Band Your Cables for Orderly Photography Travel

Band Your Cables for Orderly Photography TravelThis is a quick photo-travel tip by DIYP reader Don Simpson. Actually it may be really obvious, but I learned that it is better to show the obvious than to assume that everyone already knows it. Actually, it is also a more general travel tip that applies to more than carrying photography gear.

Don’t you hate it how your cables fly about in your bag, and when you are trying to pull out  the batteries charger cable you also fish the USB cable, the pc-sync cable, the super long TTL cord, the power cord, the strip, and a bunch of other cable you did not even know you have?

This is sorted out very easily with a rubber band. I could tell you more about it, but it is easier to just show it. And all you need is a rubber band. (Go back to the image on the top for the “before” look).

Band Your Cables for Orderly Photography Travel

If you want the hi-tech version of it you’ll have to say good-bye to the staggering amount of 3.99 USD (but then you get a free color coding scheme). You can also use a multi-use cable tie, assuming you have any money left after you got the Velcro things.

Thanks Don Simpson for sharing this tip. Got other cool tips?  Hit us on the comments.

Tip From LCnShape – you can get a hundred black ones for almost the same price, he found them on Home depot, but you can also get them at Amazon. 

Featured comment by Morgana

Ziplock bags rock!

I’m another big fan of zip lock bags. Last year when I was traveling to Canada from Australia I found these bags invaluable. One for the camera battery recharger, one for the cell phone charger etc. I knew exactly how many bags I had to fill each morning when I packed up my gear before leaving the motel and if all the bags were full I knew I hadn’t left anything behind. :)

The fact that you can label them is also a big plus and makes going through customs a lot easier. 😉