Samsung Wants To Rid Of Hard Drives, Makes A 256-gigabit Flash


Up until not too long ago having a complete system made with SSDs was not really a practical option for the most photographers. I mean the highest capacity SSD was 2TB and it was a hefty sum of $800, give or take a byte.

But now, Samsung is in the process of manufacturing a huge 256-gigabit SSD (32GB) should enable significantly more storage on each SSD drive. Considering that 80Gigs of data were around $70 just a few years back on 2004, I think that it will not take a lot of time until SSDs will replace HDDs completely. I mean, price per HDD storage dropped from $0.5/Gig to $0.0317/Gig in the course of the last ten years (that is a 96% drop) so it would not be surprising to see these huge SSDs drop from $400/TB to $25/TB in a similar time frame or to $130/TB in the next two years.

Engaget reports that Samsung are upping their yield and planning to ship during 2015. This means that even this year we will see bigger SSD drives at cheaper prices.

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A Photo Capturing Both A Rainbow and a Lightning In A Single Exposure


Photographer Greg McCown had a lifelong dream to capture a rainbow and a lightning in a single image. This may seem crazy but if there is one place in the US where the weather is crazy enough to pull this off, it has to be Arizona.

Two days ago, his dream came true. Greg was driving on the I-10 and was hit by a wet microburst which brought the traffic close to a standstill and visibility down to 20 feet. Seeing the rainbow Greg decided to chase it and try to get his prize shot. Luckily he did.

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Upgrade Your Pelican Case With a Backpack Attachment For (Almost) Free


When it comes to carrying gear in a safe manner, Pelican earned quite a name for themselves. They earned the name of being the safest, sturdiest, toughest case in the market. Sadly they have also earned the name of the most cumbersome, bang-your-knees, hard-to-carry bags in the market. At least with the 1510 unit.

Photographer Mate Kiss came up with a pretty clever way to convert any Pelican into a backpack for almost no cost at all.

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Rokinon Announces Xeen – An Affordable set of Cine Primes


Rokinon, just announced a new set of Cine Primes: 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm, all T/1.5. (or Samyang if you live outside of the US, or Bower or Walimex depending on your location).

This is an interesting move on Rokinon’s part. up until now they were known for their very good dollar-to-value sub $500 lenses (in either their stills or cine versions, and now they are stepping their prices up to the $2,495.00 a piece level. Quite a jump.

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Easily Back Up Your Memory Cards To External Drives With This OTG Cable Hack


When you shoot multiple cards, usually the workflow is to unload them once you get back to home base. This is usually enough, but if you want to be absolutely on the safe side (or just want to empty your cards) you have two common solutions: use a laptop to transfer the files or use something like the $219 WD My Passport Wireless hard drive that comes with an SD slot.

Reader Sasha Stojkovich just sent in this clever tip that enables a backup from practically any card to practically any portable hard-drive. The secret sauce? An OTG card reader with a USB hub built in.

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Peek Inside The Mind Of Master Street Photographer John Free: Subjects Are Everywhere

Street photography has a special trait to it -You stage nothing. So how come when staging nothing good photos are taken?

This 14 minutes clip follows master street photographer (or social documenter) John Free. It almost seems as John creates good subjects out of nowhere. Aside his very keen eye, John is just loaded with confidence and conviction in his ability to create a good photo from any scene.

John takes away any excuses for not taking a photo. Instead of sneaking into his subjects, John, combines high loads of confidence which he hides as being a little nutty and one of warmest people around.

In John’s words, he is “everybody’s friend’s” or a “professional stranger”, and one of his biggest strength is the way he carries himself around, and giving a big emphasis on being a non-threat.

P.S. John does it all on film, so he takes that excuse too…

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SPOOF project Shows How High Fashion Ads Would Look On ‘Regular’ Humans


Have you ever wondered how us, regular people would look in a High End fashion shoot or on the cover of Vogue? French stylist Nathalie Croquet and photographer Daniel Schweizer collaborated on SPOOF, a project to answer just this question.

Nathalie aims to poke some holes at our modern trained brains who look at fashion and advertising imagery as an aspiration of perfection. She posed in front of a camera styled and set up exactly as the models we are all used to see on magazines.

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