Camera Robot Triggers Tiger’s Curiosity – Photos Roar!

Over the last few weeks we shared a few animal photographer stories where either the photographer or the animal (or both) were left unhappy with the random meeting.

Today, we are sharing a brighter story of how Nat Geo photographer Steve Winter got as close to a tiger cub as you can. Almost to the point where the cab licking his camera lens.

Camera Robot Triggers Tiger's Curiosity - Photos Roar!

Steve has been keen to using a small robotic rover that can accept a camera. As Steve was tuning the rover and camera getting ready for the mission the cubs arrived. It looks like the cubs got curious enough to check that metallic animal (food, maybe? bwaaaaaa)

At that point the camera rover acted both as a camera and as a moving object to capture the tigers’ attention, capturing insanely close footage and photos.

[National Geographic Live! : Robot vs. Tiger via acangiano]

  • Jon Peckham

    Brilliant until the Tiger destroys your $10K worth of electronics and camera gear. . . . . lol

  • Jason Wright

    Tigers are essentially cats. I know what happens when something with a long twangy antenna sticking up wiggles past most cats, this is hardly a surprise.

    That said, some nice photos came out of it :)

  • joe_average

    could have been epic if the photos weren’t shot on a ROAD.

  • Charles O. Slavens

    I’m sorry. I love the NG, but this video was inane. The pictures from the robot POV were silly, the comments were even worse.

  • Dave Harley

    So, Charles and Steven, lets see YOUR tiger shots then. They must be spectacular.