Orcavue Creates Bullet Time Shots With One Camera

Remember how revolutionary that bullet shot in the matrix was? It was also a few dozens cameras, a full-scale Chroma room and a budget that would probably be enough for a mid-sized indie film. But the effect is totally worth it.

I guess this is why we are seeing so many creative ways of recreating this effect, from crowd-sourcing, to using “cheap” GoPros (or even RASPBERRY PIs) arrays to using a ceiling fan (really!).

Orcavue took that ceiling fan concept and made it into a product. I guess I can only describe their rig as an upside down biggish ceiling fan with a camera on its arm.

The arm on the Orcavue  revolves at 1-2 revolutions per second, and combined with a high FPS camera – say a 120FPS, $500 GoPro – it can create some cool bullet time effects. The team recommends slowing the camera even further in post (say using Twixtor) to get a really slow shot.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Nude Models [NSFW]


Model: Ella Rose Muse; Photographer: Faye Yerbury

1.Yes, it is possible to make a living doing this. But it takes a lot of hard work and a good reputation. For every hour spent in front of the lens or canvas, roughly nine million are spent networking, updating portfolios, organising work, advertising, applying to castings, travelling to and from locations, packing/unpacking for jobs/trips (because even nude models are expected, often, to bring props/accessories/items of clothing) and attacking what I like to affectionately refer to as ‘the email mountain’. We are grateful for the email mountain; it keeps us in business; we just wish we could hire some hobbit minions to live underneath it and help us out every now and then (perhaps with purpose-built sticks and digging equipment) so that we don’t accidentally offend the creative types who grow more and more anxious by our lack of reply (because we are busy modelling by day, or sleeping by night, or, you know, doing other important stuff).

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OWL Aims To Be The World’s First Drop-in filter Adapter Reducing Costs and Improving Workflow


One of the best features of mirrorless cameras is the ability to use DSLR lenses. But when using DSLR lenses you immediately fall into one of the flaws of the DSLR lens system: filter design. The mix of filter thread sizes, ‘regular’, thin and extra thin filters and lenshood interaction makes you with there was a better solution.

Owl, “The World First Drop-in filter Adapter” aims to solve the filter problem for mirrorless once and for all with their new indiegogo. Most DSLR to mirrorless adapters are simply a hollow tube pushing the lens away from the camera. They are strong enough to carry a lens, while moving the electric contacts needed for focusing and feedback from the camera bayonet to the adapter bayonet. Owl simply makes a clever use of that space, adding a drop-in filter slot.

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LensRentals Bust Open The Canon 100-400 IS L Mk II Teardown, Naming it “Best Built Lens Ever?”


Lenses come and go and as we move on we move higher up the lens latter, but according to the Canon 100-400 IS L Mk II teardown post from LensRentals, Roger Cicala is so happy with the build of this lens that it may very well earn the “Best Built Lens Ever” title.

Of course, LensRentals have to fix their own lenses after coming back and having gone through abuse, so Roger is both experienced and equipped to open a $2,200 lens, I would not try this at home.

Roger goes through taking the lens apart step by step starting with the tripod foot and ending with the optical elements. Here are some f the thoughts that will ease you into shelling out the extra $500 from the previous version:

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Friends Recreate Entire Rambo Movie With Groom To Be as John J.

Everyone has their favorite movie hero whom, as kids we dreamed we could be. For Dana Saint is was Rambo. (If you don’t know who that is, just move along… you are not old enough for this).

Dana breathed, ate and dreamed about Rambo every waking hour. It did not end there and he made many, many home videos of the movie. In fact, I guess there is quite a big chance that Dana was Rambo biggest fan (Sylvester Stallone excluded). So for his wedding, his best friends did not send him out on the casual drinking night, they made him Rambo instead.

The reenactment included the entire movie including the cop chase,  freeing the POWs, that car battery scene and an epic compound explosion.

It just goes to show how far you can go when you set a creative target and put your heart into it.

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No Sandbags? No Problem, Just Bury Your Tripod


Here is an interesting problem to have. What would you do if you wanna shoot in the middle of the desert, but don’t have any sand bags available? Photographer and Light painter Eric Pare (previously) had just this problem when he was shooting in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Yes, that thing made out of sand. Having no access to sandbag in the middle of the desert, Eric simply buried his 3LT Keith tripod in the sand. Kinda like having the entire desert as one huge sand bag. The results are totally worth it:
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Sigma Expands Art Line – Adds 24mm f/1.4 + New dp0 Quattro Camera


When Sigma introduced the 50mm Art lens photographer were pretty happy to get an almost Zeiss quality lens for under a $1000 price tag. (You can see some comparisons and tests here, here and here). We’ve heard many rumors on an upcoming 24mm art lens and today Sigma broadens the art line with a 24mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens, and if it compares to the 50mm art, there is much reason to rejoice.

The 20 art (A.K.A Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens) will be available for all three mounts when it starts shipping: Nikon, Canon and Sigma. I assume we will see Sony coming soon. Well, there are no prices or dates yet, so those will probably have to come first :)

One nice update to the line is the ability to switch from Auto focus to manual focus simply by engaging the focus ring (similar to Nikon and Canon lenses).

Here are the dry specs:

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Starting With C-Stands? You Should Watch This C-Stands 101

There comes a point at any photographer or videographer’s life where they start using big lights or other big gear and migrate to C-stands. Ok, not every photographer. But if you have never used a C-stand you are definitely in for a treat. The only thing is that C-stands take a little more know-how to use safety than light stands. This is where Eric Jang and his C-Stands 101 comes in.

The movie is only about 10 minutes long, but is highly recommended if you are handling C-stands and even more so if you are doing it near people or in small production spaces. And is a must if you ever consider working as Grip.

Here are just a few tips that I picked up. Some, I already did out of habit or intuition, but hearing them said like rules just helps sort them out in my head.

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New High-End Real Alternative To Photoshop – Can It Shake The Paradigm? (+ Free Beta)


Photoshop is practically the standard of editing today. Sure everyone will say “Open your editing software”, but what they mean is start Photoshop. There is a good reason for that too. Adobe (and Photoshop) have been in the market for a really long time, they have experience and PS integrate nicely with the Creative Cloud. There are some options out there, but none are considered as fully featured and rounded as Photoshop, which (like microsoft word in their days) make it the de-facto standard.

But all this is about to change if Affinity Photo will have their say.

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