Good News For Canon 70D Owners – It Just Got Magic Lantern Booted

Over at Magic Lantern forum we saw a happy announcement today. According to nikfreak, the Popular 70D just got “Boot Disk Enabled“. A boot disk for a DSLR is kind of similar to providing an autoexec.bat to a dos system via an external system. It enables a user (or a developer) to instruct the camera to run a dedicated set of commands.

This of course marks a big step for porting Magic Lantern over to the Canon 70D, which is in the market for over a year.

The announcement came yesterday, with an image to show…


Enabling Magic lantern on the sub $1.000 Canon 70D is quite interesting. Aside from the low cost this camera boasts a 22MP sensor and a Dual Pixel CMOS AF which provides smooth focusing in live view and video modes which may be an awesome feature for videographers.

It would be interesting to follow up on this….

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House Of Book Is A Magical Project Showing Libraries From All Over The World


Libraries are magical places and deserve to be treated this way. Way before we had all the human knowledge in the palm of our hands, that knowledge was located in huge buildings called libraries. As centers of data they were built to store massive amounts of book in an efficient way, as well as to allow the inquisitive mind access those books.

In an ongoing project, French photographer Franck Bohbot started photographing libraries in Rome  and plans to expand to Europe, South America, Asia and North America. In his artist statement he shares that “This is about the places that we have learned and where the books stayed for decades. Paying tribute to the Architects. the light, the composition and the colors have to be coherent in all the series

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This Bioluminescent Forest Wonderland Is The Result Of A Projector And A Computer

Forests are magical places by definition; this is why so many of our childhood stories are situated in them. Bioluminescent Forest takes the magical and makes magical-er.

Using a computer and a powerful projector Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad were able to animate the forest into a vivid and fairy-like existence.

Some more photos, info and BTS after the jump

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Time Of War Is An Epic Body And Ashes Series [NSFW]


It seems that throwing powder at models is becoming increasingly popular (like here and here), raising the bar on the required vision so these kind of photos will carry any impact.

And impact is delivered in Olivier Valsecchi’s work Time Of War. But Olivier does not use flour or pigments and he opted for ashes instead. Which makes sense as this series is about Samsara – “the denial of death, and the hope for an extended or endless living”

In an interview to resourcemagonline Oliver shares that

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Nikon D750 Review For Wedding Photography


Since I’m a full time professional photographer, the question I’ll try to answer in this review is: can the Nikon D750 be used for professional wedding photography? It’s not an easy question to answer, because there are numerous factors to consider, and the first factor is obviously the photographer’s particular style of shooting. I’ll try to respond based on my own actual experiences and real needs in the course of a day’s work, comparing the Nikon D750 with the camera I currently use (check out my ShotKit to see what’s in my backpack), and thus not limiting myself to evaluating solely technical aspects.

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How To Build A Pro Slider @ $75 In 3 Hours

While there are many sliders out there (some even at $75), the secret to getting a good slider is getting it to slide smoothly. The team at Rhino did something I truly appreciate in a brand and released a video showing how to build a cheap (semi) pro slider.

You can see the video above, and get some tips after the jump, but for me this video goes beyond the simple idea of a how-to video. I would love to see more brands giving free education even if it not directly associated with their sales. (I assume that if you are building a $75 Home Depot slider, you are not gonna buy their $800 slider). But I love the idea that educating young filmmakers and making “fancy gear” accessible to them will drive the industry higher and hopefully make the cake bigger.

More about the DIY slider after the jump

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This Fist-Size Camera Takes Year Long Unattended Timelapse Movies


Sometimes small projects go out of control. This is what happened to youtuber val3tra. He started a small project to capture low res, low cost, low footprint but long spanning time lapse movies. And what started as a small personal project became a full open-sourced endeavor.

This fist size camera can run for an entire year capturing 48k photos once an hour. The camera itself is an easy build, it’s built around a small jpeg camera available on eBay. It is a small camera at 640×480 resolution, with a 1/3″ sensor. The relatively big sensor allows for reasonable night time shooting.

The full schematics and BOM are available on the project site, and final software should be released soon. It is pretty interesting to look at the numbers coming from the camera:

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We are Giving Away $600 In Photo Album Gift Certificates


UPDATE: This giveaway is now over and winner has been contacted. Huge thanks to MyPublisher for hosting this giveaway.

Sweet news, MyPublisher teamed up with DIYP to give TWO $300 gift certificates away for a personalized MyPublisher Photo Album!

When I was a kid looking at photos was a slightly different experience. We used to sit (usually in a small group) and turn pages in heavy-paged albums. When I say turn pages I mean actual pages, the ones you can smell and touch and (god forbid crease, if not careful). While the digital age made sharing photos easier, it also took something away. There is something uniquely special about sitting together with your closest friends and family and flipping through photo album pages reminiscing on your favorite memories.

So I do my part of sharing, uploading and instagraming, and I also make a yearly family album. This is the album that will stay here even if my triple backed up hard drive crashes. Photo albums do not require a computer to look at, and it seems that both my kids and my parents enjoy looking at these tangible images more than they do at the photos on our family Facebook group.

This is where MyPublisher comes into play with their gorgeous photo albums, the kind that feel good in your hand and will last for years to come! But unlike the photo albums of our childhood, the process is much simpler. You upload the photos and the design team at MyPublisher helps design a perfectly customized premium album for you!

Since there are so many great add-on’s and features to choose from, we are offering a $300 credit so you can create a detailed leather bound album. And we are giving away two of those.

P.S. You get extra entries for sharing.

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