Build A Very Cheap Macro Extension Tube

Build A Very Cheap Macro Extension TubeHave you ever wondered what’s the magical substance inside macro extension tubes? Very often they seem like they are just a piece of thick tube.

Well, that’s because they are. Or, at least the cheaper ones are. Usually the more expensive one have the ability to have the electrical contacts maintain between the lens and the body, all the rest is just a fancy, hollow, empty, light-tight tunnel of air.

Being so simple it is really tempting to make a macro tube out of a, say a hollow light-tight-regular-tube.

Which is exactly what Instructables user snelpiller did.

Snelpiller used a lens cup and a body cup to place a light tight tube between camera and lens. The results are surprisingly good.

Build A Very Cheap Macro Extension Tube

That is no surprise to, since the air in the tube has very little effect on the optical qualities of the lens. (Click the image below to see big size)

Build A Very Cheap Macro Extension Tube

For the full tutorial, visit the instructable page here.

Have you played around with creating a macro extension? Share your contraption in the comments.

  • harvey Vedder

    looking for a internally lighted macro extension.
    Here you see it mounted on a Canon SX160 (glued on!) and attached to a power source of two AA batteries.
    I use this to shoot human irides as an iridologist.
    I’ve been all over the web but cant find a lighted tube…don’t know where the guy in Mexico I bought it from gets them.
    Any ideas?