Black Magic Camera Bursts Into Flames, Immediate Suspect is The Internal Battery

Producer Forest Gibson was shooting a kickstarter campaign using a Black Magic 2.5K when the camera suddenly burst into flames. The crew immediatly left the location, but then came back using dump towels as (somewhat of ) protection.

Needles to say that the camera was toasted and beyond use. Sadly so was the SSD drive containing the footage shot that day.

Black Magic Camera Bursts Into Flames, Immediate Suspect is The Internal Battery

Here is the account of the day as described by Forrest on the Youtube video

After getting footage for the Kickstarter video for me new game, my Black Magic Camera’s battery exploded, spewing smoke violently.

We ran out of there for safety reasons. However, knowing we had to get some footage of it, we put damp rags over our mouths and ran back in to grab some footage.

On his twitter account, Forest reports that the camera was 6 months old and he had been using the same camera/battery setup for the entire life of the camera so far. Along side the internal power, Forest used a Switronix PB70-BMCC  battery externally on the setup.

Following Forest’s Twitter account, it seems that the external battery was cool to the touch after the explosion.

We have contacted Black Magic Design about this story and they told us that they are working with Forrest to understand what has happened. We will update the story as new information rolls in.

[via planet5D]

  • Greg Henry

    We are so many years behind on battery technology compared to other technologies. Lithium ion batteries are dangerous and we need to find something that works better and much safer for all of the devices we use today. We keep hearing about cameras, laptops, cell phones and even electric cars catching on fire due to faulty lithium-ion batteries. It’s time that the government puts a lot more funding into research for a safer alternative.

    • Raven Youngblood

      why should the government fund the project…..instead of the company that uses the batteries…or better yet, why not the battery company themselves?

      it’s people like you that are depending on the government to support them instead of supporting themselves.

  • Anibal Espinoza

    same story with iphone, few years ago in a plane and recently in a school here in US

  • Raven Youngblood

    I think that’s a hack I can live without, LOL.

    • Rob

      Seriously; Nobody has time for that! I hope that Black Magic addresses the situation promptly and offers this guy a refund.

      • Raven Youngblood

        it was meant as a joke…pull your head out of your ass Rob.