The Big Camera Movie Quiz


So, here is some thursday fun. After the jump you’ll get photos of cameras from twenty five movies. See if you can match each camera to its right movie. The highest score is 25.  Good luck!

P.S. we are going to publish a delicious quiz each thursday now, sharpen your minds.

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GoPro 4 vs XiaoYi and AMK5000 Go Head To Head In An Extreme Durability Test

Usually when comparing action cameras we assume they are built strong enough and compare them by footage quality, battery stamina and features.

However, what happens when you put these cameras to their durability extremes? Kai of DRTV took four cameras to the test: GoPro 4 ($500), XiaoYi ($60-$80), AMK5000 ($72-$90) and a vibratorcam (which we will ignore for the sake of this article). While each of these cameras have a slightly different set of features, this very-Kai-style test is not focused on any of them. This is a pure durability stress test:

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Decorate Your Home With Those Adobe Icon Pillows


Adobe users rejoice! If you feel that staring at an Adobe Photoshop/Lightroon/Premiere window all day long is not enough. You know, you just want to stare at those lovely icons a bit more when your are done with work, here is the thing for you – Adobe Icon Pillows.

These pillows are not really made for sleeping, but are more of a decoration thing for your sofa or studio (if you are that kind of person).

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Daredevil Snaps From The Tallest Residential Building In The World

tallest-residential -bilding-08

26 years old Malaysian photographer and daredevil Keow Wee Loong (previously) is known for his affection of taking photos from tall buildings, preferably such that can’t be access by the public.

His latest endeavor involves two of the tallest buildings in Dubai, 101 flights of stairs and couraging 60 degrees centigrade during the climb. The photos are better than any drone can take. We asked  Wee Loong a few questions.

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Build A Background Wall On Wheels


Black and white are the default background colors for many of my photos. There are several background systems (paper, fabric, roller blinds, etc.) and I wanted to have something that is easily changeable, portable and inexpensive for those two colors.

The result is a background wall on wheels. Both sides are papered with background-wallpaper and so they are easily repaintable. By default I have one of the sides painted white and the other painted black.

Size-wise the wall is 2m high and 1.8m wide, so I have enough space for portraits and full body images. The wall stands safely on its attached furniture castors and is still very mobile in space.

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Humor: This Diagram Shows The Creative Fear Of Committing Work


Committing work is not an easy task. Hitting that save button for the last time and shipping your work may be frightening. Your work is leaving your hands and it no longer under your control. Whatever greatness or mistakes that you’ve put in are there forever now.

I guess, this is why committing to a final version of a file is so hard and creatives go back to editing their files again and again. This phenomenon should probably have an entry in the DSM next to GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Maybe something like RCS (Re-editing Compulsion Syndrome).

This funny diagram by @akshar (Akshar Pathak) and @theyashbhardwaj perfectly illustrates this fear of commitment (and also a shocking lack of file versioning system).  While originally for designers, this applies to any photographer too. Can you relate?


Quick Tip: Use Pill Cases To Store 9V Batteries


9 Volt batteries are good for a lot of things, but they are also somewhat dangerous as both terminals are on the same side and if they are not stored right can create a spark or heat up to the point where they could start a fire. Actually we share a tutorial on how to use a 9 volt battery to start a fire when shooting steel wool sparkles.

The folks at hdslrnow sent us this quick tip about using a pill case to store a 9V battery so the terminals are protected.

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Private Drones Delay Firefighters From Deploying Helicopters To Save Burning People


There is no doubt that drones have brought some otherwise inaccessible news, but with that aerial access comes the dangers of uncontrolled airspace.

Southern California is suffering from a pretty wide fire and airplanes and Helicopters have been deployed to fight the fire. Specifically, some of the worst incidents are happening around Cajon Pass where a house and several cars were burnt.

After being deployed the aircrafts were forced to land after 5 drones were sighted.

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