Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Goes Titanium And Introduces 8mm Fisheye and 7-14mm Lenses


If a silver Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II did not ring your bell, you can now buy the same camera with a Titanium body. This is basically the same OM-D E-M5 camera camera so it features the same 16MP sensor, and the 5-axis sensor stabilization system.

But, the extra $150 (compared to the $1,049 body silver body) will get you a leather shoulder strap and a serialized owner’s card. And a leather case for the owner’s card. (only missing a leather case for the leather strap). So it is a bit more Bling if you are an Olympus fan.

Maybe more interesting is Olympus adding two new fast lenses to their overgrowing collection: an f/1.8 8mm Fisheye and an f/2.8 7-14mm lens.

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Start Up Promises To Charge All Your Batteries In 2 Minutes


One of the most annoying tasks when dealing with production is taking care of power. At the end of each production day, you do the charging ritual every night to have a full bank of power for the next day. If you did not charge enough batteries, you’re basically screwed.

Drones need many batteries as each battery can only go for about 23 minutes on a 1:45 hours charge. This means that you need 5 batteries to keep a drone up in the air at all times. This is similar for cameras and heavier rigs. A lot of the weight goes toward big batteries that can last a long time. You need a big battery to power a camera, a monitor and some peripherals for a while, and you need a second (and third and fourth) batteries that can run for as long as it takes the first one to charge so you can cycle them.

Now Israeli startup StoreDot wants to change all that. The startup has a cell/charger technology that can charge a battery at 1400mAH / minute, and they aim to go to 1800mAh / minute  by the productization of the battery next year.

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Hacked DJI Phantom Marks The Age Of Drone Vandalism


We have reported drones causing damage inadvertently by crashing into buildings or losing contact with operator, but this is the first time we are reporting a DJI phantom being used to a deliberate act of vandalism.

On Wednesday morning last week, the first large-scale drone-driven graffiti was done in one of NYC’s biggest and most prominent billboards. The billboard, featuring a huge ad of Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein was tagged using a hacked DJI Phantom.

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Canon Issues an Official Rebel T6s/T6i Advisory: ‘White spots may exist on the optical layer’


Looks like Canon is about to pull a D600 with their latest EOS Rebel T6s and T6i Cameras.

About 10 days ago Roger of Lens rental shared a post where he found a big batch of Canon T6s’s and T6i’s to have a weird pattern on one of the glasses on their sensors:

The bottom line is that 4 of the Canon T6s and 2 of the T6i cameras we received had to be sent back because of a defect in the sensor stack (the layers of filter glass over the sensor). This is out about 10 copies of each; the others were absolutely perfect

Now Canon issued an advisory that acknowledges the issue, explains how to detect if a camera is of a bad batch and instructions on how to approach support for a free repair:

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A Feather Made From Tens Of Thousands Of Nude Photos

angelo musco-02

Artist Angelo Musco created what, at first glance, seems to be a digital feather. But upon closer inspection (and I mean if you go really up close), you see that this is not a feather at all.

Musco composited tens of thousands of nude photos to create this feather and the details of the finished feather (as well as the individual bodies) is staggering.

(Some artistic nude after the jump)

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That’s Not A Bullettime Rig, That’s A Bullettime Rig


If you never saw the 80’s classic called Crocodile Dundee you should treat yourself to an immersive experience. For me the highlight of the movie was always the knife scene (shown below). And this is exactly what I felt Carnegie Mellon’s is telling the world when showing off their 510 camera ‘bullet time’ Panoptic Studio.

The studio is built inside a geodesic dome with 480 camera placed on boards – 24 boards with 20 cameras each -in strategic locations. It has an additional 30 cameras and depth sensors to which enables the operators to record and track an almost perfect 360 degrees view of whatever is happening inside of it.

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Elena Shumilova A.K.A Photographer Mom Shares Her Techniques For Photographing Kids


Russian Photographer and mom Elena Shumilova became kinda famous when photos of her kids and family went viral in early 2014.  In total her photos were views over 60,000,000 times (and I guess they were viewed outside her profile some 60 million more).

Something about her photography struck a chord with almost everyone, photographers, mothers, father, young and old. I guess the innocence and feeling of childhood that projected from her photos were just irresistible.

Elena shared some great advice on photographing kids with the crew at Smugmug and agreed to share them with DIYP readers.

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