Blur It Baby, Blur It!

Brian Shaler from the Brian Shaler Blog has posted a great flick with his panning technique.

Thought you new everything about panning? Think again! Brian brings us the “reverse panning” where the camera moves and the subject stays still.

That’s not all, this technique can also be used on any moving surface.

But wait!!! the camera is moving, how come Brian stays sharp? Because the secret to panning lies not in movement but in relevant movement. Brian’s position is fixed related to the camera, so as long as he stays still the camera “sees” him in the same spot.

I t gets better – the same technique can be applied where ever you can set the camera on a moving surface and you can place your subject on the same moving surface.

Actually, it is the same trick you use when you shoot the sky at a very long exposure at night to get nice start stripes like in this picture, only the earth is used as a giant moving surface.

How can I do this at home? simple – place the camera anywhere where you can move along with the camera – shopping cart; carousel; shoot the driver with the window in the background.