This Clever Slider Challenges How Sliders Are Made


Ok, so I am now officially hooked on ProductTank Youtube Channel. We shared his Super Tripod yesterday, but had to go in and look at more of his work. (Be warned, if you are the DIY type, this is a black hole for your time).

This time, I would like to focus on his slider. Just like with the tripod, ProductTank challenges who a slider is made. Instead of running a cart on two aligned rails, he uses a guided surface to push a cart.

While you may wave this off as too simple, I think it is actually quite clever. The mechanism is built around pressing the cart to the plate on while using a guide that you can slide along. So firstly, you automatically get two (or more) moves; a regular sliding move, and an arched sliding move. Secondly, you get just the right amount of friction to get a smooth motion even if you detach from the guide.

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This Tripod Can Be Opened, Closed And Locked With A Single Hand


For some reason, we do not see a lot of innovation with tripods, I mean, it’s three legs connected with a base, what is there to innovate about?

Well a designer who goes by the name Product Tank  just invented the cleverest tripod I’ve ever seen.

You see, with most tripods, you have to spread the legs, open the locks (probably 6 of them), extend each section and then re-lock the locks. While this should take no longer than one or two minutes, it is quite an annoying task, not to mention adjusting the tripod once it is open. What if there was a magic tripod that can unlock, open and lock with the click of a button…

Enter the Super Tripod. This tripod uses a clever mechanism that unlocks the legs and re-locks them once the tripod is fully open (or at the height of your choice) with a click of a button.

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Can You Tell How Many Photos Can Each of These Hold?


A few days ago I was talking to my buddy Jim Goldstein and we reminisced about all the old discs that we used to have. Some of those will not even hold a jpg from a 2 MP camera.

Assuming an raw image is 7-35MP nowadays, it is amazing that we used to carry tiny pieces of plastic with as little as 360KB in them.

You know what? I am going to make it easy for you and you only need to know the size of the disk, getting the actual number of photos that would fit in introduces way to many variables.

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A DIY Approach To Tabletop Smartphone Photography


While some think that smartphone will take over cameras almost completely, I disagree. I think ‘real’ cameras are here to stay. What I do think is that smartphones are making photography much more accessible to the masses. The saying ‘if you have a smartphone you are now a photographer’ is probably truer than ever. And while owning a camera-equipped phone (or a camera for that matter) does not make you a good or a bad photographer, there are a few tricks that you can use to up your results using a smartphone.

I was kinda surprised when Alex Koloskov released a new product photography course (because usually he is all about high end mega $$$ strobes), but with a healthy DIY approach Alex manages to make it work. And work quite nice at that….

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The Battlefield Pinhole Camera

Battlefield Pinhole CameraAfter yesterday’s Pinhole Bonanza, I am proud to serve you the Battlefield Pinhole Camera DIY tutorial.

The battlefield is a revolutionary pinhole camera that simultaneously uses 3 rolls of 35mm film to capture an image split across all three rolls. Look at the image on the left for a clue on the name origin :)

This tut has lots of details and is somewhat technical, so we will jump between images, videos and text, using the best method (or methods) to illustrate each step. Try and keep up. [Read more…]

We Knew It Was Coming: Drone Has A Near Miss With An Airbus A320 Airplane


Looking at the events from last year or so, it was just a matter of time until something like this happen. A drone had a near miss with an Airbus A320 airplane in Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

The Airbus A320 was operated by Brussels Airlines and carries 160 staff and passengers. On Monday afternoon flight BEL3289 was approaching landing and at about 4,000 feet (about 1.2km) the pilot reported that a drone was crossing its path approximately 75-100 meter away. The pilot also reported that the drone was black and blue and had 4 small motors.

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How To Process The Milky Way Using Adobe Lightroom CC


If you thought that you need some fancy software to shoot the Milky Way, think again. Photographer Michael Shainblum (previously) shares a Lightroom only tutorial on how to edit a stunning night sky Milky Way Photo.

This photo was taken at Joshua Park using a Sony A7S with a Nikon 14-24 lens with a 20 seconds exposure at ISO 12,800, and it is just a proof of how well the A7S handles noise.

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Samsung Wants To Rid Of Hard Drives, Makes A 256-gigabit Flash


Up until not too long ago having a complete system made with SSDs was not really a practical option for the most photographers. I mean the highest capacity SSD was 2TB and it was a hefty sum of $800, give or take a byte.

But now, Samsung is in the process of manufacturing a huge 256-gigabit SSD (32GB) should enable significantly more storage on each SSD drive. Considering that 80Gigs of data were around $70 just a few years back on 2004, I think that it will not take a lot of time until SSDs will replace HDDs completely. I mean, price per HDD storage dropped from $0.5/Gig to $0.0317/Gig in the course of the last ten years (that is a 96% drop) so it would not be surprising to see these huge SSDs drop from $400/TB to $25/TB in a similar time frame or to $130/TB in the next two years.

Engaget reports that Samsung are upping their yield and planning to ship during 2015. This means that even this year we will see bigger SSD drives at cheaper prices.

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A Photo Capturing Both A Rainbow and a Lightning In A Single Exposure


Photographer Greg McCown had a lifelong dream to capture a rainbow and a lightning in a single image. This may seem crazy but if there is one place in the US where the weather is crazy enough to pull this off, it has to be Arizona.

Two days ago, his dream came true. Greg was driving on the I-10 and was hit by a wet microburst which brought the traffic close to a standstill and visibility down to 20 feet. Seeing the rainbow Greg decided to chase it and try to get his prize shot. Luckily he did.

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