6 Years Old Takes Stunning Popping Balloons Photos


How old were you when you took your first stunner shot? Photographer Aiden Barger is 6, and is already with a few good photos behind him.

Ok, so Aiden is getting a little bit of help and guidance from his dad, Eric, who is a civil engineer. But at the end it is Aiden’s ideas and curiosity that make the magic happen.

There is a very technical side to shooting balloons burst (either with a Nerf gun, as the team started, or a pellet gun as they do now) and the process has a repeating aspect to it. This combination, along with a constant setup which uses a Triggertrap as the high speed aspect of the setup, releases Aiden to come up with creative ideas.

Eric tells triggerrap a little bit about the process, where Aiden plays an important role:

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50 Filmmaking Tips in 7 minutes

Making the move from stills to video may seem trivial. I mean as far as gear goes any camera can tke some decent video, right?

But film making is an art on its own and getting a few good pointers when you start can make a long way. The  folks at DSLRguide are celebrating their (hair short of) 50,000 subscribers, and we for 50 filmmaking tips for absolutely free.(including sound, cinematography, business and some misc tips)

It’s a short 7 minutes video, but if it will save your movie once it was worth watching.

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Nasa Shares First Photo of Pluto Taken With A Camera Named Ralph


If you are a space fan, this is your day. NASA just released the first surface image of Pluto.

The photo is the closest photo of Pluto ever taken at about 7,800 miles. This is quite amazing, especially compared to the roughly 3 billion (3,000,000,000) miles New Horizons had to travel to get there.

Another interesting fact is that we did not see the photo as soon as it was taken. It took the transmission about 4.5 hours to get to earth.

This could also be the most expensive photo taken at roughly $700 million to build, equip and fly the probe.

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Comparing Sony a7s vs Canon 6d Shutter Lag for Light Painting


Eric Paré is famous for his light painting photos (here and here), most notably his process is very accurate and almost repeatable. So when he put up a post comparing Canon’s EOS 6D and Sony ‘s a7S I thought the results were quite interesting and worth sharing.

Eric uses a process where he shoots in the dark for 1 second and ‘light paints’ during that second. This process is so fine tuned that it serves as quite a good basis for comparing the camera in a real world scenario.

Obviously both cameras produce a very good image but they are not identical and the differences are quite interesting, especially on shutter lag. I was expecting the Sony to win hands down, but the Canon took an obvious lead there.

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How I Fought My Insecurities And Planned A Weeklong Photo Shoot In The Fashion Capital Of The World


We all have those moments, those days, those months where we just can’t seem to come up with a good idea.

It seems like it takes more energy to convince yourself to get started than it does to actually shoot a set. The truth is you don’t always need an earth stopping idea. A lightning bolt of inspiration. Sometimes just committing to doing it gets the ball rolling. Once you’re actually in motion you start to realize that there is a lot more to learn about than just the photo techniques themselves. Lots of business and planning skills go into it as well that will in turn make you more valuable as a photographer. Just the process of saying I’m going to do it…. led to how am I going to do it? That simple question took me on a path that taught more than anything else in my career so far. I’d like to tell you about my self produced week of high fashion photography in New York City.

So, I went to New York City.

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Fujifilm End-Of-Lining More Velvia and Provia Films, Others Get a Price Bump


If you are one of those who stalk refrigerators in the back of photography stores, consider this an official heads up that Fujifilm are going to end-of-line some of their 120, 220 and 135 films as well as bump the price of some of their other products.

This painful process will start this year and will carry out until mid 2017 with 220 films being almost completely gone (you can usually use 120 film instead, but if you are a hard core 220 shooter – or just uses an old Yashika or a brownie stock up!)

Here are the products and dates tables translated. The first table is heading for a 20% price increase (give or take)  no October this year.

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Using Sony A7II + Mitakon 50mm F0.95 For Wedding Photography


A little about me,

First, I’m a wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Second, I’m a HUGE fan of large aperture lenses. I shoot every lens almost 100% of the time at the maximum aperture possible. At any given wedding, over 90% of my photos are taken with 35mm F1.4, 85mm F1.2, and 200mm F2.0, each at its widest aperture setting. I’m also one of the few people who use F1.2/F1.4 for group shots.

I also have a Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens, beautiful, beautiful piece of glass, image quality is extraordinary, but I still find the aperture a bit tiny ?? That’s why I bought the Sony A7 II + Mitakon 50mm F0.95 combo, because I just simply have to have the largest aperture possible that is within my wallet depth.

I get criticised for this a lot: “What if you want to vary the DOF?”, “What if you want multiple subjects in focus?” “You’re one of those newbs who think aperture is everything” etc. blah blah

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TEFAU Is a Free Television Inspired Paperfold Pinhole Camera


It’s been a very long while since we shared a good pinhole camera tutorial and Ondrej Revicky just made it better by sharing the pattern and instructions for building a character-full pinhole camera called TEFAU.

Tefau is 100% made of paper that you can make by downloading this PDF and printing it on somewhat heavy paper. Ondrej explains the basics behind any pinhole camera, which also drove his a design:

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