Allen Mowery is a lifestyle photographer, pseudo-philosopher, and wannabe documentarian killing time amidst the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania. When not shooting client work or chasing overgrown wildlife from his yard, he loves to capture the stories of the people and culture around him. You can check out his work on his website or follow along on Facebook, Twitter (@allenmowery), and 500px.

See How Photographer Created This Underwater Picture Without Photoshop


Photoshop has become such a standard part of advertising photography that we don’t even blink anymore when we see it.  So it takes us a little by surprise when we find an incredible image that was actually shot entirely in-camera.

The creative genius of  Christian Seel shone through on the cover of Philip Preston’s new book, Immersed: The Definitive Guide to Sous Vide Cooking.  Not wanting to rely on cheap tricks, Christian and his team devised a surprising way of capturing the dynamic image in-camera:  by literally putting Phillip’s head into a sous vide cooker.

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How To Make the World’s Best Lighting Modifier for $5


Lighting modifiers can have a huge impact on specialized shots.  With the right ones, light becomes putty in your hand, easily molded by the skill of the potter.  (Yeah, I jumble up my euphemisms frequently.)

YouTuber Theoria Apophasis believes in the the power of light modifiers, but he believes even more in ingenuity.  The “Angry Photographer” shared one of his favorite homemade mods to get creative lighting that adds drama to his images.  This is one of the best lighting mods and can be easily created with craft store supplies for $5.

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Photographer Gets Wild Chipmunks to Play Star Wars


Photographing pets can be challenging, and photographing wildlife from a distance can be a tedious and time-consuming process.  But, what happens when you want a wild animal to play Star Wars with your action figure collection?  Photographer and Lego master Chris McVeigh was determined to show us.

Armed with a camera, action figures, and a whole lot of nuts (we’re assuming it took balls, too), Chris forged a kinship with a harmonious collective of chipmunks living in his parent’s backyard.  Taking advantage of their depressed socioeconomic status, he was able to lure them into being performers in his own take on the classic saga…without having to composite any images.

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How To Use the Invisible Split Screen Effect To Add Drama To Your Films


Timing is a huge component of successful filmmaking.  So is framing.  And director David Fincher has a good handle on both.

There are a variety of reasons to use invisible split-screen composites in filmmaking, from honing the timing of shots to multiplying your actors on small-budget projects.  When properly applied, this technique can be used as a tool to craft a dynamically powerful scene and is a trick that Fincher admits to implementing countless times throughout each of his films.

In this tutorial, Ben Gill gives us a breakdown of the technique, how masters like Fincher apply it, and how you can create it yourself.

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Drones Under Fire: Officials Offer $75,000 Reward Leading To Pilots Who Flew Over Wildfire


If your motto is, “Have drone, will fly over wildfires,” you could find yourself in some hot water.  Earlier this month, we reported how private drones were delaying firefighting efforts in California’s San Bernardino County.  Now, the heads of those drone pilots could be on the proverbial chopping block.

Obviously, people weren’t happy.  Officials, who credit the drones with grounding firefighting aircraft and allowing the fires to spread, are offering a $75,000 reward for information leading to the pilots of the drones.  But, it doesn’t stop there.

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New Website Tells You If You Can Bring Your Selfie Stick


Some days, the Internet makes being nice a challenging prospect, but we’ll give it a try here.  Selfies, many of which will be burned into our memories for a very long time, are a permanent part of modern culture.  I was rather humored (and simultaneously disturbed) to see selfie sticks being sold in the toy section of Walmart yesterday.  Targeting consumers when they’re young, I guess, is a way to ensure long-term profitability.

However, not every great destination permits devices such as selfie sticks to be used while visiting.  If you’re a self stick-toter, a new website may be your best friend.  The site takes inventory of numerous landmarks around the world and gives you a simple answer as to whether or not you are allowed to bring the accessory.

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Photographer Answers the Question, ‘What Would Chairs Look Like As People?’


Many of us have often pondered the great question, “What would chairs look like if they were people?”  Okay, so perhaps not, but I appreciate those who think outside the box (with the exception of a classmate in high school whose way of thinking stood as a stumbling block in my mathematics career).

However, it was during a disappointing shoot that award-winning photographer Horia Manolache was inspired to ponder that very question.  What resulted was an intriguing and somewhat comical portrait series.

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This Man’s Selfie with a Rattlesnake Cost Him $150,000…and a World of Pain


It is my belief that people are forever destined to be stupid, and the quest for dangerous selfies is a prime example.

Earlier this month, Todd Fassler of San Diego, CA thought it would be great to get a selfie with a rattlesnake.  Claiming to have previously housed a pet rattlesnake of his own, he must have figured it was perfectly normal.  However, the rattlesnake wasn’t really feeling it that particular day and struck Fassler, landing him in the hospital.  But, it wasn’t until after he was discharged that the real surprise happened – a hospital bill of over $150,000 for his five-day visit.

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