Bag O’ Goodies – A DIYP Assignment Pt. 2

bog logoHere comes the second part of BOG (Bag O’ Goodies). BOG’s first part was a riot, with a final that was very hard to judge, this time we are going to up the difficulty level (see how great the last round was in this slideshow).

Again we have some awesome prizes for the winner, just the stuff that will get you going is you are starting to look into the world of photography hacks, mods and lighting.

Your Assignment

The theme for this assignment is work / workplace / people at work. So this wil be about images taken where someone actually work (or at least go to work). I am leaving this pretty open, however if you need an idea-jump-starter, location portraits, industrial light painting, machinery high speed shots and work-accomplished-timelapse are just a few of the ideas you can practice. But please don’t feel limited at any way.

To be eligible to enter, you must use a technique described on this site and note it in the image submission.

Images will be judged by creativity, originality, and mastering of one of the techniques discussed on DIYP.

The deadline for this part of the assignment is Sunday June 6th.

Sponsors & Prizes

The winner for this part will receive (as the assignment name suggests) a bag full of goodies. There are all kinds of good stuff in the bag, aimed to put you on the creative path.

We have some awesome sponsors for this contest who stepped forward to provide more than $870 worth of prizes). Our awesome sponsors are graphically introduced here:

A Lensbaby Composer from Lensbaby: (valued @ $270), This is a cool little gadget, see my review here.


A StreetWalker from Thinktank (valued @ $139)


A ColorChecker Passport from X-Rite (valued @ $98.99)


A PaintShop Photo Pro X3 box from Corel (valued @ $89)


A Strobist Gel Pack from Rosco (valued @$9.95) . Those little gels are great for strobism, I have reviewed them here.


The Strobist & Chase Jarvis decks from Trade Secret Cards (valued @ $41.90)  which are great for getting you inspired.


Two boxes of Polar Pearl Paper from Red River Paper (50 sheets of 8.5×11 & 100 sheets of 5×7, valued @ $98)

Red River Paper

A Nasty Clamp from NastyClamps (valued @ $49). Those are nice little clamps to hold your flash or your point & shoot, I reviewed them here.


A Masters Edition Bokeh Masters Kit from Bokeh Masters Kit (valued @ $25), definitely the best photo gadget ever.


Vision Mongers By David duChemin from Pixelated Image (valued @ $29.69)


On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography By Neil van Niekerk from tangents’ (valued @ $23.07)

on camera

How To Enter

There will be two ways to enter (and you only need one).

The first way is to add your image to DIYP’s flickr pool and tag it. We took some notes after last time and removed the hyphens from the tag it is: diypBogWork  your picture should appear on this search. As always, DIY info has to be present in the captions. If you used a tut from DIYP, feel free to link to the tut.

The second way (for the flickr challenged folks) is to add this image to DIYP’s facebook page. Again, the DIY info must be there alongside with the image.

Again, you can deep one month back into your archives (earlier images are welcomed, but will not be able to win the grand prize), and pictures taken specifically for this assignment will get bonus scores.

Since part of the objective of this blog is to help photographers learn from each other, failure to add DIY/setup info will disqualify your image from entering the assignment.

One submission per person, flickr or facebook only.

The Fine Print

As with the previous round, I’ll be the sole judge for this assignment. If you thought that photographing my favorite food will get you a head start, no chance for bribery on this round.

Participation is forbidden for sponsors and DIYP blog owners.

I will contact the winner via flickrmail/facebookmail to take their address and some preferences that has to do with the prizes, I need a reply in 2 days, otherwise I will move to the next in line. This info will be sent to the sponsors. We cover packaging and postage. You cover any customs/taxes. This assignment is
open to the entire earth population – yup, even if you live outside of the US.

As with any image on the Flickr pool, I will display the winners and runners up on the blog, but the photographer retains full rights to his/hers image.

If you have any questions please post them to this Flickr thread. (No need to post the actual pictures to that thread).

Good luck to all!