Build A Super Tiny Wi-Fi Camera

James Bond! forget about Q, your next hyper camera will not come from MI6, it will come from an open source Arduino project.

Arduino tutorial creator Adafruit created an open source “spy camera” that uses an Adafruit SD card Adapter and a TTL Serial JPEG Camera to capture pictures. The internet integration is achieved via an Eye-Fi wireless card for storing the image.

Internet of Things Camera

Here is where it gets interesting. Using an Eye-Fi as the memory card allows you to push the images into Flickr, Facebook, a plain email or just about any other service that Eye-Fi supports.

Having an Arduino board as the heart of the system allows it to be pretty flexible – you can use it for time lapse movies, motion sensing, or trigger it with just about any Arduino compatible sensor.

I tried to tally up the cost of the project, including the camera, the Arduino board and the SD adapter (As well as some other little bits) is less than 100$ – Eye-Fi excluded. Sounds pretty decent for getting a Bond quality gadget.

You can get the full instructions and part list over at Adafruit.

[“Internet of Things” Camera via lifehacker]