Breathtaking Time Lapse Showing How Beautiful The Aurora Borealis Is

Photographer Ole C. Salomonsen create a yearly time lapse compilation of the Aurora Borealis.

Breath Taking Time Lapse Showing How Beautiful The Aurora Borealis Is

So far his clips are amazing and Polar Spirits from this year is no different.

Here is how Ole describes his project:

In the film I have tried to show the slower majestic dancing lights,
as well as the more faster, dramatic and abstract shows, and finally the auroras in combination with city lights and urban elements.

The video is shot using stills and assembled together for best possible resolution and dynamic range. In this video however, for the first time, I have also chosen to include some real-time video footage. This is to better show how furiously fast and beautiful the polar spirits can dance! The two sequences which are shot in real-time (in the middle of the video) could never have been recreated using still photos, regardless what camera you are using.”#

If you have not had enough, check out Ole’s reels from 2012 and 2011 below.

[Polar Spirits | Ole C. Salomonsen]

  • Jan

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing

  • Gnarlodious

    Pretty groovy, wish I was there!