Bag O’ Goodies – People @ Work Assignment Winner

bog logoIt is time to announce the winner of the second part of the Bag O’ Goodies assignment.

It was not an easy pick as there were many different interpretations for the assignment – work / people at work. Many interpretations and many great images. The winner will take home more than $870 worth of prizes.

I have to admit that I managed to narrow it down to six. It was my dear wife who helped me make the final selection of five. Here goes (with no particular order):

7 Balls / Jeffrey  Benzon

7 Balls (by getbusylivn)

This one’s here for the great capture of motion. Using two flashes from the back at each side to give that “ESPN look”, as Jeffrey calls it. I particularly love the expression – that one of utter concentration.

Midnight Work Session / Martin  Reisch

Midnight Work Session (by safesolvent)

I’ve seen my share of “strobist homage” to the mountain dew and laptop portrait. Never seen one of a rooftop before though. Also thumbs up for the creative use of monitor for lighting.

The Photographer’s Desk / Deyan Stefanov

The Photographer's Desk (by DeyanStefanov)

This one’s a bit tricky. You have to click it to get the full image – it is an animated gif which creates a wiggle stereo photograph – A nifty 3D on a 2D screen. It is here for use of great technique, excellent composition and reflection (the psychology one, not photography). If you insist on going to the flickr image to say hi, click here.

Hard at Work / mrjoefoto

Hard at Work (by mrjoefoto)

you gotta hand it to a guy who admits his work is thinking in the shower. I mean, I would never have the guts to even hint it. That said, great use of bounce flash on low power setting to freeze the water – this flies well with small strobes,  I would never risk a mono block in an environment that wet.

Street Performer / vince muccioli

Street Performer (by vince muccioli)

The golden street performer was taken with a very simple setup, bounced on camera flash. I love it for the simple and elegant comp, and the low key which fits perfectly to the subject.

Drumroll, And The Winner Is

I cannot tell you how happy I am with this round of entries. While there were fewer submissions on this round, there is a definite quality benchmark on the assignment. sadly not all images submitted were inline with the post-your-setup rule, and were not part of the final selection. Next week, DIYP will have the final round of BOG, prepare. And without further chat, the winner can be found on this link. He wins the bag of goodies listed below:

A Lensbaby Composer from Lensbaby: (valued @ $270), This is a cool little gadget, see my review here.


A StreetWalker from Thinktank (valued @ $139)


A ColorChecker Passport from X-Rite (valued @ $98.99)


A PaintShop Photo Pro X3 box from Corel (valued @ $89)


A Strobist Gel Pack from Rosco (valued @$9.95) . Those little gels are great for strobism, I have reviewed them here.


The Strobist & Chase Jarvis decks from Trade Secret Cards (valued @ $41.90)  which are great for getting you inspired.


Two boxes of Polar Pearl Paper from Red River Paper (50 sheets of 8.5×11 & 100 sheets of 5×7, valued @ $98)

Red River Paper

A Nasty Clamp from NastyClamps (valued @ $49). Those are nice little clamps to hold your flash or your point & shoot, I reviewed them here.


A Masters Edition Bokeh Masters Kit from Bokeh Masters Kit (valued @ $25), definitely the best photo gadget ever.


Vision Mongers By David duChemin from Pixelated Image (valued @ $29.69)


On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography By Neil van Niekerk from tangents’ (valued @ $23.07)

on camera