Nikon’s Latest “I Am Generation” Campaign features Same-Sex, African American Dads

I wish we lived in a world where is will not be news. But I think Nikon is doing the right and brave things by releasing this video as part of their I Am Generation Image campaign.

The movie features Kordale and Kaleb who went viral last year when showing them doing their daughters’ hair. It went viral in a good way but also in a bad way as homophobia raised its ugly head.

Kordale and Kaleb told huffpost that the photo and now the Nikon campaign changed their lives:

With our picture going viral and now this video of our life, we feel that our life has changed to the extent of how people may view us. We feel that there are a lot of people looking at us as an example within the LGBTQ community — which is an awesome thing. Being homosexual is not as taboo as it once was and it has become more acceptable in today’s time

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Melancholic Conceptual Artwork In Decaying Buildings In Belgium


One of our UK favorite artists, Rebecca Litchfield, recently returned from a photography tour in Belgium. Why you may ask, because Belgium has some of the most amazing abandoned buildings in the word, and Rebecca has long relationship with old and decaying buildings. But while her previous big project – soviet ghosts – was focused on the buildings and their decay, this time she was accompanied by model Jen Brook and they produced some of the most melancholic and inspirational photos I’ve seen.

Armed with a full set of Elinchrom Quadras a Mamiya Leaf and an EL adapter (to make use of Elinchrom’s modifiers) Rebeca visited a few abandoned houses and churches and even a derelict spa. The results really show what a dedicated team of creatives can accomplish in a short amount of time if vision and preparation is there.

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Apple Granted Patent For Mounted Cameras. GoPro Stock Takes a Dive


Like DJI who used to be BFFs with GoPro starting their own self-made camera was not bad news enough for GoPro, a new patent approval for Apple. Patent number 8,934,045 concerning ‘Digital camera system having remote control‘ was just approved by the USPTO. Actually, Yahoo reports that the firm secured 34  patents all relating to what we fondly call Action Cameras.

The idea seems like Apple is considering streaming content from an action camera into the iWatch.

Looking at the abstract of one of the mains patents, it seems that almost any action camera (or wireless tethered camera) are at risk:

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How To Build A huge Macro Tube for $5

Have you ever looked inside a macro tube to examine the optics there? haha. No optics, it is just a big tube filled with air.* This is why it is an extremely easy device to replicate. Maker Vinnie Hirt used the macro tube quality of nothingness to build his own set of an uber extension tube for a mere $5 give or take.

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Videographer Arrested After Recording An Accident And Not Handing The Camera Over To The Police

Usually we hear stories about photographers getting harassed or arrested for taking pictures, but this one is about a photographer that got arrested for not letting the police see them. Photographer in Lacey Township, Philadelphia was arrested and detained for a few hours after recording an accident for 45 minutes and not handing over his camera to the police.

The photographer, Flinchbaugh, who considers himself an independent member of the media (and is a contributor to a local news site), was one of the first to arrive at the scene which got him access. But as he was going to leave, he was confronted by a detective who demanded Flinchbaugh to hand over his camera so the video could be reviewed for potential evidence. When Flinchbaugh refused he was handcuffed and arrested for obstructing administration of law, despite the fact that he was willing to provide a copy of the video to the police.

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Yongnuo Goes on B&H. Similarly Priced, Better Service (+lenses?)


Yongnuo has been the goto strobe brand for many off-camera-flashers (yea, I said it). Between the low price (it’s pretty hard to beat a $60 strobe, even if entry level), the plethora of features and the compatibility with major brands systems they are hard to say no to.

The only thing that kinda sucked on those strobes was their origin, they were shipping in from China. Shipping from China means hard to exercise warranty or returns. Don’t get me wrong, if you got 4 Yongnuo’s and one was a DOA, it was still a good deal price-wise, but you ended up with one dead strobe. Add to that the fact that many eBay sellers were selling those strobes with a lesser levels of Quality Assurance and you can see why there was a certain kind of risk involved in such purchases.

But this is changing as B&H are now adding the Yongnuo brand to their catalog. This means getting the same strobes with a significantly higher level of security. As for warranty, at least the items that I checked had a Limited 1-Year Warranty.

I was kinda expecting the B&H prices to be higher than the Amazon ones, but in fact they are not:

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Nikon To Announce A New FX Firmware Download Program On January 19th, I Wish They Would Take On Magic Lantern


According to Nikon Rumors, Nikon is about to drop a bomb into the firmware update process that stayed relatively similar throughout the 12 years or so since DSLRs became common. NR received a pastebin mail copy presumably from Nikon suggesting that Nikon is working on a new firmware download program which is “free to join“. The program suggests that Nikon shooters will be able to “download advanced firmware updates” that “add new functionality to their cameras“.

Joining the program is free to join for the first three years, but it is not clear what will happen afterwards, and once the following link becomes live, you will be able to join it here:

According to the mail the first batch of firmware update will be available for FX format cameras (Nikon D750, D810, D800, D800E, D610 and D600) and will include the following features:

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Mirrorless Photojournalists Rejoice – Fuji Announces An XF16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR Lens


If you asked photojournalists what was the lens they’d weld to their camera, there is a good chance that it would be the 24-70 f/2.8. And this is exactly the segment that Fuji is targeting with their announcement of their XF 16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR Weather-Resistant lens (preorder).

The lens features an X-Mount which is compatible with Fuji’s line of mirrorless camera and will probably provide a good argument to everyone who are saying that the mirrorless system is still lacking critical glass.

As for features, you can see the full list after the jump, but the main ones are 16-55mm focal length 2.8 all the way (equivalent to 24-82.5mm on a full frame sensor); a 14-point Weather-Resistant Construction; Optical Image Stabilization and Nano-GI and HT-EBC Lens Coatings.

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How I Fixed My Canon 5D Mark II Shutter With A Screwdriver And A Sense Of Bravery


The shutter on my old Canon 5D Mark II died while on a trip to Fiji earlier this year. It happened quickly; I was shooting a panorama when horizontal black bars started appearing in some of the shots. After about 10 more photos in between turning the camera off and on again, it was dead. The shutter was stuck closed and powering the camera on yielded a helpless sounding soft ‘clunk’ and an “Error 20″ message. I was quoted around $500 to get this fixed at a repair shop. But.. an OEM replacement shutter is only $90US on eBay. So, after about 6 months of putting it off I finally built up enough #YOLO fever to have a crack at fixing it myself, saving $400 and learning a few things along the way.

The result? Watch the video for the abbreviated version, or continue reading on below for the guide!

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Nikon Announces The D5500 DSLR And Two Lenses. Welcome Touch Screen


Nikon is finally catching up with touch screen LCD tech in their DSLR line. (Canon had this for about three years now on their Rebel line). The new camera dubbed  D5500 (preorder) is planned to lead Nikon’s entry lead  DSLR line (like the D5300 before it).

Even before looking into the camera features, it seems that Nikon chose to skip the D5400. Why? Only Nikon knows… That said, the camera seems like a worthy contender for the entry level DSLR King.

Aside the touch screen it is interesting to note that the D5500 has no Optical Pass Filter (like the higher ended D800e)

Specs, thoughts and two new lenses after the jump.

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