BTS: Photographing a Ferrari With A “Portable” Car Rig

Nigel Harniman is known for his car shot and there is a good chance you’ve seen his work if you’ve seen any car ads lately.

BTS: Photographing a Ferrari With A "Portable" Car Rig

His recent shows some of the effort that goes into a car rig shoot. The setup involves a suction mounted carbon fiber pole, a pulley system and a drool-over ALPA, Phase One and a Schneider lens combo.

If you take a look at the video you’ll see that the shot was taken with a 30 seconds exposure, still remaining razor sharp.

Nigel was also king enough to put up a quick post-processing-lapse that shows how the image was processed.

[The Long and the Short of Automotive Rig Photography via Fstoppers]

P.S. If you want to try that yourself, but am working with a more cough limited budget, you can DIY a similar, yet not as fancy rig.

  • Matthew Wagg

    As nice as that is and it is very nice. The gear he’s using won’t leave you much change out of $200,000.00 It is just as doable on a smaller budget.

  • Ben

    Long exposure + movement (from the long poll)… I’m not sure he got the picture he displayed on the making of…

    There’s definitely easier ways to achieve the same result without the show of (expensive gear).

    • Jayson Carey

      Other than the view camera, this is exactly how the majority of automotive photographers produce pictures like this, myself included (albeit on a smaller, more DIY budget). The block-and-tackle trick is cool, though.

      What makes you think this is a different image than the one he showed the setup of?

  • D-Pac

    I’m sorry to say but… It looks like what made the picture was the post processing. The original picture isn’t all that impressive at all. I hope he did all the PS himself, otherwise the person who edited the shot deserves a mention on here too.

  • Greg Urbano

    very cool!

  • Nathan Petty