Bag O’ Goodies – Food Assignment Winner Announced

bog logoIt’s time to announce the winners for the Bag O’ Goodies first assignment – food.

I know everyone is dying to see who won the (virtual) bag with all the goodies inside. I am going to list my top five picks and then announce the winner of a bag filled with about $870 worth of goodies.

Selection was not easy, and flickr playing games with the tagging system did not make it any easier, eventually I went and manually checked every picture upload from the announcement day (and a few from before) as the flickr tagging system did not catch all the images on the search. Here are my favs with no particular order.

this will give you a heart attack (mr.beaver)

this will give you a heart attack. (by mr.beaver)

Personally, It is hard for me to resist a nugget when I see one. This image reminded me of that. It’s here for excellent lighting on the nugget, and for being brave enough to go yellow on yellow. I had to take a point for how the fork is lit, however, this one still sent me running to the nearest KFC.

Food Fight (Scerakor)

Food Fight (by Scerakor)

Slicing fruits seems to be pretty popular on this assignment. Stepping out of the usual banana-cut, Scerakor created a gangsta scene with perfectly cut up fruits. I gotta say, this one had me laughing out loud while admiring Scerakor fruit slicing and story telling skills.

DIY Floating Eggshell (Deyan Stefanov)

DIY Floating Eggshell (by DeyanStefanov)

And on a similar “slicing” theme this egg shell image was taken with a very similar method. This very detailed white on white was taken with nothing but the kitchen florescent light. It’s here for the creative DOF, use of light and all the eggs that had to “die” to make this picture.

Cookie Splash (Gerard Wttewaall)

Cookie Splash (by Gerard Wttewaall)

The only thing that can be better than an Oreo is an Oreo and chocolate milk. And the only thing to beat that is an Oreo splashed into a cup of chocolate milk and caught via high speed photography. For great lighting and excellent high speed capture and unconventional drop forming object (and possibly hours of cleaning), this picture is on the list.

Photon Cocktail (Debajit)

Photon Cocktail (Day 6/7) (by Debajit)

Shaken indeed. Hennesy would be proud of this spin off. Great lighting of the glass and great light painting on everything else.

And Winner Is…..

OK, this will come in a second, before the final announcement, I wanted to express my sheer enthusiasm for the entries that were submitted to this assignment. It was not an easy task choosing the final 5, and choosing the actual winner was a hard (yet enjoyable) task.

There were a few submissions that where technically great but had to be dropped for other reasons, like multiple entries, or not including the setup in the captions. This is too bad as those captions are really there so we can learn. Anyhow, without further ado, the winner of all the great goodies listed below can be found in this link.

Next assignment is coming up early next week, stay tuned.

You cna watch the submissions on the following slide show

Our Great Sponsors and List Of Prizes

A Lensbaby Composer from Lensbaby: (valued @ $270), This is a cool little gadget, see my review here.


A StreetWalker from Thinktank (valued @ $139)


A ColorChecker Passport from X-Rite (valued @ $98.99)


A PaintShop Photo Pro X3 box from Corel (valued @ $89)


A Strobist Gel Pack from Rosco (valued @$9.95) . Those little gels are great for strobism, I have reviewd them here.


The Strobist & Chase Jarvis decks from Trade Secret Cards (valued @ $41.90)  which are great for getting you inspired.


Two boxes of Polar Pearl Paper from Red River Paper (50 sheets of 8.5×11 & 100 sheets of 5×7, valued @ $98)

Red River Paper

A Nasty Clamp from NastyClamps (valued @ $49). Those are nice little clamps to hold your flash or your point & shoot, I reviewed them here.


A Masters Edition Bokeh Masters Kit from Bokeh Masters Kit (valued @ $25), definitely the best photo gadget ever.


Vision Mongers By David duChemin from Pixelated Image (valued @ $29.69)


On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography By Neil van Niekerk from tangents’ (valued @ $23.07)

on camera