Automating Product Photography with An IKEA SNUDDA And An RC Car

If you are taking lots of product photos for eBay or Etsy, here is a clever way to automate a 360 product shot courtesy of Rotaryview. (While the video below uses their system for the final gif, you can use other ways group the shots – like combining them into an animated gif)

Automating Product Photography with An IKEA SNUDDA And An RC Car

This is as hard core DIY as it gets using an IKEA SNUDDA, a cheapo RC car and a remote trigger.

We shared a lazy Susan product photography rig before (Snudda is a lazy Susan), but the trick here is using the RC car to keep the table turning in a constant pace.

Here are some tips to get a good picture using this method:

  1. Don’t kill your little brother’s RC car, get one of your own.
  2. As you probably noticed, the table keeps on turning, even when te camera take s a picture, so you’d wanna use a place with a decent light to keep your shutter speed high and the motion blur to a minimum.
  3. Before taking the picture sequence, make sure you know how long it takes the lazy susan to complete a full circle, this will help you calculate the interval between the shots.
  4. If you have a newish camera, you don’t actually need a remote, most camera have a built in intervalomer.
  5. You may wanna make a small mark on te lazy susan to know where the center is, this is where you;d wanna place your product.


  • Ealen

    welcome back DIYPhotography

  • Tony Szuta

    Your article sparked some ambition in me last night. I went out and put together a similar but cheaper, manual setup. Thanks for the idea.

    • udi tirosh

      much obliged, I would love to see the setup :)

      • Tony Szuta

        No problem. I’ll shoot some pics and get them over to you. The setup cost right around $10 and certainly fits DIY to a tee. :)