Quick Tip: Learn How To Keep Your Cables From Breaking When Extending Them

You know it happens! Your cables are not long enough and you have to connect two of them together to complete those last few centimeters.

If you want to secure the cable you are probably making a small knot where the cables connect to keep the cable connected if someone tugs it. If done wrong, this knot is stressing the weakest part of the cable – the plastic and metal parts, and it can be the end of your cable (and your shoot). This tip shows you how to both secure the cable against accidental tugging and keep your cable intact for future use.

The secret make a simple knot under the connection and this knot does not involve the weak part of the cable.

Photography From the Future: Cameras That power off Wifi


We always talk about powering cameras (and gear in general) as a big thing. I got to fly an Inspire 1 for an upcoming tutorial and was shocked at how much of our production hustle had to do with managing batteries. I am quite confident that battery and power management will be the next step in camera evolution.

Some companies are making bigger batteries (or adapters for bigger batteries), some companies solve the issue by making almost instantly-charging batteries, but this solution tops them all as it creates real of-the-air charging just by transiting a specific WiFi signal.

The system is called power over wifi and it literally creates a battery-free camera. At least in the sense that we perceive battery.

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HTC Promotes Its 24 Karat Gold One M9 By Photographing It With An iPhone


What’s the best way to promote your 24 karat gold flagship phone? Photograph it with your best competitor’s phone and send to media. Or at least this is what HTC must be thinking.

HTC released a premium version of their HTC One M9 made from 24K gold. As far as we know there is no way to obtain this phone via stores (though it may eventually pop on eBay), and the only way to get one is to be one of the selected few who receive it in the UEFA Champions League season finale.

And how do HTC go about creating buzz about this phone? They tweet it’s photo. But one keen eyed follower noted a weird reflection on one of the phones. A closer examination clearly shows – the photo was taken with an iPhone 6. The tweet was taken down, but you can see a snap of it below

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How Going Outside My Comfort Zone Created My Most Viral Photo Yet


Howard Ashton-Jones is the official photographer to Scottish Gymnastics, but likes to take time out on personal projects to experiment and get creative. Last week his new image shot with a Light Blaster went viral, trending on 500px, Model Mayhem, etc. Howard reminds us all the importance of personal projects and shows us how he got the shot… To learn more about Howard, visit his IMB page.

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Velo POP Claims to Be The Fastest Retail Trigger In The World


After successfully funding the Vela One – an uber-high-speed strobe the obvious question was now that you have a trigger that can freezer a bullet in mid air, how do you trigger it to catch the action. This is why I am not surprised that Vela Labs now announces the Vela Pop, a companion sound trigger for the LED strobe.

There are other solutions out there if you want a sound trigger: Camera Axe is one of them, MIOPS is another and  TriggerTrap is a phone based one, and while that are all very good at what they do, Vela Pop does bring some news into this market:

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ARRI Alexa Goes Head To Head With BMPC. Winner Is Obvious, But There Is Still A Valuable Lesson


How you would you rate a shoot-off between a  £3,000 Black Magic Cinema Camera and a  £150,000 ARRI Alexa? Actually, to make this a better budget vs. high end Cinematographer Olan Collardy included matching lenses in the price: A Samyang 50mm T1.5 for the BMPC and an Angenieux 24-290mm Optimo T2.8 Cine lens for the Alexa.

Fair play, right? £150,000 camera/lens combo vs. £3,000 lens combo. While results may not surprise you, Olan has a lesson he wants to share.

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Nikon Wants Your Money, Offers Up To $900 Instant Savings


It is this time of the year again and Nikon is the first one to push the SALE button. (Usually they are a day or two behind canon, but this year they were first).

Nikon’s model is one where if you buy a body you get a small rebate and for bundling a lens and a body, you receive a bigger rebate. If you are sitting on the fence for a new body, this is a great opportunity to ease that purchase.

Rebates range from as little as $80 for a D3200 + 18-55mm start lever kit ($446.95 instead of $526.95, roughly 17%) to as much as $900 for a D810 + 24-120mm behemoth kit ($3,696.95 instead of $4,596.95, a slightly bigger 20% discount). Some of the options let you get rebates for multiple lenses and speedlights.

Here are some of the more interesting options:

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[NSFW] Illusions of the Body Shows How Lighting And Pose Impacts Beauty


If you feel that magazines show beauty standard that is hard to match up to, you are probably right, aside the massive photoshopping that sometimes goes into the image creation process, the models are being aided by flattering lighting and calculated poses. Both of which have tremendous impact on the look of the human body.

Photographer Gracie Hagen chose to challenge that practice with Illusions of the Body. She does so by exposing us to two different exposures of the same person. In one exposure, the person is beautifully lit, and its pose is crafted to perfection. The other exposure is juxtaposed: horrible lighting and bad pose. The result help the viewers to understand that even the prettiest of persons are getting ‘some help’ in their magazine photos.

We asked Gracie a few questions, which you can find after the jump.

[The series is full frontal nude, so only hit the jump is you are not offended by frontal nude.]

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