Build A Huge Beauty Dish After Eating Great Food In Chinatown

One of the things I remember most from my visit to new york city is the tour I took around Chinatown. Specifically I remember sitting in one of the local places ordering food which I did not know the name of nor its ingredients.

It was some kind of soup and it was delicious. Till this very day I am not sure what was that floating eyeball but I enjoyed it very much.

A short walk after my wife and i (really it was just my wife) bought a whole set of china dishes. This was the part where I dosed off. If I had seen the DIY video below I may have been more interested, as it shows how to build a beauty dish with stuff you find in Chinatown and an Lastolite Ezybox bracket (for mounting).

I wonder if someone would pick up the glove and add this BD to the DIY beauty dish stand off.

The Chinatown Special: The Best DIY Beauty Dish via slrlounge

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