Bag O’ Goodies Final Winner

bog logoTime to wrap up the Bag O’ Goodies contest.

Huge thanks for everyone who participated. This was the final round of this assignment, and the last chance to win (Literally) a Bag O’ Goodies.

As always with those kinda contests, It was a hard pick and as always, I wished I had more prizes to give away. read on for the five runners up, the winner and another glimpse on the prizes.

And The Runners Up Are…

In no particular order, I loved all five, only one will win.

Coach jumped in (Emmanuel RIGAUT)

Coach jumped in... (by Emmanuel RIGAUT)

Don’t you just love it when someone learns something new and immediately goes out and try it out! that’s the spirit. Combine the great rim lights with three kids you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark ally and you have a great portrait. (This one actually got extra credit for using the strobrella)

New York Yankees Fan (Levy Carneiro Jr)

New York Yankees Fan (by Levy Carneiro Jr)

There is something about classic portraits that always gets me. This one is no exception. For great lights, great connection and great overall portraiture, the Yankee fan makes it to the top 5.

Head Down (HeymoV)

Head down (by HeymoV)

At first I was kinda surprised that an on camera flash was used as a submission for this contest. Yet, it was a perfect tool for the job. A long pan @200mm with a touch of a motions freezing strobe did wonders to convey how the the end of the track must have felt like.

Providence Roller Derby Rocks! (Greg Easton)

Providence Roller Derby Rocks! (by Greg Easton Photography)

This action shot taken in The Providence Roller Derby shows some shutter dragging that conveniently ends up right under a framing overhead light. Surprisingly shot with an shoot through umbrella (must have been pretty close to those skaters), it is here for excellent drag and framing that really shows the action.

Hugo Butterfly (Alejandro Martín)

Hugo Butterfly (by Jandor)

I just love the power on this photograph. You can almost hear the whoosh as the hands exit the water. For great symmetry and lighting, and for capturing an intense moment, this photograph is on the list.

And the Winner is… drumroll please

ok, ok, just s sec here, there were lots of great submission on the last part of this assignment you can find ’em on the below sideshow. (and you can find the previous entries for food and people @ work too.

and now, for a moment frozen in time. light and fog, click here to find out who the winner is.

Tell ‘Er what she won, Jonny.

To help you get motivated for this assignment our sponsors came up with more than $870 worth of prizes. This is the last BOG assignment, so if you want those delicious goodies, it is now or never. Show your appreciation to the sponsors by going to their sites and learning about their gear and books.

A Lensbaby Composer from Lensbaby: (valued @ $270), This is a cool little gadget, see my review here.


A StreetWalker from Thinktank (valued @ $139)


A ColorChecker Passport from X-Rite (valued @ $98.99)


The Strobist & Chase Jarvis decks from Trade Secret Cards (valued @ $41.90)  which are great for getting you inspired.


A PaintShop Photo Pro X3 box from Corel (valued @ $89)


A Strobist Gel Pack from Rosco (valued @$9.95) . Those little gels are great for strobism, I have reviewed them here.


Two boxes of Polar Pearl Paper from Red River Paper (50 sheets of 8.5×11 & 100 sheets of 5×7, valued @ $98)

Red River Paper

A Nasty Clamp from NastyClamps (valued @ $49). Those are nice little clamps to hold your flash or your point & shoot, I reviewed them here.


A Masters Edition Bokeh Masters Kit from Bokeh Masters Kit (valued @ $25), definitely the best photo gadget ever.


Vision Mongers By David duChemin from Pixelated Image (valued @ $29.69)


On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography By Neil van Niekerk from tangents’ (valued @ $23.07)

on camera

Thanks again for everyone who participated, I hope this has been as much fun for you as it has been for me.