Guy Straps GoPro On, Set Himself On Fire and Jumps From A 10-Stories Building. Why? Because He Can


For a long time now, we’ve seen a rising culture of dare-devils taking selfies on skyscrapers, or documenting themselves doing dangerous stunts just so they can get those on youtube and enjoy their 15 seconds of fame. But for me, this guy is totally going over the limit.

Youtuber Alexandr Chernikov got on a 10-stories building (roughly 30 meters) only to set himself on fire and jump down to a pile of snow, documenting the entire experience with a GoPro. While one of the watcher documented the thing from the ground, there is also the first person view from the said GoPro on this link.

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90 minutes on 10 Tips For Optimizing Photos in Lightroom

Tim Grey took the time to provide 10 killer tips on enhancing your photos in Lightroom. Unsurprisingly, you can get a lot done to your photo in Lightroom and move from an OK photo (not that Tim’s photos are “OK”) to a much more refined photo.

Since 90 minutes are way too much time for just 10 tips, each tip is broken to mini-tips and those are broken again probably making “10 tips for optimizing photos in lightroom” a more suitable title.

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Easychrome: A DIY Aerochrome-Emulating, Color-Infrared Point & Shoot Camera


World In Infrared is a project spanning over 30,000 kilometers, with an IR modified camera – Easychrome – that flew over the Atlantic Ocean, across North America and down to the South Pacific to capture the world as it it seen in the infrared spectrum. Having elements of both Infrared hacking and somewhat of a crowd-sourced project we asked Steven Saphore, its maker a few questions:

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More Rebels To Come From Canon: T6i and T6s. Adds Wi-Fi, NFC, top LCD and Control Dial


In what may be the most announcements-packed day ever Canon also introduces two new Rebels at the Camera & Photo Imaging show. If you are not the photographer who will go for the EOS 5Ds(R) behemoth, you may consider a camera a bit down the line.

Starting at a low price point and providing good image quality, Rebels have always been some of Canon bestselling cameras. They were the go to camera of anyone who started with photography as a hobby and wanted a Canon system. (Well, at least until mirrorless came and Canon was left with no go-to mirrorless for entry level).

This is why it is interesting to see what Canon has in store for this line. It looks like Canon is going iPhone5 on the market releasing 2 Rebel T6′s: a flagship Rebel T6s and a budget Rebel T6i. (Though the price difference is really not that staggering – $849 for the S and $749 for the I). Both Cameras should hit the market on April. So… What’s this update all about?

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Time Sliced Shows Day To Night Transition From All Over The World In One Photograph


What if you could snap a full day to night transition with a click of a camera rather than just a split of a second? You can, of course, do this with a time lapse. But I am talking a single photo.

Photographer Richard Silver did just this with his “Time Sliced” project. The photographs in this project show iconic buildings and each photo in this project is made from 36 photos taken at intervals and spliced together to make a full day to night transition.

I was wondering how Richard left the camera for a full day at one location and he told DIYP that

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How To Build A Focusable Parabolic Reflector


Focusable parabolic reflectors may not be your first lighting modifier as they are big and require a lot (A LOT) of power, but once you start using them it is pretty hard to go back. To top that, they are also pretty expensive. The medium branded ones are around $800 while a top brand like Broncolor will set you back about $2,400.

If you still want to drive test one of those and at the stage where you have more time than money, Dennis Christian put a tutorial together on building one from scratch (or almost scratch….).

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5 Photographers Chat ‘Working For Free’


‘Working for free’ is a charged topic for creatives and for photographers specifically. One side of the discussion claims that getting your name out there, getting exposure and creating contacts and networking is worth working for free, while the other side says that no work should be unpaid and that ‘working for free’ is essentially the industry’s way of ripping photographers of their well deserved compensation, while devaluing the entire market for everyone.

It is interesting to see the take on this questions from some of the world’s high-profiles and now-successful photographers. Of course, they were not always high-profile and  successful so they can share a view going from their early trying-to-get-out-there days all the way to their current state.

InMyBag magazine asked 5 photographers what they thought about working for free: Jasmine StarTim WallaceDon GiannattiDavid Talley and Simon Bolz:

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How Women’s Beauty Standards Have Changed Through The Eras: 3,000 Years In 180 Seconds

 Over the last few years we have seen the industry going against too skinny, too Photoshopped and just plain too western beauty standards. For me it is always amazing to that the beauty standards that we hold as glorious today are actually pretty short  lived.

The team at Buzzfeed produced a 3 minutes video going all the way from ancient Egypt till nowadays showing how beauty standards have changed. It was not alway about being thin. Actually during the renaissance skinny meant starving and the general concept of beauty was pretty full.

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Test Your Flash Duration With An Arduino And a 50c Diode


By now you already know that Flashes don’t just pop for a fraction of a second. This fraction has a value and its value determines how well it will stop motion (say a splash of liquid). This time is called T.5 (and T.1) and they are explained here.

So every flash manufacturer shares their T.5, and as with many devices there is some variance. Matt Kane of recently built a device for testing the actual flash duration using an Arduino board and a cheapo diode. The reason for this was to test how the output from strobes (and the vela LED airgap) behave.

Interestingly LED strobes behave differently than Xenon strobes and their fall off patterns is different. They are also much faster (see title image).

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Google Earth Pro Goes Free Enabling stunning Captures and HD Movies

Google Earth

No many know this but Google Earth had a bigger brother called Google Earth Pro and while the ‘lil sibling was free, getting the pro version was $400/year. No small change.

I guess there were not too many hoppers on that offer and now Google is releasing Google Earth Pro for free (right here). That is a steep $400/year (or 100%) drop making Pro available to everyone.

What can you do with the pro version? For starters, you can export bigger images, the regular version supported only 1000×1000px photos, while the pro version enables you to dump 4800×3200px photos which should be good enough for 4K resolution.

The pro version also enables to capture HD videos of the view you are seeing on screen.

(Pro also enables batch address import and better distance measuring, but I guess that only applies to traveling photographers).

The fact that Google Earth Pro is now free does not mean you do not have to get a key but you can easily get one on the form here.

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