So Over The “Overly-Retouched” Argument


Ah, “photography”, you loosely defined word that everyone seems to have their own definition of. It’s amazing how polarizing you can be, isn’t it?

And one of your most polarizing aspects seems to be exactly how much retouching is considered reasonable. Purists claim no retouching of any kind is allowed (then they usually reference Ansel Adams, which is quite ironic considering the amount of dodging and burning he brought to the field), while others gladly accept Photoshop as a regular part of their photography tool-belt.

In general though, there’s a viewpoint around the photography community, that too much Photoshop is a bad thing. That it destroys photography as we know it, and those who retouch an absurd amount should be banned or beheaded or at least mildly reprimanded (depending on which Facebook group you happen to be in). But before we all start gathering our pitchforks, can we maybe examine this concept of over-retouching for just a second?

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Towel Day Photo Contest



In honor of the upcoming International Towel Day and our deep love to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy we are going to run a little fun contest. Up for grabs is the most intergalactic case we could master, the coveted Peli 1510 hard case.

To win this gorgeous PELI case, all you have to do is to post an Hitchhiker’s-Guide-to-the-Galaxy inspired photo on the comments section: Towels, Robots, improbability and babel fish are welcomed.  Surprise us.

On Towel Day, Photographer Dave K. Piper and The Team at Peli will select two winners and we will ship them the two Peli Cases.

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A Slick DIY Self Contained photobooth


Photographer John Nakatsu  of K+J Studios operates a photobooth on events. On of the challenges with these kinds of botoh is to make them portable, and easy to set up. John came up with quite a clever solution to make the entire botoh self contained and easy to port without losing quality and fun.

The pictorial below goes through all the steps, so you cna get inspired on creating your own. Here is how he did it:

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This Is What 5 Years of ‘Collecting’ GoPro Gear Look Like


Gear comes and gear goes. Or rather gear comes and gear accumulates. Photographer Mitch Bergsma have been shooting with a Gopro for 5 years and as one of his main tools of work, he had to fit it, mount it, strap it, elevate it and submerge it into various places.

Having using a GoPro for five years means that you get to accumulate lots of mounts and cases for lots of different GoPro cameras and if in addition to that you don’t let go of the old gear, you get a full blanket of gear (sorry had to).

So to celebrate this 5 years anniversary, Mitch got a DJI Phantom 2 in the air to take an aerial of all his GoPro gear. And there is a lot of it….

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Recreating The Aurora Borealis With A Piece Of Fabric


So, what if you have to create an Aurora Borealis right the middle of anywhere but the North Pole? Usually it means that you’re done (unless you actually go to the north pole). But Joey Shanks really needed some Borealis for his movie production – SPECTRUM.

What he did was quite clever, he used pieces of colored fabric and pieces of lit fabric dancing in the wind as a base and then he composed them into the final movie.

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Beer Coasters Photos Hiding A Message Against Violence


Japan is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, but as many other countries, domestic violence is becoming a concern.

The Yaocho bar group in Tokyo started a campaign to address the concern and they server beer on special kind of coasters. The coasters feature a portrait of a Japanese woman, but after it touches a cold beer glass (or any other cold glass for that matter) the portrait shows the same woman after being abused.

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How To Build A Swiss Army Knife Style Slide / Memory Cards Holder


If you use the Light Blaster Projection system, there is a good chance you’ve amassed quite a bit of slides. I’ve seen people hack a Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket by removing the middle stitches that separate each compartment, but why settle for fabric when you can print a nifty Swiss army knife style.

This file from thingiverse is made to hold several slides in a sweet-looking wallet that kinda resembles a Swiss-army knife.

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All Your Favorite Shows Cuts 160 Movies Together With A Centralized Storyline

Here is where dedication and rain-man-like memory of movies will get you.

The team at Ornana Films created this wonderful animation where a kid is faced with a reality where the shows that he likes becoming a reality. (at least that’s what we think is happening). The crazy twist – some of the animations are replaced with short cuts from 160 movies. (With no list available though, the movies just screams for a guess the movies game).

The movie brilliantly, and seamlessly shifts from Danny Madden’s animation to short film clips that are almost too fast to comprehend.

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Lily Is a Camera Drone That Wants to Make Shooting Fun


At the latest NAB we saw a big surge of Camera Drone interest. (it was sliders three years ago, Jibs two years, Gibmbals last year and now Drones). Most of the drones (or drone upgrades) introduced were focused on providing a smooth run or more range. Lily is a new players and it is focused on making it FUN.

Lily is a camera drone aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts and as such it features some innovative features.

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Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Goes Titanium And Introduces 8mm Fisheye and 7-14mm Lenses


If a silver Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II did not ring your bell, you can now buy the same camera with a Titanium body. This is basically the same OM-D E-M5 camera camera so it features the same 16MP sensor, and the 5-axis sensor stabilization system.

But, the extra $150 (compared to the $1,049 body silver body) will get you a leather shoulder strap and a serialized owner’s card. And a leather case for the owner’s card. (only missing a leather case for the leather strap). So it is a bit more Bling if you are an Olympus fan.

Maybe more interesting is Olympus adding two new fast lenses to their overgrowing collection: an f/1.8 8mm Fisheye and an f/2.8 7-14mm lens.

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