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How to Write a Photographer’s Bio…Or How NOT to


I wrote a blog post yesterday explaining why I shan’t be attending a 2-day $1850 “business conference.” Read here.

I posted it on my Facebook page and someone replied, asking me what I think constitutes a GOOD bio. It’s a very legit question, so I put on my very legit thinking cap and wrote down my very legit thoughts on this very legit subject.

First, I think it’s important to understand WHY photographers do this with their bios- why they fill them to the brim with tons of personal details.

It’s done in an attempt to be relatable.

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The Evolution of Magazine Covers

Karen X. Cheng and Jerry Gabra take a look at how we’ve changed in the past 100 years





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Cosmopolitan covers started out with women dressed conservatively. Then they started showing some skin. Then more skin. Finally, they started posing in sexy positions.

As women have earned more rights throughout the years, they’ve also earned the right to wear whatever they damn well please. Or maybe that just sells more magazines?

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An ‘Open Letter’ to Landscape Photographers: It’s Time for an Etiquette Check


Have you ever noticed that when you go to a Costco gas station, the rows of vehicles can be so orderly with everyone nicely lined up with a general polite and cordial demeanor. But once those friendly drivers park their fueled cars in the lot and trek inside the Costco store, all matters of civility, politeness and order disappears the moment you approach one of the food sample stands. Shoppers jockey their carts for position to seize that small pizza sample, blocking the little ones from taking cups of trail mix, and snatching that last mini-cup of yogurt like it’s the last one cup of yogurt for all of mankind. [Read more…]

‘The Proposal’ – Behind-the-Scenes Look at Shooting Finland’s First Surper Hero Movie Poster


About a month ago I was contacted by a production company called Woodpecker Films and they asked me if I’d be interested in photographing the official poster for this year’s Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy. I’ve always been intrigued by movie posters, so saying yes to a project like this was a no-brainer.

But things got even more interesting when I was briefed with the concept of the short film-advertisement that I would be shooting the poster for. Director Anssi Määttä and screenwriter Antti Tuominen were determined to create the first superhero-movie to come out of Finland.

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19 Signs You Are Treating Your Photography as a Hobby and Not a Business


Often, the most difficult thing I see for individuals in our industry is making that scary leap from being an amateur photographer to a legitimate professional. When you do make that leap it is quite visible as your actions become very different than those who treat their business more casually. Below is a list of behaviors I have noticed over the years from those who treat their business more like a hobby.

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How I created This Gorgeous RED Portrait


For no particular reason red was never my first choice when it came to planning the colour pallette of a photo shoot, so a while back I decided that at some point I would throw myself wholly at it and try and create some beautiful high impact images. Like with all my ideas it had taken root and I knew that given time it would grow into a concept that would eventually be realised…

Then a few months ago I was given the opportunity to shoot in an aircraft hangar at my local airport, now being granted access to such an incredible location I knew I wanted to plan and shoot an editorial that had a very rich, elegant almost regal feel to it whilst having this emphasis on the colour red. After weeks of planning looks and working with the stylist and various designers, the morning of the shoot we faced a massive problem. The problem wasn’t the freezing temperatures or the snow flurries but that fact that we now only had two hours to shoot as opposed to having the entire day as planned! As a result not only did we have to cut our shoot time but we had to accept that we may not have time to shoot all eight of the planned looks.

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Scrubbing Bubbles and a Career in Photography


I marvel at toilet bowl cleaner commercials, especially those Scrubbing Bubbles. Remember those? They take one of the worst household chores and try to make it seem fun. The commercial features thousands of little animated bubbles with scrubbing brushes for legs that “work hard so you don’t have to.” With each squirt of the product, you are sending thousands of these Bubble-Brush hybrids to work. While you watch a movie or go shopping or eat bonbons leisurely by the pool while your cabana boy, Sven, brings you fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them, this army of determined bubbles are busy scrubbing your toilet.

Now, I’ve used this product multiple times and never once did I see any brushes attached to the bubbles. Nor did I see eyes. Which, really, is a good thing, because I would have freaked if I did. And, having used it, I still had to get in there with a toilet brush and do some work on my own which makes me think the Scrubbing Bubbles are either liars or slackers.

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7 Tips For Taking Breathtaking Travel Portraits


If you think about taking your camera with you to your holiday, this article gives you a insight about how to get some breathtaking travel portraits. All what I am writing about are tips and tricks from my own experience, travelling the world with my camera. From preparations, equipment to talking with a stranger this post covers all basics what you need to get out and enjoy making your own travel portraits.

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My Photography Workflow With Smugmug, WordPress & The Creative Cloud



The first thing I want to say is that this blog has taken nearly a year to put together. Not through a lack of will power but mostly as I thought it fair to write a viewpoint after extensively using the set up giving me more time to fine tune the system.

This is long blog, I would suggest getting the coffee ready now before starting !! Also… I guess I should be upfront about my relationships with SmugMug & Adobe – I am part of the Community Pro team in the UK and have done a talk for SmugMug at the photography show and do use the affiliate program. However, I all genuineness, I do love the products that these companies provide and this blog is only about how I use them.

The workflow is built around 3 key elements , or 3 keyneeds. I want my images where I need them, looking good at all times and safe. The Creative Cloud (Photoshop & Lightroom), SmugMug & WordPress combination seems to this for me overall and most of the time. It is designed to be a multi-use Photography Workflow. While it is not the only way I work and it is not the most simple, it does work and is the safest workflow. Sometimes, just using Adobe Bridge & Photoshop then Dropbox or posting a DVD of images can work too! If your’e new to SmugMug – this is the place to get your questions sorted or put them at the bottom of this blog and I shall try to get to them as and when I see them, or any questions for that matter. We will also not go into how to edit photos or how to move or process images though LR or PS in great detail. Feel free to check out my retouching blogs for them

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