Bokeh Masters Kit Used To Create Boekhlicious Clip

When I first made the Bokeh Masters Kit HDSLRs were very scarce. I never even thought about using it for video. Boy, I was missing out big time!

This is why I was very pleasantly surprised to get this sweet, sweet mail from Ryan Belenzon, directing me to a clip produced for Relax To Paris:

“I shot the following music video with the Bokeh Master Kit.  Thanks for making such a helpful product!”

If you are reading this via RSS, you may wanna click here for the video

I particularly love 1:13, and 1:29. Heck I love the entire clip.

What I really enjoyed seeing is how creative Evil Media Empire got with using the kit: They used some of the supplied discs, but also created a bunch of their own, they built a very cool setup which is favoring bokeh and the best, the lead singer has a sparkling dress. LOVE IT!

I asked Ryan about minute 1:29 where the bokeh changes according to the lyrics and he said that they used strips that you can pull through the kit instead of circles. Genius!

Thanks to Evil Media Empire for producing this.

Oh yea, if you want your Bokeh Masters Kit, you can get one here.