Balance Your Light Stand On Tough Terrains

Balance Your Light Stand On Tough TerrainsPhotographer Reuben Krabbe, whom you may remember from the landscape bicycle portraits hack, had his flash pull an untethered bungee jump during a session in the mountains. So Reuben came up with a great idea to balance a lightstand on uneven terrains. That figures with all those mountain bicycle trips.

Being the nice chap that he is, Reuben put a video together to explain how it works. Video and some thoughts after the jump.

One of the nice things about this is that you don’t need to buy a new light stand for this. It is free (take drilling labor aside), and quick.

That said, it does not solve the problem of very strong wind or lighting mods that look like sails. For this, the best alternative, though not very fun to carry around are sands bags.

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