Sony: Canon Adopted Lenses AF Speed On Canon DSLRs And A7RII Is A Close Match


It seems that Sony is going after Canon shooters and are trying to make an enticing offer that will allow Canonistas to keep their lens collection while moving to a A7R II system.

In a recent (somewhat promotional) interview between (Sony Artisan) Thibault Roland and a top engineer from the recently announced A7R II crew, the engineer claimed that with a full firmware upgrade and a good lens adapter like the Metabones Mark IV, Sony’s are a tight match for AF speed vs Canon DSLRs:

We were confirmed that AF of Canon lenses was “much faster than before. With adapters (and in particular with a firmware updated Metabones mark IV) Canon lenses are almost as fast as on a Canon body”

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DIY: Photographer Uses $0.5 TP Rolls To Diffuse $700 Macro Strobes


Here is a great tip we got from Mark Thorpe and it has to do both with TP rolls and with Macro photography. It turns out that there is a great way to diffuse the the $750 Canon MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite Flash.

At heart the MT-24EX is a dual strobe system that sits around the lens and enables getting the light pretty close to your subject from two sides. Close means soft light (I mean think how huge a strobe at 3cm must look to an ant), and two-sided-illumination means significant shadow reduction.

But PixelHobo who need just a little bit more diffusion, attached two rings made from old desk lamps covered with toilet paper to get an even bigger light source. Not really sure if this is more simple or more clever.

For more information about the rig, visit Mark’s G+ post.

Yup, toilet paper is definitely a must for photographers.

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Photographer pokes Photography Workshops by Teasing trivial Camera Lessons


With so many photography workshops around, I guess photographer Donald Giannatti felt there was a need to fill in the blanks for some beginners out there. Donald came up with a series of short tutorials on the basic skills needed from photographers such as How to open a camera bag (with a bonus about closing it too) and Lens Caps for Film Photography.

Donald hinted that many more tutorials will come on this series. (Hit the jump for teasers from his first three workshops)

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This Keyboard Will Help You Utilize EVERY SINGLE shortcut


Here is a quick quiz for you? how do you trigger the Photoshop Liquify filter? (CTRL+SHIFT+X) and Premiere’s go to previous marker? (CTRL+SHIFT+M), and the rest of the million shortcuts for the  apps you use? You could, of course apply some keyboard stickers for a specific app, but if you wanted all the shortcodes for all the apps, you need something like a keyboard that changes its keys. something like the Sonder keyboard.

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Sony A7R II: 42.4MP, Full Frame 4K and 5-axis Stabilization for $3,200


Ever since Sony announced the A7II we were waiting for the rest of the A7 line to get their updates. And today Sony announced the next camera to get an update, the Sony A7R II.

While the A7R was no small gun, it looks like the A7RII is bringing the technology up to date from the 2013 version.

The camera features a full frame BSI CMOS sensor @ 42.4 MP, and like the A7II features a 5 Axis image stabilization, and 4K video at 30FPS.  Another advancement are phase detection elements on the sensor to cater for faster and better autofocus (and just like its predecessor, the camera will work with other brands lenses).

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The Incredible Light Painting Of JanLeonardo


A while back I stumbled on the light painting work of Jan Leonardo Wöllert, and was immediately taken. By now, you probably know all about light painting, but if not, it is the art of using bright objects to “paint” imagery in total darkness. As light hits the sensor it ‘paints’ the final image.

JanLeonardo is no different and his work is done only with photography in total darkness, painted with light. No layers work and digital composing. I asked JanLeonardo for more information about his work which he gladly shared with DIYP readers.

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Quick Tip: Learn How To Keep Your Cables From Breaking When Extending Them

You know it happens! Your cables are not long enough and you have to connect two of them together to complete those last few centimeters.

If you want to secure the cable you are probably making a small knot where the cables connect to keep the cable connected if someone tugs it. If done wrong, this knot is stressing the weakest part of the cable – the plastic and metal parts, and it can be the end of your cable (and your shoot). This tip shows you how to both secure the cable against accidental tugging and keep your cable intact for future use.

The secret make a simple knot under the connection and this knot does not involve the weak part of the cable.

Photography From the Future: Cameras That power off Wifi


We always talk about powering cameras (and gear in general) as a big thing. I got to fly an Inspire 1 for an upcoming tutorial and was shocked at how much of our production hustle had to do with managing batteries. I am quite confident that battery and power management will be the next step in camera evolution.

Some companies are making bigger batteries (or adapters for bigger batteries), some companies solve the issue by making almost instantly-charging batteries, but this solution tops them all as it creates real of-the-air charging just by transiting a specific WiFi signal.

The system is called power over wifi and it literally creates a battery-free camera. At least in the sense that we perceive battery.

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