Best of DIYP – 2010

Best of DIYP - 2010 With a great year coming to conclusion, allow me to share the top ten stories from this blog.

The first list is your pics, simply calculated from number of views. The second list is my favs.

All posts on both lists were posted on 2010, popular content from previous years like the bokeh post or hacks round ups were not included.

The Dry Numbers

Over the course of 2010, DIYP served 9,853,793 pageviews to 2,457,204 unique photographers.

The busiest day of the year was April 27th where I assume folks were getting ready to celebrate May 1st.

The country served most is United States – which was surprising considering my poor spelling skills – thanks US folks for understanding me. Next were United Kingdom and Canada – which were not repelled by the horrible grammar – followed by Australia, Germany and France.

Your favs

This list is a numbered list going from the most viewed to the least viewed post

  1. Create Great Light Painting Imagery Using Fireworks
  2. Create Wonderful Sliced Fruit Images
  3. 32 Free Software Solutions For Photographers
  4. The Battlefield Pinhole Camera
  5. Build Your Own Lenses

My favs

This list has my top five picks, not always the most popular, but the ones that I have special feeling towards

  1. The $10 DIY Foamcore Softbox
  2. Edward Horsford Creates Amazing Bursting Balloons Photographs (Interview and Tutorial)
  3. Use Light Stencils To Create Amazing Light Paintings
  4. DIY Lightstand Bag Makes Your Assistant’s Life Easier
  5. For Halloween – The Strob-O-Lantern

Thank you for a great year, 2011, here we come.