Camera Strapped To Eagle Shows The Glorious French Mountains From A Majestic View

You tuber and bird lover Srachi, strapped a GoPro camera to an eagle and set it loose. The incredible footage shows show magnificent the world looks like from an eagle point of view.

Camera Strapped To Eagle Shows The Glorious French Mountains

The bird glides over Chamonix, Mer De Glace area in France covering quite a bit of ground before the movie ends.

It seems like every reference for this video on the web assumes that this is a GoPro and even GoPro themselves requested that the footage be submitted to them, but the actual camera that the bird king is wearing is not disclosed. And frankly, I don’t think it matters.

If you were wondering, a GoPro Hero3 Black edition weighs less than a 100 grams, where most eagles are capable of carrying about half their weight in prey, which would be about 2 kilos.

[Flying eagle point of view | Srachi]

  • ext237

    100 grams = 1/4th a pound.

    2 kilos = about 4.5lbs … or an averaged size dinner rabbit. LOL

    • Joel Penner

      Which probably works out to a few meals for an eagle… I probably eat a maximum of a pound of meat and I’m 18x the eagle’s weight of 9 pounds.

  • Jason Wright

    I was more worried about the wind resistance, I guess he is flying ok with it on so it can’t be that bad.
    Would have been funny if the bird had just flown off into the distance never to be seen again, taking the camera with it.

  • Joel Penner


  • SJ Fotography

    wow. epic. and that’s how an eagle sees the world. Fantastic!!

  • JP Danko

    That was soooooo cool – its like watching someone’s flying dream.

  • fetanugs

    Video is private now? Lame!

    • Fiby Kreutzer-Renard

      it works again 😉

  • Fiby Kreutzer-Renard

    the video is private now ???? I share but nobody can see it…

  • Fiby Kreutzer-Renard

    fantastic !! I love the sound of the wind and the way he looks, his eyes are so … wow ! Thank you for this beautiful experience !

  • Wm. Reed Lovick

    Very very nice!