Canon 10D Exploded (Engineerically) And Reassembled

Just how complex is a digital camera? Pretty complex. Engineering students Matthew Farrell, Michelle Pang, Michael Tom of Engineering 128 class from University of California give a pretty good answer to this question.

The team modeled a Canon 10D mounted with a 24-85mm lens, then did an exploded view on it and re-assembled it in a beautiful video. While the (4 years old) video does not say if they used any blue prints from Canon, the comments suggests that they did the entire modeling on their own. Pretty impressive for a 1XX class. (much impressive than exploding a banana anyways)

[UC Berkeley E128 Final Project – Canon 10D DSLR v2 via Android-the-Andrew]

  • Pete Zeriia

    A truly remarkable piece. Few understand just how much work it took to produce this anamtion.
    Pete Zeriia

  • Marcus Wolschon

    Video can’t be watched in Germany because it contains music by SME and Google hasn’t purchased a license for that music.