How To Use A Business Card Book To Keep Track Of Gobos And Gels

Some ideas are simple. Simple to the point of how didn’t I came up with this… Such is this clever repurposing that Eric Krügl  gave his business cards book. Those little black books are slowly disappearing from our world and being replaced with the contact app on our smart devices…

But then you look at all your Light Blaster Gobos and Gels that you cut for your strobes and you realize that it is that book that can bring order to them all. It is the simplicity of the solution that makes it so good so I am going to let the photos talk:

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Daredevil takes a selfie against The Blue Fire Of Kawah Ijen Volcano


Malaysia based photographer and daredevil Keow Wee Loong is known for taking selfies in dangerous locations (just check his profile a few words back), but this one must have been the biggest adventure of them all.

Keow Wee Loong snuck his way into the pit of Kawah Gunung Ijen an active volcano in Indonesia to take a most daring selfie against a volcano shooting a blue flame.

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Seung-Hwan Oh Develops Film With Fungi, Results Are Delicious


Developing film is an art form that is slowly fading away. As time goes by, less labs are available for developing film, and as DIGITAL is slowly taking over the last bit image capturing, film rolls are becoming more rare. And while producing art from film and paper was not always as accurate as working with calibrated monitors and printers, I miss those days of mild imperfections.

I guess artist and photographer Seung Hwan Oh felt similarly. But his concept of imperfection involved introducing fungi into the film before exposing it in camera. Of course the fungi liked the film and so it ate it a bit. The result shared in a project called Impermanence is something a bit weird, something between portraiture and abstract.

Haily Grenet who describers the work on Seung Hwan Oh’s portfolio explains the concept:

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We are Giving Away $600 In Photo Album Gift Certificates


Sweet news, MyPublisher teamed up with DIYP to give TWO $300 gift certificates away for a personalized MyPublisher Photo Album!

When I was a kid looking at photos was a slightly different experience. We used to sit (usually in a small group) and turn pages in heavy-paged albums. When I say turn pages I mean actual pages, the ones you can smell and touch and (god forbid crease, if not careful). While the digital age made sharing photos easier, it also took something away. There is something uniquely special about sitting together with your closest friends and family and flipping through photo album pages reminiscing on your favorite memories.

So I do my part of sharing, uploading and instagraming, and I also make a yearly family album. This is the album that will stay here even if my triple backed up hard drive crashes. Photo albums do not require a computer to look at, and it seems that both my kids and my parents enjoy looking at these tangible images more than they do at the photos on our family Facebook group.

This is where MyPublisher comes into play with their gorgeous photo albums, the kind that feel good in your hand and will last for years to come! But unlike the photo albums of our childhood, the process is much simpler. You upload the photos and the design team at MyPublisher helps design a perfectly customized premium album for you!

Since there are so many great add-on’s and features to choose from, we are offering a $300 credit so you can create a detailed leather bound album. And we are giving away two of those.

P.S. You get extra entries for sharing.

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6 DIY Photography Gift Ideas

With the holidays coming with are all obsessed with buying stuff for our loved ones, even DIYP has a holiday gift guide. But what if we made the holidays an extension of photography – creating something from nothing (or actually from other things).

The team at COOPH came up with 6 easy to make DIY photography gift ideas, ranging from lamps and wood transfers to lanterns and candles.

Here is what I like about those ideas. They are easy to implement and have a quick wow effect.

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How to Build Floating Landing Gear For A DJI Phantom

I guess the only thing worse than crashing a quadcopter is getting it drowned. I mean there must be some stuff you can salvage from a crash, but total immersion? Not as much.

This is where Floating landing gears come into the play. We have seen a few designs, what they all have in commons is that they are dirt cheap, and really easy to make.

Now I am not sure that if a DJI Phantom hits water falling from 30 meters, this is what’s going to save the day, but I do think that it can help if you want to shoot lots of video over water and are concerned with battery or just want an extra layer of security.

The other big plus is that floating landing gear will get your drone to float, as even if you have waterproofed a DJI (which can be done) once it goes below water level, it loses orientation and just runs around in circles.

The first video, by Buddhanz shown at the top is the quick and dirty way. 4 Styrofoam bars hot-glued together and held with a rubber band, but you can get a bit more sophisticated. (Which we do after the jump)

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How To Bake The Most Delicious Chocolate Mousse Instagram Surprise Cake

With the holidays coming it’s never a bad idea to share a cake recipe. But then again this is a photography blog so what do we do? A few years back we showed you how to bake a Nikon cake, then we had some good times with camera shaped cookies, but this project from How To Cook That puts them all to shame.

For Instagram’s 300M users announcement  today, we thought we’d share one of the most wonderful camera baking we’ve seen to date – How to bake the most delicious chocolate mousse Instagram surprise cake.

Mousse and Instagram are pretty trivial, the surprise element comes from the fact that the cakes looks like a perfectly normal cake until you slice it to reveal its inside glorious Instagramish delicacy.

[For the full (5 Polaroids difficulty) recipe hop over to How To Cook That]

P.S. If you are looking for something a bit easier to feast on, try Photojojo’s Gingerbread cameras.

Stop Chasing Success. Seek Significance


“I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all to matter, to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.” —Leo Rosten

Financial success is a powerful motivator. And it controls the lives of many. It chooses occupations. It dictates how time, energy, and resources are spent. It influences relationships, schedules, and families. To some, it even becomes an all-consuming passion that leaves broken people and morality in its wake.

Unfortunately, it is not the greatest call we have on our lives. In fact, compared to significance, it fades quickly.

Consider the limitations of success:

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Natural HDR In Films – Disney’s New Algorithm Is Taking Us One Step Closer


Today’s cameras are able to capture an enormousness amount of dynamic rage. Sadly our monitors and film projectors are not able to display the entire tone range that we can capture. This calls for a process called Tone Mapping. This process squeezes the larger, captured, tonal range into a smaller tonal range that the display is able to display. It is the same process that gives HDR its signature look. Of course if not done subtly, it can create a chewed to death overwhelming effect.

When video comes into play, HDR tone mapping becomes even harder and can result in some interesting video artifacts such as ghosting, Brightness Flickering and camera noise.

The team at Disney Research (yes they do research as well) created a new algorithm that can better handle the tone mapping part of HDR processing.

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