Attaching SLR Lenses to an iPhone

Phone-O-Scope: Completed build (by bhautik joshi)Photographer and Engineer Bhautik Joshi came up with a nifty way to attach a real SLR lens to camera phones. and when I say attach, I mean optically, not just wrapping both in tons of gaffers tape.

Using not much more than old CD lenses, cardboard and some sticky putty, Bhautik was able to construct a mechanism. Now, we had a project on the site before where we combined a DVD lens with an iPhone to create a super macro cameraphone, but Bhautik takes it to the next step.

Once the CD lenses are attached, comes the fun part, adding an SLR lens.

Phone-O-Scope: Step 7 (by bhautik joshi)

The detailed step by step tutorial includes everything you’ll need to know. Starting by removing the lens from your old DVD, through fitting a lens to making the phone to lens connection.

The images you get has a really distinct quality to them.

Phone-O-Scope: montage (by bhautik joshi)

Read all about it on Captains Nod’s blog. (And while you are at it, check out his other DIY tutorials, the Plungercam 2, the DIY ringflash using the inbuilt flash and the weird and creepy Quake Paper Models.