Benjamin Von Wong Goes Against Cheapo P&S. Makes It Shoot Beautiful Fire Bursts

When we feature Photographer Benjamin Von Wong it is usually when he aces a photoshoot. And usually he uses all sorts of fancy gear to take the shot. From underwater lights to super slo-mo cameras. But when Ben met Kai from DigitalRev he was thrown into the cold water and given an epicly cheap Point & Shoot to create an Epic fire lit portrait.

There were quite a few challenges that Ben went through and conquered and I thought it was worth doing a minute by minute break down of the video with regards to those challenges.

2:00 – “It has digital, but not manual“. Ben was looking for manual control (or at least shutter priority mode, so he would be able to freeze the fire ball. – and for that you need about 1/500 or higher shutter speeds). Solution – Go into scene mode and choose the fastest mode available.

2:52 – No way  to lock exposure on high shutter speed. Solution – shining a light into the camera and going half press to lock exposure. But

3:26 – focus got locked along with the exposure. Solution – locking the exposure against the sea as background and then walking half a circle crab style (to keep focus distance aligned).

4:45 – Location scouting – Finding a place where Ben can look up to the model to create a fine silhouette. Involves Ben making really weird digging style moves to claim the location

6:00 – No Fire torch  – Solution use a lighter….

6:23 – Gas pump broken. Solution – Kai to blow a pipe, I know it sounds weird but honestly, this is what they did. Favorite quote by Kai: “I want to know that the thing I am blowing is clean

8:35 – Fire balls fly in the wind… Solution – realign the shoot.

Amazingly even with all this trouble the photos, edited in snapseed, turn out quite epic:

Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge (Ben Von Wong) And here are the final shots

 Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge (Ben Von Wong)

Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge (Ben Von Wong)

Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge (Ben Von Wong)

UPDATE: Ben has a complete breakdown how how doing a cheap camera challenge looks like from the photographer side here. Along with a video below:

[Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge (Ben Von Wong) | DigitalRev & Ben von Wong]

  • Charlie

    Absolutely LOVE everything Von Wong does. The man is a genius and such an inspiration.