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3 Highly Effective Methods To Do Street Photography Ninja Style

One of the biggest obstacles in street photography is the fear of capturing strangers. I mean, it makes sense. You are taking photos of people without asking them for their permission first. Although it is completely legal in a lot of countries, it still takes guts to pull it off.

Jack Canfield once said: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” It’s so true, because once you overcome your fear, a whole new world opens up for you. Incredible Moments and subjects that would’ve never ended up in your portfolio before.


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Searching for the Miao Goddess


It’s a funny thing, how these little things in life lead us to places. When I left china at the end of 2013, I forgot to exchange some of my Yuan bills (Chinese local currency). When I was traveling in China, we used to call them “Mao bills”… 20 mao, 50 mao, 100 mao due to the big Mao Zedong portrait on them. As I was struggling to find entertainment during the 12 hour flight, I started looking at the bills and that was the first time I noticed it, something I didn’t see before: every bill has a beautiful painting on it. each showing a different place in China. In a way, with these bills in your pocket, you carry a “piece of China” with you wherever you go.

Originally, these paintings were the inspiration for my 2014 photo project entitled “The Yin-Bou fishermen of China”. In January 2015 I decided to follow the bills once more. This time it was one of the smaller bills that got my attention and directed me to my next photo project – “The Miao Tribes”

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The Futility of Ranking Top Wedding Photographers


Have you ever found yourself in the following situation? You are researching wedding photographers, either as a prospective client or as a photographer scoping out the competition, and encounter the following:

  • A photographer proudly claiming to be selected as one of the top photographers in their region
  • A wedding magazine declaring the best wedding photographers in the country
  • A photography website listing the top 100 wedding photographers in the world

On a superficial level, these designations are quite impressive. But when the fascination has subsided and the analytical part of your mind awakens and you have a good think about it, you wonder: who ranks them, and based on what, exactly? I did this and decided that most attempts to rank the top wedding photographers are an utterly meaningless endeavour.

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Avoidable Photographic Errors

Gratuitous header image.

Gratuitous header image.

Rule number one: there are no rules. A ‘mistake’ may not necessarily be a mistake if it helps convey the message or story or feeling intended by the photographer. I can easily think of multiple examples that go against every scenario described below. That said, for the most part, I’ve found these ‘mistakes’ to hold true. And if you want to achieve something very specific, then you either won’t be reading this article in the first place, or you’ll know when to bend the rules. The general viewing public probably has some preformed opinions of what is right/good, but these are born out of as much ignorance as conditioning by companies trying to sell more software or lenses or something else. There are rational reasons why these opinions may not necessarily be right in the context of fulfilling creative intention.

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Just shot my first wedding, here’s what I learned


Editor’s note: Oliver Ruffus used the r/photography Reddit sub as a resource for purchasing gear as well as getting tips for shooting his first wedding. To show his gratitude, he decided to give back by talking about his first experience with a wedding so that first-timers know what to be aware of. Oliver was kind enough to allow us to share his post on DIYP as well, as his way of passing it on and helping others.

As Oliver stated, some of this info might be redundant with other sources but hopefully something new will catch someone’s eye.

I shot a wedding yesterday. Here is the gear I used:

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I Wrestled With Death Twice To Live For Photography


This is the story of how I wrestled with death twice to live for photography. Before I wrote this article, I told a couple of people about it since it means so much to me. Although some didn’t understand how I could talk so openly about this topic, I decided that it’s my duty to generate awareness and help others even if it means that I’m revealing my biggest struggle in front of the world.

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Dear Canon and Nikon, I Have Some Suggestions


Dear Canon and Nikon,

Last November, a spacecraft which had traveled 6.4 billion miles over ten years successfully landed on a comet. A COMET. This means we can now do ANYTHING, which is why I am writing you today with a list of suggestions, nay, improvements that I hope you will consider implementing in future DSLR’s.

None of the suggestions are as daunting as landing on a comet, I assure you. Let’s get the idea machine started!

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The 20 most Influential Street Photographers According to Streethunters.net Readers


My name is Spyros Papaspyropoulos and I am one of the co-founders of www.streethunters.net, a complete and free online street photography resource. I was asked by Udi the chief editor of DIYPhotography.net to share with you the results of a little project we did a month and a bit ago. A project that resulted in the first ever crowdsourced list of the 20 most influential Street Photographers.

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Pinky Swear Me You’ll Stop


“My husband said I could…”
“My husband is letting me…”

Do me a favor. If you are a female photographer with a business, type out those sentences. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Did you do it? Good.

Now NEVER do it again. Pinky-swear me.

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