dollars for each repair and not disclosing to the customer what the design flaw actually is, then there’s a problem.

The Two Cameras

If Canon doesn’t wish to share what the design flaw they repaired was for our money, then they don’t have to tell whether it was of the company’s doing or of our doing at all. I think its incredibly surprising that Canon would actually be going this route, after the hell that Nikon just went through with their recent mistakes. And I may be making a defense here, but Nikon did everything they should have done in response. It may have been rather slow, but Nikon offered full replacements. They did everything to make sure their company can keep it together at the end, even if it wasn’t as fast as we wanted it to be.

At the very least, Canon should be acknowledging a mistake and fixing it; instead, they already know the issue and they’re making bank off it instead. Maybe more media coverage would pressure them to think otherwise.

[via canonrumors]

  • Kerry Loudenback

    I’ve seen a couple of posts about this this morning. Have the assertions been vetted?

  • Matt Cook

    I totally agree I have a 17-85 lens with the known lens ribbon fault and have to pay to get it fixed in the UK

  • Anthony Hayes

    ummm, MOST corps. do this. the majority have the gen pop do their trouble shooting and beta testing. releasing products that are flawed, in hopes that the customer either just lives with it or complains very little. If they do piss and moan, offer up some arbitrary comp to get them to shut the fuck up or drag them thru long ass legalese SOP until they cave.

  • Sean

    the infamously rubbish focusing helix on the 50mm f1.4 is just another example of this…

  • @photogoofer

    I just had to spend $300+ on this “repair” a month ago!

  • Alen Budimlić

    Having worked as a contractor for canon repairing video cameras (not professional just domestic type) not saying this is false but i almost find it hard to believe as canon always offered the best support and were the only ones that (we did other brands as well) offered full repair even out of warranty…and if your in this situation where you have to pay, call them before hand and express your disappointment you would be surprised what the manufacturers would do to keep the consumer happy…

  • ziplock9000

    Surely there are laws and consumer rights within the country that prohibit this?