Building An Automatic iPhone Panorama Maker

While getting a good panoramic image got a whole lot easier with iOS6, there is still the issue of getting the phone to move the right way to achieve a perfect panorama.

Building An Automatic iPhone Panorama Maker

Ilya Titov solved that by building a stepper based rotor motor that also controls the iPhone via the headphone socket. (kinda like Triggertrap only reversed). The bracket takes a set of 16 images to create a cylindrical panorama, but doing three sequences: Sky + Horizon + Earth can result in a full spherical panorama.

The resulting images are fed into pano2vr to create a seamless HTML5 or flash panorama that can zoom, tilt and pan.

The instructions (which involve salvaging a stepper motor from a printer, and programing a micro controller) and a sample panorama can be found here.

[DIY Panoramic Bracket for iPhone]