Bag O’ Goodies Assignment – Sports

bog logoThis is absolutely the last chance to make a submission for the Bag O’ Goodies assignment. It has been a great ride so far, with two great assignment and two awesome winners (food, people @ work). Consequentially, this is also your last chance to win goodies valued at $870, that will set you on the right path as far as gear and inspiration goes.

This time we are asking you to take a picture related to sports. Not that the world football cup has any grip on me. (for the American readers: football = soccer)

This one’s open to portraiture, still life, action shots, you name it. Creativity will rate as high as technical control.

Strobists, this is your chance to shine

Light painters, show us the amazing things an LED can do to a ball.

High Speed Shooters, my god! this is going to be a hard one for you, prove me wrong!

Pinhole lovers, Garage shooters, Ring flash makers, show us your best work.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

To help you get motivated for this assignment our sponsors came up with more than $870 worth of prizes. This is the last BOG assignment, so if you want those delicious goodies, it is now or never. Show your appreciation to the sponsors by going to their sites and learning about their gear and books.

A Lensbaby Composer from Lensbaby: (valued @ $270), This is a cool little gadget, see my review here.


A StreetWalker from Thinktank (valued @ $139)


A ColorChecker Passport from X-Rite (valued @ $98.99)


The Strobist & Chase Jarvis decks from Trade Secret Cards (valued @ $41.90)  which are great for getting you inspired.


A PaintShop Photo Pro X3 box from Corel (valued @ $89)


A Strobist Gel Pack from Rosco (valued @$9.95) . Those little gels are great for strobism, I have reviewed them here.


Two boxes of Polar Pearl Paper from Red River Paper (50 sheets of 8.5×11 & 100 sheets of 5×7, valued @ $98)

Red River Paper

A Nasty Clamp from NastyClamps (valued @ $49). Those are nice little clamps to hold your flash or your point & shoot, I reviewed them here.


A Masters Edition Bokeh Masters Kit from Bokeh Masters Kit (valued @ $25), definitely the best photo gadget ever.


Vision Mongers By David duChemin from Pixelated Image (valued @ $29.69)


On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography By Neil van Niekerk from tangents’ (valued @ $23.07)

on camera

How To Enter

OK, before sharing the Flickr tag, let me remind that to qualify for this assignment you must include the “how to” as part of your Flickr captions. we had great images in the last two rounds that were disqualified simply because no how-to / setup / lighting info was shared.

To make a submission for this assignment submit your image to the DIYP flickr pool and tag it with diypBogSport. it should then appear under this search.

You can also submit via the DIYP facebook page. Same details required.

As always, you can dig one month back (and one month only) into your archives, however, pictures taken for this assignment are getting a head starts when it comes to final judgment. I will make the final BOG selection on Monday night, June, 28th.

If you have any questions or ideas you wanna toss around you can use this flickr thread. (No need to post the submissions on that thread).

Now I know that people all over the globe are reading this, and I really don’t want anyone to get offended. That said, GO BRAZIL GO!